The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Deadwood Dick, Jr. (Fictitious character)

Beadle's Frontier Series

28. Deadwood Dick, Jr.; or, The Sign of the Crimson Crescent
30. Deadwood Dick's Big Deal; or, The Gold Brick of Oregon

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

Deadwood Dick Jr. at Devil's Gulch, or, Pete Parrot, the boss masher from Mashersville
309. Deadwood Dick's Big Deal; or, The Gold Brick of Oregon
443. Deadwood Dick, Jr.; or, The Sign of the Crimson Crescent
448. Nickel Plate Ned, or, Deadwood Dick Jr's defiance
453. Sunflower Sam of Shasta, or, Deadwood Dick Jr's full hand
459. Flush Fan the ferret, or, Deadwood Dick Jr's big round-up
465. Philo Fly of Phoenix, or, Deadwood Dick Junior's racket at claim no. 10
471. Bozeman Bill of Big Brace, or, Deadwood Dick Jr's corral
476. Humboldt Harry, the hurricane, or, Deadwood Dick Jr's dog detective
481. Moll Mystery, or, Deadwood Dick Jr., in Deadwood
491. Prince Pistol, or, Deadwood Dick, Jr's compact
496. Monte Cristo Jr., or, Deadwood Dick Jr's inheritance
500. Deadwood Dick's diggings, or, Doctor Death-Grip's swoop
508. Deadwood Dick's deliverance, or, Fatal footsteps
515. Deadwood Dick's protégée, or, Baby Bess, the girl gold miner
522. Deadwood Dick's three, or, The "bellerin bull" of Bismark
529. Deadwood Dick's danger ducks, or, The owls of Oregon
534. Deadwood Dick's death hunt, or, The way of the transgressor
539. Deadwood Dick Jr. in Texas, or, The ghouls of Galveston
544. Deadwood Dick Jr., the wild west Vidocq, or, Leonora the locator
549. Capt. Crimson Cowl, the road raider, or, Deadwood Dick on his mettle
554. Deadwood Dick, Jr. in Gotham, or, Unraveling a twisted skein
561. Deadwood Dick in Boston, or, The cool case
567. Deadwood Dick Jr. in Philadelphia, or, The Wild West detective among the crooks
572. Deadwood Dick, Jr. in Chicago, or, The anarchist's daughter
578. Deadwood Dick, Jr. afloat, or, The prisoner of the weird isles
584. Deadwood Dick, Jr. in Denver, or, Cool Kate, the queen of crooks
590. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s decree, or, The prince of Purgatory Pass
595. Deadwood Dick, Jr. in Beelzebub's basin, or, The old man of Mount Mab
600. Deadwood Dick, Jr. in Coney Island, or, The "piping" of Polly Pilgrim
606. Deadwood Dick's Leadville lay, or, Bristol and Bucket's boom
612. Deadwood Dick, Jr. in Detroit, or, Turning the tables on Satan
624. Deadwood Dick, Jr. in Nevada, or, The preacher of Pokerville
630. Deadwood Dick, Jr. in No-Man's Land, or, Golconda, the gladiator
636. Deadwood Dick, Jr. after the queer, or, Sawdust Sam's last green game
642. Deadwood Dick, Jr. in Buffalo, or, 4-11-44
648. Deadwood Dick Jr.'s chase across the continent, or, A race for a ruthless rogue
654. Deadwood Dick, Jr. among the smugglers, or, Cleaning out the gulf gang
660. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s insurance case, or, Corraling a cunning trio
666. Deadwood Dick, Jr. back in the mines, or, The mountain amazon's double game
672. Deadwood Dick, Jr. in Durango, or, "Gathered in"
678. Deadwood Dick, Jr's. discovery, or, Found: a fortune
684. Deadwood Dick, Jr's. dazzle, or, The nemesis of Nutmeg Bonanza
690. Deadwood Dick, Jr's. dollars, or, The humming-bird of Honeysuckle
695. Deadwood Dick, Jr. at danger divide, or, Developing the dead secret
700. Deadwood Dick, Jr's. drop, or, The sojourn at Satan's spring
704. Deadwood Dick, Jr. at Jack Pot, or, Old Sockdolager's surprise party
710. Deadwood Dick, Jr., in San Francisco, or, Kodak Kate, the snap shot
716. Deadwood Dick Jr.'s still hunt, or, The second round in San Francisco
722. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s dominoes, or, The rival camps of the Northern border
728. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s disguise, or, Ivan, the man of iron
734. Deadwood Dick Jr.'s double deal, or, The all-around surprise
740. Deadwood Dick Jr.'s deathwatch, or, The moving mystery at Mexican Mustang
747. Deadwood Dick Jr.'s doublet, or, The tandem team of Teddy's tailings
752. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s death blow, or, The little circus at Last Chance
758. Deadwood Dick Jr.'s desperate strait, or, The demon doctor of Dixon's Deposit
764. Deadwood Dick Jr.'s lone hand, or, Kodak Kate's secret seven
770. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s defeat, or, The tandem team's thorny trail
776. Deadwood Dick Jr.'s resurrection, or, Icicle Isaac from Frozen Flats
782. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s dark days, or, The tandem team's full score
787. Deadwood Dick Jr. defied, or, The prince of Pistol Pocket
792. Deadwood Dick Jr.'s double device, or, The tussle with Satan
797. Deadwood Dick Jr.'s desperate venture, or, How Eli got there
802. Deadwood Dick Jr.'s diamond dice, or, The cool half-dozen
807. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, royal flush, or, The baffled sport
812. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s head-off, or, The round-up at Roundabout
816. Deadwood Dick Jr.'s rival, or, Old Gideon's wipe-out
822. Deadwood Dick Jr.'s boom, or, Soapstone Sam, the slippery sport
828. Deadwood Dick Jr.'s scoop, or, The big haul at Hard Hole
834. Deadwood Dick Jr.'s proxy, or, Nobby Nancy, the girl sport
840. Deadwood Dick Jr.'s clutch, or, Crushing Captain Crusher
845. Deadwood Dick Jr.'s high horse, or, The sport-queens of Hard Knocks
858. Deadwood Dick's death-hole hustle, or, The doom of Satan's Seven
863. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s bombshell, or, Captain Blue-Beard's girl cat's-paw
870. Deadwood Dick, Jr., in Mexico, or, The girl prisoner of the madhouse
876. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s decoy duck, or, The cowboy chief's tenderfoot-tangle
882. Deadwood Dick, Jr. in Silver Pocket, or, The gambler queen's high stake
891. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s dead-sure game, or, Pistol Polly of Nuggetville
898. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s double drive, or, The rival mayors of Hardscrabble
904. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s trade-mark, or, Deuce-Trey, the five-spot sport
910. Deadwood Dick Jr. at Tip Top, or, Gold Guns, the bullet-proof sport
916. Deadwood Dick Jr.'s double-decker, or, Center-fire, the self-cocker
928. Deadwood Dick, Jr. at Dollarville or, The Irishman's sweepstakes
934. Deadwood Dick Jr. at Flush Flats, or, The girl sport pard
940. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s shake-up, or, Tulip Tilly's trump hand
946. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s double drop, or, The droll showman's blind
951. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s right bower, or, The hottest time on record
957. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s ten-strike, or, Foiling the flock of forty
965. Deadwood Dick Jr.'s gold-dust, or, Volcano Dan's deserter
971. Deadwood Dick Jr.'s oath, or, The clown of Paradise Park
977. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s death-doom, or, The boss bully of Cold Canyon
986. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s best card, or, Diamond Dell, the sport
992. Deadwood Dick, Jr. at Gold Dust, or, Sport Harry's blind
998. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s big play, or, The bluff game at Gold Ledge City
1005. Deadwood Dick Jr. branded, or, Red Rover at Powder Pocket
1011. Deadwood Dick's Dutch pard, or, Rooting out the rascals of Skeleton Gorge
1018. Deadwood Dick Jr.'s big four, or, Cinnabar Jim of Cinnamon Gap