The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Hockey

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All Sports Library

2. Jack Lightfoot's Hockey Team; or, The Rival Athletes of Old Cranford
3. Jack Lightfoot's Great Play; or, Surprising the Academy Boys

Frank Manley's Weekly

16. Frank Manley's Christmas Gift; or, The Luck That Ice Hockey Brought

Tip Top Weekly

Dick Merriwell's Driving; or, "The Terror from Toronto"
Dick Merriwell's Help; or, Flint's Struggle with Himself
204. Frank Merriwell's Opponent; or, For the Ice Hockey Cup
247. Frank Merriwell's Dilemma; or, Forcing His Enemy's Hand
299. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters CLXIX-CLXXX
351. Dick Merriwell's Defense; or, Up Against the Great Eaton Five
358. Dick Merriwell's Victory; or, Holding the Enemy in Check

Wide Awake Weekly

149. Dick Daresome's Hockey League; or, Winning Out for Merrivale

The Young Athlete's Weekly

5. Frank Manley's Hockey Game; or, Up Against a Low Trick