The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Columbia University

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Three Chums

41. Three Chums at College; or, A Lively Set of Freshmen
42. Three Chums' Good Start; or, Freshmen Versus Sophomore
43. Three Chums & Co.; or, All Hands Take a Hand
44. Three Chums Lionized; or, Almost the Whole Thing
45. Three Chums' Colors; or, Columbia 5. Yale 0
46. Three Chums' Progress; or, Getting on in Work and Play
47. Three Chums Worried; or, The Disappearance of Little Punn
48. Three Chums' Tug of War; or, Class Against Class
50. Three Chums' Five; or, The Crack Basket Ball Team

Tip Top Weekly

238. Frank Merriwell's Policy; or, Playing Columbia for Practice
581. Dick Merriwell's Best Work; or, Up Against a Hard Proposition