The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Beadle's Frontier Series

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Publishers: Arthur Westbrook Publishing Co. (Cleveland (Ohio)) -- United States
M.J. Ivers & Co. (New York (N.Y.)) -- United States
Category: Format : Small Booklet
Issues: 100
Dates: February 5, 1908 to January 14, 1910 (Ivers); 1912 to 1934 (Westbrook)
Schedule: Weekly (Ivers), In batches (Westbrook)
Columns: 1
Price: 10ยข (Westbrook)
Size: 4 3/4 x 7" to 5 x 7 1/4"
Pages: 100
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover
Notes / Commentary:

These stories are reprinted primarily from Munro and Beadle publications. In many cases, the author attribution has been changed. Most of the changes replace anonymous "author of" credits with name authors (who almost certainly did not actually write the books); in a few cases, named authors have been replaced as well.

The series was published first by Ivers, and later by Westbrook (probably starting around 1912). Apart from the name on the title page and some minor cover variations, the two editions are identical.

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. The Shawnees' Foe; or, The Hunter of the Juniata
2. The young mountaineer
3. The Traitor Spy
4. Hawk-eye the hunter
5. The boy guide
6. The war tiger of the Modocs
7. The red Modocs
8. Iron Hand, Chief of the Tory League; or, The Double Face
9. Shadow Bill, the Scout; or, Ups and Downs among the Redskins
10. Wapawkaneta; or, The Rangers of the Oneida
11. Davy Crockett's boy hunter
12. The Forest Avenger
13. Old Jack's Frontier Cabin
14. On the Deep; or, The Missionary's Daughter. A Story of the Pacific Ocean
15. Sharp-Snout; or, The Mysteries of the Trapper's Cave
16. The Mountain Demon : An Indian Tale of Thrilling Interest
17. Wild Tom of Wyoming
18. The Brave Boy Hunters of Kentucky
19. The Fearless Ranger; or, Life on the Plains : A Story of the Far West
20. The Haunted Trapper; or, Lulu the Beautiful : A Thrilling Tale of the Northwest
21. The Madman of the Colorado : A Thrilling Legend of the Southwest
22. The Panther Demon; or, The Scourge of the Iroquois
23. Slashaway, the Fearless; or, The Hermit of Spectre Isle
24. Pine-Tree Jack; or, Buried in the Sierras
25. Indian Jim. A Tale of the Minnesota Massacre
26. Navajo Nick, the Boy Gold Hunter; or, The Three Pards of the Basaltic Buttes. A Tale of Arizona
27. The Tuscarora's Vow : or, Along the Mohawk
28. Deadwood Dick, Jr.; or, The Sign of the Crimson Crescent
29. A New York Boy Among the Indians
30. Deadwood Dick's Big Deal; or, The Gold Brick of Oregon
31. Hank, the Guide; or, The Wrong Trail
32. Deadwood Dick's Dozen; or, The Fakir of Phantom Flats
33. Squatty Dick; or, The Short-Legged Hunter
34. The Hunter's Secret; or, Gamblers Among the Redskins : A Story of Idaho
35. The Woman Trapper; or, Arkansas Sal
36. The Miami Chief; or, The Hand of Fire
37. Gunpowder Jim; or, The Mystery of Demon Hollow
38. Mad Anthony's Captain
39. The Ranger Boy's Career; or, Cougar Bill in Texas
40. Old Nick of the Swamp
41. The Shadow Scout; or, Screaming Moses of the Fishkill Mountains
42. Lantern-Jawed Bob
43. The Masked Hunter
44. Brimstone Jake; or, The Robbers of Deadwood Valley
45. The Irish Hunter; or, Pat O'Dougherty's Adventures Among the Redskins
46. Dave Bunker; or, The Outlaws of the Frontier
47. The Shawnee Witch : A Romance of the Western Border
48. Big Brave, Scout of the Mohawk : A Story of the French-Indian War
49. Spider-Legs; or, The Maiden of the Wild Wood
50. Harry Hardskull
51. The Madman of the Oconto; or, The Queen of the Cave
52. Slim Jim; or, The Indian Maid's Last Arrow
53. Tiger-eye
54. The Red Star of the Seminoles : A Tale of Wild Life on the Border
55. Trapper Joe; or, The Outlaw of Lake Huron : A Story of the Northern Lakes
56. The Indian Queen's Revenge. A tale of the Mohawk Valley in Revolutionary Times
57. Eagle-Eyed Zeke, the Long-Armed Trapper
58. Scar-Cheek, the Wild Half-Breed; or, A Chase after the Savages of the Frontier
59. The Red Men of the Woods; or, Long Bob, the Sharp Shooting Hunter
60. Tuscaloosa Sam; or, Life in the Wilds
61. The Bully of the Woods, or, Paddy's Experience Among the Red Skins : (Squint-eyed Bob)
62. The Trapper's Bride; or, Love and War : A Tale of the Texan Revolution
63. Red Rattlesnake, the Pawnee; or, Life on the Border
64. The Scout of Tippecanoe
65. "Old Kit," the Scout : A Tale of the Swamps
66. The Boy Scouts; or, The Hunt of the Pottawattomies
67. Hiding Tom; or, The Fox of the Prairie
68. Roving Dick, Hunter
69. Hickory Jack; or, The Wild Man of the Woods
70. Mad Mike; or, The Death Shot
71. Snake-Eye : A Tale of the Revolution
72. Big-Hearted Joe. An Indian Tale
73. The Blazing Arrow
74. The Hunter Scouts; or, The Bride of the Valley
75. The Scout of Long Island
76. Turkey Foot; or, The Chief's Revenge
77. The Death Rangers : A Tale of the Tankawanna Valley in 1730
78. Bullet Head; or, The Indian Trailer
79. The Indian Spirit; or, The Perils of the Border : A Story of Indian Warfare
80. The Twin Trappers; or, Love in Distress
81. Lightfoot, the Scout; or, Tracks on the Trail
82. Grim Dick, the One-Eyed Robber. A Tale of Hunters, Indians and Banditti
83. The Wooden-Legged Spy
84. The Silent Trapper; or, Lank Josh, Backwoodsman. A Tale of the Wilds of Arizona
85. Ugly-Ike. A Tale of Wild Adventures in the Backwoods
86. Fire Cloud; or, The Mysterious Cave : A Story of Indians and Pirates
87. Hank Jasper, the Spy of the Delaware : A Story of the Revolution
88. The Scout of the Sciota : A Story of Border Life
89. Black Samson : A Narrative of Old Kentucky
90. Billy Bowlegs, the Half-Breed Seminole Chief
91. The Bloody Footprint
92. Marksman, the Hunter; or, The Mysterious Scout
93. The Demon Cruiser
94. Hunters and Redskins
95. Panther-Jack : A Story of Wild Life in the Woods
96. Old Zeke; or, The Wild Hunter of the Rocky Mountains
97. The Painted Paleface; or, The Scourge of the River
98. The Scout of the St. Lawrence
99. Bloody Brook
100. Long Bob of Kentucky

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