The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Firefighting

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All Around Weekly

The Hook and Ladder Boys; or, The Best Firemen in Town
"Stand Together"; or, The Young Firemen of Clinton

Bowery Boy Library

4. Bowery Billy on Deck; or, The Trail of the Gotham Firebugs
77. Bowery Billy for the Defense; or, The Firebug of Findley

The Boys of New York Pocket Library

14. Hook and Ladder No. 6; or, The Best Firemen in Town
117. The Firebugs of Chicago
205. "Stand Together"; or, The Young Firemen of Clinton

The Boys' Star Library

6. Hook and Ladder No. 6; or, The Best Firemen in Town
103. "Stand Together"; or, The Young Firemen of Clinton
157. The Firebugs of Chicago

Secret Service. Old and Young King Brady, Detectives

61. The Bradys and the Firebug; or, Found in the Flames.
188. The Bradys as Firemen; or, Tracking a Gang of Incendiaries
225. The Bradys and the Fire Marshal; or, Hot Work in Hornersville
712. The Bradys and the Fire Fiends; or, Trailing the Tenement Gang
786. The Bradys and the Firebug; or, Found in the Flames.
913. The Bradys as Firemen; or, Tracking a Gang of Incendiaries
950. The Bradys and the Fire Marshal; or, Hot Work in Hornersville

Wide Awake Weekly

37. Volunteer Fred; or, From Fireman to Chief
38. Neptune No. 1; or, The Volunteer Fire Boys of Blackton
39. Hook, Ladder, and Pike; or, The Life Savers of Freehold
40. Columbia's Pet; or, A Fireman at 17
41. Young Wide Awake; or, The Fire Boys of Belmont
42. Young Wide Awake's Biggest Blaze; or, Saving a Burning City
43. Young Wide Awake's Life-Line; or, The Narrowest Escape on Record
44. Young Wide Awake's Hook and Ladder Work; or, The Maniac Fire Fiend of Belmont
45. Young Wide Awake's Bucket Brigade; or, Trapping a Fire Bug
46. Young Wide Awake Smoke-Bound; or, Daring Work with the Life Net
47. Young Wide Awake's Pikemen; or, Hemmed in by Smoke and Flame
48. Young Wide Awake's Scaling Ladders; or, The Boy Life-Saver's Greatest Victory
49. Young Wide Awake's Fire Line; or, A Boy Fireman's Nerve in Mid-Air
50. Young wide Awake's Axe Brigade; or, Hewing His Way to a Fire's Heart
51. Young Wide Awake's Still Alarm; or, At Bay with Blazing Oil
52. Young Wide Awake's Nozzleman Grit; or, The Midnight Call from Box 14
53. Young Wide Awake's Champion Climber; or, Fighting the Flames Without Water
54. Young Wide Awake's Fire Mask; or, Life Saving at Red Heat
55. Young Wide Awake's Hose Carriage Dash; or, The Belmont Boys' Best Run
56. Young Wide Awake's Hand Grenades; or, Cut Off by the Flame Demon
57. Young Wide Awake and the Rival Fire Boys; or, Fighting for Honors
58. Young Wide Awake's Dynamite Crew; or, Blowing up a Burning Village
59. Young Wide Awake's Fire Test; or, The Belmont Boys' Greatest Stroke
60. Young Wide Awake's Fire Patrol; or, Running Down a Desperate Gang
61. Young Wide Awake's Longest Leap; or, Swift Work with the Life-Lines
62. Young Wide Awake's Signal Call; or, Fire Fighting to the Last Ditch
63. Young Wide Awake's Cascade of Flame; or, Within an Inch of a Fiery Death
64. Young Wide Awake's Fire Fight; or, Holding up the Belmont Life Savers
65. Young Wide Awake's Bravest Rescue; or, Snatching Victims from Death's Jaws
66. Young Wide Awake's Junior Firemen; or, Skip and Ted at Their Best
67. Young Wide Awake's Big Reward; or, Caught in a Blazing Wreck
68. Young Wide Awake's Powder Mill Blaze; or, Breaking Through a Wall of Flame
69. Young Wide Awake and the Fire Queen; or, At the Mercy of a Fiend
70. Young Wide Awake's Battle with Neptune No. 2; or, The Mean Trick of Rivals
71. Young Wide Awake's Lightning Truck Work; or, Daring Death with Ladders
72. Young Wide Awake's Steeple Blaze; or, The Hardest Work of All
73. Young Wide Awake and the "Fire Flies"; or, Winning a Losing Fight
74. Young Wide Awake's Ladder Rush; or, The Crack Work of Washington No. 1
75. Young Wide Awake's General Alarm; or, Meeting the Neptune on Their Own Ground
76. Young Wide Awake's Mascot Chum; or, Terry Rourke's Bravest Deed
77. Young Wide Awake and the Train Wreck; or, Saving Life at Wholesale
78. Young Wide Awake's Clean Victory; or, Fighting Fire to the Limit
79. Young Wide Awake Above the Flames; or, Through a Roasting Ordeal
80. Young Wide Awake in Danger; or, Baffled by a Fire-Bug
81. Young Wide Awake's Daring Deed; or, The Last Chance for Life
82. Young Wide Awake's Factory Fire; or, Caught in a Death Trap
83. Young Wide Awake's Rope Crew; or, The Belmont Fire Boys' Pluck
84. Young Wide Awake and the Maniac; or, After the Insurance Crooks
85. Young Wide Awake's False Alarm; or, The Fire Captain's Narrowest Escape
86. Young Wide Awake's Mysterious Fire; or, Almost at Death's Door
87. Young Wide Awake Over a Volcano; or, The Trick of the Mad Chemist
88. Young Wide Awake and the Frozen Hydrants; or, Fire Fighting in a Blizzard
89. Young Wide Awake's Well Won Medal; or, Winning Fire Department Honors
90. Young Wide Awake's Call for Help; or, Shut off from His Comrades
91. Young Wide Awake at the Firemen's Ball; or, Parading in the Face of Death
92. Young Wide Awake's Daring Dive; or, Hot Work at a Mill Fire
93. Young Wide Awake Beating the Flames; or, The Fire at the Gas Works
94. Young Wide Awake's Battle for Life; or, Facing a Forlorn Hope
95. Young Wide Awake's Defiance; or, The Bravest Deed on Record
96. Young Wide Awake and the Hose Slashers; or, Scaling a Wall of Fire
97. Young Wide Awake's Greatest Peril; or, Locked in a Burning Building
98. Young Wide Awake's Nerve; or, Fire Fighting Against Big Odds
99. Young Wide Awake's Trumpet Call; or, A Bold Fight to Save a Life
100. Young Wide Awake and the Blind Girl; or, The Fire at the Asylum
101. Young Wide Awake in a Snare; or, Putting Out a Dozen Fires
102. Young Wide Awake at the Burning Bridges; or, Baffling the "Brotherhood of Vengeance"
103. Young Wide Awake Saving a Million Dollars; or, The Mystery of a Bank Blaze
104. Young Wide Awake's Boy Helper; or, The Young Volunteers of Belmont
105. Young Wide Awake's Terror; or, Brave Work in a Burning Coal Mine
106. Young Wide Awake's Race with Death; or, Battling with the Elements
107. Young Wide Awake's Courage; or, The Capture of the "Norwich Six"
108. Young Wide Awake's Little Pard; or, The Boy Hero of the Flames
109. Young Wide Awake's Fiery Duel; or, Teaching the Neptunes a Lesson
110. Young Wide Awake and the Old Vet; or, Working Shoulder to Shoulder
111. Young Wide Awake's Dangerous Deal; or, The Only Chance for Life
112. Young Wide Awake and the Factory Boys; or, The Feat That Made Him Famous
113. Young Wide Awake's Secret Enemies; or, The Plot to Destroy the City
114. Young Wide Awake's Sudden Fear; or, The Fireman's Trick That Won the Day
115. Young Wide Awake and the Wreckers; or, Saving the Government Mail
116. Young Wide Awake's Plucky Drive; or, Bridging a Chasm of Fire
117. Young Wide Awake and the Briber; or, The Test That Makes a Man
118. Young Wide Awake's Artful Dodge; or, Placing Enemies on the Defense
119. Young Wide Awake Solving a Mystery; or, Hunting Down the Fire Thieves
120. Young Wide Awake's Drawn Battle; or, Breaking Even with the Neptunes
121. Young Wide Awake in the House of Death; or, The Mystery of a Big Blaze
122. Young Wide Awake and the "Night Prowlers"; or, The Fire at the Cartridge Works
123. Young Wide Awake's Wild Ride; or, Fighting Fire in Lincoln
124. Young Wide Awake's Closest Call; or, The Blaze at Riverside Inn
125. Young Wide Awake's Gritty Battle; or, Fighting Down a Hotel Fire
126. Young Wide Awake's Heroism; or, The State Firemen's Tournament
127. Young Wide Awake's Latest Recruit; or, Snatching His Captain from Death
128. Young Wide Awake and the "Sylvia"; or, Saving Life on the River
129. Young Wide Awake's Leap in the Dark; or, Capturing the "League of 3"
130. Young Wide Awake's Hazard; or, Stopping a Theatre Fire
131. Young Wide Awake off His Guard; or, Caught in a Warehouse Blaze
132. Young Wide Awake's Best Deed; or, Saving the Life of His Sweetheart
133. Young Wide Awake's Deadly Peril; or, Good Work at an Insane Asylum
134. Young Wide Awake's Struggle in the Dark; or, Trapped in a Flooded Cellar
135. Young Wide Awake's Swift Run; or, Saving the Midnight Express
136. Young Wide Awake's Last Chance; or, Rescued from Certain Death