The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Law enforcement

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Dark John, the Grim Guard; or, Hailstorm's North Plains Braves. A Romance of Montana


The Fresh in Texas; or, The Escobedo Millions. A Romance of the Great Ranch


Jackson Blake, the Bouncer Detective; or, The Fresh of 'Frisco's Rustle at Painted City. The Romance of a Busted Camp


Red Richard; or, The Brand of the Crimson Cross. A Romance of Californian Mining Life
The River Rustlers; or, The Detective from 'Way-Back. A Romance of Ranch, Range and Revolution


Uncle Honest, the Peacemaker of Hornet's Nest; or, Yank Yellowbird versus the Leather Jackets


Yank Yellowbird, the Tall Hustler of the Hills; or, The Conspirators of Medicine Springs