The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Young Broadbrim Weekly

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Publisher: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 238 William St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)
Issues: 30 (Numbered 52 through 81)
Dates: Sept. 26, 1903 to Apr. 16, 1904
Schedule: Weekly
Price: 5ยข
Size: 11 x 8 1/4"
Pages: 32
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover
Publisher's Blurb:

"Young Broadbrim is the shrewdest and most clever boy detective that ever lived. His marvelous strength and wonderful nerve enables him to penetrade where most men would fear to go. All the tales of his adventures are absolutely new. The following is a list of the latest numbers written especially for this line." (From No. 81)


"We desire to inform our readers that after the present number, the Young Broadbrim Weekly will be discontinued. If you are especially interested in Detective Stories, we trust that you will at once look up the new series of Nick Carter's Adventures, now running in the Nick Carter Weekly. But if you wish something radically different, something right up-to-date, buy the first number of our new library, THE YOUNG ROUGH RIDERS WEEKLY. The first number will be issued next week. 'Ted Strong's Rough Riders; or, The Boys of Black Mountain', is the title and there will be a wonderfully interesting series to follow--all about Kit Summers and his Young Rough Riders, their friends and foes. Boys, there is a genuine treat in store for you in the Young Rough Riders Weekly. No. 1 issued Monday, April 18, in a beautiful cover of unique design."

Notes / Commentary:

Young Broadbrim Weekly started the week after Old Broadbrim Weekly ceased publication. Numbering continued without change in sequence.

Numbers 52 through 68 were new stories, numbers 69 through 81 were reprinted from Old Cap. Collier Library.

The copy of the S&S ledgers for this series provide less detail for Nos. 75 through 81 than for the rest of the series. Two issues (Nos. 78 and 80) list the name "Makie" or "McKie" while the remainder include only the numbers of the Old Cap. Collier issues from which they were adapted.

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52. Young Broadbrim, the boy detective; or, The old Quaker's youthful ally
53. Young Broadbrim in Kansas City; or, What was found in the flood
54. Young Broadbrim on an aerial trail; or, The terrible ordeal of fire
55. Young Broadbrim & Co.; or, Solving the mysteries of Rockwood
56. Young Broadbrim triumphant; or, The girl cracksman
57. Young Broadbrim fighting an unknown power; or, A scientific murderer
58. Young Broadbrim on a weird case; or, The mystery of the phantom voices
59. Young Broadbrim on a long trail; or, Dandy Dick shanghaied
60. Young Broadbrim on a newsboy mystery; or, Dandy Dick's first case
61. Young Broadbrim on the border; or, Catching the smugglers of Canada
62. Young Broadbrim in a lumber camp; or, Getting the best of brave outlaws
63. Young Broadbrim and the hotel thieves; or, Clever crooks run to earth
64. Young Broadbrim's perfumed clew; or, Dandy Dick's star play
65. Young Broadbrim's great duel; or, The Boy detectives abroad
66. Young Broadbrim's vendetta; or, Chief Morello's death
67. Young Broadbrim on a false crew; or, The mystery of the gray house
68. Young Broadbrim's chance shot; or, The fight for the Boulder millions
69. Young Broadbrim overboard; or, The old detective's double
70. Young Broadbrim and the bank swindlers; or, The secret of the old mill
71. Young Broadbrim and the Black Hand; or, In League with a Murderer
72. Young Broadbrim's mystic seven; or, The Order of the branded arm
73. Young Broadbrim on a false scent; or, Tracking the wrong man
74. Young Broadbrim's disappearance mystery; or, Matching a woman's craft
75. Young Broadbrim and the wharf runners; or, On a million dollar trail
76. Young Broadbrim's strange find; or, The mansion of mysteries
77. Young Broadbrim and the cipher monogram; or, Taking the dare of the Bee-bees
78. Young Broadbrim's master stroke; or, A house within a house
79. Young Broadbrim and the death touch; or, The man with a monkey's hand
80. Young Broadbrim's deal with death; or, The finish of a fiend
81. Young Broadbrim's police puzzle; or, The tragedy of the Tenderloin

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