The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Alger Series (Mutual Book Co.)

Tom, the Bootblack; or, A Western Boy's Success

Alger Series (Street & Smith - 1st Series)

37. Tom, the Bootblack; or, A Western Boy's Success

Alger Series (Superior)

18. Tom, the Bootblack; or, A Western Boy's Success

Alger Series for Boys

42. Tom, the Bootblack; or, A Western Boy's Success

Bowery Boy Library

Bowery Billy's Coney Island Jaunt; or, Trapping the Wizard of the Rollers
Bowery Billy's Narrow Squeak; or, The Mystery of the Treadington Mansion
1. Bowery Billy, the Street Vagabond; or, A Boy Hero in Rags
2. Bowery Billy's Chinese Puzzle; or, Holding up the Pig Tails
3. Bowery Billy, the Dock Rat; or, A Bootblack among the River Pirates
4. Bowery Billy on Deck; or, The Trail of the Gotham Firebugs
5. Bowery Billy's Bootblack Pard; or, Righting a Great Wrong
6. Bowery Billy's Bargain Day; or, Following a Strange Clue
7. Bowery Billy's Business Racket; or, The Boy Beagle in a New Deal
8. Bowery Billy's Best Job; or, The Street Gamin Detective in Clover
9. Bowery Billy's Mark-Down; or, A Corner in City Crooks
10. Bowery Billy's Twin; or, The Boy Ferret among the Dagoes
11. Bowery Billy in Luck; or, Move-Along Mac, the Mercer Street Moke
12. Bowery Billy's Runabout Race; or, The Brigands of Brooklyn Bridge
13. Bowery Billy's Blazed Trail; or, The Man Hunters of Manhattan
14. Bowery Billy's Side Line; or, A whirl of Fortune's Wheel
15. Bowery Billy, the Bootblack Reporter; or, Tracking the Trackers
16. Bowery Billy's Bluff; or, Tad Wrinkles, the Wire Trapper
17. Bowery Billy's Benefit; or, The Grandee of Grand Street
18. Bowery Billy's Best; or, A Chip of the Old Block
19. Bowery Billy's Blind; or, Thistle, the Tompkins Street Trimmer
20. Bowery Billy's Set-Back; or, Thistle Tom's Treachery
21. Bowery Billy's Dingy Dory; or, The Mystery of Mr. Myrick
22. Bowery Billy's Bad Penny; or, The Double Deal at Desbrosses Street
23. Bowery Billy's Blunder; or, Making up for Lost Time
24. Bowery Billy, the Subway Sleuth; or, The Boy Shadow under the Streets
25. Bowery Billy's Police Patrol; or, The Disappearance of Danny
26. Bowery Billy's Badge; or, The Police Spy's Promotion
27. Bowery Billy's Bunco Block; or, Riddles, the Bank Runner
28. Bowery Billy's Betrayal; or, Guessing at the Game
29. Bowery Billy's Surprise; or, Marco, the Street Musician
30. Bowery Billy's Break-Away; or, The Crooks' Carnival
31. Bowery Billy's Street Spy; or, Plimp, the Pavement Pacer
32. Bowery Billy, the Bootblack Bravo; or, The Nevada Sport in New York
33. Bowery Billy's Bond; or, The Hobo from Hoboken
34. Bowery Billy on Broadway; or, Sandy, the Sidewalk Sifter
35. Bowery Billy's "Billy"; or, A treasure Search in the City Streets
36. Bowery Billy's "Scoop"; or, The Reporter Detective to the Rescue
37. Bowery Billy's Queer Cruise; or, The Kidnapped Millionaire
38. Bowery Billy's Give-and-Take; or, Trapped by Wireless
39. Bowery Billy's Hippodrome Chase; or, The Leap for Life
40. Bowery Billy at Coney Island; or, The Bunco King
41. Bowery Billy's Fair Play; or, Sandy to the Resuce
42. Bowery Billy's Friends; or, Marston's False Move
43. Bowery Billy's Electric Launch; or, The North River Mystery
44. Bowery Billy's Life Secret; or, Finding a Father
45. Bowery Billy's Shadow; or, A Leap in the Dark
46. Bowery Billy's Shake-up; or, The Boy Anarchist
47. Bowery Billy's Temptation; or, In the Toils
48. Bowery Billy in Trouble; or, A Friend in Need
49. Bowery Billy's Side Trip; or, The Secret of Maida
50. Bowery Billy's Jubilee; or, The Street Boy Detective's Day Off
51. Bowery Billy Entrapped; or, Maida to the Rescue
52. Bowery Billy in Disguise; or, Sneakers, the Boy Sleuth
53. Bowery Billy in Clover; or, Working a City Mine
54. Bowery Billy's Vacation; or, The Bootblack Detective's Double Play
55. Bowery Billy's Bag of Gold; or, Helping the Man from Butte
56. Bowery Billy's Boomerang; or, Queer Work on Riverside Drive
57. Bowery Billy, the Bell-boy Spy; or, The Missing Money
58. Bowery Billy's Bad Luck; or, One of Fortune's Freaks
59. Bowery Billy's Secret; or, A Waif of the Streets
60. Bowery Billy's Hero; or, Fancy Frank at Bay
61. Bowery Billy's New Deal; or, A Run for His Money
62. Bowery Billy's Bravery; or, Chicot, the Chatham Square "Cherub"
63. Bowery Billy's Auto; or, Artie, the Avenue "Agent"
64. Bowery Billy's Trick; or, Playing a Double Hand
65. Bowery Billy's New Chum; or, Phil Erwin's Fighting Chance
66. Bowery Billy and the Bench-Warmers; or, The Search for Basil Lyndhust
67. Bowery Billy's Tenderloin Chase; or, Mr. Nobody of Nowhere
68. Bowery Billy and the Panhandlers; or, Spotting the Fagin of Essex Street
69. Bowery Billy's Strange Case; or, The Belle of Little Germany
70. Bowery Billy's Clean Sweep; or, Bob, the Besom at Bay
71. Bowery Billy's Crooked Trail; or, The Hermit of Old Greenwich Village
72. Bowery Billy and the Jolly Comrade; or, Chasing the Sound Pirate
73. Bowery Billy's Chums; or, Rounding up a Bedloe Gang
74. Bowery Billy's Black Hand Warning; or, The Great Bayard Street Mystery
75. Bowery Billy on Dangerous Ground; or, The Detective's Double
76. Bowery Billy's April Fool; or, Bursting a Financial Bubble
77. Bowery Billy for the Defense; or, The Firebug of Findley
78. Bowery Billy, the Trolley Sleuth; or, Spotting the Transfer Grafters
79. Bowery Billy, Nighthawk; or, The Slip-up of Sharpie
80. Bowery Billy and the Missing May Queen; or, Bianca, the Belle of Little Italy
81. Bowery Billy and the Action Alibi; or, Following a Fine Spun Thread
82. Bowery Billy and the Studio Mystery; or, The Lost Van Dyck Portrait
83. Bowery Billy's Mission; or, Sharpie Makes a Home Run
84. Bowery Billy's Decoration; or, A Mystery of the French Quarter
85. Bowery Billy's great Dive; or, Sharpie Foils the Plot against Edith
86. Bowery Billy on a Lark; or, The Eventful Cruise of the "Jolly Comrade"
87. Bowery Billy on the East Side Roofs; or, Trailing the Flying Man
88. Bowery Billy's 100 to 1 Shot; or, The Goddess of Liberty Puzzle
89. Bowery Billy's Celebration; or, Sharpie and the "Peter" Kid
90. Bowery Billy and Shifty Sam; or, Sharpie's Chase of the Sewer Rat
91. Bowery Billy's Go with the "Plute"; or, The Fortunes of Folly Farleigh
92. Bowery Billy's Midsummer Frolic; or, The "Jolly Comrade" Comes to Grief
93. Bowery Billy to the Rescue; or, The Mystery of the Belle of Perth
94. Bowery Billy's Spanish Case; or, Exposing the Carlist Plotters
95. Bowery Billy on the Rialto; or, The "Rupert of Hentzau" Riddle
96. Bowery Billy and the Reds; or, The Peril of Ellis Pryde
97. Bowery Billy's Blow at "The System"; or, Dan Reilly up against It
98. Bowery Billy on an Outside Job; or, The Problem of the Round Black Patch

The Boy's Home Weekly

9. Tom, the Bootblack; or, A Western Boy's Success

The Boys of New York

The Bowery Prince; or, A Bootblack's Road to Fame
Philadelphia Phil; or, From Bootblack to Merchant

Boys' Alert Library

39. Tom, the Bootblack; or, A Western Boy's Success

Boys' Home Library

19. Tom, the Bootblack; or, The Road to Success

Brave and Bold

394. Turning a double trick; or, The courage of a Bowery boy
401. A game boy's chance; or, Making good against big odds
405. Chasing the Sound Pirate; or, Bowery Billy and the "Jolly Comrade"
407. A finespun plot; or, Bowery Billy and the alibi
411. The mysterious hermit; or, Bowery Billy in Greenwich Village
413. The stolen portrait mystery; or, Bowery Billy in Bohemia
416. The panhandlers of Essex Street; or, Bowery Billy on the warpath
419. The trolley transfer grafters; or, Bowery Billy's counterfeit chase
422. The mystery of the haunted ship; or, Bowery Billy in a diving suit
425. Foiling the Spanish plotters; or, Bowery Billy in an international broil
428. The theatrical mystery; or, Bowery Billy and the matinee idol

Fame and Fortune Weekly

Will, the Waif; or, From Bootblack to Merchant

Happy Days

A Bootblack's Bravery

Medal Library

192. Tom, the Bootblack; or, A Western Boy's Success

People's Library (Ogilvie)

352. Tom, the Bootblack; or, A Western Boy's Success

Pluck and Luck

557. The Bowery Prince; or, A Bootblack's Road to Fame

Secret Service: Old and Young King Brady, Detectives

The Bradys and the Bootblack; or, Bagging the "Boss of the Bend"
571. The Bradys and the Bootblack; or, Bagging the "Boss of the Bend"

Wide Awake Library

1342. Philadelphia Phil; or, From Bootblack to Merchant