The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Polygamy

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The Black Beards; or, The High Horse on the Rio Grande. A Tale of the Texan Frontier
Broadcloth Burt, the Denver Dandy; or, The Thirty Pards of Deadwood
Bullion Bret; or, The Giant Grip of Git-Thar, A Tale of Silverland


Cyclone Kit, the Young Gladiator; or, The Locked Valley. A Strange Mountain Tale, of a Stranger Place and People


The Dacotah Queen; or, Pat Mulloney's Pilgrimage. A Romance of the Indian Country
Daddy Dead-Eye, the Despot of Dew-Drop; or, The Damsel from Deseret


Frank Merriwell among the Mormons; or, The Lost Tribe of Israel
Frank Merriwell in gorilla land; or, The search for the missing link


Gold Dan; or, The White Savages of the Great Salt Lake, A Terrible Tale of the Danites of Mormon Land


Heavy Hand, the Relentless; or, The Marked Men of Paradise Gulch


King of the Wild West's Saint; or, The End of Polygamy in Utah


The Lion of the Sea; or, The Vailed Lady of San Tropez. A Weird, Wild Tale of the Olden Times, when the Algerine Pirates Swept the Southern Sea and Boldly Defied all the Nations of the Earth


Powell's Pard; or, The One-Armed Giant. A Story Founded on Incidents in the Romantic Life of Dr. Frank Powell (White Beaver), White Medicine Chief of the Winnebagos


Volcano, the Frisco Spy; or, The Secret of the Secret Seven. A Wild Tale of a Nevada Mine