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Series - Young Men of America

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Publishers: Frank Tousey -- United States of America
Tousey & Small
Category: Format : Story Paper

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1877-1889
Approximate Number of Issues: 635
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Adrift in a Balloon. A Romance of South America
Ben Brevier; or, The Romance of a Young Printer
Bravest of the Brave. A Story of the Mexican War
The Broken Bottle; or, A Jolly Good Fellow
The Child Stealer; or, The Vultures of a Great City
The Dark Corners of New York; or, The Perils of a District Telegraph Messenger
Dave Dash, the Pride of the Circus
Dick Catch; or, The Thief-Taker's Crime
Dick Gordon; or, The True Yankee Sailor Boy
Diver Bill; or, The Secret of the Wreck
The Fatal Glass; or, The Traps and Snares of New York
Fighting Jack; or, A Yankee Boy in Africa
Gold Gulch; or, Pandy Ellis' Last Trail
The Haunted Island; or, The Phantom of the Seas
The Haunted Lighthouse of Wreckers' Reef
Headless; or, The Man of Mystery
The Hidden Avenger. A Story of Mexico
The Hidden Treasure; or, Among the Cannibals
The Hunchback's Secret; or, A Terrible Mystery
Jack Winters in the English Army. A Story of the War in Egypt
Jack Winters in the Zulu War
Jack Winters; or, Fighting for the Old Flag
Jack, the Juggler
King of the Sea; or, The Rovers of the Deep
Kit Carson's Kit; or, The Young Army Scout
Laughing Luke, the Yankee Spy of the Revolution
The Lively Eight Social Club; or, From Cider to Rum. A Story of the Great Evil
The Lost Balloon; or, Missing for Twenty Years
Mad Anthony Wayne, the Hero of Stony Point. A Story of the American Revolution
Marked Men; or, The Best Card Last
Merry Matt; or, The Will-o'-the-Wisp of Wine
The Merry Ten; or, The Shadows of a Social Club. A Temperance Story
Mike Fink, the Western Boatman
The Mystery of the Dead Sea
The Mystery of the Volcano. A True Story of Mexico
Old Putnam's Pet; or, The Young Patriot Spy
Peppery Sam, the Young Spy of the Revolution
Phil Faraday, the Young Explorer; or, Adventures in Savage Africa
The Rival Schools; or, Fighting for the Championship
Running Rob; or, Mad Anthony's Rollicking Scout
Santo, the Sea Wolf; or, The Secret of the Sea
Saved at Six; or, The Wizard of the Waves
Scouts of the Santee; or, Redcoats and Whigs
The Search for the Golden Skull; or, A Boy's Adventures in Australia
The Shattered Glass; or, A Country Boy in New York
Thado, the Thug; or, The Star on the Arm
To the North Pole in a Balloon
The Tramp; or, The Mystery of the Old Haunted Mill
Trapeze Tom, the Boy Acrobat; or, Daring Work in the Air
The Unknown Renegade; or, The Three Great Scouts
Whiskey Bill; or, The Road to Ruin. A Story of the Rum Fiend's Frightful Work
The Winged Witch. A Tale of Four Western Boys
The Young Cadet; or, From West Point to Glory
The Young Sinbad; or, Back from the Grave for Vengeance

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