The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Dialects

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The Banner Weekly

A Cockney's Experience
The Mother-in-Law

Beadle's Dime Speakers

All About A Bee
Bill Underwood, Pilot
The Coming Man
Condensed Mythology
The Crow
Dar's Nuffin New Under De Sun
A Dark Side View
Dat's W'at's De Matter!
De Circumstances Ob De Sitiwation
A Doketor's Drubbles
Dose Lams Vot Mary Haf Got
Dundreary's Wisdom
A Genewine Inference
He Didn't Sell
A Healthy Discourse
Hezekiah Dawson on Mothers-In-Law
The Home Rulers
The Illigant Affair at Muldoon's
An Invitation to the Bird of Liberty
The Latest Chinese Outrage
The Manifest Destiny of the Irishman
Mars and Cats
Mary's Shmall Vite Lamb
Mein Tog Shneid
The Mississippi Miracle
A Negro Religious Poem
Old Granley
On Learning German
Our Candidate's Views
Out West
A Parody
Pat O'Flaherty on Woman's Rights
Peggy McCann
Picnic Delights
The Pill Peddler's Oration
Plain Language By Truthful Jane
Plenty Small's Proclamashun
Ruth and Naomi
Sam's Letter
Scandal. A Drum Head Sermon
Scipio Scrogg's Questions
Sprays From Josh Billings
The Stove Pipe Tragedy
Te Pesser Vay
That Violin
Tobias, So To Speak
The True Story of Franklin's Kite
Ven T'e Tide Cooms In
Widder Greene's Last Words
The Widow O'Shane's Rint
23. The Dime Dialect Speaker
25. The Dime Burlesque Speaker

The Saturday Journal

I Would I Were A Boy Again
My Neighbor's Dogs
Old Mrs. Grimes
That Little Baby Around The Corner