The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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The Banner Weekly

Silent Saul, the Young Mountain Patrol; or, The Protégé of Pilgrim's Bar
The Texan's Double; or, The Merciless Shadower. A Revelation of the Mystery of the "Bravo in Black" in the Romance of "The Three Bills."

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

823. Poker Jack, the Detective Sport; or, The Protégé of Pilgrims' Bar. A Romance of Silent Saul, the Young Mountain Patrol

Beadle's New York Dime Library

158. The Doomed Dozen; or, Dolores, the Danite's Daughter. A Romance of Border Trails and Mormon Mysteries
311. Heavy Hand, the Relentless; or, The Marked Men of Paradise Gulch
463. Gold Gauntlet, the Gulch Gladiator; or, Yank Yellowbird's Hot Campaign
845. Buffalo Bill's Red-Skin Ruse; or, Texas Jack's Death-Shot. A Romance of the Overland Desperado Giant
851. Buffalo Bill's Double Dilemma; or, The Great Scout's Big Three. A Romance of the Pony Riders of the Overland
857. Buffalo Bill's Royal Flush; or, The Pony Rider's Death-Run. A Romance of the Mysterious Unknown of the Overland
876. Gold-Button Sport; or, The Miner Sharps of Sulphur Bar
895. The Texan's Double; or, Buffalo Bill's Secret Ally
950. Buffalo Bill at Bay; or, The Gold-Seeder's Doom. A Story of the Great Scout's Red Ally

Five Cent Comic Library

148. Chips and Chin Chin, the two orphans (Part 2 of 2)

Wide Awake Library

184. Chips and Chin Chin, the two orphans
185. Chips and Chin Chin's adventures with Indians