The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Omohundro, John Burwell, 1846-1880

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Adventures of Buffalo Bill from Boyhood to Manhood: Deeds of Daring and Romantic Incidents in the Life of W. F. Cody, the Monarch of Bordermen
Arizona Joe, the Boy Pard of Texas Jack. A Story of the Strange Life of Captain Joe Bruce, a Young Scout, Indian Fighter, Miner and Ranger, and a Protege of J. B. Omohundro, the Famous Texas Jack


Buffalo Bill and his Merry Men; or, The Robin Hood Rivals. A Romance of Forts, Fastnesses and Frontier Retribution
Buffalo Bill at Bay; or, The Gold-Seeder's Doom. A Story of the Great Scout's Red Ally
Buffalo Bill Baffled; or, The Deserter Desperado's Defiance
Buffalo Bill's Beagles; or, Silk Lasso Sam, the Outlaw of the Overland. A Story of Wild West Heroes and Heroism
Buffalo Bill's Brand; or, The Brimstone Brotherhood. A Romance of Army, Scout and Wild Life in the True Wild West
Buffalo Bill's Buckskin Braves; or, The Renegade Queen. A Romance of Life in the Wild West
Buffalo Bill's Buckskin Brotherhood; or, Opening Up a Lost Trail. A Romance of a Border Mystery
Buffalo Bill's Flush Hand; or, Texas Jack's Bravos. A Romance of the Pard Rivals on the Texas Border
Buffalo Bill's Red-Skin Ruse; or, Texas Jack's Death-Shot. A Romance of the Overland Desperado Giant
Buffalo Bill's Rough Riders; or, Texas Jack's Sharp-Shooters


The Dead Shot Nine; or, My Pards of the Plains
The Dread Shot Four; or, My Pards of the Plains


Gentleman Jack, the Man of Many Masks; or, Buffalo Bill's Peerless Pard. A Romance of Tangled Trails followed by Buffalo Bill and his Buckskin Heroes, Surgeon Frank Powell, Wild Bill, Texas Jack, Captain Jack Crawford, Buckskin Sam, Colorado Carl and a Mysterious Unknown
Go-Won-Go, the Red-Skin Rider; or, The Moonlight Marauders. A Romance of Living Heroes of Today


The League of Three; or Buffalo Bill's Pledge. A Story of a Trail Followed to the Bitter End by the Three Famous Scouts, Buffalo Bill, wild Bill and Texas Jack, the "Princes of the Plains"


Plaza and Plain; or, Wild Adventures of "Buckskin Sam" (Major Sam. S. Hall), the Noted Texan Ranger, Scout, Guide, Ranchero and Indian-Fighter of the South-west Border


The Ranch King Dead-Shot; or, Texas Jack's Proxy. A Story of Buckskin Sam's Robber-Rangers Run-in
Red Butterfly, the Spy of the Overland; or, The Nine Scouts' League. A Story of Real Characters of Wild Western Life


Texas Jack, the Lasso King; or, The Robber Rangers of the Rio Grande, A Romance of my Pard of the Plains
Texas Jack, the Mustang King. Thrilling Adventures in the Life of J. B. Omohundro, "Texas Jack," the Noted Scout, Indian Fighter, Guide, Ranchero, Mustang Breaker and Hunter of the "Lone Star State."
Texas Jack, the Prairie Rattler; or, The Queen of the Wild Riders. A Romance in the Life of a Real Hero — John B. Omohundro — Texas Jack — and a Tale of the Southwest Border
The Three Bills (Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill and Bandbox Bill); or, The Bravo in Broadcloth. A Story of Deadly Trails


The Wild Steer Riders; or, The Red Revolver Rangers. A Story of Lawless Lives, Love and Adventure in the Lone Star State