The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Spanish-American War, 1898

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The Chicago Ledger

Dread Dynamite Guns
The Hero of Manila
Heroic Cuban Women
The Men of the Maine

The Half-Holiday

Manila bay

Nick Carter Weekly

72. Bob Ferret's pass-word, or, The chase of the gold ship

Starry Flag Weekly

1. Under Blanco's Eye; or, Hal Maynard among the Cuban Insurgents
2. Gomez's Yankee Scout; or, The Blow That Told for Cuba
3. The First Gun; or, Hal Maynard's Strong Command
4. Into death's jaws; or, Uniting with the reconcentrados
5. Uncle Sam's special; or, Hal Maynard's telegraphic strategy
6. The prisoner of Matanzas; or, Hal Maynard in the enemy's clutches
7. Tampa's dynamite fiend; or, Lieutenant Maynard's secret service exploit
8. The Dons from Mexico; or, Lieutenant Hal and the Spanish Plot at Port Tampa
9. Lieutenant Hal on staff duty, or, General Fitzhugh Lee's young aide
10. The star of the Rough Riders; or, Lieutenant Hal with Teddy's terrors
11. Old Glory in Havana, or, Hal Maynard's mission in the enemy's stronghold
12. The vanguard to Cuba, or The luck of the first invasion
13. Shafter's right hand, or, Hal Maynard's great game of strategy
14. Hal on the skirmish line, or, Fighting for the queen of the Red Cross
15. The blockhouse mystery, or, Hal Maynard's Cuban romance
16. For Spanish Gold; or, Hal's Raid on the Spanish Treasure Train
17. Hal on the outpost, or, With the army above doomed Santiago
18. The Hero of Manila; or, Hal Maynard Under a New Commander

True Blue

1. Clif Faraday in New York; or, A Navel Cadet under Fire
2. "Remember the Maine!" or, Clif Faraday's Rallying Cry
3. "Well Done, Porter!" or, Clif Faraday's Torpedo-Boat Command
4. Clif Faraday under Havana's Guns; or, The Stroke for a Capture
5. A Traitor on the Flagship; or, Clif Faraday's Strange Clue
6. The Mysterious Prize; or, Clif Faraday's Strange Clue
7. Clif Faraday's Eventful Cruise; or, In the Enemy's Hands
8. Out of Morro Castle; or, Clif Faraday's Escape
9. Clif Faraday's Test; or, The Mystery of the Unexploded Shell
10. The Shot That Won; or, Clif Faraday's Steady Aim
11. In the Face of Death; or Clif Faraday's Gallantry.
12. Clif Faraday Under Arrest; or, Court-Martialed for Patriotism
13. Clif Faraday at Cardenas; or Hot Shot Where it Did Most Good
14. Caught in a Trap; or Clif Faraday's Terrible Set-Back
15. Saved by the Enemy or Clif Faraday's Desperate Peril
16. Clif Faraday's Hostage; or, To Aid of a Friend
17. Down with his Ship; or, Clif Faraday's Double Capture
18. Up to the Cannon's Mouth; or, Clif Faraday's Perilous Ruse
19. Clif Faraday in Desperate Straits; or, Running the Gauntlet at Santiago
20. The Phantom Cruiser; or, Clif Faraday's Strange Signal
21. Clif Faraday's Plucky Friend; or, The Heroine Nurse of the Navy
22. Holding the Fort; or, Clif Faraday Against a Thousand
23. Through the Enemy's Lines; or, Clif Faraday's Dangerous Mission
24. Clif Faraday's Honor; or, A Pledge to the Enemy
25. Clif's Hour of Peril; or, On Board the Admiral's Flagship
26. Wolves of the Navy; or, Clif Faraday's search for a Traitor
27. Crime of the Trenches; or, Clif Faraday's Last Cartridge
28. Clif Faraday's Telling Blow; or, To Fame and Honor Through Shot and Shell

Young Glory

1. Young Glory, the Hero of the White Squadron
2. Young Glory on Shore; or, Fighting for the Stars and Stripes
3. Young Glory and the Spanish Cruiser; or, A Brave Fight Against Odds
4. Young Glory in Cuba; or, Helping the Insurgents
5. Young Glory Under Fire; or, Fighting the Spaniards in Cuban Waters
6. Young Glory in Morro Castle; or, Rescuing American Prisoners
7. Young Glory with Gomez; or, Raiding and Scouting in Cuba
8. Young Glory with Commodore Dewey; or, Defeating the Spaniards at Manila
9. Young Glory at San Antonio; or, Brave Work with the Cuban Patriots
10. Young Glory in the Philippine Islands; or, The Capture of Manila
11. Young Glory with Commodore Schley; or, The Spanish Fleet at Santiago
12. Young Glory with Admiral Sampson; or, The Destruction of Spain's Fleet
13. Young Glory with General Shafter; or, Driving the Spaniards from Cuba
14. Young Glory with General Merritt; or, Hard Fighting in the Philippine Islands
15. Young Glory on the Vesuvius; or, The Dynamite Cruiser's Daring Work
16. Young Glory's Gun-Boat; or, Running the Santiago Batteries
17. Young Glory at the Front; or, The Capture of Santiago
18. Young Glory Aboard the Oregon; or, Cervera's Fleet Destroyed
19. Young Glory with Commodore Watson; or, Carrying the War into Spain