The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - War -- Taiping Rebellion

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Adventure Weekly

1. On Foreign Service; or, Phil and Ralph's Fighting Mission in China
2. The Heart of Kwang-Se; or, Phil's Raid into the Enemy's Stronghold
3. The Black Mandarin; or, Phil's Most Mighty Foe
4. Phil's Greatest Stroke; or, Rescuing the Flower of Yu-Nan
5. Taming the Dragon; or, A Case of Yankee Nerve
6. The Wizard's Pagoda; or, Phil's Innings at Chinese Black Arts
7. His Life by a Thread; or, Hounded by Chinese Nihilists
8. Trapping the Governor; or, Phil's Greatest, Hardest Task
9. Taking a Treasure City; or, The Dash for Kwang Chow Millions
10. The Sky Spectre; or, The Cloud Trotters of Kwange-Se
11. The New Diplomat; or, Yankee Wits Against Chinese
12. The Serpent of Rubies; or, Phil's Mysterious Wonder-Box
13. The Valley of Horrors; or, The White Slave of Hui Fan
14. The Idol's Strategem; or, Buddha's Yankee Brains
15. Chung Kee's White Hostage; or, Phil Stirling's Bitter Ordeal
16. A Chinese Day Off. (And So Was Everyone Else).
17. The Yellow Goliath; or, Phil's Only Duel
18. Phil's Pure Grit; or, The Last of the Yellow Napoleon
19. Under the Emperor's Eye; or, The Chance of a Lifetime
20. "Admiral Phil" Afloat; or, In Hot Pursuit of the Pirates of Formosa
21. The Vanishing Junk; or, In the Floating Mystery's Wake
22. Old Glory's Guardian; or, The Plot to Steal a Pacific Liner

Do and Dare Weekly

55. Trooper Sherman's Orders; or, Under the Stars and Stripes in China
60. Trooper Sherman on a Dangerous Detail; or, A Spy in the Camp.