The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Lynching

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Crazy Dan; or, Fight Fire With Fire. A Tale of East Tennessee


Daredeath Dick, King of the Cowboys; or, In the Wild West with Buffalo Bill
Deadly Dash; or, Fighting Fire with Fire
Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Lone Hand; or, Kodak Kate's Secret Seven
Deadwood Dick, Jr., in Durango; or, "Gathered In."


Farrel Fox's Sweep-Stakes; or, The Boss Counterfeiter's Round-Up


The Girl Sport-Shadower; or, Clark's Close Shave. A Story of the Vigilantes' Chief at Touch-and-Go


Hurricane Hal, the Cowboy Hotspur; or, Old True Blue's Pilgrimage in Satan's Section. A Romance of the Red Spur Ranch


Idaho Matt, The Boy Avenger; or, Trapping the Eagle Mountain Dozen


Kentuck, the Sport; or, Dick Talbot at the Mines


Stonefist of Big Nugget Bend; or, Old Ketchum's Tug of War. The Story of a Queer Crusade


The Telegraph Detective; or, The Train Wreckers of the Union Pacific
Tom Tabor, the Boy Fugitive; or, The Young Lynch-Gang "Wolves." A Romance of Colorado Hills
The Trapper's Daughter; or, The Outlaw's Fate


Young Wild West "Facing the Music"; or, The Mistakes the Lynchers Made
Young Wild West Lassoing the Lynchers; or, Arietta's Quick Work