The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Hoaxes

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The Banner Weekly

Captain Yerger, The Revenue Special; or, Running Down the Red Raven. A Romance of the Haunted Hacienda

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

1055. Marlo, the Merciless; or, Red Raven's Redskin Ruse

Tip Top Weekly

Dick Merriwell's Return; or, The Reappearance at Fardale
Dick Merriwell's Vim; or, The Greatest Game of All
Frank Merriwell's Fall; or, Tom, the Tramp Twirler
179. Frank Merriwell's Skill; or, Fighting for the Lead
181. Frank Merriwell's Hit; or, Won in the Ninth
196. Frank Merriwell Tested; or, A Doubtful Honor
197. Frank Merriwell's "Flock"; or, The Awakening of Badger
203. Frank Merriwell's Musketeers; or, A Mountain Vendetta
215. Frank Merriwell's Favor; or, True as Steel
236. Frank Merriwell's New Protege; or, The Star of the Freshman Class
239. Frank Merriwell's Freshmen; or, The Relay Team That Won
352. Dick Merriwell's Dexterity; or, Hot Work to the Finish
359. Dick Merriwell Absent; or, The Spook of the School
480. Frank Merriwell's Lacrosse Team; or, The Great Hustle with Johns Hopkins
493. Dick Merriwell's Drive; or, Evening Up With His Enemy