The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Young Klondike

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Publisher: Frank Tousey (New York (N.Y.): 29 West 26th St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)
Issues: 39
Dates: Mar. 16, 1898 to May 17, 1899
Schedule: 1-24: Bi-weekly; 25-39: Weekly
Price: 5ยข
Size: 11 x 8"
Pages: 32
Motto: Stories of a Gold Seeker
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover
Publisher's Blurb:

1st issue: "KLONDIKE! KLONDIKE! This is our latest library. YOUNG KLONDIKE. Stories of a Gold Seeker. 32 pages. Colored Covers. Every Story Complete and Based on Facts. Valuable and useful information woven into tales of wonderful adventures."

2nd issue: "Splendid tales of the Gold Fields, Young Klondike, Stories of a Gold Seeker. Handsomely Lithographed covers, 32 solid pages. Issued twice a month, price 5 cents. Every story is full of facts and contains valuable information about this great gold bearing country."

Closing statement: "Thus the adventures of our two New York boys in the great Yukon gold fields happily ended in wealth and prosperity. Good hard work, pluck and perseverance did it. And let us hope that many a brave boy now working for wealth in the gold fields of Alaska will meet with as good success as YOUNG KLONDIKE."

Major Author(s): An Old Miner (Francis W. Doughty)
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Young Klondike; or, Off for the Land of Gold
2. Young Klondike's Claim; or, Nine Golden Nuggets
3. Young Klondike's First Million; or, His Great Strike on El Dorado Creek
4. Young Klondike and the Claim Agents; or, Fighting the Land Sharks of Dawson City
5. Young Klondike's New Diggings; or, The Great Gold Find on Owl Creek
6. Young Klondike's Chase; or, The Gold Pirates of the Yukon
7. Young Klondike's Golden Island; or, Half a Million in Dust
8. Young Klondike's Seven Strikes; or, The Gold Hunters of High Rock
9. Young Klondike's Journey to Juneau; or, Guarding a Million in Gold
10. Young Klondike's Lucky Camp; or, Working the Unknown's Claim
11. Young Klondike's Lost Million; or, The Mine Wreckers of Gold Creek
12. Young Klondike's Gold Syndicate; or, Breaking the Brokers of Dawson City
13. Young Klondike's Golden Eagle; or, Working a Hidden Mine
14. Young Klondike's Trump Card; or, The Rush to Rocky River
15. Young Klondike's Arctic Trail; or, Lost in a Sea of Ice
16. Young Klondike's New Bonanza; or, The Gold Diggers of French Gulch
17. Young Klondike's Death Trap; or, Lost Underground
18. Young Klondike's Fight for a Claim; or, The Boomers of Raccoon Creek
19. Young Klondike's Deep Sea Diggings; or, Working at the Mouth of the Yukon
20. Young Klondike's Winter Camp; or, Mining Under the Snow
21. Young Klondike's Death Creek Deal; or, Downing the Gold King of Dawson
22. Young Klondike's Mastodon Mine; or, The Biggest Strike of All
23. Young Klondike's Company K; or, Prospecting in an Unknown Land
24. Young Klondike's Big Black Bear; or, Working the "Man in the Moon"
25. Young Klondike's Ice Boat Express; or, The Golden Cave on the Glacier
26. Young Klondike and the Mad Miner; or, Lost in the Great Swamp
27. Young Klondike's Indian Raid; or, The Six Days' Fight on Copper River
28. Young Klondike's Island Mine; or, Prospecting along the Coast
29. Young Klondike and the Yukon Boomers; or, Mining in the Yellow Hills
30. Young Klondike and the Gold Wizard; or, The Man with the Magic Wand
31. Young Klondike's Golden Sea Gull; or, The Bullion That Went Down in the Brown
32. Young Klondike and the Dead Horse Claim; or, Working a Mountain of Gold
33. Young Klondike and the Coffin Ship; or, Chasing the Unknown's Man
34. Young Klondike and the Striking Strikers; or, The Trouble on Claim "33"
35. Young Klondike and the Juneau Bank Robbery; or, The Mystery of the Chilkoot Pass
36. Young Klondike and the Big B; or, The Plotters of White Horse Lake
37. Young Klondike and the Three Millionaires; or, The Deal with Davis, Dewey and Dunn
38. Young Klondike's Tally-Ho; or, Prospecting in the Wind River Range
39. Young Klondike's Ice Witch; or, The Great Flood on the Yukon

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