The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series People - Beadle's Monthly

"The Editor"

The Alligator At Home
The India Famine
The Prairie Dog At Home
The Valley of the Amazon

A Lumberman

An Episode in Lumber-Life

An Amateur

Croquet, How to Play It, Its Laws, Etc.

Austin, Henry

Amor Vincit

Badger, Jos. E. (Joseph Edward), 1848-1909

Three Nights At Coast Cedars

Barnes, Almont

To A Woman

Brackett, G. E.

After the Battle

Browne, Rufus K., Dr.

Measurement of the Mental Telegraph
Measurement of the Nerve Telegraph
Movement in Plants: The Actions of Vegetable and Microscopic Vegeto-Animal Organisms

Butler, Charles W.

We May Not Tell

Butts, J. T., Mrs.


Caldwell, Ella

My Wealth

Carter, R. D., Rev.

An Adventure In Portugal

Cary, Alice, 1820-1871

April, One Year Ago
Autumn Thoughts
My Picture
Summer and Winter

Cary, Phoebe, 1824-1871

The Hunter and the Doe
The Royal Prize

Chesebro', Caroline 1825-1873

The Communion of Saints
Uncle Roderick's Sermon

Clark, Charles Dunning, 1843-1892

'Long Shore
All Mrs. Jones' Doings
Dora Dean's Trial
Our First Cause
A Reason Why

Cluseret, Gustave Paul, 1823-1900

Art Lines
Recollections of a Chasseur-A-Pied
The Thouareg, Reminiscences of a French Officer in Africa

Cottew, Sara

Indeed, I Never Knew
Native Greatness
Tom Blake

Cottew, Sarah

Indeed, I Never Knew

Darling, N. P.

Among the Hoggartys

Dodge, Stephen G.

Natural Forces

Duganne, A. J. H. (Augustine Joseph Hickey), 1823-1884

Ball's Bluff
The Prisoner of War in Texas
The Source of Labor
The Story of Love

Dwight, Henry O. (Henry Otis), 1843-1917

"Bummers" In Sherman’s Army
The Rebel Picket-Post At Old McKnight's

Ellis, S. P.

Abel Allison's Secret

Field, Kate

Criticism and the Drama
The Newport Men-agerie

Fitts, James Franklin, 1840-1890

Gone Astray
A Leaf from a Military Diary
Skirmishing in the Shenandoah
The Story of a Spy

Flint, J. N., Captain

Charge of the First Cavalry Division, At Winchester
Personal Recollections of Major-General Sheridan
A Soldier's Retrospect

Frazee, Martha L.

A PSI U. Grip

Gardette, Charles Desmarais, 1830-1885

The Burleigh Legacy: A Tale of an Amateur "Detective"
Diamond Cut Diamond
The Wonderful Secret

Hall, Edward H. (Edward Henry), 1831-1912

How "Greenbacks" Are Made

Hannaford, E. (Ebenezer), 1840-

"Our Mess"

Hoppin, Aug.

A Tale of Lager Bier

Hoyt, Ann E.

Was it Insanity?

Hoyt, Ann M.

I Do Not Call It Love
The Lost Lady of Linwood Hall

J., C.

The Clouds

Kennedy, Rose

First and Last, A Love Story
Learning to Skate

Locksley, William

Our Entrance Into Richmond

Lord, J. K.


Lord, Jesse H.

Two Views of the Great Sea-Monster

Mackey, R. J.

A Winter At Pau

Martin, A. M.

Words from the People: Modernisms in Education

McKee, John

Second Ascent of Mount Shasta

McLain, T. J.

Muggins, Artist—His Diary

Morgan, J. O.

Caught In The Act

Neal, John, 1793-1876

New Englandisms
The Silent Gathering

Newmarch, F. P.

The Iceberg

Norton, Frank H. (Frank Henry), 1836-1921

The Master of Carbon

Olmstead, M. H.

Personal Recollections of Mrs. Caroline Lee Hentz

Osgood, Kate Putnam

Our New House

Palmer, W. H., Mrs.

The Convict's Wife

Peabody, Mark, Mrs., 1831-1885

The Education Of Our Boys
The Education Of Our Girls
Learning to Skate
Who Stole The Spoons?

Perry, M. Elizabeth

Mrs. Browne Le Browne

Prescott, Harriet E., 1835-1921

A Mad Night

Prescott, Mary N., 1839?-1888

Doris Daylesford
A Few Words About Spiders
One More Unfortunate
Tom's Wife

Preston, H. W. (Harriet Waters), 1836-1911

A Farewell

R., E.

The Chemistry of the Toilet

Regester, Seeley, 1831-1885

The Dead Letter

Reunnion, Jas. B.

Three Days Among The Oil Wells

Rexford, Eben E. (Eben Eugene), 1848-1916

A Memory
Our Household Nest

Richardson, Albert D. (Albert Deane), 1833-1869

Our New States and Territories: Colorado
Our New States and Territories: Montana and Idaho
Our New States and Territories: Nevada and California
Our New States and Territories: Oregon and Washington
Our New States and Territories: Utah

Riggs, E. C.

The Beautiful Snow

Ripley, Emma B.

A Man's Art

S., J. R.

In Duress

Sanborn, Edwin D. (Edwin David), 1808-1885

Language of Expression

Sanborn, Kate A. (Kate Ann), 1839-1917


Sarmiento, F. L.

Ancient and Modern Embalming
A Chat About Carlotta

Shackleford, C.

In a Bin

Shelton, Manda

A Night In A Mad-House

Sikes, William Wirt, 1836-1883

Assassins And Their Work: Catharine De Medici
Assassins And Their Work: Charlotte Corday
Assassins And Their Work: Rienzi
Assassins And Their Work: The Gunpowder-Plot
Assassins And Their Work: William of Orange
Camphor and Cologne
Greenblow in Gotham
Had His Wits About Him
My Royal Wife
An Old Hand
Old Him's Metamorphosis

Smith, Elizabeth Oakes Prince, 1806-1893

Autobiographic Notes*: Men and Women Greater Than Books
Autobiographic Notes: Charles Fenno Hoffman
Autobiographic Notes: Edgar Allan Poe
Autobiographic Notes: N. P. Willis
Autobiographic Notes: Philip Spencer
Autobiographic Notes: Rufus W. Griswold

Snodgrass, J. E., M. D.

The Facts of Poe's Death and Burial

Spicer, E. N.


Stauffer, Frank H., 1832-1895

Indifferently Honest
La Coterie Carnival

Stockton, Frank Richard, 1834-1902


Street, Alfred B.

A Flight Into The Sky
Saved In Mid-Air
The White Jack of the Upper Saranac
Wild Joe, A Tale of Indian Lake

Thomas, J. N.

Mrs. Roundabout's Trip

Thomas, M. L.

Something Besides Tobacco

Thorne, R. H.

Awaiting The Dawn

Timbs, John, 1801-1875

The Age of Animals
Popular Errors Respecting Animals, Birds, Etc.
The Ship of the Desert
Wonders of the Whale

Tracy, C. M.

My Every-Day Paths

Tuttle, S. W.

Reverend Humbug; or, How I Lost and Won a Wife

Urner, Nathan D.

A Battle in a Dream
Scorpion Gulch, A Gold-Seeker's Tale

V., O. J.

The Cry for Help

Victor, Metta Victoria Fuller, 1831-1885

The Dead Letter
From Post to Pillar
John Christopher's Story
Orpheus' Nightingales
Poor Wykhoff Jones
The Stilts of Gold
Under A Shadow; or, How Dark Eyes Didn't Win
Who Was He?

Victor, Orville J. (Orville James), 1827-1910

A Plea and a Protest
Walks Among Words

Warfield, Catherine A. (Catherine Ann), 1816-1877

The Beadle's Monthly, v. I, June, 1866
The "Romance of the Green Seal", The Quadroon's Story

Weatherby, J.

A Wonderful Balloon Ex-Cursion

Weishampel, J. F. (John F.), Jr.

The Arts of Declamation, Gouch—Becher—Fuller

Weld, Charles Richard, 1813-1869

Art in Rome
Holy Relics and Miraculous Madonnas
Rome of To-Day

Wheeler, A. C. (Andrew Carpenter), 1835-1903

Milk and Honey

Willett, Edward, 1830-1889

For What? A Ballad of the End of the War!

Williston, H. C.

My Luck in a Tunnel
A Period Without Parallel

Windle, C. F. (Catharine F.), Mrs.

All About Mermaids

Wolcott, Richmond

The Fight At Kenesaw Mountain

Wooster, Varian

The Belle of the Ball