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"American Series" Songsters

The Banks of Schuylkill
Battle-Hymn of the Republic
Dame Margery
De Gal wid de Blue Dress On
Friends of the Union
A Frog He Would a-Wooing Go
The Furloughed Soldier
How are you, Conscript?
The Humbugged Husband
Isabella with the Gingham Umbrella
The Jolly Old Pedagogue
Kit, the Cobbler
My Love he is a Soldier Boy
The New Skedaddle Song
Pop Goes the Question
Song of Welcome
Washington and Lincoln

The Banner Weekly

"'Tis Then I Love Thee, Love, My Love!"
Armenian Cradle Song
Baby Magdalene
Ballade of the Baby
Bridal Song
Camp Meeting Song
A Coon-Ji Song
A Cowboy Serenade
Evening Song
Folk Song From Georgia
His Mother's Song
In The Shadows
Irish Song
Japanese Lullaby
Let Us Sing New Songs
A Love Song
A Lullaby
A Mississippi Boat Song
Mother's Songs
My Mother's Favorite Song
New Version Of An Old Song
Oh! For A Flight On My Wings Of Steel, Lapland Lover's Song
Oh, Bleak is the Night
Old Grimes is Dead
The Old Man Sings
Old Songs
Only A Dream (Baritone Solo)
Pain For Me and You
A Plantation Plow Song
The Poet's Song
The Rabbit's Foot, A Georgia Song
The Ranchman's Song
A Sad Pastoral, In Four Cantos and a Canter
Sambo's Lullaby
Sleighing Song
The Song Bill Hums
A Song For Baby's Bed-Time
A Song in Fish Time
The Song of Christmas Eve
A Song Of Fall Time
The Song of Other Days
The Song of the Ax
Song of the Burden Bearer
Song of the Cycle
The Song of the Flatiron
Song Of The Gold Robin
Song of the Misanthrope
Song of the Mosquito
A Song of the Sea
The Song of the Shad
A Song of the Sierras
Song of the Snow
Song of the Teakettle
Song of the Types
Song of the Typewriter Girl
A Song of Twilight
The Song That Father Sung
A Song With A Difference
The Song
Song: Bonny Jennie
Songs Unsung
Soul-Tossed, A Song
The Sweetest Song
A Teacher
"They Say"
A Tramp's Song
The Two Songs
The Western Stage-Driver's Song
A Wheel Song
When Love is Dead
When You Were Seventeen
The Yachetsman's Song
The Yachtman's Song
Your Songs

Beadle's Dime Song Books

The "As You Like It Skirt"
The "Sour Apple Tree"
After the Opera's Over
The Afternoon We Met
The Age of Indian-Rubber
Ah, He Kissed Me When He Left Me
Always Free and Jovial
And He's Got the Money, Too
Angels' Whisper
Annie Dear, Good Bye!
Annie Lisle
Annie's Winning Smile
Are You Angry, Mother
The Army and the Navy
The Artful Old Sparrow
As I'd Nothing Else to Do
"As She Went Passing By"
As Through the Silver Spray we Fly
As We Parted at the Gate
Away Goes Cuffee
Awfully Clever
The Banner of the Free
Barney, Say You'll Not Forget Me
Battle of Bunker Hill
Be Kind to the Loved Ones
Be Sure You're Right, then go Ahead
Beautiful Emeline
Beautiful Nell
Beautiful Sunset
Beautiful World
The Beauty of the Season
Bell, of Boston Bay
The Bell-Ringer
Belle Bradley
The Belle of Fourteenth Street
The Belle of Lincoln Park
Bessie Barker
Bessie Jayne
Bide Ye Yet
Billy Grimes the Rover
Billy's Request
The Blarney
Blinks, "of the Staff"
The Bloom is on the Rye
The Blue Jay's Melody
Bonnie Marguerita
Bonny Bess
Bother the Men
Brace Up!
Brave Boys are They
The Brave Old Oak
Bread and Cheese and Kisses
Breathe it Softly to my Loved Ones
The Bridge o'er the River
Bring my Brother Back to Me
The Broadway, Opera, and Bowery Crawl
Broken Down
Broken English
The Brook's Message
Bryan O'Lynn
The Buck-skin Bag of Gold
Building on the Sand
Busy Little Feet
Call Me Pet Names
The Campbells are Comin'
Camptown Races
Captain Bane of the Lifeguards Pink
The Carrier Dove
Cease Your Funning
The Centennial Bell
Centennial Bells
The Charming Gay Qaudroon
Cherry Ripe
Chicago Redivia!
The Child and the Butterfly
The Child of the Regiment
The Child's Wish
Clara Kane
The Coat of Other Days
Columbia is Free
Columbia's Call
"Come and Take a Drink"
Come Back to the Farm
Come in out of the Draft
The Cottage of my Mother
Courting in Connecticut
Crowding Awfully
Crusader's Temperance
Cuffee's War Song
Cunning Little Dark-Eyed Beauty
A Cup of Cold Water
Cupid, the Little Archer
The Curfew
The Curly Little Bow-wow
Daisy Deane
Daisy Lee
Daisy O'Lynn
The Dark and Roguish Eye
Darling Little Belle
Darling Minnie Lee
Day by Day
A Day Too Late
The Days When We Were Young
The Dear Little Girl that I Love
The Dear Ones All at Home
Dearest Mae
Dickens is the Man
Did He but Know
Dilla Burn
Dinna Forget
Dismal Catalogue of Complaints
Do ye Mind the Auld Past Years?
The Dolly Varden
Don't Borrow Trouble
Don't Judge a Man by his Dress
Don't Marry a Man if he Drinks
Don't put your Foot on a Man when's Down
Don't Sell my Father Rum
Don't Stay Late To-night
Down Among the Lily-be 1s
Down the Burn, Davy, Love
Dream on, Lillie
Dressed in a Dolly Varden
Drinking Gin
Dumbarton's Bonnie Dell
Ella Clay
Ella Ree
Fairy Dell
Famous Oil Firms
Far, Far upon the Sea
The Fascinating Blonde
Fascinating Little Man
A Father's Love
The Female Auctioneer
The Finished
The First Love Dream
Five O'clock in the Morning
The Flag of Our Union
The Flag of the Brave
Florence McBride
The Flower of Marblehead
The Fly Couldn't Help It
Follow the Drum
The Fools are not All Dead Yet
Footsteps on the Stairs
For Thee, and only Thee
Freedom on the Old Plantation
The Frost upon the Pane
The Frowning Cliff
The Galloping Snob of Rotten Row
A Garden is my Lady's Face
The Gay Cavalier
The Gay Young Swell
A Gay, Dashing Lover
General Sherman and his Boys in Blue
Gentle Hallie
Gentle Morn
Gentle Nettie Moore
The Gipsy Queen
Gird on! Gird on!
Girls, Don't Fool with Cupid
Give the Old Man a Chance
Glorianna Jones
The Golden Stair
Gone Before
Grant's the Man
The Grave of Uncle True
The Grecian Bend
The Grecian Bend
The Grecian Bend: No. 2
Grumble, Grumble, Growl
Hail to the Chief
The Ham Fat Man
Hattie Lee
Have You Seen my Nellie?
Have You Seen Ruth?
He Doeth All Things Well
He's Such a Bashful Boy
Heaven Bless the Dear Old Fireside
Her Heart is all my Own
Here's a Health to Thee, Tom Moore
Home Again Returning
Home and Friends Again
Hope for our Horses
Hot Cakes in de Morning
How are you, Conscripts?
How are You, Telegraph?
Howard Paul's Great Frog Song
A Hundred Years Ago
Hurrah for the Old Flag
Hurrah for the White Red and Blue
I Ain't A-going to Tell
I Ask no More
"I Can Beat Him at That"
I Can Not Call Her Mother
I Know my Mother Weeps for Me
I Lang ha'e Loe'd thee, Lassie
I Love a Little Damsel
I Love You!
I Rather Think He'd Like It
I Sailed in the Good Ship, the Kitty
I Vants to Go Home, (Maximillian's Lament)
I Won't be a Nun
I Wonder if he Loves Me
I'd Choose to be a Daisy
I'll Ask my Mother
I'll Keep the Flowers you Gave me
I'll Leave it all to You
I'll Meet my Love at Four
I'll Meet Thee at the Lane
I'm a Paddy Whack, Just Landed
I'm Called the Fairest Flower
I'm Going to Fight Mit Siegel
"I'm Ninety-five"
I'm Number One
I'm Sitting by the Window, Love
I'm Somebody's Child
I'm Standing by the Grave, Mother
I've Been Roaming
I've Something Else to Do
If Dad Were Only Rich
If Papa Were Only Ready
If You Love Me Say So
If You Love me, Lend me 10 Cents
If You'll Promise Not to Tell
The Impudent Puppy
In Happy Moments
In One Ear and Out of the Other
In the Days when I was Hard Up
In the Valley of the West
The Increase of Crime
The Irish Sojer Boy
The Irish Speculator
The Irishman's Shanty
Is it Anybody's Business?
Is there Room Among the Angels?
It is Not So!
"It's All Up in Dixie"
It's True, 'Twas in the Papers
Jack on the Green
Jamie Will Return to Me
Jane O'Malley
Jeff. in Petticoats
Jenny Who Lives in the Dell
Jessie was a Pretty Girl
Jessie, the Belle at the Bar
Joanna Snow
John Anderson, My Jo, John
Johnny is my Darling
Johnny McSwattigan
Johnny Schmoker
Jolliest Boy Alive!
Jolly Jonathan
Just Before the Battle, Mother
Kate O'Shane
Kathleen O'More
Kathleen Vale
Katrina's Story
Katy's Letter
Keep a Stiff Upper Lip
King Cotton
The Kiss
Kitty and Ben
Kitty's Choice
The Knitting Song
The Knott Family
The Ladies
Lager Bier Song
The Lark
The Lass o' Patie's Mill
Lassie with the Hazel Eye
Last Week I Took a Wife
The Latch-String at the Door
Let me Breathe my Mother's Name
Let me Spank Him for his Mother
Life is a River
Lillie's Good-night
The Lily of St. Leonard's
Linda has Departed
Linden Bowers
Linked with Many Bitter Tears
Listen to the Mocking-Bird
Listen, Dear Fanny
A Little After Eight
A Little Farm Well Tilled
Little Fraud
Little Matilda Jane
The Little One that Died
The Little Wanderer
Little Wee Dog
The Lords of Creation shall Women obey
Lost in the Fire
Lottie's All the World to Me
Love Not
The Low Back'd Car
Lulu is our Darling Pride
Maggie Darling
Maggie's Test
A Maiden's Prayer
The Maidens of Jersey
A Major in the Ninth
The Man o' Airlie
The Man with the Indian Drum
The Maniac
The March Wind
Marion Lee
Mary Avourneen
Mary of Fermoy, Answer to Pat Mallot
Mary of the Wild Moor
Massa's in de Cold Ground
The May Queen
McFadden's Picnic
Medicine Jack
Meet Me by the Running Brook
Meet me To-night
The Men of '76
The Mermaid's Song
Merry Land of Childhood
Merry, Little, Gray, Fat Man
The Miller's Maid
The Milliner's Daughter
Mind You That!
Minnesota, the Lily of the West
Minnie Gray
The Minstrel and the Song
The Mississippi Twins
The Mixed up Family
Moet and Shandon For Me
Mollie Adair
Mollie's Welcome to Pat Malloy
Mother is Going Home
Mother Says I Mustn't
"Mother, Will Our Charley Come?"
Move Your Family West
Mrs. Lofty and I
Murmuring Brook
The Musical Wife
My Adelaide
My Bosom Friend
My Brodder Gum
My Home on the Hill
My Little Wife and I
My Love Nell
My Lover is Shy
My Old Wife
My Own Eileen Bawn
My Spouse Nancy
The Nation Shall Not Die
The Negro Emancipation Song
Nellie Lost and Found
Never go Back on your Friend
New Hearts and Faces
New Version of Tommy Dodd
No I Thank You, Sir
No Name
The Nobbiest One at Last
Nora of Cahirciveen
Not for Gold
Not for Joseph: No. 2
Not Married Yet
An Ode to Washington
Off Like a Rocket
Oh! Bring Back my Childhood
Oh! Mother, Kiss Away my Tears
Oh! Silber Shining Moon
Oh! Spare the Old Homestead
Oh, are ye Sleeping, Maggie?
Oh, Bless Me, Mother, Ere I Die
Oh, carry me Home to Die
Oh, Give us a Navy of Iron
Oh, Louie is my Fair One
Oh, Maggie, When the Sun Goes Down
Oh, Send Me One Flower from His Grave
The Old Church Bell
The Old Church Choir
The Old Cottage Clock
Old Folks at Home
Old Homestead
The Old House Far Away
The Old Kitchen Floor
The Old Mountain Tree
The Old Schoolhouse
Old Uncle Ben, the Colored Refugee
Ole Dan Tucker
One Flag or No Flag
One Hundred Years Ago!
One O'Leary's Cow
Only Asleep
Ossian's Serenade
Our Flag
Our Sweethearts at Home
Our Willie Dear is Dying
Out of the Tavern
Over the Bars
Papa, Stay Home, I'm Motherless Now
Par Excellence
Passing My Door
Pat Malloy
Pat McCann
Peace Hymn
Peter Gray
Philosophic Sam
The Photograph
Please Let my Brother Go
The Poor Little Fisherman's Girl
Poor Mother! Willie's Gone
Poor Old Joe
Pretty Little Dear
Pride of the Ball
Pullman Car
Push Along
"Put Yourself in My Place"
The Railroad Engineer's Song
Richmond is Ours
Riding on a Rail
The Ring My Mother Wore
Ring the Bell Softly
Robin Adair
Roll on, Roll on, oh Billow of Fire!
Root Hog or Die
Root Hog or Die, No. 2
Root Hog or Die, No. 3
Root Hog or Die, No. 4
The Rose by the Door
The Sailor's Wife
Sally in our Alley
Sambo, I have Missed You
Save the Boy
Seven Oud
Shabby Genteel
Shall I Ever Get Married?
Shall my Love be Mine?
Shall we Know Each Other There?
Shall we Meet Again
The Shamrock of Old Ireland
Shan't I be Glad when Sally Comes Home
She is Waiting for us There
She Lives with her own Granny Dear
She Sleeps Beneath the Roses
She's My Sugar Plum
She's so Fair
She's the Loveliest Girl I Ever Saw!
Sherman's March to the Sea
Simon the Cellarer
Sing to Me, Mother
The Singin' Skewl
Single Gentlemen, "How do you do?"
Singular Dreams
Sleeping for the Flag
Smile Again, My Bonnie Lassie
The Soldier's Welcome Home
Some Lady's Dropped her Chignon
Some Love to Drink
A Song for the Times
The Song my Mother used to Sing
Song of "1876"
The Song of a Clerk
Song of the Locomotive
Song of the Sewing Machine
Sourkrout and Sausages
Sprig of Shillelah
Squire Jones's Daughter
Stand up for Uncle Sam, my Boys
Star Spangled Banner
The Star-Gemmed Flag
Still I am not Happy
The Strawberry Girl
The Style of Man for Me
Such is Fashion
Sunshine and Shade
Susan's Story
Susan, Susan, Pity My Confusion!
Sweet Annie St. Clair
Sweet Little Mary Ann
Sweet Star of Hope
Take me Back Home Again
Take me From my Little Bed
Tell me, Mary, How to Woo Thee
Tenderly, Lift Him with Cure
That Lovely Grecian Bend
"That's What's the Matter!"
There is no More Night than Day
There's a Good Time Coming, Girls
There's Something I'm Dying to Say
They Died for You and Me
The Thorn
Thoul't Come Nevermore to the Stream
Three Grains of Corn
Three Roguish Chaps
Toddling Through the Lanciers
Tottie, Chasing Butterflies
A Tragedy in Tenth Avenue
A Tragical Tail
Tread Lightly, Ye Comrades
Triumphantly the Morning Dawned
Twilight Dews
Twilight in the Park
Two Heads are Better than One
Two in the Morning
Two Little Shoes
Uncle Joe's Hail Columbia
"Uncle Sam's a Hundred"
Under de Mango Tree
Under the Greenwood Tree
Under The Rose
A Vesper Song
Vite Mice
Wake! Dinah, Wake!
Walking in the Rain
Wapping Old Stairs
Watching for Pa
We are Coming From the Cotton Fields
We are Marching on to Victory
We Met Beneath an Awning
We'll Fight for Uncle Abe
We'll Go Down Ourselves
We'll Go With Grant Again
"We'll March Round the World"
We's a Gwine to Fight
What Fairy Like Music
What Josie Said
What Mollie Said
What Norah Said
What Said the Angels, Love?
What Shall my Song be To-night
What's a Woman Like?
What's de Matter, Uncle Sam
When Grandmama is Gone
When I Bade Good-by to Phoebe
When I Courted Mary Ann
When I was Young
When I Went Courting Sallie!
When my Ship Comes in
When No One Else is By
When Old Friends Were Here
When Sammy Comes Home
When the Boys Come Home
When the Clock Strikes Five
When the Evening Star Went Down
When this Dreadful War is Ended
When We Grow Old
When We Met on the Sly
When You and I Were Girls
Where are now the Hopes I Cherished?
Where are the Friends?
Where is my Nancy?
Where Liberty Dwells, There is My Country
Where the Bee Sucks
Where the Bright Waves are Dashing
The Wherewithal
While the Sun Was Shining
While There's Life There's Hope
The Whistling Thief
The White Squall
Whoop De Doodle Do
Why don't I Change my Name?
Why don't the Men Propose?
Why Don't you Name the Day, Kathleen?
Why Don't You Write to Me?
Why have my Loved Ones Gone
Why Not?
Widow Mavrone
Widow McGee
The Widow
Will Nobody Marry Me
William of the Ferry
Willie has Gone to the War
Willie, Meet Me at the Gate
The Willow Spring
The Wishing Gate
The Wishing Well
Within the Sound of the Enemy's Guns
The Woman in White
Woman is Going to Vote
The Yankee Boy
The Yankee Girls
A Yankee Ship, and a Yankee Crew
The Yankee Volunteer
Ye Dinna Understand
A Year Ago To-Night
Yes, I would the War were Over
Yes, or No?
A Young Girl of the Day
The Young Old Maid
The Young Widow

Beadle's Dime Speakers

The Ballad of a Baker
The Ballad of Matilda Jane
The Mosquito's Song
Song of the Sink
A Song of Woe

Beadle's Half-Dime Singer's Library

The 'Telligent Contraband
'Tilda Horn
'Tilda Toots
'Tis But a Little Faded Flower
'Tis Hard to Give the Hand
'Tis Home Where'er the Heart is
'Tis Midnight Hour
'Tis Midnight on the Stormy Deep
'Tis Money Makes the Mare Go! or L. S. D.
'Tis True, Dear Heart, We're Fading
'Twas Like A Spirit's Sigh
'Twas Off the Blue Canaries
'Twas Only My Dhrame
'Twas Only One Short Year Ago
'Twas Rank and Fame that Tempted Thee
'Twill Nebber Do to Gib It Up So
Aaron Glaices
Across the Sea
Act on the Square, Boys
Ada, With the Golden Hair
Admiral's Song
Adolphus Morning-glory
The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
Afloat on the Ocean
After Me!
After Toiling Cometh Rest
The Afternoon Crawl!
The Age of Progress
The Agony Column; or, Little Di
Ain't I Glad to Get Out of the Wilder-ness?
"Ain't You Awful"
Alabama Joe
Alabaster Joe
Alas! My Love's Away
Alice Gray
All Broke Up
All for Her
All is Well at Home
All Round My Hat
All Yesterday I Was Spinning
All's for the Best
All's Well
Alma Mater O
Am I Not Fondly Thine Own?
Am I Still Beloved?
The American Boy
The American Girl
American Vocal Medley
The Anchor Apeak
The Anchor's Weighed
And Home I Came Merry At Last
Angel Gabriel
Angel's Whisper
Angels Listen When She Speaks
Annie Laurie
Annie o' the Banks o' Dee
Annie of the Vale
Annie, Dear, Good-by
Another Sweet Face in the Cradle!
The Answer of Ben Bolt
Answer of Katy Darling
An Answer to "Grease the Griddle, Birdie Darling"
Answer to a Thousand a Year
Answer to Kate Kearney
The Answer
Any Ornaments
Anything for Harry
Are the Children at Home?
Are Thy Dreams of Me?
Are You Lonely Now, My Darling?
Are You Not a Coquette, Lulu, Darling?
Arm-in-Arm, Let's Wander, Love
As I Sat by My Hearth
As Through the Park I Go
Ask Me not Why; or, the Daughter of the Regiment
Ask Papa
At the Animal Fair
Au Revoir, Fritzy
Augustus Daisybeau
Auld Lang Syne
Auld Robin Gray
Autumn Leaves
Away Down East
Away on the Prairie Alone
Awfully Awful
Awfully Fly!
Ba, Be, Bi, Bo, Bu
Baby Farming Song
Baby Mine; or, The Sailor's Wife
Baby's Gone
Baby's Gone to Sleep
Baby's Got A Tooth!
Babylon is Fallen
A Bachelor No More
Bachelor's Lament
The Bachelor's Lament
The Bachelor's Woes
Bad Luck to the Day
Balm of Gilead
The Band in the Park
De Banjo am de Instrument for Me
Banks and Braes o' Bonnie Doon
Banks of the Old Mohawk
Barbara Allan
Barney O'Hea
Barney, the Lad from Kildare
The Baronet
The Bashful Girl
Bashful Young Man
The Basket Maker's Child
Bathing in the Surf
Battle of the Kegs
The Battle-Cry of Freedom
The Bay of Biscay
Be Always Up and Doing, Boys!
Be Kind to Darling Sister Nell
Be Kind to Each Other
Be Kind to Thy Father and Mother
Be Quiet, Do, I'll Call My Mother
Be Sure You Call, as You Pass By
Be Sure You're Right, Then Go Ahead!
Bear It Like A Man
Beautiful Annie
Beautiful Bells
Beautiful Child of Song
Beautiful Dreamer
Beautiful Form of My Dreams
Beautiful Italy
"Beautiful Leaves"
Beautiful Rose
Beautiful Spirit, Spirit of Love
Beautiful Venice
The Beautiful Waltzer
Because I Am A Cook
Before I Was Married, Oh Dear!
Beggar Girl
Behind the Scenes
The Bell Goes a-Ringing for Sai-rah
Bell Trio
Belle Brandon
The Belle of Pleasure Bay
The Belle of Rockaway
The Belle of the Avenue
The Belle of the Ball
The Belle of the Day
The Bells of Shandon
Ben Bolt
Ben Fisher and Wife
Beneath the Old Oak Tree
Beside the Sweet Shannon
Bessy Was a Sailor's Bride
Better Late Than Never
The Big Bonanza
The Big Sunflower
Bill and I
"Billiards and Pool"
Billie Boy
Billy Barlow
Billy Johnson's Ball
Billy Larkin
Billy Patterson
Billy Salamagundi
Bingen on the Rhine
The Bird Song
The Bird-Whistle Man
The Birth of Green Erin
A Bit Of My Mind
Bitter and Mild
Bitter Beer
The Black Hussars
Black-Eyed Susan
The Blind Boy
Blind Orphan Boy's Lament
Bliss Forever Past
The Blonde that Never Dyes
Blow Your Own Trumpet!
The Blue and the Gray
Blue Bells of Scotland
Blue Bonnets Over the Border
Blue Glass
The Blue Juniata
The Blue-Eyed Boy
"Blue-Eyed Milly"
Blue-Eyed Violets
Bob Baker, the Shoemaker!
Bob Ridley
Bobbin' Around
Bold Privateer
Bonnie Blue Flag
Bonnie Breast-knots
The Bonnie Brown Cottage
Bonnie Dundee
Bonnie Jamie
Bonnie New Moon
Bonny Eloise
Bonny Jean
Bother the Flies
Bounding Billows
Boy with the Auburn Hair
The Boys of Kilkenny
The Boys That Wear the Green
Brace Up
Breeze of the Night
Bright Moonlit Sea
Bright Rays of Early Morning
Bright Rosy Morning
Bright, Bright Wine!
Bright-Eyed Little Nell of Narraganset Bay
Bright-Eyed Maggie
Brightly O'er Lake and Shore
Bring Me a Pretty Bouquet
Broadway Promenade
The Broadway Toff
Broken-Hearted Tom, the Lover
The Brook
The Brooklyn Fire!
Brother Will
Brother's Fainting at the Door
Brother, Tell Me of the Battle
Brown Eyes Has that Little Maiden
The Buckles on Her Shoes!
Burial of Sir John Moore
The Butcher Boy
Buttercups and Daisies
Buy A Broom
By de Light of de Moon
By the Lone River Side
By the Sad Sea Waves
Cadet at West Point
The Calibar", "
Call Her Back and Kiss Her
Call Me Darling
Call Me not Back from the Echoless Shore
Call Me When Breakfast is Ready
Call Me Your Darling Again!
Can I Survive This Overbearing?
Can There be Harm in Kissing?
Can You, Sweetheart, Keep a Secret?
The Canadian Boat Song
The Candidate for Alderman
Captain Cuff
Captain Jinks
Captain Spike of the Musketeers
The Captain
The Carbineer
Carefully on Tip-toe Stealing
Carrie Lee
The Carrier Pigeon
Carroty Top
Carry on the Same Old Game
Carry the News to Mary
Casey's Whisky
Castles in the Air
Casy's Social Club
Cease Thy Weeping, Sadden'd Heart
The Celebrated Sneezing Song
Champagne Charlie was his Name
The Chap From Buffalo
Charge the Can Cheerily
Charley Is My Darling
Charley the "Masher"
Charlie De Rogers
The Charmer Dressed in Green
Charming Blue-Eyed Bess
Charming Lizzie Clay
Cheer, Boys, Cheer
Chook! Chook! Chook!
Christ Will Care for Mother Now
A Chushla Gal Mochree
The City Boliceman
Cl'ar De Kitchen
Cl'ar de Road, I'se Coming!
Clear the Way
Cling to Those Who Cling to You
Close His Eyes, His Work is Done
The Collar Boys
Colleen Avarra
The Colleen Bawn
Colleen Dhas Machree
The Colored Waiters", "
Columbia Rules the Sea
Come Along, Do!
Come and Meet Me in the Garden
"Come Back to Erin"
Come Back to Our Cottage so Lonely
Come Back, Massa, Come Back
Come Down to the Dell
Come From Afar
Come Home, Father
Come Home, Mother
Come in and Shut the Door
Come Into the Garden, Maud
Come Sing To Me Again
Come Sit by My Side, Little Darling
Come Sit Thee Down
Come to Me Quickly, My Darling
Come to My Spirit, Sweet Angel
Come to the Ole Gum Tree
Come up, Comrades!
Come When the Stars are Shining
Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming
Come Where the Moonbeams Linger
Come where the Orange Trees Bloom!
Come, Come Away
Come, Draw Your Chair Beside Me
Come, Gang Awa' Wi' Me
Come, Maiden, with Me
Come, Merry Birds, in Winter
Come, oh, Come with Me
Come, Willie Dear, I'm Weeping
Comedown by the Silvery Brook, Love
The Comet of the West
Comic Katee Darling
Comic Parody
Comin' Thro' the Rye
Coming Home from the Ball
Comme il Faut
Commence, You Darkies All
Comrades, Touch the Elbow
The Convivial Man
Cool "Burgundy Ben"
Cora Dean
Cora Lee
The Cork Leg
The Corporal's Musket
The Cot in the Corner
The Cot Where the Old Folks Died
Cottage by the Sea
Could'st Thou but Read This Heart of Mine
A Country Life for Me
The Courtin' Time
The Cracksman's Chant
Cradle Song
Crazy Jane
Crooked Whisky!
Crossing on the Ferry
Cruel Jane Louisa!
Cruiskeen Lawn
The Cuckoo's Notes
The Cup o' Tay
Cupid and Mammon; or, Young Alfred Adolphus
A Curious Circumstance
Cushla Agus Machree
Dad's a Millionaire
Dance, Boatman, Dance
Dancing in the Barn
Dancing in the Dreamy Waltz
Dancing on the Green!
Dandy Barber Joe
Dandy Pat
The Danish Boy's Whistle
The Danube River
Dar am Honey on Dese Lips
Darby M'guire
Dare-Devil Dick
Dark-Eyed Norina
Dark-Eyed One
Darling Jeannie
Darling Jenny Bell
Darling Nelly Moore
Darling Norah's Mine
Darling Old Stick
Darling Rosabel
The Dashing Gay Brunette
The Dashing U. S. Marines' March
Dat Gay Old Nigger Ball
Dat's der Kind of Mans I Am
The Daughter's Dream
Daughter, I Will Drink no More
Davie Tulloch's Bonnie Katy
"Davy Jones"
The Day I Played Base-Ball
De Day ob Liberty's Comin'
The Day Our Mother Died
Daylight is on the Sea
"De Bad Bob Lee"
De Boss Ob Delaware
De Flip-Flap Nigs
De Gospel Raft
De Huckleberry Pic-Nic
De Ingia-Rubber Nig
De Old Corn Mill
De Rhemish Rifle Pand
Deal With Me Kindly
Dear Father, Drink No More
Dear Heart, We're Growing Old
The Dear Irish Boy
Dear Little Colleen
The Dear Little Damsel
The Dear Little Shamrock
Dear Mother, Call Me Home
Dear Mother, I'll Come Home Again
Dear Mother, I've Come Home to Die
Dear Old Friends
Dear Old Words
The Dearest Spot of Earth
The Death of Annie Laurie
Della Snow
Den You'll Remember Me
Dermot Astore
The Diamond Ring
Dick Murphy From T. C. D.
Did You Ever Call Me Darling?
Do a Good Turn When You Can
Do Not Heed Her Warning
Do They Miss Me at Home?
Do They Pray for Me at Home?
Do they Think of Me at Home?
Do You Remember, Tom?
Do You Think of the Days that are Gone?
Dolcy Jones
Dolly Green
Don't Be Angry, Mother
Don't be so Absurd!
Don't Drink, My Boy, To-night
"Don't Forget the Old Folks"
Don't Get Weary; or, "Johnny, You've Been a Bad Boy"
Don't Give up the Old Friends for the New!
Don't Give Up The Ship!
Don't Let the Roses Listen
Don't Make a Noise or Else You'll Wake the Baby
Don't Marry Your Mother-in-law
Don't Treat a Man Disdainfully
Don't You Cry so, Norah, Darling
Don't You Dare to Kiss Me, Joe!
The Donegan Light Guard
The Door Ajar
Dot German Band
Dot Holly-Dree Oudt
Dot Leedle Sofa
Dot Liddle White-washed Shanty
"Douglas! Tender and True"
Down Among the Cane-Brakes
Down at de Barbecue
Down at the Gate
Down by the Old Mill Stream
Down By The River
Down by the River Side
Down by the Surging Sea
Down in a Coal Mine
Down on the Mississippi Shore
Down the River
Down the Shadowed Lane She Goes
The Dream is Past
The Dream of Home
A Dream of Love
Dream of the Dance
Dream, Baby, Dream
Dreaming and Drifting
Drink to Me Only
Drunk Again; or, Timothy Tottle
The Drunkard's Raggit Wean!
Dublin Bay; or, The Wreck of the Emigrant Ship!
Duet of the Two Men-at-Arms
The Dutch Barber
The Dutch Drum Major
Dutch Onion Vender
Dwelling with the Angels
The Dying Californian
E Pluribus Unum
The East Side of Town
Easy Come, Easy Go!
The Ebony Swell
Eileen Mavrone
Eilleen Allanna
Eily Darling
Ella Leene
Ellen Bayne
The Emblems of Ireland; or, the Harp and the Shamrock of Erin
The Emigrant's Farewell
Erin is My Home
Erin Ma Chree
Ettie May
The Evacuation
Evening Boat Song
Evening Bringeth My Heart!
The Evening Gun
Evening Song to the Virgin, at Sea
Evening Star
Ever Be Happy
Ever of Thee
Every Home Has Lost a Darling
Every Household has its Angel
Every Inch A Sailor
Everybody's Friend
Excuse Me While I'm Here
Faded Flowers
A Fair Form at the Gateway Waiting
Fair Moon
Fair Rosabelle
Fairy Belle
Fairy Dreams
The Fairy Queen
Faithless Nelly
Fancy Little Step
Fannie Grey
Far From Home
Far From the Hearthstone
Farewell Song of Enoch Arden
Farewell, Darling
Farewell, Kathleen!
Farewell, Lilly Dear
Farewell, My Own
Farewell, Old Cottage
Farewell, Sweet Mother
The Farmer Sat in his Easy-Chair
Farmer Stubbs's Visit to New York
The Farmer's Boy
The Farmer's Boy
The Farmer's Daughter
Fat Mickey!
Father's Come Home
Father's Come To Bless Us
The Fellar that Looks Like Me
The Female Smuggler
Few Days
Fie for Shame! or, What Would Mamma Say?
The Fields of Home
Fifth Avenue
"Fifth Avenue George"
Fill the Cup, All Jolly Fellows
The Fine Old Dutch Gentleman
The Fine Old English Gentleman
The Fine Old Irish Gentleman
The Finest Police in the World!", "
Finigan's Wake
The Finnegins
The Fireman's Death
The Fireman's Victory
The Firemen's Marching Song
The First Kiss at the Garden Gate
The Fisherman's Daughter
Five O'clock in the Morning
The Five-Cent Shave
Flirting in the Starlight
Flow Gently, Sweet Afton
The Flower of Tennessee
The Flying Trapeze
The Footprint in the Sand
For I Hold that on the Seas
For You We are Praying at Home
The Four-Leaved Shamrock
Frank The Forester
"Free and Easy"
French and English
Fresh drinks
Fritz, Wie Gehts Alleweil!
"From Madison to Union Square"
From Our Home the Loved are Going
Full of Fun
The Funny Fellow
The Funny Man
Gaffer Grey
Gal from the South
The Gallant Brigade!
The Gambler's Wife
The Gates Ajar
Gathering Flowers in Heaven!
Gay and Festive Fellow of the West
Gay and Happy
The Gay Side of Life
Gay Young Clerk in a Dry-Goods Store
Gentle Annie
Gentle Annie Ray
Gentle Bessie Gray
Gentle Jennie Gray
Gentlemen Coons' Parade
George Constantine McKeown
George Erastus Wm. Henry Brown
George, the Charmer
The German Band
Get Your Head Above the Crowd!
The Gipsy Band
Gipsy Davy
The Gipsy's Warning
The Girl I Left Behind Me
The Girl on the Wire
The Girl Who Lives Next Door
The Girls Are Not So Green
The Girls of Dear New England
Git Along Home, My Yaller Gals
Give 'em String and let 'em Went
"Give A Kiss To Me!"
Give De Ole Folks a Chance
Give Me A Cot
Give Me a Grip of Your Hand
Give Me the Girl that is Tender and True!
Give Me the Man of Honest Heart
Give Over, John
Glad to Get Home
A Glass of Cold Water for Me!
The Glendy Burk
The Glorious Reformers
Glory Hally, Hallelujah; or, The John Brown Song
Go 'Way, 'Skeeter
Go Ahead
Go Away, Black Man
Go It While You're Young
The Goat
"God Bless My Dear Old Mother"
God Bless Our Home!
God Bless You!
Going It Blind
The Gold Digger's Lament
Golden Hours
The Golden Shore
The Good Cigar
Good News From Home
The Good Rhein Wine
The Good Ship, the Kitty
A Good Time Coming
The Good-by at the Door
Good-By Till I See You Again
Good-By, Charlie
Good-By, Linda love
Good-By, Little Katie
Good-by, Lovely Lou
Good-by, Sweetheart, Good-by
Good-by, Sweetheart, Good-by
Good-night, Farewell!
Good-Night, Sweet Friend
De Gospel Car
Graduate's Song
Grafted Into the Army
Grandmother Told Me So
Grandmother's Clock
Grandmother's Frock
The Grave of Bonaparte
The Grave of Kitty Clyde
The Grave of Lilly Dale
The Grave of Washington
Graves of a Household
Grease the Griddle, Birdie, Darling
The Great Velocipede Song
The Green Shenandoah
"Guess What It Is You Can Have It"
Gum-Tree Canoe
Hallie Lee
The Handsome Man!
Hannah's at the Window
Hans Breitmann's Philosopede
Happpy-Go-Lucky Am I!
Happy Are We To-Night
Happy be Thy Dreams
"Happy Dreams of You"
Happy Hezekiah
Happy Little Violets
The Happy Muleteer
The Happy Switzer
Hard Times
Hard Times, Come Again no More
Hark! I Hear an Angel Sing
Hark! the Vesper Hymm
The Harp and Sword of Erin
Harp of the Wild Wind
The Harp that once thro' Tara's Halls
The Hat My Father Wore
The Haunted Stream
Haunting Eyes
Have I Not Been Kind to Thee?
Have You Seen my Sister?
The Hazel Dell
He Had Such Taking Ways
He is an Englishman
He Isn't A Marrying Man!
He Kissed Her and She Kissed Him
He Knows How To Do It
He Led Her To The Alter
He Vowed He Never Would Leave Me
He's A Pal O' Mine
He's Gone to the Arms of Abraham
He's Such a Lovely Waltzer!
The Heart to Love
Hearts and Homes
The Heathen Chinee
Heather Dale
Heather Jock
The Heaving of the Lead
Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still
Her Front Name is "Hannar"
Her Pretty, Smiling Face
The Hero of the Ring!
High Daddie
High Times, Good Times
Highland Mary
The Hills of New England
Hip, Hurrah! Hip, Hurrah!
His Deeds Be Forgotten
Ho! Gondolier, Awake!
Hold the Fort
The Hole in the Garden Wall
Home Again
Home and Friends
The Home I Leave Behind Me
The Home of the Heart
Home, Sweet Home
The Hoolahan Musketeers!
Hoop De Do Di Dum
Hope Told a Flattering Tale
The Horn of Chase
Horse Fly, Come Tickle Me!
An Hour at Central Park
The Hours Creep On Apace
Hours of Pleasure
The Household Clock
How is This for Low?
How Shall I Watch Thy Coming!
How Stupid Some Men Are
Huldy Ann, How is Your Mother?
Humpty Dumpty Joe
Hush-a-by Baby
I am a Freeman
I am Lonely To-night
I Am Not Angry
I Am the Merry Postillion
I Am Waiting, Essie Dear
I Breathe Once More My Native Air
I Built a Bridge of Fancies
"I Cannot Sing the Old Songs"
I Care Not How Fortune May Vary
I Come! My Child, I Come!
I Do Not Watch Alone
I Don't Care if I Do
"I Don't Have To"
I Don't Like a Cur at My Heels
I Dream of My Mother
I Dream of My Mother and My Home
I Dreamed my Boy was Home Again
I Dreamt that I Dwelt in Marble Halls
I Fancy I've Seen You Before!
I Had A Dream
I Have No Mother, Now
I Have Something Sweet to Tell You
I Hear Sweet Voices Singing
I Hold the Winning Hand
I Knew That I Was Dreaming
I Know a Pair of Hazel Eyes
I Know a Pretty Widow
I Know When I've Enough!
I Know You'll be True to me, Robin
I Love My Love
I Love My Native Land
I Love the Merry Sunshine
I Loved Him, at First Sight
I Loved That Dear Old Flag the Best
I Miss Thee So
I Muse on Thee
I Never Had A Beau
I Never Loved Before
I Never Refuse
I Prize This Little Tress
I Put My Arm Around Her Waist; or, The Pretty Ballet Girl
I Really Am so Sleepy
I Really Don't Think I Shall Marry
I Remember the Hour when Sadly we Parted
I Saw Esau Kissing Kate
I See Her Still in My Dreams
I Shouldn't Like to Tell
I Think of Old Ireland Wherever I Go
I Thought She was an Angel
I Tickled Her Under the Chin
I Wandered by the Brookside
I Want To Go Home
I Want To Go Home To Mamma!
I Watch for Thee in Starless Night
I Will Stand by My Friend
I Wish He Would Decide, Mamma
I Wish He'd Tell Me Why?
I Wish I Was in Dixie's Land
I Wish I Was in Dixie, No. 2
I Wonder Why He Comes Not
I Wouldn't If I Could
I'd Be A Gipsy
I'd Choose to Be a Baby
I'd Dream Forevermore
I'd Offer Thee This Hand of Mine
I'd Rather be a Violet
I'll Be a Rambler No More
I'll Be Home To-Morrow
I'll Be No Submissive Wife
I'll Bet You'd Like to Know
I'll Hang My Harp on a Willow-Tree
I'll Have Your Number! or 3642
I'll Love Thee as Long as I Live
I'll Meet You in the Park
I'll Meet You on Broadway
I'll Never Forget Thee, Dear Mary
I'll Never Have Her Back Again!
I'll Paddle My Own Canoe
I'll Remember You in my Prayers
I'll See Him Just Once More
I'll See You Again
"I'll Speak to You Gladly Again"
I'll Strike You With A Feather
I'll Surely Call Dada
I'll Tell Nobody
I'll Wait at the Gate for Thee
I'm a B'hoy
I'm A Forester Free!
I'm A Pedagogue
I'm A Poor Irish Girl
I'm A Twin
I'm a Young Man from the Country
I'm Called Little Buttercup
I'm Coming Home to Die
I'm Dancing Mad
I'm Going Home to Dixie
I'm in Love
I'm Just the Man You're Looking For
I'm Leaving Thee in Sorrow, Annie
I'm Leaving Thee, My Mother Dear
I'm Lonely Since My Mother Died
I'm Looking At You Now
I'm Not Myself At All
I'm Not Such an Ugly Man
I'm O'er Young to Marry Yet
I'm One of the Boys, You Know
I'm Out For A Lark
I'm Quite a Ladies' Man
I'm Sure That I Could Do It
I'm the Boy that's Bound to Blaze!
I'm the Chap that's Nobby
I'm the Governor's Only Son
I'm the Ladies' Beau Ideal
I'm the Queen of the Village
I'm Thinking of Thee, Ellie
I'm Thinking, John, of That Sweet Time
I'm Waiting at the Gate
I'm Weary, so Weary
"I'm What You Call A Military Man!"
I've a Home in the Valley
I've Been Roaming O'er the Prairies
I've Got a New Beau, Mamma
I've Lost My Bow-wow
I've Only Been Down to the Club
If on the Meads I Cast My View
If Thou Wouldst Love Me
If You've Only Got a Mustache
In A Horn
In Heaven I'll Rock Thee to Sleep
In Her "Little Bed" We Laid Her
In Shadowland
In Silvery Light!
In the Down-hill of Life; or, Tomorrow
In The Jolly Polka's Step
In the Wild Chamois' Track
In this Beautiful Land of My Dreams
In This Old Chair My Father Sat
In This Wheat By and By
Independence Day
Independent Girl
Indian Hunter
The Indian Hunter
The Indian Warrior's Grave
The Ingle Side
The Irish Emigrant's Lament
The Irish Jaunting Car
O Irish Molly
The Irish Regiment
Is That Mother Bending O'er Me?
Isabel, Lost Isabel
Isle of Beauty
Isn't He A Darling?
Isn't it Provoking?
It Is Recorded
It is the Miller's Daughter
It Was A Dream
It's Funny When You Feel that Way
It's Just My Style
It's Just What I Might Have Expected
It's Nice to Be a Father!
It's No Use Teasing Polly
It's Not the Miles We Travel But the Pace that Kills
It's Very Aggravating!
The Italian Guinea-Pig Boy
The Ivy Green
Jack Ratlin
Jack's Yarn
James and Alfred
Jamie's on the Stormy Sea
Jane Melissa
Jane Monroe
Janet's Bridal
Janet's Choice
Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair
Jeannette and Jeannot
Jennie is Waiting for Me
Jennie June
Jennie June
Jennie Lorn
Jennie With Her Bonnie Blue E'e
Jenny Brown and I
Jenny Dang the Weaver
Jenny Lane
Jenny of the Mill
Jenny With the Sweet Brown Eyes
Jenny's Coming O'er the Green
Jeremiah, Blow the Fire
Jersey Sam
Jessie Lee
Jessie, the Flower o' Dumblane
Jim, the Carter Lad
Jimmy's Wooing
Jockey Hat and Feather
Joe Coburn
"John Barleycorn is a Hero Bold"
John Chinaman
John Jones, A Parody of Ben Bolt
Johnny Bell's Wooing
Johnny is Gone for a Soldier
Johnny Morgan
Johnny Sands
Johnny was a Shoemaker
Johnny's So Bashful
Jolly Jack the Rover
Jonathan Wants a Wife
Jordan is a Hard Road to Travel
Josephine to Napoleon
Joys That We've Tasted
Judge not a Man by his Clothing
Juliana Jones
Juliana Phebiana Constantina Brown
Julianna Johnson
Just as of Old
Just Look at That, Just Look at This
Just to Please the Boys
Kate Kearney
Kate O'Shane
Kate Was Once a Little Girl
Kathleen Aroon
Kathleen Mavourneen
Katie Bell
Katie Lee and Willie Gray
Katie's Secret
Katy Darling
Katy Did, Katy Didn't
Keep a Little Corner in your Heart for Me
Keep on Kissing Me
"Keep Studying"
Keep This Bible Near Your Heart
Kicking a Man When He's Down
The Killarney Fusileers
Kind and True
Kind Friends Are Near Her
Kind Relations
Kind Words Can Never Die
Kindly Words and Smiling Faces
King Cash
The King of the Trumps
The King's Highway
Kinlock of Kinlock
Kiss and Make it Up
A Kiss for Your Thought
The Kiss in the Street
Kiss Me Again
Kiss Me and I'll go to Sleep
Kiss Me as of Old, Mother
Kiss Me Good-Night, Mother
Kiss Me Once More, Mother
Kiss Me Quick and Go
Kiss Me While I'm Dreaming
Kiss Me! Would You?
Kiss Me, but Don't Say Good-by
Kiss Me, Darling, Ere We Sever
The Kiss
Kissing in the Moonlight
Kissing on the Sly
Kissing Thro' the Fence
Kissing Through the Bars
Kitty Clyde
Kitty Dear
Kitty Kimo
Kitty McGee
Kitty Tyrrell
Kitty Wells
Kolored Kranks
La-de-da-de Micks
The Lad From Lancashire
A Lady's "No" Means "Yes"
The Lake-Side Shore
The Land of Dreams
Land of my Birth
The Land of St. Patrick Forever
The Landlord's Pet
Landlord, Fill Your Flowing Bowl
The Landsman's Song
Lanigan's Ball
Larry's Good-By
Lashed to the Mast
The Lass that Loves a Sailor
The Last Rose of Summer
Lather and Shave
Lay Me to Rest, Dear Mother
Leaning on a Balcony
Leetle Baby Mine
Lend a Helping Hand
The Lesson of the Water Mill
Let Me Dream Again
Let Me Kiss Him for His Mother
Let the Girls Alone
Let us Haste to the Vale
Letting the Old Cat Die!
The Liberty Bird
A Life by de Galley Fire
Life is Like a Game of See-Saw
Life on the Canawl
A Life on the Ocean Wave
The Light in the Window
The Light of Other Days
The Lights Far Out at Sea
Like a Turk!
Lillie Bell
Lilly Dale
The Lily of the West
Lily Ray
Limberger Scheese
Limburger Sheese
Limerick Races
Linda's Gone to Baltimore
Linger Near Me, Little Treasure
List! to the Convent Bells
List'ning on the Hill
Listen, Dear Funny
Little Alice
"Little Barefoot"
The Little Blacksmith
The Little Blue-eyed Boy
The Little Boot-black
Little Boy Blue
The Little Brown Cot on the Hill
The Little Brown Jug
Little Cherry Blossom
Little Daisy
Little Diamond Dewdrop
Little Dick Whittington
The Little Drooping Flower
Little Ella
Little Em'Ly
Little Feet so White and Fair
Little Green Vail
Little Jack; or, the Old Sailor's Story
Little Jenny Dow
Little Katy, or Hot Corn
Little Lizzie Lee
The Little Low Room Where I Courted My Wife
Little Maggie May
Little Major
Little Mary Ann
Little Mollie Brown
Little More Cider
"Little Mountain Daisy"
The Little Mountain Lad
Little Nannie!
Little Nell
The Little Old Woman
The Little Ones Asleep
The Little Ones Asleep
The Little Ones at Home
Little Rosebud
Little Sweetheart, Come and Kiss Me
Little Waxed Mustache
"Live in My Heart and Pay No Rent"
Lizzie Dies To-Night
"A Lock of My Mother's Hair"
The Log Hut
Logan Braes
The Lone Fish-Ball
The Lone Starry Hours
Long, Long Ago
The Long, Long, Weary Day
"Look Always on the Sunny Side"
Look Before Leaping
Look Out For Stormy Wedder!
Looking Back
Lora Vale
Lord Bateman and the Fair Sophia
Lord Lovel
The Lost One
Lost Rosabel
Lost Star of My Home
Lottie in the Lane
The Lou'siana Home
Louis Renouf
Love Among The Roses
Love and Friendship Still Are Thine
Love is Like a Bird, Rebellious
Love Me Little, Love Me Long
Love's Chidings
Love's Perfect Cure
Loved Ones At Home
Lovely Wilhelmina
The Lover's Serenade
Lulu Lee
Mabel Clare
A Madien's Prayer
Maggie by my Side
Maggie's Secret
Maggie, Darling, I am Coming
Maggie, the Pride of the Vale
Magic Circles
The Maid of Judah
Maid of Llanwellyn
A Maiden Fair to See
The Maiden in the Greenwood
The Maids of Dear Columbia
Major Majolica
Make Me no Gaudy Chaplet
Making Love on a Starry Night
The Man in the Moon is Looking, Love
Man the Life-Boat
The Man with the Wooden Leg
A Man's a Man for a' That
Many a Time and Oft
Many Can Always Help One, Where One Cannot Always Help Many!
Many Happy Returns of the Day
The March of the Cameron Men
Maria Jane
Maria Jones
Marriage Bells
Married Soon We'll Be
The Marseilles Hymn
Mary Aileen
Mary Ann McLaughlin
Mary Blane
Mary Fay
Mary May
Mary of Argyle
Mary's Welcome Home
Massa Sound is Sleeping
Matrimonial Sweets
Maud Adair and I
Maudie Moore
May the Best Man Win!
Measure Your Wants by Your Means
Meet Me at the Lane
Meet Me by Moonlight
The Meeting of the Waters
Merit Commands Success
Mermaid's Song
The Merriest Girl That's Out
The Merrry Widow
A Merry Gipsy Girl Again
The Merry Laughing Man
Merry Little Birds are We
The Merry Maiden and the Tar
Merry Marriage Bells
The Merry Sleigh Ride
A Merry, Merry Vintage Maid
A Merry-go-Round; or, Gay as a Lark
The Messenger Bird
The Midnight Bugle
Mill May
The Miller of the Dee
Miller's Song
Mind You That
Mine Own
Minnie Clyde
Minnie Dear
Minnie Moore
Minnie Rooke
The Minstrel's Tear
The Minute Gun at Sea
The Miseries of Sneezing
Miss Gruber's Boarding House
Miss Malony's Ball
Mister Hill, Pray, Be Still
Mistress Jinks, of Madison Square
The Mocking Bird
The Modern Belle
Mollie Brady
"Mollie Darling"
Molly Bawn
Molly Dear, Good-Night
Molly Doolan
The Monks of Old
The Moonbeam is Kissing the Wave, Love!", "
Moonlight and Starlight
Moonlight, Starlight, Daylight
The Mormon's Lament
Morn on the Meadow
Moses Solomon
The Moss Trooper
Mother I Have Heard Sweet Music
Mother Kissed Me in My Dream
Mother Would Comfort Me
Mother's Gentle Voice
The Mother's Prayer
Mother, Dear, I'm Thinking of You
Mother, Dearest, I Am Coming
A Motto for Every Man
The Mountaineer's Farewell
Move My Arm-Chair, Dearest Mother
Mr. Finagan
Mr. Lordly and I
Mulcahy's Home Again
Muldoon, the Solid Man
Mullaly, Go Muzzle Your Dog
The Mulligan Guard
Murmuring Sea
Murther Complate
The Music of the Mill
The Music Store Window
Must the Sweet Tie that Bound Us be Broken?
Must We then Meet as Strangers?
My Ain Fireside
My Beau that Went to Canada
My Beautiful Lizzie
My Blue-Eyed Jennie Bell
My Blue-Eyed Nellie
My Bonnie Boat
My Boyhood's Home
My Canoe is on the Ohio
My Country so Dear
My Country's Flag of Stars
My Dark-Eyed Southern Queen
My Darling Sarah Ann!
My Dear Little Mollie Malone
My Dear Old Mother
My Dearest Heart!
My Eye and Betty Martin
My Fan
My Father Sould Charcoal
My Gal, Hanna
My Gallant Crew
My Girl with the Calico Dress
My Grandmother's Advice
My Grandmother's Chair
My Heart and Lute
My Heart is Full of Love for Thee
My Heart is True
My Heart's in Old Ireland
My Heart's in the Highlands
My Home in Kentuck
My Irish Home; or, Dear Isle of the Shamrock
My Latest Captivation
My Little Angel!
My Little Valley Home
My Little Wife Ashore
My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose
My Love is on the Battle-Field
My Love is Still the Same
My Love, He is a Sailleur Boy
My Mother Dear
My Mother Did So Before Me
My Mother's Bible
My Mother's Cot
My Mountain Home
My Old House, My Dear Happy Home
My Old Kentucky Home, Good-night
My Own Mountain Home
My Own Native Land
My Own, My Guiding Star
My Polly Ann
My Poor Dog Tray
My Pretty Jessie Hart
My Pretty Little Blonde
My Pretty Quadroon
My Pretty Red Rose
My Pretty Yorkshire Lass
My Rattling Mare and I!
My Son Charley
My Style is Something New
My Susianna
My Sweet Girl
My Sweet Polywog
My Sweetheart When a Boy
My Thoughts are of Thee Only
My Trundle Bed
My Vife is so Awfully Thin
My Vife Vas so Awfully Shealous
My Wife is a Most Knowing Woman
Mynheer Vandunck
"N" for Nannie and "B" for Ben
Nancy Bell, or Old Pine Tree
Nancy Fat
Nancy Lee
Nancy Till
Nancy's Waterfall
The National Debt
A National Song
A National Song
Near the Banks of That Lone River
Near the Little Cottage Door
The Negro Boatman's Song
Nellie Lee
Nelly Bly
Nelly Carey
Nelly Gray
Nelly was a Lady
Nettie Is No More
Never Desert a Friend
Never Doubt Me, Little Darling!
Never Go Back on Your Friend
Never Look Sad
Never Push a Man Because he's Going Down the Hill
Never Venture, Never Win!
New England
The Newfoundland Dog
Niagara Falls
Nicodemus Johnson
The Night Wind Sighs Alone
The Nightingale's Song
No Iris Need Apply
No Letter Yet For Me
No One To Love
No Smoking Allowed
No, Thank You, Sir
Nobody Cares for the Poor
Nobody Loves Me
Nobody's Darling
Nobody's Darling but Mine
Nora Darling
Norah M'Shane
"Norah, the Pearl of Tralee"
Norah, the Pride of Kildare
Not a Star From Our Flag
Not Before Pa, Dear
Nothing Else To Do
Nothing More
Now 'Tis Bed Time
Now Den! Now Den!
Now Give Three Cheers
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
Now Moses
O'Brien, Keep Off the Grass!
"O'Rooney, You're the Stuff!"
The O's and the Mc's
Obey! Obey! Obey!
The Ocean Burial
Och! Paddy, is it Yerself?
Of a' the Airts the Wind Can Blaw
Of What is My Darling Dreaming?
Oft in the Stilly Night
Oh Bliss! Oh Rapture!
Oh Joy, Oh Rapture
"Oh Would I Were a Bird"
Oh Ye Tears
Oh! Erin, My Country
Oh! How Delightful
Oh! I Shall Call Dada
Oh! I'm Going Home
Oh! I'se So Wicked!
Oh! If I Had Some One to Love Me
Oh! Joe
Oh! Kiss Me Again
Oh! Marigold
"Oh! Peter"
Oh! Sam
Oh! Saturday Afternoon
Oh! Scorn Not Thy Brother
Oh! Susannah
Oh! Take Me to Thy Heart Again!
Oh! Take Not Our Little Girl Away
Oh! the Sea, the Sea
Oh! You Pretty Blue-Eyed Witch
Oh, Baby Mine
Oh, Barney Avourneen, I Will Let You In
Oh, Boys, Carry Me 'Long
Oh, Call Me Not Unkind, Robin
Oh, Don't You Remember the Time?
Oh, George!
Oh, George! Beautiful George!
"Oh, George, You Tickle Me So"
Oh, Give Me Back But Yesterday
Oh, God, Preserve the Mariner
Oh, I Shall Wear a Uniform
Oh, I Should Like to Marry
Oh, I'm a Jolly Bachelor
Oh, I'm so Fond of Dancing
Oh, Kiss, but Never Tell
Oh, Let Him Rest
Oh, Merry Hours!
Oh, See Dat Angel Band
Oh, Sing to Me Those Dear Old Songs
Oh, Take Me Back to Tennessee
Oh, Take Me to Thy Heart Again
Oh, Whistle and I'll Come to You
Oh, Why Am I So Happy?
Oh, Why Did You Die?
Oh, Would I Were a Fly
Oh, Wouldn't You Like to Know?
The Old Arm Chair
The Old Bachelor's Song
Old Black Joe
The Old Brown Cot
The Old Cabin Home
Old Dog Tray
Old Dog Tray, No. 2
Old Don't Care
The Old English Squire
The Old Family Clock
The Old Farm House
The Old Folks are Gone
The Old Folks we Loved Long Ago
The Old Grenadier
The Old Home by the Hillside
The Old House by the Bay
The Old House by the Hill
Old Ironsides
Old Jessy
Old K. Y. KY.
The Old Kirk-Yard
The Old Man ain't Himself no More
An Old Man Would Be Wooing
The Old Man's Got To Go
The Old Man's Reverie
Old Noah, He did Build an Ark
The Old Oaken Bucket Which Hung in the Well
The Old Play-Ground
Old Rosin the Beau
The Old Sailor's Dream
The Old School-House
The Old Sexton
Old Sideling Hill
Old Simon, the Hot Corn Man
The Old Stage Coach
Old Uncle Edward
The Old Whiskey Jug
The Old Wooden Rocker
Ole Gray Goose
Ole Massa on He Trabbels Gone
"On a Balcony"
On Coney Island Beach
On the Banks of the Beautiful River
On the Beach at Long Branch
On the Field of Battle, Mother
On the Shores of Tennessee
Once Again
Once it was Only Soft Blue Eyes
Once More Upon the Sea
"Once Upon a Time"
One by One
One by One They Crossed the River
One Christmas-Tide
One Hundred Years!
One More Dance
One More Glass before We're Parting
One Single Kiss
One Sweet Little Wish, Darling
Only a Baby Small
Only One Sweet Word
Only Speak Kindly to Me
Only To Love
Only Waiting
Opening Chorus
Or Any Other Gal!
The Organ-Grinder
The Original Yankee Doodle
The Other Side of Jordan
Our Back Stoop; or, My Sweet Maria
Our Boyhood Days
"Our Boys"
Our Captain's Last Words
Our Country and Flag
Our Country Girls
Our Dear New England Boys
Our Fatherland
Our Girls
Our Grandfathers' Days
"Our Laddie's Dead, Jem"
Our Little Darling's Dead
Our Mary Ann
Our Toast!
Our Union, Right or Wrong
Out in the Cold
The Outcast
Over on the Other Shore
Over the Bright Blue Sea
Over the Left
Over the Mountain
Over the River
Over the Sea
Over the Snow
Over the Summer Sea
Over the Wall
Paddle Your Own Canoe
Paddy Blake's Echo
Paddy Boghree
Paddy Malone
Paddy on the Canal
Paddy's the Boy
Papa, Come Help Me Across the Dark River
Par Excellence
Parade of the Guards
Parody on "To The West!"
A Parody on "Uncle Sam's Farm"
"Parted from Our Dear Ones"
The Parting of the Sailor's Wife
Parting Whispers
Passing Away Into Sunlight
Pat Roach at the Play
The Patter of the Rain
Paul Vane
People Will Talk
Personals in the Herald
The Pet of the Girls am I
Phantom Footsteps
The Picture on the Wall
The Pilot
Pining for the Old Fireside
Playing in the Hay
Please, Father, Don't Drink Any More
Polly Perkins of Washington Square
Pompey Jones
Poor and Gay; or, It Might Have Been Worse
Poor Child of the Drunkard
Poor Jack
Poor Juney
Poor Kitty Popcorn
Poor Little Flo
The Poor Old Bum
Poor Old Maids
Poor Old Slave
Poor Old Uncle Ben
Pop Goes the Weasel
The Pope He Leads a Happy Life
The Post-Boy's Song
The Postman's Knock
Pray, Have You a Letter For Me?
Pretty as a Picture
Pretty Birdling
Pretty Blue-Eyed Belle
Pretty Jane
Pretty Jemima, Don't Say No
Pretty Little Mary; or, Chuck, Chuck, Chuck
Pretty Little Primrose
Pretty Wilhelmina
The Pride of Killarny
The Promenade Elastique
Pull Down The Blind
Pull Down Your Vest!
"Pull Slow And Steady, Boys"
"Pulling Hard Against the Stream"
Put By For a Rainy Day
Put It Down To Me
Put Me In My Little Bed
Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke it
"Put the Break on When Going Down the Hill"
Putting on Airs
Quarter To One
Queen Mary's Escape
The Quilting Party
Quit Dat Ticklin' Me
Racketty Jack
The Rail Road Engineer's Song
The Rain on the Roof
Rambling Thro' the Town
The Rat-catcher's Daughter
The Rataplan
Rather Too "Heavy" For Me!
Rather Too Old for Me!
Red, White, and Blue
The Reefer's Song
Refrain, Audacious Tar
The Regular Cure
Remember You Have Children of Your Own
Remembered Still
Rest Thou, Mine Own!
Revelry of the Dying
Revolutionary Times
Rhine Vine Sharley
The Rhinoceros
The Ribbon of Blue
A Ride I Once Was Taking
Ridin' in a Railroad Keer
Ring De Banjo
"Ring Down the Curtain"
Ring the Bell, Watchman
"Rival Frogs"
Robinson Crusoe
The Rock Beside The Sea
Rock Me to Sleep, Mother
The Rock of Liberty
Rockaby, Lullaby
Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep
The Rocky Road to Dublin
Roger O'Malley
Roll On, Silver Moon
Roll Out! Heave Dat Cotton
The Rollicking Irishman
The Rollicking Old Man
The Rollicking Rams
Room For One More
Rory O'Moore
Rosa Lee
The Rose of Allandale
Rose of Killarney
Roses Lie Along the Way
Rouse! Brothers, Rouse!
Row, Row
Row, Row your Boat
Row, Row, Brothers, Row
Rowing in the Starlight
Roy Neill
The Royal Blue", "
Rustic Mary
Sadly Thinking of Old Friends
A Sailor's Life for Me
The Sailor-Boy's Last Dream
Sally Ann's Away
Sally, Come Up
Sally, My Darling
Sam Slick, the Yankee Peddler
Sammy Slap, the Bill-Sticker
The Sands of Dee
Santa Claus
Say Good-by Yet Not Farewell
Say One Little Prayer in Your Heart
"Say Yes, Pussy"
Say, Bird of Summer
The Scamp", "
Scenes That Are Brightest
Schaky Gratzenstein
The School of Jolly Dogs
The Scientific Frog
The Sea King's Burial
Sea Waves
The Sea, the Sea, the Open Sea
See If I'd Get Mad
See That My Grave's Kept Green
See that My Nose is Kept Red
See, the Conquering Hero Comes
Senatah G-Wage
Sergeant Cop, the Pet of the N. Y. Force
Shakey Dinkelspiel
Shall We Ever Meet Again?
Shall We Meet Soon Again?
Shamus O'Brien
She Can Win and Fool You All
She Frow'd a Kiss at Me
She is Fooling Thee
She Laughed Behind Her Fan!
She Reigns Alone
She Sleeps Among the Daisies
She Sleeps Beneath the Elms
She Suits Me, Down to the Ground
She Tossed Her Curls at Me
She Was All the World to Me
She Was Clerk in a Candy Store
She Wept Her Life Away
She's A Gal O' Mine
She's a Wink and a Smile that Charms Me!
She's Black, But That's No Matter
She's Bright as the Morning Star
She's Dreaming of the Angels
She's Handsome as a Rose
She's the Sweetest of Them All
Shells of the Ocean
Sheridan's Ride
Ship A-Hoy!
Ship Ahoy!
Ship on Fire
The Ship That Never Returned
The Shoes My Daddy Wore!
Shy Young Girl; or, Du-da, Da
Shylie Bawn
Sighing for Thee
Silence and Tears
Silent Evening
Silver Moonlight Sea
Silver Stars are Softly Gleaming
Silver Threads Among the Gold
Silvery Midnight Moon
Since Grandfather Died
Since James Put on High Collars
Since Terry First Joined The Gang
Sing Me An English Song
Sing Me to Sleep, Father
Sing Softly, Love
Sing to Me Softly, Dear Sister
Sing, Birdie, Sing
Single Blessedness a Fib
Six O'Clock P. M.
Skating on One in the Gutter
The Slashing Blade
Sleep, My Dear One
Sleeping, I Dreamed, Love
Sleighing With My Girl
Sleighing, on a Starry Night
The Sleighing-Glee
Slumber, My Darling
A Smile Was All She Gave Me
The Snow Storm
The Snow-White Blossoms
Soda Water
Softly Now, Tenderly
The Soldier's Tear
Some Deem it but a Little Thing
Some Folks
Some Girls Do and Some Girls Don't
Some Love to Roam
Some One is Waiting for Me!
Some One to Love
Somebody is Waiting for Somebody
Somebody's Courting Somebody
Somebody's Darling
Somebody's Waiting for Somebody
Song of a Bachelor
Song of a Thousand Years
Song of Blanche Alpen
Song of Conundrums
Song of the Butterfly
Song of the Farmer
The Song of the Guard
Song of the Haymakers
Song of the Old Bell
Song of the Sexton
Song of the Soldiers
Sons of Irish Dukes
Sooner or Later
The Sorrowful Paddy
Sorry Her Lot Who Loves Too Well
Sour Grapes
The Spade, Boys, the Spade
Sparking in the Winter
Sparking Sarah Jane
Sparking Sunday Night
Sparkling Moselle
"Sparkling Piper Heidsieck"
The Sparkling Solitaire
Speak to Me, Speak
Specie Payment
The Spider and the Fly
Spirit Voice of Belle Brandon
Spooning on the Sands
Spring! Gentle Spring!
St. Patrick's Day
Stand By The Flag
Stand by the Poor
Stand to Your Guns
The Star of My Home
Star of the Twilight
The Star That Leads to Thee
Star-Spangled Banner
The Stars and Stripes
The Steam Arm
Stick to Your Trade and be True
Still I Love Thee
Still so Gently o'er Me Stealing
The Stirrup Cup
Stop Dat Knockin'
The Storm!
Strangers Yet
Strictly Confidential
"Strike The Iron While It's Hot"
Stuffed Goose
The Style in Which it's Done
The Stylish Servant-Girl
Sunbeams on the Sea
The Sunny Hours of Childhood
Sunshine and Cloud
Susan Jane
Sweet Aleen
Sweet Boy and Girl
A Sweet Brier Rose is My Mollie
Sweet By and By
Sweet Daisy Darling!
Sweet Dolly Boone!
Sweet Dreams of Home
Sweet Evelina
The Sweet Face I See in My Dreams
Sweet Forget-Me-Not
Sweet Little Nell
Sweet Long Ago
The Sweet Long Ago
"Sweet Love, When You are Near"
Sweet Matilda Brown
A Sweet Song-Bird was Singing
Sweet the Song of Birds
Sweet Visions of Childhood
The Sweet, Sunny Smile of My Darling
The Sweetest Little Maiden I Have Seen
The Swell of the Day
Swinging in the Lane
Switzer's Song of Home
The Sword of Bunker Hill
The Swords Were Thirty-Seven
Tack and Tack
Taffy was a Welshman
The Tail iv Me Coat
Take Back the Heart
Take it, Bob
Take Me Home to Die
Take Them Away, They'll Drive Me Crazy!
Take this Letter to My Mother
Take This Message
Take Your Coat up to Your Uncle
Tally Ho
Tapping at the Garden Gate
Tapping at the Window
The Tar's Farewell
Tassels on the Boots
Tassels on the Cane
The Teetotal Society
Tell Me, Mother, Can I Go?
Tell Mother I Die Happy
The Tempest
Ten Little Injuns
Ten Minutes Too Late
Ten O'Clock; or, Remember, Love, Remember
Terry O'Reilly
Terry O'Roon, the Piper
Thady O'Flinn
"That Gal 'O Mine"
That Girl Across the Way
That Little Church Around the Corner
That Little Shoe
That Soft, Sweet Waltz
That's the Proper Caper
That's the Style for me, Boys
"That's What Our Papers Say"
"That's Where the Laugh Comes In"
That's Where You Make the Mistake
Then You'll Remember Me
There is Somebody Waiting for Me
There are Friends That we Never Forget
There are Kisses Waiting for Me
There are Plenty of Fish in the Sea
There is no Harm in Kissing
"There's a Rainbow in the Clouds"
There's a Sigh in the Heart
There's a Silver Lining to Every Cloud
There's a Sweet Face at the Window
There's Magic in Your Kiss
There's Nae Luck About the House
There's No Such Girl as Mine
There's No Time Like the Old Time
There's Nothing Like a Fresh'ning Breeze
"There's Nothing Succeeds Like Success"
There's Only Room for Two
They All Come Home but Mine
They All Do It!
They Borrow, but Never Return!
They Don't Wish Me at Home
They Have Broken Up Their Camps
They Pray For Us at Home
They Say I'm a Very Tough Man!
They Tell Me Thou Art Sleeping
"The Thin Man"
Things Are Seldom What They Seem
Things That Never Die
Think of me, Love, in Your Dreams
Those Dark Eyes
Those Evening Bells
Those Laughing Eyes
Thou Art Gone from My Gaze
Thou Hast Wounded the Spirit
Thou'lt Come Nevermore to the Stream
A Thousand A Year
Three Bells
The Three Black Crows
The Three Fishers
"Three to One—Bar Two"
Thy Mother will Rock Thee to Sleep
Thy Voice is Near!
Till the Roses Wake Again
Time Alone Will Prove
Times Hab Badly Change' Ole Massa
The Tin-Pot Band
To the Love of My Youth I'll be True
To The West
To-Night We Say Farewell!
Tobias and Biancos
Told in the Twilight
Toll the Bell Mournfully
Tom Bowling
Tom Brown
Tom Tackle
Tom Thumb's Wedding
Tommy Dodd
Tommy Make Room For Your Uncle
Tony Pastor's Combination Song
"Too late to Go to Church; or, Coming Thro' the Barley"
Toss the Turk
Touch Not the Fair Cup
Tra-la-la, George!
Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!
Tread Softly, the Angels are Calling
Trip Lightly
The Troubadour's Rum, Tum, Tum
The Troubadour
True Blue is the Color for Me
True Blue, and Seventy-two
True to the Core!
Trust to Luck
Twenty Years Ago
A Twilight Fancy; or, Dresden China
Twilight Steals Softly
Twinkling Stars
"Twixt Two Stools a Man Goes to the Ground"
Two Bad Men
The Two Orphans
Two Orphans; or, The Brooklyn Fire
The Two Sisters
Two South Car'lina Nigs
Two's Company—Three is None
Umbrella Courtship
Uncle Ben, the Yankee
Uncle Gabriel
Uncle Ned
Uncle Pomp's Return
Uncle Sam is Brave and Free
Uncle Sam's Farm
Uncle Tim, the Toper
Uncle Tom's Lament
Under the Snow
Under the Starlight
Under the Willow She's Sleeping
The Unfortunate Tailor
Unfurl the Glorious Banner
Unhappy Jeremiah
De United States Hotel
The Unknown Heroes
"Unsophisticated Love"
The Untameable Shrew
"Up a Tree!"
Up and Be Doing
Up in a Balloon
Up In Das Palloon
Up With the Lark in the Morning
The Upper Ten
Upside Down!
The Vacant Chair
The Vagabond
The Valley of Chamouni
Vegetable Joe
The Velocipede Beau
The Velocipede Belle
A Very Bad Cold
Victory at Last
Vilikins and His Dinah!
The Village Maiden
Violets Under the Snow
Virginia Belle
The Virginia Rosebud
Viva L'America
Vive La Bacchanal
Wait for the Turn of the Tide
Wait for the Wagon
Wait Till the Moonlight Falls on the Water
Wait, My Little One, Wait!
Waiting at the Old Linden Tree
Waiting for a Broadway Stage
Waiting for Papa
Waiting for the May
Wake Nicodemus
Wake Not My Darlings
Walk, Walk, Walk
Walking Down Broadway
Walking in the Park
Walking Through the Common
The Wandering Boy from Home
A Warning to Parients
A Warrior Bold
Was My Brother in the Battle?
Washington, Star of the West
The Watcher
Watching at the Window
The Waterford Boys
"Way Down in Cairo"
The Way My Daddy Went!
The Way to be Happy
We All Are Growing Old
We All get Jolly as the Night Wears On!
We are All so Fond of Kissing
We are Coming, Sister Mary
We Are Growing Old Together
We are Out on the Ocean Sailing
We Can't Agree!
We Can't Do Without the Merry Chink, Chink, Chink!
We Met By Chance
We Might as Well be Jolly
We Miss Thee at Home
We Sail the Ocean Blue
We Shall Be Known Above
We Stand Here United
We Were Boys and Girls Together
We Will Hold Our Own
We Will Not Retreat Any More
We'd Better be Happy than Rich!
We'd Better Bide a Wee
We'll Have a Little Dance To-Night
We'll Have a Little Dance, To-Night, Boys
We'll Have to Get the Style
We'll Meet in Heaven, Father
We's Gwine to Heah From Home
Wearing of the Green
Wearing the Blue
Weep no More for Lily
Weep, Pompey, Weep
Well Mated
Werry Pekooliar
The Western Trapper's Camp Song
Westward Ho!
A Wet Sheet and a Flowing Sea
What are the Wild Waves Saying?
What Care I How Fair She Be?
What Care I?
What Does Little Birdie Say?
What Fairylike Music
What is Home Without a Mother
What is Home Without a Sister?
What is Home Without a Wife?
What is this Emotion?
What Jack Will Say!
What Makes 'em Wiggle so?
What Other Name than Thine, Mother
What Our Swells Are Coming To
What the Old Cock Sparrow Said
What the Papers Say
What Were All The World Without Thee?
What Will Mrs. Grundy Say?
When Brown Comes Rolling Home!
When Charley's in the Box
When I Saw Sweet Nellie Home
When I Took Our Nance to Church!
When I Was a Lad
When Johnny comes Marching Home
When Lovers Say "Good-Night"
When Mother Was Here!
When My Dreams Come True
When My Ship Comes In
When Our Ships Wander Home
When Silver Locks Replace the Gold
When the Band Begins to Play
When the Birds Have Gone to Sleep
When the Blossoms are White in the Orchard
When the Corn is Waving, Annie
When the Good Times Come Again
When the Little Birds are Singing in the Garden!
When the Milk Goes Around
When the Moon with Glory Brightens
When the Pigs Begin to Fly
When the Roses Bloom
When the Swallows Homeward Fly
When the Wine-Cup is Smiling
When These Old Clothes Were New?
When We Meet at Heaven's Gate
When Will He Come Back to Me?
When Will My Darling Boy Return?
When You Sung Yourself Into My Heart
When You Wash a Nigger White
Whene'er I Think of Thee
Where are the Old Friends?
Where is Kathleen?
Where the Ivy Grows so Green
Where the Water-Lilies Grow
Where There's a Will There's a way
Where Was Moses When the Light Went Out?
While the Gas is Burning
Whisky, You're the Divil
Whisper in the Twilight
Whisper Now to Me of Home
Whisperings of Love
The White Cockade
Who Will Care for Mother Now?
Who'll Have Me?
Whoa Emma!
Whoa, Charlie!
Whoever Can He Be?
Why Can't I Have A Beau?
Why Chime the Bells so Merrily?
Why do I Weep for Thee?
Why Don't You Come and See Me?
Why Was I Looking Out?
The Wickedest Man in New York
Widow Machree
Widow Malone
The Widow's Son
The Wild Rose
Will a Monkey Climb a Tree?
Will He Never Come?
Will Mother Know Me in the Sky?
Will the Dear Old Times Come Back Again?
Will You Come to Meet Me, Darling?
Will You List to Me, Nellie?
Will You Love Me Just a Little?
Will You Love Me Then as Now?
Will You Love Me Then, Darling?
Will You Meet Me, Little Loved Ones?
Willie'll Roam no More
Willie's on the Dark Blue Sea
Willie, my Brave
Willie, We Have Missed You
Willow Cot
Wind Thy Horn, My Hunter Boy
Winking at Me
Winter---Sleigh-Bell Song
Within a Mile of Edinboro'
The Woman That Lives Next Door
Woman's Resolution
Won't You Tell Me Why, Robin?
Woodman, Spare that Tree
Words to Remember
Would I Were a Boy Again
Would I Were a Girl Again
Would I Were With Thee
Would You if You Were Me?
Wouldn't You Like to Know?
Write to Me Often, Darling
Write to Me Over the Water, Love
Y'Heave Ho!
The Yaller Gal that Winked at Me
Yankee Doodle
Yankee Wonders
A Year Ago
The Yellow Coin
The Yellow Rose of Texas
"Yes, or No"
Yo! Heave Ho!
You Are an Awful Tease!
You Couldn't Do Without Us
You Get More Like Your Dad Every Day
You Know How it is Yourself
You Make Me Laugh
You May Look, but You Mustn't Touch
You Naughty, Naughty Girls
You Never Miss the Water Till the Well Runs Dry
You Say I Know Not Why I'm Sad
You'll Forgive Me Then
"You'll Sometimes Think of Me"
You've Been a Friend to Me
Young Fellah' You're too Fresh
Young Ladies, Listen to Me!
Young Plantation Joe
The Young Recruit
The Young Widow
Your Fortune is too Small for Me
Your Mission
Your Pocket-book is Your Best Friend
Zekel and Hulda
The Zingarina
Zula Zong

Beadle's One Cent Song Books

'Way Down in Maine
The Bowld Sojer Boy
Champagne Charlie: No. 2
Cousin Jedediah
Dear Father, Come Down with the Stamps
I Really Shall Expire
Jersey Blue
John Bull and his "Bitter Beer."
Katy Avourneen
Little Fanchon
The Merry Old Maid
My Emma Louise
Nigger, Put Down Dat Jug
Not for Joseph
Old John Jones
Pretty Little Sarah
Solon Shingle
Teddy O'Neale
Tenting on the Old Camp Ground
When This Cruel War is Over
Yohn Schmidt

Belles and Beaux

Ah, Farewell All Ye Sweet Dreams
Belles and Beaux Fantasua
Boundless Rapture
Grand March Alexandrowa
Love May Change, But Dieth Not
An Old Man's Dream
The Pledge-Ring
Those Days of Dear Old Times

The Boys of New York

The 'Frisco Swells
'Tis Only a Violet
The 8th Ward Guard
The Absent Son
Across the Bridge
Across the Sands
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Ah! How D'ye Do?
Alderman Mosey
Always Do Your Duty, Boy
Always Mind Your Sister, Jennie
Always Put a Fresh Man on Ice
Am I Right, or Am I Wrong?
Amble on to Glory By and By
And You All Get Paid Upon a Friday
Annabelle Lee
Annie Dear, I'm Called Away
An Answer
The Ashantee Recruits
At the Rising of the Moon
Aunt Becky
Autumn Leaves
Awfully Clever
The Baby's Got a Fit
Baby's Prayer
Baby, She Has Left Us
Ballyhooly; or, The Blue Ribbon Army
Baxter Avenue
Be Sure to Have a Horseshoe on Your Door
Be True to Yourself
The Bell-Ringer of the Rhine
Black Sheep
The Blue and the Gray
Blue Bells
Blue-Eyed Bessie Lee
Blue-Eyed Hannah
The Bonny Sailor Laddie
The Boys
Broken of de Day
The Bum's Butt Route
Bunen of Daisies
The Cabin by the Brook
Cake Walk
Carrie With the Golden Hair
Casey's Awful Grub
The Centennial Bum
"Centennial Day"
Charming and Dashing Jean
The Cobweb Gang
Cold Stream Guards
The Colored Baby Show
The Colored Troop so Grand
Come Back, I'll Forgive and Forget
Come, Darkie Gals
Connemara Lake
Cricket on the Hearth
D'you See Any Green, Sir, in My Eye, Sir?
Daddy's Grocery Store
Daisy Marching Mokes
The Dancing Tailors
The Dandy Colored Waiters
Darling Ray
Darling, Come Back to My Heart Once Again
De Dutch Fusileers
Dear Blue-eyed Jeanette
Dear Heart-Leave Me Not
Dear Robin, I'll Be True
Dennis Grady's Hack
Der Baby
Dinah Blake
Do Right by Every Man!
Don't Forget Me Ida Dear
Don't Go Away From Me, Darling
Don't Let Your Answer Be No
Don't Take My Little Ones Away
Don't You Believe It, Dear Boys
Dot Dutch Boarding-Houses
Double-Breasted Micks
Down in a Coal Yard
Down Where the Brooklet Flows
Drawing Water at a Well
Drifting Along With the Stream
Drink Up, Boys, and Have a Glass with Me
The Drummer of the Sixty-Ninth
The Dublin Dip
Dunderbeck's Machine
Dutch Alley
The Dutch Galoots
The Dutchman's Serenade
The East Side of Town
"Ed's Measles"
The Elegant Ebony Guards
An Elegant Irish Gentleman
Ella, My Darling
Erin, the Star of the Sea
The Fairest Ever Seen
The Famous Jersey Lily
Far' You Well, Sister Lou
Fasting Forty Days
The Fate of the Midnight Express
The Fellar that Looks Like Me
Finnegan, the Umpire!
Firelight Pictures of the Past
Flew-y Flew-y
Flirting in the Lanciers
Fonteneau's Medley, NO. 2
Fonteneau's Medly, No. 1.
For Our Daughter's Sake
For You
Frank Depro's Dream
Frank Depro's Troubles
Gas-House Explosion
The Girl Who Smiled on Me
The Girl with the "Jersey"
The Girls and the Boys
Git Up Early in de Mornin'
Give the Old Man a Chance: Banjo Solo
Going Cross de Ribber on de Gospel Raft
Golden Chimes of Happy Days
The Good Old Times That Will Come: Banjo Solo
Good-Night, But Not Good-Bye
Grannie's Picture on the Wall
The Gray Hairs of My Mother
The Great Big Irish Stew
Grocery Store
Ham Bone End
Hands and Hearts Shall Meet at Last
Happiest Dutchman Out
Hardly Ever
Harrigan's Dream
Harry Braham's Old Village Blacksmith Shop
Have Your Passport Ready
He Bites Severely
He Came; or, the Unwelcome Guest
He Never Barked Till I Passed
He Never Cares to Wander From His Own Fireside
He Was a Father
He'll Ne'er Return Again
Henreich Caroline
Her Papa Was There
Heroes of Ev'ry Day life
A High Old Time
High, Low, Jack, und Der Game
Hildebrandt Montrose
His Funeral's To-morrow
Home Rule
Hooligan Chaws
Hopeless Love
A Hundred Years Ago
Hurrah for the Friends of the Poor
Husking in the Old Red Barn
I Can't Understand, Can You?
I Departed
I Did It
I Didn't Know What to Say
I Love My Love in de Morning
I Never Felt Like it Before
I Stood It Like a Lamb
"I Thought It Was Mine"
I Won't Hear Old Ireland Run Down
I Wonder What's Her Name
I'd Feel Better if My Wife's Mother
I'll Await Your Smiling Face
I'll be Dar in de Morning
I'll Be Gay
I'll Kneel at Thy Grave
I'm a Bum
I'm Afraid to Knock at the Door
I've Worked Eight Hours This Day
If I Were Mayor
If She Was Only Mine
In Old Madrid
In the Gloaming
The Invincible Mick
The Invitation Ball
The Irish Regiment
Irish-American Tea
It's Cockney, You Know
The Italian Chestnut Man
Jennie and her Welsh Harp
Jerry Slattery
A Jockey's Gala Day
Jolly Irish Couple
Judy, You Blackguard
Katie Cue
"Kearney's Request"
Keep A Hammering Into My Soul
Keep This Flow'ret for My Sake
Keep Your Nose Out of My Bonnet
Killarney's Eveleen
Kiss My Dear Old Mother, Jack
Kiss the Little Ones for Me
Kitty Bray
Kitty Brown
Kitty Drew
Klein Threw 21
Krauss' Band
Let My People Go
Little Hedge School
Little Josey
Little May Irene
Little Mischief, You
Little Robin Tell Kitty I'm Coming
A Little Too Small
Longshoremen's Strike; or, The Poor Man's Family
Love Among the Roses
Love's Golden Dream
Love, Put On Your Bridal Veil
Lovely Susan Jam: Banjo Solo
The Lovers' Quarrel; or, Mary and John
A Loving Heart is Broken
Lucy Gray
The Maid with Golden Hair
Maid With the Golden Hair
Maloney's Masquerade
Marching Mit Dem Turner Boys
Mary Ann McCarthy
Mary McGuiness
Massa's Wedding Night
Maudie Bell
McManus, Kehoe, and the Egg
McNamara, Dust Your Necktie
Meet Me Near the Willow
Memories of Childhood
Mick and I
Mock Not the Old and Feeble
Mose Townsend's New Plug Hat
The Mother Hubbard Dress
"Mother's Farewell"
A Mother's Lullaby
A Mother's Welcome
Mother, Dearest, Raise My Pillow
Mrs. Murphy's Troubles
Music at Home
My Bright-Eyed Sweet Elaine
My Favorite, My Queen
My First and Last Segar
My Handsome Black Mustache
My Humble Cabin Home
My Little Ray of Sunshine
My Little Sunbeam
My Matille
My Name it is Levy
My Old Woolen Breeches
My Pretty Blue-Eyed Belle
My Pretty Gold-Haired Girl
My Pretty Jean
My Vife's Baggage
"Nat Hogan, the Gentleman Police"
Near the Garden Fence
A New Dude in Town
The New Home, Sweet Home
New York Fireman
New York Society
New-fangled Elegant Swell
No More, Ne'er More
O Happy Day, O Joyous Time!
O'Brien, Go Curl Yer Hair
The O'Callahan Reception
O'Grady's Covered Sled
O'Rooney, douse the Glim
O, What Hard Trials!
Off for Omaha
Officer Roderick Grimes
Oh! Mamma! It's Just Like Love!
Oh! Ta, Ra, Ra!- A Lament on the Popular Craze "Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay"
Oh, My! Talk About Peter
Oh, My! You're Awful
Oh, Yes, When I Put on My Golden Shoes
The Old Broken Ring
The Old Church Bells Are Silent
The Old Corner Grocery Store
The Old Market Clock
The Old Stone Mill
Only a Little Yaller Dog
Only a Tress of Silver Hair
Order of Tough Coons
The Orphan's Last Words
"Our Boys"
Our Friends
Our Hands Have Met, But Not Our Hearts
Our Life
Our Own Land
Our Rollicking Irish Style
Our Sailors
Over the Brooklyn Bridge
Over the Kitchen Fence
"A Package of Old Letters"
Paddy Maguire
Pardonnez Moi
Parody on "After the Ball"
The Party at Hoolihan's Hall
Pat Dolan's Bull Pup
Pat From County Cork
Pat Rooney Beats Them All
Patrick's Day Parade
Pins and Needles
Poor Old Dad
Pretty Bright Eyes of Blue
Pretty Eyes of Blue
Pretty Jessie Gay
A Pretty Little Birdie in the Hand
Pretty Little Quaker
Pretty Little Rosy Cheeks
Pretty Mountain Rose
Pretty Whilhelmina
The Pride of the Turf
"Pull Down Your Vest"
Riding in a Wagner Car
Rollicking Bob
Root-y, Toot-y Toot!
Rosa May
Rose Got Froze
The Rovin' Irish Boy
The Runaway Mare
The Scamp
Shadows of the Past
She's the Image of Her Mother
Shelter the Old Folks
The Ship I Love
Ship That Carries Me Home
Shweet Leedle Buttermilk
Since Mary Ann Learned how to Dance the Tra-la-la-Loo!
Since My Mother's Dead and Gone
Since the Soup House Moved Away
The Skipper's Bride
Slang of the Day
The Snow-Flakes
Solomon Zubrinsky
Something I Cannot Find Out
The Song of the Regiment
The Songs My Mother Loved to Sing
"The Spot Where My Mother Died"
St. Patrick's Oil
A Starry Night and a Beautiful Girl
Still I Don't Vas Habby
Suffering Irish Poor
Sunny Days of Yore
Sweet Angelina May
Sweet Eileen Machree
Sweet Emanuel's Land
The Sweetest Bud is Missing
Swinging On the Golden Gate
Take This Letter to Mother
The Talk of the Town
The Law Won't Allow Me to Do It
"They Run It in the Ground"
They're After Me
The Thompson Street Flats
Those Dark Beguiling Eyes
The Timid Awkward Squad
To Carrie
To-Morrow Night I'll Wait
A Token of My Mother
Tom Nolan's Birthday Party
Tommy, Make Room for Your Aunty
Tossing Up the Hay
A True Friend Indeed!
"Trust Me, Birdie"
"Turn Down Your Collar"
The Twinkle of Her Eye
The Two Irish Lamplighters
Two Jolly Irishmen
Uncle Dave
Uncle Jasper Soon Must Go
Uncle Peter's Dream
Ven I Vissle Den I'm Sad
Violets and Roses
The W. U. T. C.
Wasn't it Tough on the Dog?
We Ought to Be Thankful for That
We Parted at the Twilight Hour
When de Trumpet in de Corn Field Blows
When I Have Found Thee
When I Ran Up the Ladder with My Hod
When the Cuckoos Kiss the Little Drops of Dew
When the Flowers Bloom Again
When the Gold Comes Back
When the Grass Grows Green
When the Little Birds Have Gone to Sleep
When the Sweet Magnolia Grows
When the Whippoorwill is Calling
When Your Cash and Friends are Gone
I Whistle and Wait for Katie
White Wings
Who Stole De Ham?
The Widow's Only Son
Wifey Mine
Will You Come to My Grave?
Will You Ever Wipe Off Your Chin
Will You Keep One Sweet Kiss for me, Darling?
Woman, Lovely Woman
The Word Beyond Recall
The Workhouse Door
The Wrong Man
The Yaller Corn
Yes, You Are!
Yesterday Afternoon
You Can't Stop Her
You Can't Tell Everything
You Never Know Your Luck
You Should See My Mary Ann
You Try to Make the Little Girls Believe 'Em, But You D-o-n-'t
You'll Forget Me By and By

The Boys of the World

The hunky-doree fifd regiment
Waiting, my darling, for thee

The Champion Library

42. Bryan O'Lynn

The Chicago Ledger

Autumn Song
The Girl I Love
A Song of the Camps
Under the Daisies

Comfort Magazine

Cordalia Malone

Demorest's Monthly Magazine

Darling Mary of the lea

Fireside Library of Popular Reading

Dream, My Baby. A Cradle-Song

Frank Starr's Songbooks

The Days when I was Young
Fifty Years Ago
The Girl with the Coal-Black Hair
Hans Von Dunder Gropenkeiser
Happy Little Dutchman
Happy Uncle John
Hey Diddle Diddle
A Hole in Her Stocking
How is that for Jake?
I'd Very Much Like to Get Fat
The Japanese Man
The Monkey's Wedding
Oh, Would I Were a Fish
Our Delight is Dancing
A Quiet Sort of a Way
Riding in the Cars
Rival Darkies
The Thomas Cat
Trials of an Old Woman and her Pig
Vat's de Price of Beans, Jake?
Widow Glib and Bob Steeple

The Golden Weekly

Finnegan the Umpire
I Was On It
I'll Not Believe Thee False
I'm a Jolly Little Chap All 'Round
In the Old, Old Way
It's the Hat that Makes the Man
Little Nell of Narragansett Bay: A Song of Other Days
The Lover's Quarrel; or, Mary and John
Near It
Not In It
The Old Country School-House
The Old Tin Dipper on the Nail
Our Gallant Volunteers
The Parrot and the Parson
A Pillow for the Wanderer
Something Rather Nice
Speak Easy
Sweet Katie Connor
Sweethearts and Wives
That is Love
There's Nothing Like It!; or, Cash, Cash, Cash
This is the Ferry to Shadowtown
The Wanderer; Will He Ever Return?
We Shall All be Angels in the Sweet Bye and Bye
When You Wink the Other Eye

Good News

Ask a Policeman
Christmas Song
Christmas Song
Down on the Farm
Gathering Wild Flowers Today
I Believe It, For My Mother Told Me So
I Went with Him, or My Pal Jack
If the Waters Could Speak as They Flow
A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss
Since Kate Learnt How to Play
Where Did You get that Face?

Happy Days

A Bicycle Song
Cable's Song
Christmas Song
A Christmas Song
Friends Were Saying Good-Bye
Hymn of the West
Nutting Song
A Skating Song
A Song for To-Day
A Song of Good Counsel
A Song of Snow-Time
Song of the Brook
A Song of the Sea
A Song of Youth
Songs Unsung
A Sunshine Song

Harper's Franklin Square Library

5. My Heart's in the Highlands

The Home

A Song, To My Wife At Home
Songs of the Pine
The Widow's Song

Irwin P. Beadle's Ten Cent Novels

Hail Columbia

Lotus Series

17. Home, Sweet Home
19. Auld Lang Syne

Miscellaneous Beadle Songbooks

A "Big Thing" Coming
The "Mud-Sills" Greeting
'Tis Pleasant to Be Young
'Tis the Witching Hour of Love
Abraham's Tea-Party
Advice to Rebels
The Alarum
All Hail to the Stars and Stripes
Anna Bell
Annie Lowe
Army Hymn
The Army of Liberty
Away Among the Blossoms
Away to the Fray
Away, Away
The Banner of the Nation
Banner Song
Battle Invocation
Beautiful Union
Begone, Sesesh!
Ben. Butler in New Orleans
Betsy Baker
Bime, Bome, Bell
The Birth of Our Banner
Blue Jackets, Fall in!
Blue-eyed Mary
Bobbing Around, Around
The Bold Zouaves
Bonnie Bunch of Roses
Border State Tocsin
The Brave and Free
The Brave Lafitte
Bruce's Address to his Army
Burnside's Address to his Army
Butler, the Beast
Captain Robert Kidd
Carry Me Home to Tennessee
Columbia Forever!
Comin' from the War
The County Jail
The Days When We Went Gipsying
The Dead of the Battle-Field
Dearest Brother We Miss Thee
The Delaware Volunteers
"Didn't She Seem to Like It"
Dixie for the Union
Dixie's Farms
A Doleful Ballad
Draw the Sword, Northland
The Drum-Tap Rattles Thro' the Land
Drummer Boy of the National Greys
Duncan Grey
"E Pluribus Unum"
Enfield Gun
Far on the Deep Blue Sea
Fare-thee-well, Kitty Dear
The Farmer's Home
The Field of Antietam
Fisherman's Girl
The Flag and the Union
Flag of Fort Sumter
The Flag of the Free
Flag Song
Following the Drum
Forgive, but don't Forget
Freedom's Coming Home
Freedom's Light
Gathering Song
General Bragg
Gently Lord
Give us Room
God is Ever Good
God Save Our Native Land
God Save the Union
God Save the Volunteers!
The Great Union Club
Hark to the Tread
The Harp of Old Erin and Banner of Stars
Harry Bluff
Heaven for the Right
Her Own Brave Volunteer
Hie For School
Highland Mary
His Soldiers to Jefferson D.
Hold on, Abraham
Home, Sweet Home
Hope On, Hope Ever
The House Carpenter
How Cheering the Thought
How sweet to be allow'd to pray
A Hundred Years Ago
The Hunters of Kentucky
Hunting Song of the Chivalry
Hurrah for the Land we Love
I Had a Gentle Mother
I Likes a Drop of Good Beer
I'll Dream of Thee no More
I'm Afloat! I'm Afloat!
I've a Home in the Woods
An Imitation of the Old Scottish Cavalier
The Irish Brigade
The Irish Brigade
The Irish Picket
The Irish Wedding
It Was My Mother's Voice
Jack Lannigan's Wake
James Bird
Jeff's Lament
Jeff. Davis's Dream
The Jersey Lovers
Jonathan's Wedding
Kansas Emigrant Song
Keemo Kimo
Kingdom Coming
The Land of Anthony Wayne
The Last Broadside
The Leader's Call
The Leaves that Fall in Spring
Lee's Farewell to Maryland
Let Cowards Shrink
Long Live the Great and Free
Look Aloft
Lord Ullins Daughter
The Low-Backed Car
A Lowly Youth
The Maiden's Prayer
March Away, Volunteers
March of the Loyal States
Mary of Lake Enon
Mary of the Glen
The Michigan "Dixie"
The Mistletoe-Bough
A Mother's Hymn in Time of War
The Mother's Smile
Mother, is the Battle Over?
Mother, Sweet Mother, Why Linger Away
My Boyhood's Home
My Heart will beat to the rub-a-dub-dub
My Heart's in New England
My Love he is a Zou-zu
My Maryland
My Soul in One Unbroken Sigh
The Nation of the Free
A National Hymn
Night-Song in Camp
The Northern Boys
The Northern Girl's Song
The Northern Hurrah
The Northmen are Coming
Oh, my Bravest and Best
Oh, Whisper What Thou Feelest
The Old Bay State
The Old Flag Alone
Old Josey
An Old Story with a New Moral
The Old Union Wagon
On! Brothers, On!
Once upon a Time
One Cheering Word
One I Left There
One Parting Song, and then Farewell
The Origin of Yankee Doodle
The Original John Brown's Song
Our Banner Chorus
Our Country
Our Country, Now and Ever
Our Country, Right or Wrong
Our Father in Heaven
Our Flag
Our Good Ship Sails To-Night
Our Maryland
Our Whole Country
The Past and Present
The Patriot Flag
The Patriot Soldier
The Patriot's Address
The Patriot's Appeal
The Patriot's Serenade
The Patriot's Wish
Perry's Victory
Poor Thomas Day
Pretty Nelly
The Quiltin' Bee
Rebel Parley!
Remember Traitors
Rosalie the Prairie Flower
Round, for three Voices
Rule, Columbia
Sailor's Red, White and Blue
The School I Attend
Sing a Song, Sixpence
The Skedaddle Rangers
Skiddy, Iddy, Di Do
Sleeping I Dreamed, Love
Softly Ye Night Winds
The Soldier's Child
A Soldier's Dream of Home
The Soldier's Dream
The Soldier's Return
Soldier's Tent Song
Song for Battle
Song for our Soldiers
A Song for Public Schools
Song of Manhattan
Song of the Drum
Song of the Michigan Patriots
Song of the Northmen
Song of the Soldiers
Song of the Zouaves
Song of Union
South Carolina Gentleman
Stand by the Union
Stand by the Union
The Star-Flag
Step to the Front
Strike the Light Guitar
The Stripes and Stars
The Stripes and the Stars
Summons to Battle
Summons to the North
Sweet is the Fight
Sweet Maid of Erin
Swinging, Swinging All Day Long
There is a Flower that Bloometh
There is Darkness on the Mountain
Thou Art Mine Own, Love
Three Cheers for Our Banner
Three Cheers for Siegel
To Canaan
To the 79th Highlanders
The Tongo Islands
Traitor! Beware Our Flag
Traitor, Spare that Flag
Union Forever
The Union Gunning Match
The Union Harvesting
The Union Marseillaise
The Union Sacrifice
The Union Young and Strong
The Union---It Must be Preserved
Victory's Band
The Volunteer Yankee Doodle of '61
Volunteer's Song
The Volunteer
The Washing Day
We are Coming, Father Abraham
What Shall be my Angel Name?
Where is Home?
Where's Stonewall Jackson?
Widow Machree
Wife of my Bosom
Wild Tiadatton
Winds that Waft my Sighs to Thee
Winsome Winnie
Words of Sympathy
Work! Work!
A Yankee Volunteer
Yankees are Coming
Yes, let me like a Soldier Fall
The Young Man From The Country
The Zouave Boys
The Zouave's Song

Munro's Library (Pocket)

182. Comin' Thro' the Rye

New York Weekly

"A Love Song to Eveline"
America's Funeral Hymn for Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt, the Great Railroad King
America's School Song To Italy
American Nation's Song
Americans' New Year's Song: After the Centennial. 1876—1877
April's Song and Children
Ask Me To-Morrow-Song
August. Song: Men and Women with the Children
An Autumn Song
An Autumn Song
Autumn Song—New Joys for Man
A Bachelor's Love Song
Banner Song. For The Fourth of July
Be Glad When You May. A Song for Youth
Beautie's Triomphe: An Olden Song
Beautiful Bessie
The Belle of Broadway. A Song
A Bird Song
A Bird Song
Birds, Blossoms, Love, Lovers. Song of the Boat in Spring
Birthday Song
Buried Love
A Child's Song of Praise
A Child's Song
Christmas Banquet Song
Christmas Morn Anthem
The Christmas Pudding
Come Back.---Song
The Coming Chinaman
Could I See Our Flag Once More
Cradle Song
A Cradle Song
A Cradle Song
Crazy Estelle
Creep Close To My Warm Bosom, Darling
Don't Go In! A Temperance Song
Down by the Gate: A Song
Dream Song
Drunkard's Song
Easter Song
The Fairy's Song
Family Winter Song
Farm Song
The First Music in the Central Park, June, 1871
First Song of May
Forest Song
The Fountain and Song
Friendless Nelly
A German Battle-Song
Germans Not In Joy Alone. A Song
The Gift of Song
A Good-Night Song
He Held the Fort
His Mother's Songs
Historical Sketches: A National Song
Hoist the Flowing Sail. A Boat Song
Homeward Song
How To Be Happy
Humanity Song: Emancipation in Brazil
The Hunter's Song
The Hunter's Song
Huntsman's Song
A Husking Song
Hymn of Thanksgiving
Hymn of the Great Republic, On the Death of Charles Sumner
The Hymns That Mother Sung
"I Will Not Sing This Old Song"
I'm Happy When You're Near Me: Designed for Music
Janet's Song
Jennie Ayre. A Song
Joy Song for Christmas
Labor and Whistle—Song
The Laborer's Song
A Lark's Flight
Let Your War-Cry Be Cold Water. A Temperance Song
Limpid Water. A Temperance Song
The Little Bird's Song
The Lost Daughter's Song
Love's Perfidy. A Song
Love's Sweetest Song
Love's Wooing Song
A Lovelorn Maiden": Old Song, "
The Loving Wife's Song", "
A Lullaby
Madaline. A Song
The Maiden's Song
May Day Song
The Miner's Dying Child (Words for Music)
Morning Song
The Mother's First Babe Song
My Beautiful Belle
National Song
National Song—O, Thanks Be to God, We Are Brothers Again
A New Year's Song
Nick Whiffles
A Norse Lullaby
A November Song
Nursery Song
October Song
Oh! Sing that Song you Sang Lang Syne
The Old Knickerbocker's Song
The Old Maid's Song
The Old Songs
Our President Saved
Our Western Woods
Picnic Song
The Poor Man's Song
A Poor Mother's Song
Popular Songs
Pretty Kate Mc Crea (Designed for Music)
The Prison-Keeper's Song
The Rock of Glen-Carrig. A Song of the Emerald Isle
Rose-Crowned: Temperance Song
Saviour, Guard Us While We Sleep
Scottish War Song
Sing A Song
"Sing Me to Sleep, Mother!"
Sing Your Grief Away
The Singer and the Song
Singing Sweet
Skater's Song
Skating Song
Sleigh-Ride Song
Sleighing Song
Sleighing Song
A Slumber Song
A Song for June
A Song for October
A Song for Our Fleets
Song For Spring
Song for Spring
A Song for the Girl I Love
A Song For The Times
The Song I Love to Sing
The Song My Father Sang
The Song My Mother Loved: Words for Music
The Song of a Ruined Man
The Song of Death
A Song of Love
The Song of Siitting Bull
A Song of Summer
Song of the Bachelor
A Song of the Blue and the Black
The Song of the Drunk (After Hood's "Song of the Shirt")
The Song of the Dying
A Song of the Fall
Song of the Iron Horse
Song of the Mississippi
The Song of the Mystic
The Song of the Ocean Waves
The Song of the Old Church Bell
Song of the Palm
The Song of the Ranger
Song of the Ransomed
The Song of the Saw
The Song of the Sea
The Song of the Skaters
The Song of the Snow-Flake
Song of the Submarine Telegraph
Song of the Surf
The Song of the Temple
Song of the Types
Song of the Wanderer
A Song of the Wheel
Song of the Wild Birds
The Song of the Working Wife
The Song Sparrow
The Song That Angels Loved
Song to an Absent One
A Song to Columbia
A Song to Peace
A Song to the World
The Song's Decision
A Song
A Song
A Song
A Song
A Song
Song-A Smile-A Tear
Song-Beautiful Rose
Song-Leave, Leave Me Not
Song-Love's Call
Song-My Hand in Thine
Song-To Time
Song: Don't Marry Him, Jane
Song: Love's Consummation
Song: On All Devoted to Friendship and Love
Song: The Help of the Poor
The Songs of Memory
Songs of the Flowers
Song—Rose, Lily, and Mary
Song—The Beauty Of Her Heart
Sonnet--Psyche to Cupid
The Soul of Song
Spain's National Song
Spring Song
A Spring Song
Strength, Love, and Hope. A Winter Song
Summer High Carnival Song
A Summer Song
A Summer Song
Sweet Be Thy Dreams. A Serenade
The Sweetest Song To Sing
Temperance Song
Thanksgiving Hymn
A Thanksgiving Song
They Think Me Happy
A Trust Song
Vesper Song
Victory Song over the Late Austrian Defeats
Waiting for Father
The Wanderer's Song
We Must Be Strangers Now
The Weapon of Song
The Widowed Mother's Song
Winter Song to Isidore
A Winter Song
Winter Song: Every Season is a Friend
A Woman's Song
The Working-Man's Song
You'll Weep When I Am Dead
Your Daddy's Wise

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

Cradle song
Nutting Song
A Thanksgiving Song

The Saturday Journal

Autumn Song
The Bachelor's Song
The Bachelor's Song
The Banquet of Song
Bugle Song
Centennial Ode
Chinese Love Song
A Chinese Love Song
Christmas Carol
Cradle Song
A Fly-Fisher's Song
The German Sailor's Song
A Harvest Song
A Heart Song
Home Song
Hoop La! Where Are We Now!
Hungarian Love Song
I Can't Make Up My Mind
It Will All Come Right Again, Song
Jardie O'Dowd—His Adventures
Keep The Flowers, Bright, From Fading. Song, Respectfully dedicated to Will Lavake, Esq., of Barlow, Wilson, Primrose and West's Minstrels
The Last Song
Love Song
Love Song
Love Song In May
A Love Song
A Love Song
A Lullaby
A May Song
Memories of the Old Time
My Pretty Little Blonde
My Song
My Song
My Song
An Odd Song!
Oh! I Muse See
Old Maid's Song
Old Songs
An Old Wretch Sings Of Youthful Love
One Song By Two Voices
Persian Love Song
A Persian Love Song
Red Rose, A Song
The Shrines of Song
Silvery Bells
Sing Again The Sweet Old Songs
Sing, Sing Again That Tender Song
Singing The Summer Song
Sleighing Song
Slumber Song
A Song Fifty Years Old
Song for a Weary Hour
A Song for May
Song For Springtime
Song From A Drama
The Song of 1876
A Song Of Awakening
The Song of Death
A Song of Heaven
A Song of June Time
The Song of Poverty
A Song of Summer
Song Of The Sunbeam
Song of the Grateful
The Song of the Pines
Song Of The Schoolma'am
A Song of the Sea
A Song
A Song
A Song
The Song
Song-From the Hindoo
Songs Of The Season
A Spring Carol-Acrostic
Spring Song
A Spring Song
Star of My Soul, A Love Song
Summer Song
A Summer Song
The Sweet Old Song
Themes of Song
Three Songs
A Thrush's Song
Two Songs
Two Songs
Walk Off, Big Shoes
Westward Bound!
What Our Girls are Coming To
While We Saunter On The Beach, Song

Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition)

66. Rory O'More
416. Comin' Thro' the Rye
617. My Heart's in the Highlands

Seaside Library, Pocket Edition

221. Comin' Thro' the Rye
1976. Under the Greenwood Tree

Student's Series of Four Penny Classics

For A' That and A' That
John Anderson

The Superb Library

12. The King's Highway

Union Square Library

45. Bread and Cheese and Kisses

Young Men of America

Early When the Leaves Begin to Fall
Foolish Young Man
Milly Martin

The Young New Yorker

The Ball Player's Last Song
Nil Desperandum!
Nobody's Song
O'er the Ice, A Song for Skaters
The Song of the Tramp

The Youth's Casket

A Cradle Song