The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Kidd, Captain

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The Banner Weekly

Captain Kidd's Treasure; or, The Guest's Dream

The Boys' Leader

Young Captain Kidd

Boys' Library of Adventure and Romance

10. Captain Kidd's Gold; or, The True Story of an Adventurous Sailor Boy

The Boys' Star Library

296. Jack Wright and His Electric Bicycle Boat; or, Searching for Captain Kidd's Gold

The Chicago Ledger

Captain Kidd's Treasure; or The Mystery of Shelter Cove

Fame and Fortune Weekly

Heir to a Million; or, The Boy Who Was Born Lucky

Liberty Boys of '76

226. The Liberty Boys' Keg of Gold; or, Captain Kidd's Legacy
830. The Liberty Boys' Keg of Gold; or, Captain Kidd's Legacy

Red Raven Library

1. Captain Kidd's Sea Swoop; or, Carried off by Pirates
2. Captain Kidd's Buried Treasure; or, Adventure of Three Boys among the Buccaneers
5. The Jolly Red Raven; or, Captain Kidd's Daring Raid on New Orleans
9. Captain Kidd's Revenge; or, Thad among the Tigers of the Sea
12. Captain Kidd's Stratagem; or, Simple Simon Takes Soundings
14. Nailed to the Mast; or, The Last of Captain Kidd's "Hole in the Wall".
15. Captain Kidd's Long Chase; or, Thad and His Chums in the Tropics
18. Captain Kidd's Drag-Net; or, How Young Thad Hoodwinked the Buccaneers
21. Captain Kidd In New Orleans; or, The Pirate Scourge Of The Rigolets
24. Captain Kidd at Bay; or, Marooned on a Sand-Spit
25. The Silver Barque; or, Captain Kidd's Last Prize