The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Massachusetts

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Adrift on the World; or, Working His Way to Fortune
Agnes Falkland. A Story of Continental Times


Bob Brent, Buccaneer; or, The Red Sea-Raider
Breaking the Fetters; or, The Gypsy's Secret
The Buccaneer Midshipman; or, The Sea Rover's Ruse. A Romance of Sea and Shore in 1812


Conrad, the Sailor Spy; or, The True Hearts of '76. An Afloat and Ashore Romance of Revolutionary Days


Deadwood Dick as a Boy; or, Why Wild Ned Harris, the New England Farm Lad, Became the Western Prince of the Road


The Ex-Buccaneer; or, The Stigma of Sin. A Romance of Sea Hands and Shore Hearts


Guilty or Not Guilty; or, The Ordeal of Fire. A Tale of Thirty Years Ago


A Harvest of Gold; or, The Buried Treasure of Coral Island
The Hunted Sloop; or, On and Off Soundings. A Tale of the War of 1812


The Lost Ship; or, The Cruise for a Shadow


The Mad Mariner; or, Dishonored and Disowned. A Sea and Shore Romance of Wrong and Retribution
Massasoit's Daughter; or, The French Captives. A Romance of Aboriginal New-England


The Outlaw Middy; or, The Young Patriot Sea-Ranger. A Romance of the First American Navy


The Peddler Spy; or, Dutchmen and Yankees. A Tale of the Capture of Good Hope
The Pirate Hunter; or, The Ocean Rivals. A Romance of Many Lands and Seas


The red house, or, The mystery of Dead Man's Bluff
Red Wings, the Lone Sea Rover; or, The Gold Seekers of the Bahamas. A Story of Sea Brigands and Sea Heroes
Ruth Harland; or, The Maid of Weathersfield
Ruth Margerie. A Romance of the Revolt of 1689


The Scout. A Story of Early New England
The Sea Rebel; or, The Red Rovers of the Revolution. A Tale of Romance and Adventure on Land and Sea
The Sea Thief; or, The Veiled Voyager's Mysterious Mission
Single Eye. A Story of King Philip's War


Teton Tom, the Half-Blood; or, The Conspirators of Bearfoot Bar. A Romance of Montana


Winifred Winthrop, or, The Lady of Atherton Hall
The Wizard Sailor; or, Red Ralph, the Rover. A Romance of Mystery Afloat and Ashore