The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Swordsmen

Aldis Series

10. The Three Guardsmen

Alexander Dumas' Works

4. Three Guardsmen, The; or, The Three Mousquetaires

American Series

296. The Three Guardsmen

Arrow Library

77. The Three Musketeers

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

346. Rapier Raphael, or, The swordsmen of Zacatecas

Beadle's New York Dime Library

82. Iron wrist, the swordmaster
126. The Demon Duelist; or, the League of Steel
140. The three Spaniards
143. The czar's spy, or, The nihilist league
150. El Rubio Bravo, king of the swordsmen, or, The terrible brothers of Tabasco
157. Mourad, the mameluke, or, The three swordmasters
167. The man of steel, or, The masked knight of the white plum
169. Corporal Cannon, the man of forty duels
187. The death's head cuirassiers, or, Brave of all braves
190. The Three Guardsmen
226. The mad hussars, or, The o's and the macs
986. Iron wrist, the swordmaster
995. The czar's spy, or, The nihilist league

Chimney Corner Series (Lupton)

6. The Three Guardsmen

The Elite Series

69. The Three Musketeers

The Eureka Series

19. The Three Guardsmen

Favorite Library

42. The Three Musketeers

The Giant Series

46. The Three Musketeers

Hawthorne Library

186. The Three Guardsmen

Manhattan Library

14. The Three Guardsman

O'er Land & Sea Library

6. The Death's Head Curassiers; or, the Brave of all Braves. A Legend of the Old Guard
14. The Mad Hussars; or, The O's and the Macs. A story of Four Irish Soldiers of Fortune
34. The Demon Duellist; or, the League of Steel

Paris Series

12. The Three Musketeers

The Saturday Journal

Iron Wrist, The Swordmaster of Copenhagen, A Tale of Court and Camp
The Man of Steel; or, The Masked Knight of the White Plume. A Tale of Love and Terror

Souvenir Series

1. The Three Guardsman