The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Humorous recitations

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The Banner Weekly

A Catastrophic Ditty
The Mother-in-Law
The Owl and the Pussy Cat
Simon Short's Son Samuel

Beadle's Dime Speakers

The "Dead Beat" in Politics
Abner Jones' Testimony
Address to a Class of Young Ladies
Address to a School
Age Bluntly Considered
An Agricultural Address
The American Phalanx
Apples and their Application
Artemus Ward's Advice to Husbands
Artemus Ward's Trip to Richmond
The Ass and the Violinist. A Fable
An Awful Warning
Bachelors and Flirts
The Ballad of a Baker
The Ballad of Matilda Jane
A Bathettic Ballad
Be Miserable
The Best Cow in Peril
Big Geniuses
Biting One's Nose Off
A Blast Against Tobacco
The Blessings of Farm Life
The Blooded Van Snoozle
Boss Bagshaw
Boy Suffrage
A Boy's Opinion of Hens
Brian O'linn
Buckwheat Cakes
The Cadi's Judgment
Caesar Squash on Heat
The Candy-Pulling
A Canni-Ballad
The Cannibal Man
Carl Pretzel's Lecture on Man
Carl Pretzel's Leedle Speedchers
The Cart Before the Horse
The Case of Young Bangs
Caudle's Wedding Day
Charles Dickens on Horses
Cheer Up
A Chemical Lament
A Chemical Wedding
Clayfoot's Spirit Race
Clory Mit Ter Sthars Und Sthripes
Clothes Don't Make the Man
The Cockney
The Codfish
Colonel Sellers Elucidates
Comic Grammar
Comic Grammar, No. 2
Compound Interest
The Cork Leg
The Criminal Lawyer
Crockett's Advice to Office Seekers
A Dark Warning
De 'Sperience ob de Reb'rend
De Filosofy of Fun
De Goose
De Parson Sowed De Seed
The Debating Club
The Delights of Spring
"Der Dog Und Der Lobster"
Der Loddery Dicket
The Designing Young Man
Dhere Vas No Crying High Above
Disagreeable People
The Disappointed Discoverer
Dodds versus Daubs
A Dollar or Two
Don'd Been Afraid
Don't Call a Man a Liar
Don't Give It Away
Dot Baby Off Mine
"Dot Musquiter"
Dot Young Viddow Clara
Dow, Jr.'s Lectures
A Dutch Sermon
Early Rising
Early Rising. A Sad Man's Views
The Ear— An Eassay on a Prominent Topic
Ego and Echo
The Eye
A Familiar Lecture on Science
Farewell to the Bottle
Farmer Thornbush on Fools
Fashionable Women
The Fate of Sergeant Thin
The Feathers' Quarrel
Fern Thistles
The Fire-Brigade
The Fishes' Toilet
A Fourth of July Oration
Frequent Critters
Fritz Valdher is Made a Mason
The Funny Man
Golden Rules
Good for Something
Good Nature
The Good Old Times, Indeed!
Gotlieb Klebcyergoss on the War
Gottlieb Klebcyergoss Again
Gretchen Und Me Go Oud
The Hamerican Voodchuck
Hans Schlackenlichter's Snake
A Hardshell Sermon
The Harp of a Thousand Strings
He Vas Dhinkin'
The Healer
His Sphere
Hosea Biglow's Opinions
A Hot Weather Cry
How the Money Goes
How to Be a Fireman
How Ub Vas Dot For High?
Hun-Ki-Do-Ri's Fourth of July Oration
I Kin Nod Trink To-Nighd
I'm Not A Single Man
If You Mean No, Say No
In For The Railroad
"It's the Early Bird"
Jim Wolfe and the Cats
Jo Bows on Leap Year
Joan of Arc
Job's Turkey
John Jenkins's Sermon
Joseph Brown and the Mince-Pie
Josh Billings on Courting
Josh Billings on Laughing
Josh Billings's Views
Josiah Axtell's Oration
King William Rufus
Konsentrated Wisdum
The Last of the Sarpints
Lay of the Henpecked
Leatherlung's Con and Pro
Lecter on Wimmen's Rites
A Leedle Gal-Child's Dream
Leedle Yawcob Strauss
The Liberal Candidate
The Lime-Kiln Club Oration
The Lion in Love
The Little Orator. A Parody
The Loafers' Society
Lot Skinner's Elegy
The Lunatic's Reverie
Man, Generically Considered
The March to Moscow
Mark Twain's Good Little Boy
Mark Twain's Oration on the 19th Century
Mary's Leetle Ram
Mose Skinner's Silver Wedding
The Mountebank
A Moving Sermon
Mr. Puff's Account of Himself
Mr. Spicer's Views of Married Life
Mrs. Caudle's Umbrella Lecture
Mrs. Jones's Pirate
The Mysterious Guest
Natural History
A Negro Lecture on Locomotion
The New Church Doctrine
A New Declaration
New England Weather
The New Essay on Man
The New Mythology
Nocturnal Mewsings
Nothing to Do
Old and New Time
Old Caudle's Umbrella
Old Dog Jock
Old Grimes's Son
On Lager
One Hundred Years Ago
Oration on the Closing Year
"Paddle Your Own Canoe"
Paddy's Version of "Excelsior"
Parody on "Araby's Daughter"
A Parody
Pastor Barebones's Anathema
A Patriotic "Splurge"
"Pells, Pells, Dot Court House Pells"
The People
Plenty Small's Proclamashun
Poetry Run Mad
Political Stump Speech
Pompey Squash on Independence
Pompey's Thanksgiving Turkey
Poor Richard's Sayings, As Annotated by Lord Dundreary
Practical Phrenology
Pretzel As A Soldier
Pretzel's Speech Before The Illinois Assembly
Professor Dinkelspeigelmann on the Origin of Life
Prohebishon and Whiskey
The Pump. A Fable
The Puzzled Dutchman
Queer People
The Raccoon
Reckermemper Der Poor
The Regular Season
Right Names
Romeo and Juliet
A Sad Story
Sam Slick's Definition of a Sweetheart and a Wife
Scheider's Ride
Schoolboy's Lament
Scientific Lectures
Scipio Scrogg's Questions
The Sea-Serpent
The Secret
Sergeant Buzfuz in the Case of Bardell vs. Pickwick
A Sermon for the Sisters
A Sermon on the Feet
The Shoemaker
The Singular Man
The Smack in School
Song of the Sink
A Song of Woe
Sorrowful Tale of a Servant Girl
Sour Grapes
Stealing Fire—The Story of Prometheus Modernized
A String of Onions
Tale of a Hat
The Tanner Boy
Terrence O'Dowd's Patriotism
Terrible T-Tale
A Texan Eulogium
That Calf
That's What's The Matter
The Thermopylae
They May Be Happy Yet
This Side and That
"To See Ourselves As Others See Us"
To the Bachelors' Union League
Tobacco, Boys!
Touch of the Sublime
A Tragic Story
The Treachery of Jones
United States Presidents
The United States
The Unwritten 'Claws' of the Constitution
The Useful Doctor
Vagaries of Popping the Question
Views on Agriculture
The Village School
The Wasp and the Bee
The Waterfall
What I Wouldn't Be
What is a Bachelor Like?
Where the Hen Scratches
Who is my Opponent?
The Widow O'Shane's Rint
Wilyum's Watermillion
The Wolf and the Lamb
Woman's Rights
Woman: God Bless Her
A Word With You
Yankee Doodle Aladdin
Yawcob Hoffeltegobblegunst's Treason
Ze Moskeetare
4. Beadle's Dime Comic Speaker
6. Beadle's Dime Humorous Speaker
14. The Dime Ludicrous Speaker
15. Carl Pretzel's Komikal Speaker
19. Beadle's Dime Serio-Comic Speaker
21. The Dime Funny Speaker
22. The Dime Jolly Speaker
23. The Dime Dialect Speaker
25. The Dime Burlesque Speaker

The Home

The Funny Folks

The Saturday Journal

A "Heathen's" Score
By A Money-Changer's Window
The Delights of the Season
The Fiddler
A Foggy Day In The City
A Funny Man
Jim Bludso (of the Prairie Belle)
The Jolly Old Fellow
The Maniac's Defense
My First Cigar
My First Coat
My First Knife
My Grandfather's Clock
On Some More Hash
Rigid Reformation
The Tramp's Views of Life
The Trombone
A Weak Case
Where Money Is King

Seaside Library, Pocket Edition

1996. Matrimony

The Young New Yorker

The Young Tramp