The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Song

The Banner Weekly

"'Tis Then I Love Thee, Love, My Love!"
A Cowboy Serenade
A Love Song
A Sad Pastoral, In Four Cantos and a Canter
A Song For Baby's Bed-Time
A Song in Fish Time
A Song Of Fall Time
A Song With A Difference
A Wheel Song
Armenian Cradle Song
Camp Meeting Song
A Coon-Ji Song
Folk Song From Georgia
In The Shadows
A Mississippi Boat Song
Mother's Songs
New Version Of An Old Song
Oh! For A Flight On My Wings Of Steel, Lapland Lover's Song
Oh, Bleak is the Night
The Old Man Sings
Old Songs
Only A Dream (Baritone Solo)
Pain For Me and You
A Plantation Plow Song
The Poet's Song
The Ranchman's Song
The Song Bill Hums
The Song of Christmas Eve
The Song of Other Days
Song of the Burden Bearer
Song of the Cycle
Song Of The Gold Robin
Song of the Misanthrope
Song of the Mosquito
Song of the Teakettle
The Song That Father Sung
Song: Bonny Jennie
Soul-Tossed, A Song
The Sweetest Song
The Western Stage-Driver's Song
When Love is Dead
The Yachtman's Song
Your Songs

The Saturday Journal

A Fly-Fisher's Song
A Harvest Song
A Heart Song
A Love Song
A Love Song
A May Song
A Persian Love Song
A Song
A Song
A Song Fifty Years Old
A Song for May
A Song Of Awakening
A Song of Heaven
A Song of June Time
A Song of Summer
A Song of the Sea
A Spring Carol-Acrostic
A Spring Song
A Summer Song
A Thrush's Song
An Odd Song!
An Old Wretch Sings Of Youthful Love
Autumn Song
The Bachelor's Song
The Bachelor's Song
The Banquet of Song
Bugle Song
Centennial Ode
Chinese Love Song
A Chinese Love Song
Christmas Carol
Cradle Song
Garnered Gems: Persian Love Song
Garnered Gems: Song
The German Sailor's Song
Home Song
Hoop La! Where Are We Now!
Hungarian Love Song
It Will All Come Right Again, Song
Jardie O'Dowd—His Adventures
Keep The Flowers, Bright, From Fading. Song, Respectfully dedicated to Will Lavake, Esq., of Barlow, Wilson, Primrose and West's Minstrels
The Last Song
Love Song
Love Song In May
A Lullaby
Memories of the Old Time
My Pretty Little Blonde
My Song
My Song
My Song
Oh! I Muse See
Old Maid's Song
Old Songs
One Song By Two Voices
Red Rose, A Song
The Shrines of Song
Silvery Bells
Sing Again The Sweet Old Songs
Sing, Sing Again That Tender Song
Singing The Summer Song
Sleighing Song
Slumber Song
Song for a Weary Hour
Song For Springtime
Song From A Drama
The Song of 1876, A Festival Poem written for the German Centennial Singers' Union of New York
The Song of Death
The Song of Poverty
Song Of The Sunbeam
Song of the Grateful
The Song of the Pines
Song Of The Schoolma'am
A Song
The Song
Song-From the Hindoo
Songs Of The Season
Spring Song
Star of My Soul, A Love Song
Summer Song
The Sweet Old Song
Themes of Song
Three Songs
Two Songs
Two Songs
Walk Off, Big Shoes
Westward Bound!
What Our Girls are Coming To
While We Saunter On The Beach, Song