The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Baseball stories

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Beadle's Half-Dime Library

581. Double-Curve Dan, the Pitcher Detective; or, Against Heavy Odds
608. The Pitcher Detective's Foil; or, Double-Curve Dan's Double Play
681. The Pitcher Detective's Toughest Tussle; or, Double-Curve Dan's Dead Ball

Bound to Win Library

15. The Rivals of Riverwood; or, Winning the Silver Pennant
30. Jack, the pride of the nine

Brave and Bold

228. Jack Leonard, catcher; or, The pride of the nine
252. The Rivals of Riverwood; or, Winning the Silver Pennant

Golden Hours

The Rivals of Riverwood; or, Winning the Silver Pennant

Medal Library

689. The Silver Pennant

Might and Main Library

69. Hal Larkin's Luck; or, The Fortune of a Plucky Princeton Athlete

New Tip Top Weekly

Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s Skill; or, The Wizards of Wonder

Pluck and Luck

The Nine of Ninevah; or, The Boys Who Beat the League
On the Square; or, The Only Way to Win

Tip Top Weekly

Dick Merriwell and the Carlisle Warriors; or, The Mystery of the Kidnapped Pitcher
Dick Merriwell Arrested; or, The Heart of Fire
Dick Merriwell at Forest Lake; or, The King of Flume River
Dick Merriwell Caught Napping; or, The Rube That Could Pitch
Dick Merriwell Comes Back; or, How Harvard Lost the Title
Dick Merriwell Doubted; or, Put to the Test
Dick Merriwell in the Marathon; or, The Sensation of the Great Run
Dick Merriwell Looks Ahead; or, How Baseball Saved the Bank
Dick Merriwell's "Wing"; or, The Man Who Couldn't Be Stopped
Dick Merriwell's Backstop; or, The Result of Bad Habits
Dick Merriwell's Battle for the Blue; or, The Yale Nine at West Point
Dick Merriwell's Colors' or, All for the Blue
Dick Merriwell's Commencement; or, The Last Week at Yale
Dick Merriwell's Control; or, The Man on the Bench
Dick Merriwell's Dandies; or, A Surprise for the Cowboy Nine
Dick Merriwell's Desperate Work; or, Snatching Victory from Defeat
Dick Merriwell's Detective Work; or, The Case of the Varsity Shortstop
Dick Merriwell's Device; or, The Yale Pitcher's New Curve
Dick Merriwell's Dilemma; or, The Double-Header at Maplewood
Dick Merriwell's Distrust; or, Under Two Flags
Dick Merriwell's Enthusiasm; or, The Sophomore Pitcher's Last Ball
Dick Merriwell's Evidence; or, Yale's Left-Handed Victory
Dick Merriwell's Eye; or, The Secret of Good Batting
Dick Merriwell's Foreign Foe; or, The Discovery of the Baseball Bomb
Dick Merriwell's Good Fellowship; or, The Man with the Wrong Idea
Dick Merriwell's Match; or, The Fellow Who Failed
Dick Merriwell's Mysterious Disappearance; or, The Game in the Balance
Dick Merriwell's Perception; or, The Brains of the Varsity
Dick Merriwell's Princeton Opponents; or, The Winning Third Strike
Dick Merriwell's Queer Case; or, The Lure of the Ruby
Dick Merriwell's Ranch Friends; or, Sport on the Range
Dick Merriwell's Reach; or, The Twist of the Wizard's Wrist
Dick Merriwell's Retaliation; or, Fardale Against Farnham Hall
Dick Merriwell's Risk; or, Taking Chances on the Bases
Dick Merriwell's Sixth Sense; or, The Yale Pitcher's Double Play
Dick Merriwell's Solution; or, The Yale Twirler's Winning Jump
Dick Merriwell's Strange Clew; or, How Harvard Was Outguessed
Dick Merriwell's Young Pitcher; or, The Fellow Who Disappeared
Frank Merriwell as Instructor; or, The Skill of the Wizard
Frank Merriwell on Rattlesnake Ranch; or, The Dupe Who Became a Shark
Frank Merriwell under Megunticook; or, With the Knox County League
Frank Merriwell's "Favorite"; or, The Boy Who "Made Good"
Frank Merriwell's Ball Team; or, Winning the First Game
Frank Merriwell's Bat; or, Saved by an Alibi
Frank Merriwell's Chum; or, The Hand of a Friend
Frank Merriwell's Chums; or, Out Again for Sport
Frank Merriwell's Command; or, Dick Merriwell's Rebellion
Frank Merriwell's Dash; or, Yale Against the Field
Frank Merriwell's Determination; or, Getting the Best of His Foes
Frank Merriwell's Energy; or, Dick Merriwell's Triple Play
Frank Merriwell's Fall; or, Tom, the Tramp Twirler
Frank Merriwell's Fellows; or, Dick Merriwell's Fast Work
Frank Merriwell's Fighters; or, The Decisive Battle with Blackstone
Frank Merriwell's Freak; or, The One-Armed Wonder
Frank Merriwell's Hit; or, Dick Merriwell's Red Friend
Frank Merriwell's Hold-Back; or, The Boys of Bristol
Frank Merriwell's Injury; or, Hard Luck and Crooked Work
Frank Merriwell's Judgment; or, The Man Who Won
Frank Merriwell's Marvel; or, Dick Merriwell in the Box
Frank Merriwell's Phenom; or, The Untrained Wonder
Frank Merriwell's Project; or, The Man from Mexico
Frank Merriwell's Record Breakers; or, The Fastest Lads in Their Class
Frank Merriwell's Ruse; or, Paid in Their Own Coin
Frank Merriwell's Secret; or, Trying to Steal the Double Shoot
Frank Merriwell's Support; or, Dick Merriwell's Great Work
Frank Merriwell's Turn; or, Working the Winning Streak
Frank Merriwell's Twirler; or, Dick Merriwell's Jump Ball
Frank Merriwell's Young Clippers; or, Taking a Fall Out of a Fast Team
Frank Merriwell's Young Star; or, Dick Merriwell's Great Base Running
4. Frank Merriwell's Rival; or, By Fair Play or Foul
43. Frank Merriwell's Finish; or, Blue against Crimson
179. Frank Merriwell's Skill; or, Fighting for the Lead
180. Frank Merriwell's Confidence; or, Pulling Against the Tide
181. Frank Merriwell's Hit; or, Won in the Ninth
182. Frank Merriwell's Triumph; or, In Front at the Finish
200. Frank Merriwell's Skates; or, Into the Ice Trap
206. Frank Merriwell's Mishap; or, A Friend in the Guise of a Foe
213. Frank Merriwell's Handicap; or, The Heroism of Elsie
217. Frank Merriwell's "Pull"; or, True and Tried
218. Frank Merriwell's Liner; or, Elsie, the Mascot of the Nine
222. Frank Merriwell's Athletic Team; or, Sport in the Adirondacks
224. Frank Merriwell's Wrist; or, The Nerve of Iron
228. Frank Merriwell's Speed; or, Breaking the Chicago Colts
230. Frank Merriwell's Battery; or, Taming the "Broncho Busters"
232. Frank Merriwell's Double-Play; or, Winning His Own Game
233. Frank Merriwell's "Find"; or, The Hoosier Hercules
234. Frank Merriwell's Hustlers; or, Cracking the Colonels
254. Frank Merriwell's Club; or, Indoor Baseball in Baltimore
261. Frank Merriwell's Bosom Friend; or, Making up the Yale Nine
262. Frank Merriwell Deceived; or, Jimmy Lee of Charlottesville
312. Dick Merriwell's Nine; or, Trouncing the Regular Team
313. Dick Merriwell's Danger; or, Solving a Strange Mystery
314. Dick Merriwell Accused; or, The Life of the Nine
315. Dick Merriwell's Trick; or, Paid in Their Own Coin
317. Dick Merriwell's Delivery; or, In the Face of Desperate Odds
318. Dick Merriwell's Nerve; or, Up Against the Real Thing
319. Dick Merriwell as Captain; or, In Spite of His Enemies
321. Dick Merriwell Challenged; or, Getting into Fast Company
322. Dick Merriwell's Team; or, The Young Wonders of the Diamond
323. Dick Merriwell's Confidence; or, The Spirit That Wins
325. Dick Merriwell's Triumph; or, The Finish of the Season
326. Frank Merriwell on Deck; or, Getting into Mad River League
327. Dick Merriwell in Trim; or, The Boy Wonder of the League
328. Frank Merriwell's Honor; or, Defying the Boss of the League
329. Dick Merriwell's Danger; or, The Secret Order of the League
330. Frank Merriwell's Fracas; or, Hot Times in Mad River League
331. Dick Merriwell's Diamond; or, Fighting for the Lead in the League
332. Frank Merriwell's Turn; or, The Greatest Game of the Season
333. Dick Merriwell's New Ball; or, The Boy Wonder at His Best
334. Frank Merriwell's "Ginger"; or, Winning an Uphill Game
335. Dick Merriwell's Stroke; or, Unmasking the Man of Mystery
365. Dick Merriwell's Duty; or, True to Old Fardale
367. Dick Merriwell on the Diamond; or, The Boy Wonder's Backstop
369. Dick Merriwell's Triumph; or, Arlington's Last Trick
371. Dick Merriwell's Combination; or, Playing the Game for Every Point
373. Dick Merriwell's Firmness; or, A Steady Hand and a Sure Heart
375. Dick Merriwell's Mission; or, From Fardale to the West
376. Frank Merriwell's Battle Royal; or, Up Against the Wizards
377. Dick Merriwell's Opportunity; or, Making the Most of His Chance
378. Frank Merriwell on the Slab; or, Holding Down the Western Wonders
379. Dick Merriwell's Promise; or, For the Sake of a Girl
380. Frank Merriwell's Coup; or, The Stratagem That Won
381. Dick Merriwell's Fast Work; or, The Champions of the North
383. Dick Merriwell Surprised; or, Cap'n Wiley's Wind-jammers
384. Frank Merriwell's Quick Move; or, Cooling Off Cap'n Wiley
386. Frank Merriwell's Nomads; or, Cap'n Wiley's Clever Work
387. Dick Merriwell's Distrust; or, Meeting the Masked Champions
388. Frank Merriwell's Great Finish; or, The Independent Champions of America
390. Dick Merriwell's New Enemy; or, The Hatred of Barron Black
414. Dick Merriwell on Hand; or, Just in Time to Win
415. Dick Merriwell's Devotion; or, Playing Against Ten Men
417. Dick Merriwell's Sand; or, Winning by Pure Grit
418. Dick Merriwell's Force; or, On Hand When Needed
420. Dick Merriwell's Assurance; or, Trusted to the Last
422. Dick Merriwell's Pitching; or, Frank Merriwell's Friends and Foes
425. Frank Merriwell's New Nine; or, The Great Game with Manhattan
426. Frank Merriwell at Cambridge; or, Handing 'em up Against Harvard
427. Frank Merriwell in New Haven; or, Facing Yale in the Field
428. Dick Merriwell in Maplewood; or, Not Given Half a Show
429. Dick Merriwell at Fairhaven; or, Bucking the Trolley League
430. Dick Merriwell's Great Struggle; or, Two Games in One Day
431. Dick Merriwell's Batting; or, The First Game in Fairhaven
432. Dick Merriwell's Set-Back; or, The Struggle to Stay in the League
433. Dick Merriwell's Phantom; or, The Girl with the Magnetic Eyes
434. Dick Merriwell's Management; or, The Fight for First Place
438. Dick Merriwell's Aid; or, The Help of Hoboson
439. Dick Merriwell's Spirit; or, Fighting to the Front
440. Dick Merriwell's Day; or, Triumphant in the Trolley League
447. Frank Merriwell's Magic Spectacles; or Peril in the Adirondacks
468. Frank Merriwell's Fingers; or, The Man Who Came Back
469. Frank Merriwell's Retaliation; or, The Clash in California
471. Frank Merriwell's "Dope Ball"; or, The Wizard Twirler of Leland Stanford
475. Frank Merriwell's Backer; or, Playing Baseball for a Fortune
477. Frank Merriwell in Form; or, Wolfers, the Wonder from Wisconsin
479. Frank Merriwell's Level Best; or, Cutting the Corners with a New Curve
483. Dick Merriwell on the Rubber; or, Playing Baseball in the Flowery Kingdom
484. Dick Merriwell's Cleverness; or, Showing the Japs the American Game
488. Dick Merriwell, Gap Stopper; or, A Surprise for the Surprisers
489. Dick Merriwell's Sacrifice Hit; or, Winning By a Hair's Breadth
490. Dick Merriwell's Support; or, Backed Up When Getting His Bumps
493. Dick Merriwell's Drive; or, Evening Up With His Enemy
510. Dick Merriwell's Polo Team; or, The Rattlers of the Roller Rink
521. Dick Merriwell's Visit; or, Hot Times at Farnham Hall
527. Dick Merriwell's Reprisal; or, The Clash of the Champions
528. Dick Merriwell Dared; or, The Grapple at Wellsburg
532. Frank Merriwell's House Party; or, The Rustle with the Rovers
537. Frank Merriwell's Proposal; or, Starting the Sport in the League
538. Frank Merriwell's Spook Hunters; or, The Mysterious Island of Mad Lake
539. Dick Merriwell's Check; or, The Hot Bunch From Happy Camp
540. Dick Merriwell's Sacrifice; or, Team Work That Told
541. Dick Merriwell's Heart; or, Breaking the Hard Luck Streak
543. Frank Merriwell's Pride; or, The Double Header at Pineville
544. Frank Merriwell's Young Winners; or, The Stars in the Blue Hills
546. Dick Merriwell's Influence; or, On the Right Road at Last
547. Dick Merriwell's Top-Notch; or, Against Odds, Fate and Scheming
548. Frank Merriwell's Kids; or, The World-Beaters in New York
550. Dick Merriwell, Freshman; or, First Days at Yale
571. Dick Merriwell's Skill; or, "The Prince of the Pistol"
573. Dick Merriwell's System; or, The Way to Win
574. Dick Merriwell's Salvation; or, The Traitor on the Team
575. Dick Merriwell's Twirling; or, Tracing the Traitor
576. Dick Merriwell's Party; or, Springtime's Youthful Fancy
577. Dick Merriwell's Backers; or, The Man Behind the Bat
578. Dick Merriwell, Coach; or, Pride and Prejudice
579. Dick Merriwell's Bingle; or, A Hit in Time
581. Dick Merriwell's Best Work; or, Up Against a Hard Proposition
583. Dick Merriwell's Disadvantage; or, The First Game with Harvard
585. Dick Merriwell's Great Rival; or, Dale Sparkfair on the Slab
590. Dick Merriwell's Campmates; or, Old Chums on the Field
592. Dick Merriwell's Disapproval; or, Chester Arlington's New Chum
593. Dick Merriwell's Mastery; or, The Wolves of Wolfwoods
595. Dick Merriwell's "Double Squeeze"; or, Brian Blackpool in Command
597. Dick Merriwell Adrift; or, In the Grip of the Sea
602. Dick Merriwell Held Back; or, Secret Enemies at Work
640. Dick Merriwell's Shoulder; or, Handicapped in the First Game with Harvard