The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Beadle's Half-Dime Library

752. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Deathblow; or, The Little Circus at Last Chance

New York Weekly

An Accurate Likeness of Ned Buntline
At the Opera
Aunt Jerusha at the Circus
The Blase Young Man
The Bridge
Come Back
Cooney Cole, the Driver
A Good Boy's Diary
A Happy Mistake
Hints for Wedding Gifts
Hon. T. V. Powderly. General Master Workman of the Knights of Labor
Horatio Alger, Jr.
Howard W. Macy
The Ideal Good Boy
The Josh Billings Papers: A Tempranse Klub
The Josh Billings Papers: Hard Tack
The Josh Billings Papers: Hooks & Eyes
The Josh Billings Papers: Ink Lings
The Josh Billings Papers: Josh and the Border Injun
The Josh Billings Papers: Josh Billings Under Oath
The Josh Billings Papers: Josh Defines His Posishun
The Josh Billings Papers: Letters
The Josh Billings Papers: Oats
The Josh Billings Papers: Sum Very Blank Verse-The Negro and the Trout
The Josh Billings Papers: The Nu Foundland and the Tarrier
The Josh Billings Papers: The Yaller Dog
The Josh Billings Spice-Box: The Chipmunk
Josh Billings' Philosophy
Josh Billings' Philosophy: Oats Make A Hosse Life
Josh Billings' Spice-Box: Animated Natur
Josh Billings' Spice-Box: Buty and the Beasts
The Josh Billings' Spice-Box: Hot Korn
The Josh Billings' Spice-Box: Kindling Wood
Josh Billings' Spice-Box: Milk
Josh Billings' Spice-Box: Natral and Unnatral Aristokrats
The Josh Billings' Spice-Box: Tadpoles
Just From School; or, They Never Will Be Missed. A Serio-Comic Musical Drama of Three Little Maids
"Laudanum Jane"
Life Sketches of David Cummidge: Pioneer, Hunter, and Indian Slayer
The Meeting of the Waters. A True Tale of Ireland
Mr. Thomas Nast, Artist, of Harper's Weekly
Mullen Leaves
My Christmas Belle
Our Picture Gallery
The Panic on Long Island. A Tale of the Dog
The Phantom Skiff. A Legend of Colonial Days
A Prayer
Redeemed by Love; or, The Drunkard's Daughter
Roger Starbuck
The Silent Rider. A True Incident
The Step-Daughter
The Tramp's Story
The Wedding of Carol Vane. A Rhyme of New Years
The Workingmen's Welcome to the Chinese