The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Worthington's International Library

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Publisher: Worthington Company (New York (N.Y.): 747 Broadway) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 27 (Highest number seen advertised)
Dates: April 1890 to June 1892
Schedule: Monthly
Price: 75ยข (A cloth bound edition was issued at $1.25)
Size: 7 1/2 x 5"
Pages: 260
Publisher's Blurb: "A series of contemporaneous works of fiction by great writers of America, France, Germany and Great Britain, with the exquisite photogravures, printed on beautiful paper, and bound in either cloth at $1.25, or in illuminated paper covers at 75 cents"
Physical Description: Unknown
Notes / Commentary: LeBlanc's listing was missing no. 2 and ended at no. 26. No. 2 was added from an advertisement in The American Bookseller, v. XXVII, no. 8 (April 15, 1890), page 210. No. 27 was added from an advertisement found in the back of With Cortez in Mexico.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Gertrude's Marriage
2. Yankee Girls in Zululand
3. Two Daughters of One Race
4. Lora, the Major's Daughter
5. Wives of Men of Genius
6. Henriette; or, A Corsican Mother
7. Magdalen's Fortunes
8. The Pastor's Daughter
9. The Feet of Love
10. Bella's Blue Book: The Story of an Ugly Woman
11. Lucie's Mistake
12. Flirt
13. Children of the World
14. A Sister's Love
15. Short Stories
16. Adventures on the Mosquito Shore
17. A Brave Woman
18. The Rector of St. Luke's
19. Columbia: A Story of the Discovery of America
20. Misjudged
21. A Maiden's Choice
22. Light o' Love
23. The Wild Rose of Gross-Stauffen
24. Conscience
25. The Household Idol
26. A Poor Girl
27. The Erl Queen

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