The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Debates and debating

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Beadle's Dime Speakers

The "Question"—How It Can Be Treated
The "Question"—How To Be Considered
By-Laws of a Debating Society
Calling the Yeas and Nays
The Chairman's Guide
Considering Reports, Papers, Etc.
Constitution of a Debating Society
Debate in Full: Which is the Greatest Benefit to his Country—The Warrior, Statesman, or Poet?
The Debating Society
The Decorum of Debate
The Due Order of Questions
Formation of a Debating Society
Hints to a Chairman
How Named
How To Debate
How to Report
Interrupting a Vote
It's Office and Usefulness
Latin Quotations and Phrases
Local Rules of Debate
Local Rules of Order
The Logic of Debate
Maxims to Observe
Objects of a Committee
Of Subsidiary Motions
Order of Business or Proceedings
The Order of Business
Order of the Argument
Ordinary Meetings and Assemblies
Organization of Deliberative Bodies, Conventions, Annual or General Assemblies, Etc.
The Organization
Permanent Organization
Preliminary Organization
The Preliminary Premise
Prerequisites to Oratorical Success
The Rhetoric of Debate
Rights of Speaker as Against a Decision of the Chair
Rights to the Floor
Rules of Government
Rules of Order and Procedure
Subjects for Discussion
Their Powers
Treatment of Petitions
When Not to Sit
Why There Are Few Good Debaters
11. The Dime Debater, and Chairman's Guide