The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Beadle's Monthly

American Quail and Grouse
Ancient and Modern Embalming
Autobiographic Notes*: Men and Women Greater Than Books
Autobiographic Notes: Charles Fenno Hoffman
Autobiographic Notes: Edgar Allan Poe
Autobiographic Notes: N. P. Willis
Autobiographic Notes: Philip Spencer
Autobiographic Notes: Rufus W. Griswold
The Barometer and the Weather
The Chemistry of the Toilet
The Crescent City
Criticism and the Drama
Croquet, How to Play It, Its Laws, Etc.
The Cry for Help
The Education Of Our Boys
The Education of our Girls
The Facts of Poe's Death and Burial
Fashion As It Was
A Few Words About Spiders
Finger Rings
How "Greenbacks" Are Made
Human Life
The India Famine
Indifferently Honest
Language of Expression
Measurement of the Mental Telegraph
Measurement of the Nerve Telegraph
The Moneyed Man
Movement in Plants: The Actions of Vegetable and Microscopic Vegeto-Animal Organisms
Natural Forces
Old Style and New Style
On Growing Old
Our National Capitol
Physiology of Perfumes
A Plea and a Protest
Popular Errors Respecting Animals, Birds, Etc.
Popular People
Rome of To-Day
The Ship of the Desert
Something Besides Tobacco
The Source of Labor
The Story of Steam
To-Day, As It Is In Fashionable Circles
Walks Among Words
What Constitutes Treason
Wonders of the Whale
Words from the People: Modernisms in Education
Words from the People: Recent Discoveries in Relation to the Physical Constitution of the Sun
The Zündnadelgewehr

Belles and Beaux

About Amber
Fashions in Lotions
A Female Husband
"Fibs," Great and Small
The Hair
Head and Hair: What Has Been And What May Be
Lucky Omens
Marriages in Russia
National Songs
Prophetic Days
Resurrection Flower
School-Girl Fashions
Sham Jewelry
Touching Our Thumbs
Work and Worry

The Home

Absence of Mind
Advice From An Old Inhabitant
Advice To Young Ladies, On Cultivating A Taste For Drawing
Always Finding Fault
Anger—Its Effects
Aristocracy Among Servants
Aristocracy of American Women
Assumptions of Fashion
Badly-Constructed Wells
Be Cheerful
Blessings of Poverty
Brave and Noble Women
Can Music Be Immoral?
A Chapter on Cosmetics
The Chemist In The Laundry
Childhood and Youth
Children's Teeth
Choice Sentiments
Christmas-Eve At The German Blind Asylum
Cold Feet
Common Sense in Home Affairs
Common-Place People
Concerning Tidiness, Thoughts Upon An Overlooked Source Of Human Content
Correcting the Faults of Children
Counsels To The Young
Country Girls
Country Homes and Country Women
The Deserts of Africa
Different Mourning Customs
The Discipline of Daily Life
Do-As-You-Like Principle
Domestic Economy
Domestic Happiness
Domestic Philosophy, A Hint For Our Sons and Daughters
Don't Do It
Dreams, Their Romance And Their Mystery
The Dress of Women and Children
Dull Children
Early Rising
Early Training
Eating and Sleeping
Economy In Personal Expenditures
Economy of Chemistry
Education of Children
The Empress Josephine
The Evil of a Bad Temper
Fall Fashions and Falling Fortunes
Family Libraries
The Family
Fashionable Vulgarity
Female Development
Female Education
Fever Poisons
"Fireside Musings"
The Flannel Question
The Flowers of Life
Freedom For The Children
The Furniture of a Home
Give Children Pure Air
Give Your Children Books
Gloved to Death
God Is With Us
The Gold Dollar
A Good Name
Goodrich's Brain-Works and its Effects -- Recollections of a Life-time
Hard Study vs. Hard Eating
A Health Education
The Health of Children
Health of Daughters
A Hint Or Two About Homes
Hints on the Management of the Young
Hints To Young Mothers
Home Amusements
Home Duties and Home Enjoyments
A House Without "Improvements"
Household Duties of House-Wifes
Household Science
Housework for Boys
How Shall We Improve Our Winter Evenings?
How To Manage Quick-Tempered Children
How To Rule A Husband
How To Scent Flowers
How To Secure Peace At Home
How to Select a Dress
How To Take Life
Importance of Moral Instruction
Increase in the Cost of Living
Kane's Arctic Explorations
Kind Words
The Kitchen
Ladies For Ladies' Doctors
A Last Word
The Law of Marriage
Laying Up For Children
Letters From Quietside
Life in Brazil
Life's Milestones
The Literature of Social Discontent
Literature Of Wedded Love
Long Life and Length of Days
Lost Time
Major Truefitt on the Too Fine
Make Home Happy
Manhood and Old Age
The Manners of the Mother Mold the Child
Marriage, As A Means Of Human Happiness
Melancholy Poetry
Mental Training Of Children
"Midnight Musings"
The Monitor—Music
Mosaics For Home And For School
"Mother Is Not Willing I Should Go"
Mothers and Daughters
Mothers That Are Wanted
Musical Education
My Bible
My Susquehanna Home
New Move Among the Ladies
"Oh! I Wish I Was Rich"
Old Hundred
On Laughter
On The Deterioration of the Public Health
On Weeping
Only In The Family
Other People
Other Pleasures Than Those Of Wealth
Our Old Grandmother
A Parent's Care
Parental Duty
Peculiarities Due to Hereditary Transmission
Philosophy of Bread
Plain Talk With Married Ladies
Pleasure for a Child
Popular Literature—The Home
Popular Refinement
Praise Your Wife
Precept and Example
Provoke Not Your Children
Punctuality—Its Fruits
Pure Womanhood
The Purity of the Press
A Question
Reading In Summer
Respect Your Mother
Rules For Home Education
Ruling Wives
Sadness In Literature
Save Something
The School of Life
Scolding Mothers
Self Culture
The Siege of Antwerp
Sixpence A Day
Society and Literature
Some Speculations On Dress
A Strange Family
A String of Good Things; or, Fruits From The Freshest Fields
Summer Recreations
Symmetry of Character
The Table
Teach Females To Help Themselves
Teaching Common Things
The Teeth: How To Use And Care For Them
To Young Married People
A Transient Thought
Tribute To The Unsuccessful
True Economy
The True Woman
Unhappy Families—Their Cause and Remedy
Wasted Moments
The Watchful Mother
Wet Feet
What A Poor Man's Wife Ought To Be
When I Am Old
Who Are Your Aristocrats?
Who Marry And Have Children In America
Who Then, Is Ready?
The Wife
Winter Management of Flowers
Woman and Flowers
Woman As A Speculator
A Woman's Thoughts About Women
A Word To American Ladies
A Word To Mothers
A Word To The Mothers Who Read "The Home"
Worth Fifteen Hundred Dollars
Young America

The Youth's Casket

The "Glorious Fourth"
The American Crossbill
August, Eighth Month—Hath Hirty-One Days
A Beautiful Truth
Black Capped Titmouse or Chickadee
The Blue Jay
The Bobolink
The Butcher Bird
The Cat Bird
The English Language
Floral Department
Guess What
The Magic Lantern
May, Fifth Month—Hath Thirty-One Days
Modeling Card-Board
The Price
The Shepherd's Dog
The Tame Pigeon
The Thermometer
Twilight Talks for Children