The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Wide Awake Weekly

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Publisher: Frank Tousey (New York (N.Y.): 24 Union Square) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)
Issues: 168
Dates: April 20, 1906 to July 2, 1909
Schedule: Weekly
Price: 5ยข
Size: 11 x 8"
Pages: 32
Motto: A Complete Story Every Week
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover
Publisher's Blurb: "A Complete Story Every Week By the Best Authors. Handsome Illustrated Covers, 32-Pages of Reading Matter. Issued Every Friday. Interesting Stories of Adventure in All Parts of the World. This handsome weekly contains intensely interesting stories of adventure on a great variety of subjects. Each number is replete with rousing situations and lively incidents. The heroes are bright, manly fellows, who overcome all obstacles by sheer force of brains and grit and win well-merited success. We have secured a staff of new authors, who write these stories in a manner which will be a source of pleasure and profit to the reader. Each number has a handsome colored illustration made by the most expert artists. Large sums of money are being spent to make this one of the best weeklies ever published."
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Smashing the Auto Record; or, Bart Wilson at the Speed Lever
2. Off the Ticker; or, Fate at a Moment's Notice
3. From Cadet to Captain; or, Dick Danford's West Point Nerve
4. The Get-There Boys; or, Making Things Hum in Honduras
5. Written in Cipher; or, The Skein Jack Barry Unravelled
6. The No-Good Boys; or, Downing a Tough Name
7. Kicked Off the Earth; or, Ted Trim's Hard Luck Cure
8. Doing It Quick; or, Ike Brown's Hustle in Panama
9. In the 'Frisco Earthquake; or, Bob Bragg's Day of Terror
10. We, Us, & Co.; or, Seeing Life with a Vaudeville Show
11. Cut Out for an Officer; or, Corporal Ted in the Philippines
12. A Fool for Luck; or, The Boy Who Turned Boss
13. The Great Gaul "Beat"; or, Phil Winston's Start in Reporting
14. Out for Gold; or, The Boy Who Knew the Difference
15. The Boy Who Balked; or, Bob Brisbane's Big Kick
16. Slicker Than Silk; or, The Smoothest Boy Alive
17. The Keg of Diamonds; or, After the Treasure of the Caliphs
18. Sandow, Junior; or, The Boy who Looked Puny
19. Won by Bluff; or, Jack Mason's Marble Face
20. On the Lobster Shift; or, The Herald's Star Reporter
21. Under the Vendetta's Steel; or, A Yankee Boy in Corsica
22. Too Green to Burn; or, The Luck of Being a Boy
23. In Fool's Paradise; or, The Boy Who Had Things Easy
24. One Boy in a Million; or, The Trick That Paid
25. In Spite of Himself or, Serving the Russian Police
26. Kicked into Luck; or, The Way Nate Got There
27. The Prince of Opals; or, The Man-Trap of Death Valley
28. Living In His Hat; or, The Wide World His Home
29. All for President Diaz; or, A Hot Time in Mexico
30. The Easiest Ever; or, How Tom Filled a Money Barrel
31. In the Sultan's Eye; or, Beating the Porte's Game
32. The Crater of Gold; or, Dick Hope's Find in the Philippines
33. At the Top of the Heap; or, Daring to Call His Soul His Own
34. A Lemon for His; or, Nat's Corner in Gold Bricks
35. By the Mikado's Order; or, Ted Terrill's "Win Out" in Japan
36. His Name was Dennis; or, The Luck of a Green Irish Boy
37. Volunteer Fred; or, From Fireman to Chief
38. Neptune No. 1; or, The Volunteer Fire Boys of Blackton
39. Hook, Ladder, and Pike; or, The Life Savers of Freehold
40. Columbia's Pet; or, A Fireman at 17
41. Young Wide Awake; or, The Fire Boys of Belmont
42. Young Wide Awake's Biggest Blaze; or, Saving a Burning City
43. Young Wide Awake's Life-Line; or, The Narrowest Escape on Record
44. Young Wide Awake's Hook and Ladder Work; or, The Maniac Fire Fiend of Belmont
45. Young Wide Awake's Bucket Brigade; or, Trapping a Fire Bug
46. Young Wide Awake Smoke-Bound; or, Daring Work with the Life Net
47. Young Wide Awake's Pikemen; or, Hemmed in by Smoke and Flame
48. Young Wide Awake's Scaling Ladders; or, The Boy Life-Saver's Greatest Victory
49. Young Wide Awake's Fire Line; or, A Boy Fireman's Nerve in Mid-Air
50. Young wide Awake's Axe Brigade; or, Hewing His Way to a Fire's Heart
51. Young Wide Awake's Still Alarm; or, At Bay with Blazing Oil
52. Young Wide Awake's Nozzleman Grit; or, The Midnight Call from Box 14
53. Young Wide Awake's Champion Climber; or, Fighting the Flames Without Water
54. Young Wide Awake's Fire Mask; or, Life Saving at Red Heat
55. Young Wide Awake's Hose Carriage Dash; or, The Belmont Boys' Best Run
56. Young Wide Awake's Hand Grenades; or, Cut Off by the Flame Demon
57. Young Wide Awake and the Rival Fire Boys; or, Fighting for Honors
58. Young Wide Awake's Dynamite Crew; or, Blowing up a Burning Village
59. Young Wide Awake's Fire Test; or, The Belmont Boys' Greatest Stroke
60. Young Wide Awake's Fire Patrol; or, Running Down a Desperate Gang
61. Young Wide Awake's Longest Leap; or, Swift Work with the Life-Lines
62. Young Wide Awake's Signal Call; or, Fire Fighting to the Last Ditch
63. Young Wide Awake's Cascade of Flame; or, Within an Inch of a Fiery Death
64. Young Wide Awake's Fire Fight; or, Holding up the Belmont Life Savers
65. Young Wide Awake's Bravest Rescue; or, Snatching Victims from Death's Jaws
66. Young Wide Awake's Junior Firemen; or, Skip and Ted at Their Best
67. Young Wide Awake's Big Reward; or, Caught in a Blazing Wreck
68. Young Wide Awake's Powder Mill Blaze; or, Breaking Through a Wall of Flame
69. Young Wide Awake and the Fire Queen; or, At the Mercy of a Fiend
70. Young Wide Awake's Battle with Neptune No. 2; or, The Mean Trick of Rivals
71. Young Wide Awake's Lightning Truck Work; or, Daring Death with Ladders
72. Young Wide Awake's Steeple Blaze; or, The Hardest Work of All
73. Young Wide Awake and the "Fire Flies"; or, Winning a Losing Fight
74. Young Wide Awake's Ladder Rush; or, The Crack Work of Washington No. 1
75. Young Wide Awake's General Alarm; or, Meeting the Neptune on Their Own Ground
76. Young Wide Awake's Mascot Chum; or, Terry Rourke's Bravest Deed
77. Young Wide Awake and the Train Wreck; or, Saving Life at Wholesale
78. Young Wide Awake's Clean Victory; or, Fighting Fire to the Limit
79. Young Wide Awake Above the Flames; or, Through a Roasting Ordeal
80. Young Wide Awake in Danger; or, Baffled by a Fire-Bug
81. Young Wide Awake's Daring Deed; or, The Last Chance for Life
82. Young Wide Awake's Factory Fire; or, Caught in a Death Trap
83. Young Wide Awake's Rope Crew; or, The Belmont Fire Boys' Pluck
84. Young Wide Awake and the Maniac; or, After the Insurance Crooks
85. Young Wide Awake's False Alarm; or, The Fire Captain's Narrowest Escape
86. Young Wide Awake's Mysterious Fire; or, Almost at Death's Door
87. Young Wide Awake Over a Volcano; or, The Trick of the Mad Chemist
88. Young Wide Awake and the Frozen Hydrants; or, Fire Fighting in a Blizzard
89. Young Wide Awake's Well Won Medal; or, Winning Fire Department Honors
90. Young Wide Awake's Call for Help; or, Shut off from His Comrades
91. Young Wide Awake at the Firemen's Ball; or, Parading in the Face of Death
92. Young Wide Awake's Daring Dive; or, Hot Work at a Mill Fire
93. Young Wide Awake Beating the Flames; or, The Fire at the Gas Works
94. Young Wide Awake's Battle for Life; or, Facing a Forlorn Hope
95. Young Wide Awake's Defiance; or, The Bravest Deed on Record
96. Young Wide Awake and the Hose Slashers; or, Scaling a Wall of Fire
97. Young Wide Awake's Greatest Peril; or, Locked in a Burning Building
98. Young Wide Awake's Nerve; or, Fire Fighting Against Big Odds
99. Young Wide Awake's Trumpet Call; or, A Bold Fight to Save a Life
100. Young Wide Awake and the Blind Girl; or, The Fire at the Asylum
101. Young Wide Awake in a Snare; or, Putting Out a Dozen Fires
102. Young Wide Awake at the Burning Bridges; or, Baffling the "Brotherhood of Vengeance"
103. Young Wide Awake Saving a Million Dollars; or, The Mystery of a Bank Blaze
104. Young Wide Awake's Boy Helper; or, The Young Volunteers of Belmont
105. Young Wide Awake's Terror; or, Brave Work in a Burning Coal Mine
106. Young Wide Awake's Race with Death; or, Battling with the Elements
107. Young Wide Awake's Courage; or, The Capture of the "Norwich Six"
108. Young Wide Awake's Little Pard; or, The Boy Hero of the Flames
109. Young Wide Awake's Fiery Duel; or, Teaching the Neptunes a Lesson
110. Young Wide Awake and the Old Vet; or, Working Shoulder to Shoulder
111. Young Wide Awake's Dangerous Deal; or, The Only Chance for Life
112. Young Wide Awake and the Factory Boys; or, The Feat That Made Him Famous
113. Young Wide Awake's Secret Enemies; or, The Plot to Destroy the City
114. Young Wide Awake's Sudden Fear; or, The Fireman's Trick That Won the Day
115. Young Wide Awake and the Wreckers; or, Saving the Government Mail
116. Young Wide Awake's Plucky Drive; or, Bridging a Chasm of Fire
117. Young Wide Awake and the Briber; or, The Test That Makes a Man
118. Young Wide Awake's Artful Dodge; or, Placing Enemies on the Defense
119. Young Wide Awake Solving a Mystery; or, Hunting Down the Fire Thieves
120. Young Wide Awake's Drawn Battle; or, Breaking Even with the Neptunes
121. Young Wide Awake in the House of Death; or, The Mystery of a Big Blaze
122. Young Wide Awake and the "Night Prowlers"; or, The Fire at the Cartridge Works
123. Young Wide Awake's Wild Ride; or, Fighting Fire in Lincoln
124. Young Wide Awake's Closest Call; or, The Blaze at Riverside Inn
125. Young Wide Awake's Gritty Battle; or, Fighting Down a Hotel Fire
126. Young Wide Awake's Heroism; or, The State Firemen's Tournament
127. Young Wide Awake's Latest Recruit; or, Snatching His Captain from Death
128. Young Wide Awake and the "Sylvia"; or, Saving Life on the River
129. Young Wide Awake's Leap in the Dark; or, Capturing the "League of 3"
130. Young Wide Awake's Hazard; or, Stopping a Theatre Fire
131. Young Wide Awake off His Guard; or, Caught in a Warehouse Blaze
132. Young Wide Awake's Best Deed; or, Saving the Life of His Sweetheart
133. Young Wide Awake's Deadly Peril; or, Good Work at an Insane Asylum
134. Young Wide Awake's Struggle in the Dark; or, Trapped in a Flooded Cellar
135. Young Wide Awake's Swift Run; or, Saving the Midnight Express
136. Young Wide Awake's Last Chance; or, Rescued from Certain Death
137. Dick Daresome's Schooldays; or, The Victory of the New Boy
138. Dick Daresome and the Midnight Hazers; or, Turning the Tables on His Enemies
139. Dick Daresome's Bold Rescue; or, Saving the Academy Girls
140. Dick Daresome and the Burglars; or, Risking His Life for a Room-mate
141. Dick Daresome Missing; or, The Academy Girls to the Rescue
142. Dick Daresome's Fight for Honor; or, Clearing a School Suspicion
143. Dick Daresome's Quarrel; or, Showing Up a Coward
144. Dick Daresome's Fatal Error; or, Trapped by an Envious School-Mate
145. Dick Daresome's Ice Victory; or, Skating a Race Against Death
146. Dick Daresome's Struggle for Leadership; or, Getting Ahead of His Rivals
147. Dick Daresome's "Flying Gull"; or, Winning the Ice-Boat Contest
148. Dick Daresome and the Village Toughs; or, A Battle Against Odds
149. Dick Daresome's Hockey League; or, Winning Out for Merrivale
150. Dick Daresome's Man Hunt; or, A Ten-Mile Chase after Robbers
151. Dick Daresome's Dark Days; or, Tricked by a Boy's Deceit
152. Dick Daresome's Wild Toboggan Ride; or, Daring Sport on the Mountain Side
153. Dick Daresome and the Lynchers; or, The Fight for an Innocent Man
154. Dick Daresome Hunted Down; or, Caught in the Clutches of the "Night Caps"
155. Dick Daresome's Cross Country Run; or, Winning Out by a Head
156. Dick Daresome's Perilous Swim; or, A Daring Rescue from the Whirlpool
157. Dick Daresome's Lost Cause; or, Queered by His Belleville Rival
158. Dick Daresome's champion Pitching; or, Saving the Day for Merrivale
159. Dick Daresome's Rowing Match; or, The Prize Oarsman of Merrivale
160. Dick Daresome's Mistake; or, Losing a Game to Belleville
161. Dick Daresome's Shooting Match; or, The Prize Score of the Academy
162. Dick Daresome and the Gipsy King; or, Saving His Sweetheart
163. Dick Daresome in Camp; or, In the Woods with His School
164. Dick Daresome's Summer Baseball Nine; or, New Victories for Merrivale
165. Dick Daresome's Canoe Race; or, Paddling for the Championship
166. Dick Daresome and the Old Hermit; or, A Struggle with a Maniac
167. Dick Daresome's Hunting Trip; or, Rivalry with Rod and Gun
168. Dick Daresome and the Lumbermen; or, Rescued from a Log Jam

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