The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Non-fiction

The Home : a Fireside Monthly Companion and Guide for the Wife, the Mother, the Sister and the Daughter

Absence of Mind
Badly-Constructed Wells
Blessings of Poverty
A Chapter on Cosmetics
Common Sense in Home Affairs
The Dress of Women and Children
Education of Children
The Furniture of a Home
Give Children Pure Air
Goodrich's Brain-Works and its Effects -- Recollections of a Life-time
Hard Study vs. Hard Eating
Hints on the Management of the Young
Housework for Boys
How to Select a Dress
Kane's Arctic Explorations
Letters From Quietside — I
Make Home Happy
The Manners of the Mother Mold the Child
Melancholy Poetry
Musical Education
Our Old Grandmother
Peculiarities Due to Hereditary Transmission
Popular Refinement
Precept and Example
Provoke Not Your Children
Scolding Mothers
Society and Literature
The Wife
Young America