The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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The Banner Weekly

Developing a Developer; or, The Way of the Promoter Is Not Always Easy
A Much Misunderstood Man
The Sham of It All

Beadle's Dime Dialogues

A "Colored" Lecture
A "Corner" in Rogues
The "Eta-Pi Society"
The "Greenhorn"
The "Happy Family". A Dramatic Burlesque
A "Sell"
"That Ungrateful Little Nigger"
The 'Ologies
Above The Skies
Additional Personations for "Goddess of Liberty"
Advertising for Help
Afternoon Calls
The Agent And His Victim
An Agreeable Profession; or, How To Edit A Paper
An Air Castle
All Is Fair In Love And War
All Is Not Gold That Glitters
All Is Not Gold That Glitters, An Acting Charade
Allee Samee 'Mellican Man
An Alphabetical Menagerie
An Amazing Good Boy
America to England, Greeting!
Ananias at Home
Appearances Are Deceitful
Appearances Are Very Deceitful
Applied Metaphysics; or, A "Fust Class Fool"
The Auction
Aunt Betsey's Ruse
Aunt Betsy's Beaux
Aunt Deborah in the City
Aunt Eunice's Experiment
Aunt Polly's Lesson
The Awakening for the Flowers
The Awakening
An Awful Mystery
Baby Lulu
Baiting A Live Englishman; or, How Phil Bragg Related His Experiences
Barr's Boarders; or, That Pesky Widow
The Base-Ball Enthusiast
The Battle Call
Be Kind To The Poor
Be Slow To Condemn
A Bear Garden
Bee, Clock and Broom
Before And Behind The Scenes
Behind the Curtain
Best Profession of All
A Bevy of "I's"-(Eyes)
Beware of Mr. Oily Gammon; or, A Lesson in Sleezy Silk
Beware of the Peddlers
Beware of the Widows
Bewitched Music Box; or, The Unfortunate Young Man
The Big Hollow School; or, Iddication in the Backwoods
Blessed are the Peace-Makers
Blessed Are The Pure In Heart; or, The Story That Made An Impression
Blue Beard
Boarders Wanted
Boarding-School Accomplishments
The Boasters
The Boasting Hen
The Bogus Doctor
The Bores of a Day; or, A Mistake in the Person
The Born Genius
Both Sides Of The Fence; or, Those Awful City "Fellers"
The Boy Who Wins
Boy's Observations
A Boy's Plot
Boys Will Be Boys
Bread on the Waters; or, The Angel Unawares
Breaking in the Dominie; or, Why the Boys Didn't Eat Their Feast
The Bubble
The Bump Scientists Reception In Claronville Center
The Busy Bees
The California Uncle
Candor Wins The Day; or, Miss Constant's Tour-To-Europe Election
The Canvassing Agent
Casablanca In Two Versions
Cat and Dog
The Cat Without An Owner
A Catch at Last; or, Miss Punkerton's Conquest
Caudle's Velocipede
The Charity Student; or, A Good Way Not To Do
The Charms, A Parlor Drama In Two Acts
Cheery and Grumble
Cherubino and Seraphina; or, The Webb in a Web
The Chicken's Mistake
The Chief's Resolve
A Child's Desire
A Child's Inquireies
The Children of the Week
A Chinaman in Camp
Choice of Trades
Christmas Fairies
Cinderella; or, The Glass Slipper
City Manners And Country Hearts
Classic Colloquies
Clothes Don't Make The Man
Clothes for the Heathen
Colloquy of Nations; or, Liberty Seeking A Home
Colored Cousins
Come To Life Too Soon
The Comic Valentine; or, Think Before You Act
Company Manners and Home Impoliteness
A Conclusive Argument
Confound Miller
A Connubial Eclogue
Conscience the Arbiter
A Contrast
The Conundrum Family
The Cooking Club
The Cost of a Dress
Couldn't Read English
Counting Chickens Before They Were Hatched
The Court of Folly
Courting Melinda
The Courtship of Miles Standish
Courtship Under Difficulties
The Cowboy Cousin; or, Don't Judge by a Hat
Crabtree's Wooing
The Credulous Wise-Acre
The Crimes of Dress
A Crooked Way Made Straight
The Crownin' Glory
The Cruel King
A Curbstone Moral
A Cure For Good
Curing Betsey
Darby and Joan
The Dark Cupid; or, The Mistakes of a Morning
The Deaf Uncle
Death Scene
A Debate
Deceiving to Win; or, How Fred Grantley Converted His Mother
A Decisive Failure; or, How It Did Not Work
Defending the Castle; or, Hard Times for Melvina
Deliver Us From Evil
The Destiny of the Empress Josephine, A Historical Drama and Tableau
Died Yesterday
A Disconcerted Supernaturalist
Discontented Annie
A Discussion
The Doctor's Office; or, A Very Inquisitive Girl
Does It Pay?
Dolly Madison's Method; or, How DePuyster Was 'Done For'
Don't Believe What You Hear
Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Are Hatched
Don't Trust Faces
Don't Want To Be Good
The Double Cure
The Double Stratagem
A Double Surprise for the Scoopers; or, Uncle Ben's Reward
A Double Surprise
Doxy's Diplomacy
The Dream Lesson; or, What Might Have Been
The Dress Reform Convention
Dross and Gold
The Duelist
Each Season The Best
The Earth-Child in Fairy Land
The Eight Little Boys From Nonsense Land
Eight O'Clock
Embodied Sunshine
The Enchanted Princess
An Enforced Cure
Enforcing A Moral; or, The Best Mission
The English Traveler
The Enrolling Officer
Ephraim Black's Politics; or, Getting His Name In The Papers
Escaping the Draft
Evanescent Glory
Evidence Enough
The Evil There Is In It
Examination Day at Madame Savante's
Exorcising An Evil Spirit; or, How The Girls Abated A Household Nuisance
Extract from Marino Faliero
Eyes and Nose
The Fairies' Escapade
The Fairies' Prisoner
The Fairy School
Fairy Wishes
The Fairy's Warning
Faith, Hope, and Charity
A Family Not To Pattern After
Fashionable Dissipation
Fashionable Requirements
The Fast Young Man
The Fatal Mistake
The Figures
Fisherman's Luck; or, Not So Bad As He Seemed
Florence Elton's Mistake
The Flour of the Family; or, Obadiah Thompson's Wooing
The Flower Children
The Flower-Garden Fairies
A Flowery Conference
The Folly of the Duel
The Foreigner's Troubles
Forninst the Scientists; or, The Disturbed Lecture
A Fortunate Mistake; or, What Came of a Song
Fortune's Wheel
Four Wishes
The Fowl Rebellion
A Frenchman; or, The Outwitted Aunt
The Friend In Need
A Friend
From The Sublime To The Ridiculous
The Frost King
Funny Thing A Baby Is
The Generous Jew
The Genius of Liberty
The Genteel Cook
The Gentle Client
A Gentle Conquest
Gentleman or Monkey
Getting a Photograph
The Gifts of the Fairy Queen
The Girl of the Period
A Girls' Rights Speech
Give A Dog A Bad Name
Give Us Little Boys A Chance
The Glad Days
Glass Man; or, The Kicking Cure
The Goblin Cat
God Is Love
The Goddess of Liberty
The Golden Rule
A Good Education
The Good Strikers
The Good There Is In Each
The Good They Did
A Good Use for Money; or, What Came of the Fair
Good Words
Good-By Day
Grandma Grumbleton's Protest; or, Old Ways and New
Great Expectations
Great Lives
Grief Too Expensive
Hamlet and the Ghost
Hans Schmidt's Recommend
The Happiest Man in the County; or, The Mutual Friend's Strategy
The Happy Termination; or, A Lunatic Abroad
A Happy Understanding; or, Circus Versus Arithmetic
A Hard Case
Hard Times
The Hardscrabble Meeting
Hasty Inferences Not Always Just
Have You Heard The News?
He Knows Der Rest
Heart Not Face
The Heir Apparent
The Heir-At-Law
High Art; or, The New Mania
The Higher Education
The Highest Duty of All; or, The Test That Tells
His Training Day; or, How To Cure A Growler
A Home Cure
Honor To Whom Honor Is Due
A Hopeless Case
Hospitality; or, City Verses Country Amenities
An Hour in the Waiting Room; or, Oil on the Troubled Waters
The Hours
The House on the Hill
How Columbus Discovered America
How Cæsar Conquered
How He Got Even With His Enemy
How Jim Peters Died
How Mrs. Ponderous Was Paid; or, Two Ways To Look At Life
How Not To Get An Answer
How She Made Him Propose
How She Managed Him; or, Disciplining A Very Wise Man
How The Baby Came
How They See The World
How To "Break In" Young Hearts
How To Become Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
How To Do It
How to Find an Heir
How To Get Rid Of A Bore
How To Make Mothers Happy
How to Manage
How to Write "Popular" Stories
How Uncle Josh Got Rid Of The Legacy
How Wiggins was Cured; or, The End Justifies the Means
A Hundred Years To Come
I'll Be A Man
If I Had The Money
Ignorance Versus Justice
The Ignorant Confounded
The Ills of Dram-Drinking
The Imps of the Trunk Room
In Doors and Out
In the Wrong House; or, The Home Reception
An Indignation Meeting
An Infallible Sign; or, Don't Trust Your Eyes
The Inhuman Monster!
An Innocent Intrigue
Integrity The Basis Of All Success
The Investigating Committee
Invisible Heroes; or, What the Telephone Did
The Irishman at Home
It's English You Know; or, The Potts Family's Great Event
Jack and the Beanstalk, A Fairy Tale Drama
Jemima's Novel
Jim Broderick's Lesson
Joe Hunt's Hunt
Johnny's Opinions Of Grandmothers
Judge Not That Ye Be Not Judged
Jupiter Johnsum's Affairs
Keeping Bachelor's Hall; or, Mr. Bly's Disaster
Keeping Bad Company
Keeping Boarders
A Kindergarten Dialogue
The King Discrowned; or Spring's Victory
The King's Supper
Kitty's Funeral
The Land of "Once-on-a-time"
The Lap Dog
The Law of Human Kindness
Lazy and Busy
Learning from Evil
The Lesson of Mercy
The Lesson Well Worth Learning
The Letter
The Libel Suit
The Light of Love
Lime Kiln Club Logic; or, The Argumentum Ad Hominem
A Little Boy's Pocket
The Little Doctor
The Little Intercessor
The Little Peacemaker
The Little Philosopher
The Little Philosopher
Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood
A Little Tramp
A Little Vesuvius
Little Wise Heads
The Little Æsthetes
A Lively Afternoon; or, The Mistaken Vocation
The Long Looked-for Come at Last; or, The Welcome Home
Look at Home!
Lord Dundreary's Visit
Lost Charlie; or, The Gypsey's Revenge
Love's Protest
Mad With Too Much Lore
The Man from Bangor; or, The Music Teacher Abroad
The Man of Cheek
Mark Hasting's Return
Married and Single
Martha Washington Tea Party
Matrimony— Mat-Try-Money
A May Day
The May Queen (No. 2)
The May Queen
The May
The McFlackertys and McDoozlers; or, Too Much Mother-In-Law
Mean Is No Word For It
Measure for Measure; or, Weighed and Found Wanting
Meddling with Santa Claus; or, The Obtruding Fairies
Medicine for Rheumatiz
Meeting of the Bulgertown Philomelian Literary Society
Meeting of the Muses; or, The Crowning of Florence Nightingale
The Meeting of the Winds
Middleton's Mistake; or, The Lesson Brought Home
The Midnight Murder
Miss Lighthead in the Country
The Missing Essay; or, Envy, Hatred and All Uncharitableness Unmasked
The Mission of the Spirits
Mistaken Identity
The Model Examination; or, The Way Not To Conduct A School
Modern Education
The Monk and the Soldier
Monsieur Thiers In America; or, Yankee vs. Frenchman
The Moral of a Dream
More Than One Listener
More Than She Bargained For; or, What She Thought She Saw
Morgan's Money; or, The Outlaws
The Most Precious Heritage
Mother Goose and Her Household
Mother is Dead
A Mother's Love
Mountains and Mole-Hills
Mr. and Mrs. Blizzard at Home
Mrs. Arnold's Misconception; or, Be Sure You Are Right Before You Go Ahead
Mrs. Bigson's Victory; or, The Best Way To Maintain Authority
Mrs. Dexter's Personal; or, She Didn't Advertise
Mrs. Jonas Jones
Mrs. Mark Twain's Shoe
Mrs. McLackland's Economy
Mrs. Podberry's Views On Education; or, Teaching The Teacher
Mrs. Sniffles' Confession
A Much Needed Instance; or, Thanksgiving with a Moral
Mugwump Sisters; or, The Worst is the Best
The Music Director
The Mysterious "G. G."
Mysterious Boarder; or, The Keyhole Coterie
National Representatives
Natural Selection
Naughty Boy Blue
Ned's Present
A Neighborly Quarrel; or, The Better Plan
The New and the Old
A New Application of an Old Rule
A New Mother Hubbard
The New Scholar
The New Scholar
The New School for Scandal; or, The Uproar in Shanty-Town
The New Slate
A New Year Greeting
No References
No Room for the Drone
No Rose Without A Thorn
No Such Word As Fail
A Nobleman in Disguise
The Noblest Boy
Nobody's Child
A Nonsense Tale
Not One There!
Not So Bad As It Seems
Nothing Like Training; or, The Model School
Nuggets of Wisdom
Nutting At Grandpa Gray's
The Old and the New
The Old and the New
The Old and the Young
The Old Country Aunt's Visit To The City
The Old Flag
The Old Lady's Will
Old Nably, the Fortune-Teller
Old Times and New Times; or, 1776-1876
One Good Turn Deserves Another
One of the Daughters of the New Dispensation
Only A Drunken Fellow
Only A Working-Girl; or, Snobbery That Had A Fall
Only Joe; or, A Badly Spoiled Plan
The Only True Life
Organizing A Debating Society; or, The Perverse Blockheads
The Other Side of the Story
The Ould Oirish Tay; or, Tim Rafferty's Guests
Out of Debt Out of Danger
The Oyster Resurrection
Passages From Shakspeare
Pat Answers The Advertisement
Patsey O'Dowd's Campaign; or, The Boy Runaway's Dash for Liberty
Pedants All
A Perfectly Veracious Man; or, The Montana Man On Blizzards
A Persecuted Man; or, Too Much Mother-In-Law
The Phantom Doughnuts
Phrenology, A Discussion
Plato Pendexter's Ashes; or Testing "Stylish" Sincerity
Playing Big Folks
Playing Hostess; or, That Terrible Child
Playing School
Playing the Races; or, The Easy Road to Ruin
A Plea for the Pledge
The Poet Under Difficulties
A Poet's Perplexities
Polly Ann
Polywog Versus Wolypog; or, The Mass Meeting In Podune
Poor Pousins
The Pound of Flesh
A Practical Demonstration
A Practical Exemplification
A Practical Illustration
A Practical Life Lesson
Practice What You Preach
Preparing for an Exhibition
The Pretty Preacher
Prof. Pachyderm's Mastodon; or, The Crushed Scientist
The Proverb Children
The Psychometiser
The Public Meeting
Put Yourself in His Place
"Putting on Airs"
The Queen of May
Quite Another State of Affairs; or, The Society for the Survival of the Unfittest
Ragged Dick's Lesson
The Rainbow. A Dramatic Fantasy
A Rainy Day; or, The School-Girl Philosophers
Rather Mixed
The Real Cost
The Real Gentleman
The Rebuke Proper; or, Be Careful How You Despise Home Talent
The Red Light
The Refined Simpletons
The Regenerators
The Rehearsal
A Report of the Affair
The Repudiated Legacy; or, Right Hearts Make Bright Homes
Retreat the Better Part of Valor
The Reward of Benevolence
Rhoda Hunt's Remedy
The Right Not To Be A Pauper
The Right Way
The Rights of Music
Robby Rob's Second Sermon
Robby's Sermon
Robert's Experiment; or, The Test That Worked The Wrong Way
Rum's Work
A Safety Rule
Santa Claus
Sarah Hannah; or, Sensible at Last
Saucy Jack Lee; or, Aunt Jane's Beneficiaries
Saved by a Dream. A Temperance Drama
Saved By Love
A Scene From "Paul Pry"
School Charade With Tableau
A School Charade
The School-Boys' Tribunal
Screen Doors; or, Kitty Mulroon's Disaster
The Secret of Success
The Self-Made Man
A Sensation at Last
Sense vs. Sentiment
She Had Him There
Shoddy and Wool; or, The House on the Hill
The Shop Girl's Victory
Should Women Be Given The Ballot? A Debate
Showing the White Feather
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
The Sick Well Man
The Silly Dispute
Simple Simon
The Six Brave Men
The Sleeping Beauty
A Slight Mistake
A Slight Scare
Slightly Hilarious; or, Too Much for Racketts
Slightly Mixed; or, The Babes In The Wood With Variations
Sloman's Angel; or, Why Jones Changed His Mind
Slow But Sure
A Small Boy's View of Corns
The Smoke Fiend
The Societies of the Delectables and Les Miserables
The Society for Doing Good, But Saying Bad
The Society for General Improvement
The Society for the Suppression of Scandal; or, Human Nature is Woman Nature
Songs of Seven
Spirit of Discontent
The Spirits of the Wood; or, The May Queen's gifts
Spoiled Children
Spoons as an Intercessor; or, The Lucky Theft
Spring-Time Wishes
The Stars' Contention; or, Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men
Starting in Life
The Story of the Plum Pudding
The Straight Mark
Strange Adventures
A Strange Secret
The Street Girl's Good Angel
The Strike That Failed
A String of Beads
The Stubbletown Volunteer
Successful Donation Party
A Sudden Recovery
Sunday Schools Now And Then
Sunshine Through The Clouds
A Sure Guide; or, He Is Most Worthy Of Honor Who Most Honors Himself
Surest Proof; or, The Home Thrust
The Surprise Party
A Sweet Revenge
Sympathetic Sympathy; or, How He Won the Widow
The Tables Turned; or, Hoist With His Own Petard
Taken In and Done For. A Comedietta
Tasso's Coronation
The Tea Party
The Teacher's Ruse; or, Who Won The Prize?
The Tell-Tale Telegram; or, An Impressionable Woman
Telling Dreams
The Test of Bravery
A Test That Did Not Fail
The Test That Told
A Test That Told; or, The Poor Professor's Victims
Testing Her Friends; or, The Widow Brown's Will
Testing Her Scholars
That Book Agent
That Naughty Boy
That Ne'er-Do-Well; or, A Brother's Lesson
That Postal Card
Their Aspirations
Then and Now
Things Are Seldom What They Seem; or, Be Sure You Are Right Before You Go Ahead
The Thirteen Original States
Those Who Preach And Those Who Perform
The Three Graces
The Three Guesses, A Fairy Extravaganza
Three Little Fools
The Three Men of Science
The Three Rings
Three Scenes in the Wedded Life of Mr. Bradley
Tit For Tat
Titania's Banquet
To Be Happy You Must Be Good
Tongue and Temper; or, A Smile Better Than A Snarl
Too Curious For Comfort; or, Don't Stick Your Fingers In Other People's Preserves
The Too Good-Looking Man; or, Bridget McCarty at the Photographer's
Too Greedy By Half
Too Many Smiths; or, The Much Wanted Letter
Too Much For Aunt Matilda
Too Much for Jones and Smith
Too Much Side Show; or, Running An Exhibition
Trading in "Traps"
The Tragedy of the Ten Little Boys
The Trial of Peter Sloper
Tried and Found Wanting
A True Carpet-Bagger; or, The Lesson of a Day
True Dignity
True Heroism
The True Philosophy
True Pride
The True Queen
The True Use of Wealth
The True Way
Trying The Characters
A Turn of the Tide; or, Too Much Tongue
Twenty Dollars A Lesson; or, Perkins Versus Mullekin
Twenty Years Hence
The Two Beggars
The Two Counselors
Two Ideas of Life
The Two Lecturers
Two Little Robins
Two O'Clock In The Morning
The Two Roberts; or, The Unwelcome Reception
The Two Romans
Two Views of Life
Two Ways Of Seeing Things
Uncle David's Party; or, The Surprise That Was No Surprise
Uncle Raspy's Ruse; or, How He Was Not Deceived
Under False Guise; or, Charity That Pays
Unfortunate Mr. Bown
An Unjust Man
The Use of Study
The Vacation Escapade
A Valuable Neighbor
A Very Clear Demonstration; or, The Well-Impressed Lesson
A Very Questionable Story
The Vicissitudes of a Milliner; or, Those Dreadful Girls
The Victim
The Village With One Gentleman
The Virtues
A Visit to the Moon
The Votaries of Folly
Wanted: A Divorce; or, Betsy Hanks's Victory
A Warm Reception; or, Mistakes That Will Occur
Watching for Santa Claus
The Way He Managed
The Way They Kept A Secret
The Way To Do It And Not To Do It
The Way to Windham
We'll Have To Mortgage The Farm
The Well Taught Lesson
The Well Taught Lesson; or, Take Only That Which Is Thine
What A Visitation Did
What Are Little Girls Good For?
What Comes of a Loose Tongue
What Each Would Do
What Each Would Have
What Happened to Hannah; or, The "Bosting" Cure
What Humphrey Did
What I Love
What Idleness Means
What Keeps Friends Apart
What The Boys Knew Of It; or, A Model Examination
What the Ledger Days
What Was It?
What Will Cure Them?
When I Grow Up To Be A Man
When I Was Young
Which Will You Choose?
Who Are The Saints?
Who On Airth Is He?
Who Shall Have The Dictionary?
Whom the Gods Would Destroy; or, Virtue is its Own Reward
Why Did You Do It? or, Mother Goose's Reception
Why He Did Not Like The Country
Why He Didn't Hire Him
The Widow's Might; or, The Unexpected Often Happens
A Wild Irishman's Diplomacy; or, How the "Schame" Worked
Will It Pay?
William Tell
A Wind-Fall
A Wise and Foolish Little Girl
Wise and Otherwise
Wit Against Wile; or, Sowing Wild Oats To Some Good
Witches In The Cream; or, All Is Fair In Love
Woman Nature Will Out
A Woman's Blindness
Woman's Rights; or, Three Short Scenes in Rockland
Wooing by Proxy; or, Maneuvering Miss Dover
The World Is What We Make It
Worth Not Wealth
Worth, Not Wealth
The Would-Be Teacher
The Wrong Man; or, Playing Two Characters
The Wrong Trunk; or, The Mistakes of a Day
Yankee Assurance
The Year 'Round; or, The Greeting of the Months
The Year's Reckoning
The Yes and No of Smoke
Young America
A Young Mutineer; or, Wanted to Sell the Baby
The Æsthete Cured; or, How Blind She Was
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38. Beadle's Dime Dialogues no. 38
39. Beadle's Dime Dialogues no. 39
40. Beadle's Dime Dialogues no. 40
41. Beadle's Dime Dialogues no. 41

New York Weekly

The Barricade: Before and Behind
Enjoyment of Sickness
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The Saturday Journal

The Agent; or, The Way People Are Insured
Beware of the Dog!
The Old-Fashioned Chat
Remember Benson
The Sweetest Thought