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Series - Wide Awake Library

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Alternate Title: Five Cent Wide Awake Library
Publishers: Frank Tousey (New York (N.Y.): 34 and 36 North Moore St.) -- United States
Frank Tousey (New York (N.Y.): 29 West 26th St.) -- United States
Frank Tousey (New York (N.Y.): 18 Rose Street) -- United States
Frank Tousey (New York (N.Y.): 180 William Street) -- United States
Frank Tousey (New York (N.Y.): 116 Nassau Street) -- United States
Frank Tousey (New York (N.Y.): 20 Rose Street) -- United States
Tousey & Small (New York (N.Y.): 116 Nassau Street) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (B&W)
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Complete Listing Available

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1878-1898
Approximate Number of Issues: 1437.


1. Tom Brown's Schooldays
11. Tommy Bounce
12. Shorty; or, Kicked into Good Luck
13. Wide awake library vol. 1, no. 13 (The Devil's diamond, or, The fortunes of Richard of the Raven's crest and 3 more items)
17. Dick Turpin, the Highwayman
17 (replacement title). The marked moccasin, or, Pandy Ellis' pard
18. Gulliver's Travels
20. The Mulcahey twins
28. Harry Hale
29. One of the Boys of New York; or, The Adventures of Tommy Bounce
39. Paul Jones
42. Wide awake library vol. 1, no. 42 (Dot boy Fritz and 2 more items)
44. Mark Grayham; or, The boy wanderers of the desert
45. Starboard Jack, or, Nimble reefer of the schoolship Mercury
50. Corkey, or, The tricks and travels of a supe
52. Wide awake library vol. 1, no. 52 (Dick Lightheart's Trials and 2 more items)
56. Shorty, Jr.; or, The Son of His Dad
68. Mulligan's boy
76. Wide awake library vol. 1, no. 76 (Harkaway afloat and 1 more item)
80. Harkaway and the Black Band
81. Harkaway and the brigands
84. Wide awake library vol. 1, no. 84 (Harkaway and the Italians; or, The Brigand's Doom and 3 more items)
85. Dick Lightheart at sea
86. Dick Lightheart around the world
87. Dick Lightheart in London
127. Shorty Jr. on His Ear; or, Always on a Racket
130. Wide awake library vol. 1, no. 130 (Clarence Rhett, or, The cruise of a privateer and 2 more items)
135. Jim Jams, or, Jack of all trades
146. Unlucky Tom
147. Lathy; or, The Funny Adventures of a Thin Boy
148. The Sea Fiends
149. Under the Ocean
151. Wide awake library vol. 1, no. 151 (Red Leary, the Bill Poster; or, The Murder on the Pier and 1 more item)
157. Shorty and the Count; or, The Two Great Unmashed
163. Young Harkaway and the pirates
164. Harkaway's triumph
165. Harkaway on Magic Island
169. Harkaway to the rescue
176. Harkaway, the avenger
178. Harkaway in Australia
180. Harkaway and the bushrangers
183. Chips and Chin Chin
183 (replacement title). Wide awake library vol. 1, no. 183 (Chips and Chin Chin, the two orphans)
184. Chips and Chin Chin among the Mormons
184 (replacement title). Wide awake library vol. 1, no. 184 (Chips and Chin Chin, the two orphans)
185. Chips and Chin Chin's adventures with Indians
185 (replacement title). Brave Bryan, the Hero of Corinth
186. Chips and Chin Chin in Omaha
186 (replacement title). Union Dick in Gettsyburg
187. Chips and Chin Chin in St. Louis
187 (replacement title). Up the Steep; or, Giant Joe at Mission Ridge
188. Chips and Chin Chin in New York
188 (replacement title). Loyal Heart; or, Out of the Jaws of Death
194. The red circle
195. The nemesis, or, Tracked to their doom
198. Satan's Three; or, The King of the Broad Palm
199. The School on Wheels
217. Stump
217 (replacement title). Wide awake library vol. 1, no. 217 (Stump, or, "Little, but, oh, my!")
218. Stump at School
218 (replacement title). Wide awake library vol. 1, no. 218 (Stump, or, "Little, but, oh, my!")
219. Stump at Sea
219 (replacement title). The Mystery of the Sand Dunes
220. Stump and Jack Hawser
220 (replacement title). The Yankee Privateer
221. Stump's Racket Below Decks
221 (replacement title). The War Tiger
222. Stump and His Chums Homeward Bound
222 (replacement title). Rebel Cruiser; or, The Blue Jackets of Seventy-Six
223. Three of a Kind
224. Adventures of Charlie, Mike and Don
229. Adrift on a Floating Island
230. Fred Hazle
258. Cripple Charley
265. London Bob
266. An English boy in America
270. Cadger Con
272. Highfalutin Jim
281. Shoo-Fly; or, Nobody's Moke
281 (replacement title). Shoo-Fly; or, Nobody's Moke. Part I
282. Shoo-Fly at School
282 (replacement title). Shoo-Fly; or, Nobody's Moke. Part II
283. Shoo-Fly in Love
284. Shoo-Fly the Gymnast
294. Lance, the lion
300. Bob Short, or, One of our boys
309. Harry Fitzroy
310. The heart of oak
314. The Spectre Schoolboy and other stories (The Spectre Schoolboy)
315. The Headsman of Old London Bridge
316. Harold Forrester
317. Mat o' the Mist
318. Eveline Duke
319. Mark Bradley
320. Driven to Sea
321. Routing the Redskins
322. Tom Fox
323. Adventures of a Philadelphia Detective
324. Richard Savage
325. The Mystery of a Misspent Life
326. Double-Six
327. The Dominoes of Death
328. Gipsy Bess
329. The Queen of the Highway
330. Rudolph, the Traitor
331. The Boy Cavaliers
332. Young Captain Kidd
333. The Secret of Wizard Lake
334. The Prairie Witch
335. The Hunters of the Silver Trail
336. Traveling with Barnum
337. Three dashing Hussars
343. Sir Guy's secret
344. The fortunes of an acrobat
388. Yellow Chief; or, The Half-Blood's Vengeance. A Romance of the Rocky Mountains
401. The Red River pilot
417. Ebenezer Crow
431. The Grimsdale ghost and other stories
434. Shorty in Search of His Dad
446. Long-Paw, the Mysterious Hunter. A Backwoods Yarn
457. The Wolf of the Waves. A Tale of the Pirates of Old
460. Zola, the Old Trapper's Daughter. A Story of the Southwest
461. The Shortys' Trip around the World
462. Locomotive Bill, the Giant Engineer
466. The Unknown Scout
469. The League of Blue
470. Tumbling Tim; or, Traveling with a Circus
474. "27;" or, The House of Many Doors
476. Wide awake library vol. 1, no. 476 (Stuttering Sam and 1 more item)
479. The James Boys in Minnesota
479 (replacement title). Young Lynx, the Amateur Detective
482. The Phantom of the Waves
484. Tommy Bounce, Jr.; or, A Chip of the Old Block
488. The Twin Boy Scouts. A Story of the Wyoming Massacre
490. Sumter's Aide. A Story of the American Revolution
492. The James boys at Cracker Neck
495. The Irish Claude Duval as a Rebel
497. The Shortys Married and Settled Down. A Sequel to all the Shorty Stories
503. Tommy Bounce, Jr. in College
505. Out with the Jeannette, or, Two years among the icebergs
506. Captain Tom Drake; or, The Young Privateers
514. The James Boys and Timberlake
514 (replacement title). The Young Sharpshooters of the Rebellion
515. Fighting Joe, or, The game man of the plains
522. Bob Rollick; or, What Was He Born For?
523. North Woods Tom, the athlete hunter
530. Bob Rollick, the Yankee Notion Drummer
534. The Shortys out for fun
537. Wide awake library vol. 1, no. 537 (The Shortys' Christmas and New Year at home and 8 more items)
541. The Steam Man of the Plains; or, The Terror of the West
552. Privateer Tom
554. Billy, the Bootblack; or, The Trump Card Last
563. Extree Nick, the New York Newsboy
565. Custer's Last Shot; or, The Boy Trailer of the Little Horn
575. Nimble Nip; or, The Imp of the School
576. King Morgan, the Terror of the Seas. A Tale of the Pirates of Old
583. Doomed, or, The Secret League of Boston
584. The maniac rider, or, The mystery of Hawkeswood Grange
587. The phantom avenger; or, Dick Darling in Montana
594. Dick the shadow, or, The mysterious trails of the backwoods
598. Cheeky and Chipper, or, Through thick and thin
602. Arkansaw Bill, the Indian spy
611. Hildebrandt Fitzgum, or, My quiet little cousin
618. The Chief of the Delawares
630. The Shortys out Gunning
634. The lighthouse on the rock
635. Sassy Sam Sumner
641. Cast up By the Waves; or, The Adventures of a Boy Crusoe
652. Young Davy Crockett; or, The Hero of Silver Gulch
665. The Shortys' country store
676. Cast up, or, Adventures on the briny deep
679. Little Mike Malloy, the pride of the Irish coast
687. Joseph Jump and his old blind nag
689. Jack Hawser's tavern
711. The haunted pioneer, or, Fighting for Texas
721. Jack o' the plains, or, The headless Mazeppa
727. Muldoon's vacation
737. The forest mystery
740. The book agent's luck
746. The Shorty Kids; or, Three Chips of Three Old Blocks
753. Mike McGuinness, or, Traveling for pleasure
760. Muldoon's Night School
768. Sam Spry, the New York Drummer; or, Business before Pleasure
777. The little joker, or, Always ready for fun
784. Muldoon the Fireman
786. The Twelve Owls; or, The Secret Band of Chicago
793. Those Quiet Twins
806. The Waifs of New York
824. A Rolling Stone; or, Jack Ready's Life of Fun
844. Little Blind Joe, or, The sharks of New York
847. The Shortys in the wild west
852. The Boy Crusoes; or, The Young Castaways of the Pacific
856. The Shortys' Christmas snaps
865. Smart & Co., the Boy Peddlers
873. Behind the Scenes; or, Out with a New York Combination
878. Young Captain Tom Drake, or, In search of the pirates' home
879. A bad boy's note-book
899. Muldoon's Boarding House
912. Bulger Boom, the inventor
916. Muldoon's Brother Dan
931. Muldoon Out West
933. Senator Muldoon
935. Frank Reade, Jr. in the Far West; or, The Search for a Lost Gold Mine
939. Our Landlord; or, Life in French Flats
945. The boy in red, or, The czar's masked messenger
959. Muldoon's Baseball Club
963. Muldoon's base ball club in Boston
963. Muldoon's Baseball Club in Boston
967. Muldoon abroad
971. Muldoon's Baseball Club in Philadelphia
972. The mystery of the fire-ship, or, A brave boy sailing-master
973. The Boy Bicycle Scouts; or, On the Wheel among the Redskins. A Thrilling Story of the Wild West Country
979. Little Tommy Bounce; or, Something Like His Dad
983. Muldoon's picnic
991. The boy wrecker, or, The young pilot of the breakers
1002. Jack and Jim, or, Rackets and scrapes at school
1004. The mysterious light-ship, or, The smugglers of the death-coast
1011. The traveling dude, or, The comical adventures of Clarence Fitz Roy Jones
1013. The Yankee Yacht Club; or, Around the World by Water
1016. Muldoon's Trip Around the World. A Very, Very Funny Story
1020. Frank Reade, Jr., and his Electric Air Yacht; or, The Great Inventor among the Aztecs
1021. Two Boy Wanderers; or, The Chums of the Lost Island
1024. The comical adventures of two dudes
1032. Tom Topp; or, Fighting Against Fiends. A Romance of India
1034. Dick Dart; or, The Fiend of the Revenue Cutter
1036. Around the World in a Sail Boat
1041. A Ship on Wheels; or, The Wonder of Hurricane Coast. A Legend of the Isthmus
1045. "7"; or, Dismal Swamp. A Story of the Great South
1047. Billy Moss; or, From One Thing to Another
1059. The Deacon's Boy; or, The Worst in Town
1060. The Phantom Light-House; or, The Mystery of the Storm Coast
1064. The Specter of the Pueblo; or, The Phantom Hand
1069. Johnny Brown & Co. at School; or, The Deacon's Boy at His Old Tricks
1075. Jim, Jack and Jim; or, Three Hard Nuts to Crack
1084. The Two Boy Clowns; or, A Summer with a Circus
1090. Young Dick Plunket; or, The Trials and Tribulations of Ebenezer Crow
1092. Among the Amazons; or, A Thrilling Story of the Interior of Africa
1093. Afloat in a tiger's den, a or, The wreck of the menagerie ship
1096. Frank Reade, Jr. and His Electric Coach; or, The Search for the Isle of Diamonds
1099. Dandy Dan of Deadwood betrayed, or, The vultures of Montana
1102. Muldoon's hotel
1104. Fergus of the Flail; or, Fighting for Land and Life
1106. The Boy Scout
1107. Muldoon in Ireland, or, The solid man on the old sod
1111. Buffalo Bill, Jr. and His Band of Deadshots
1118. The Young Rip Van Winkle
1119. The lost gold raft, or, A perilous cruise for a floating treasure
1120. Sharp, Swift and Spry; or, Three Jolly Peddlers
1121. The 'Forty-Niners; or, The Pioneer's Daughter. A Tale of the Great Sierras
1123. Young King Crusoe, or, The treasure-trove of Falcon Key
1128. Young Perry, the Hero of 1812. An Exciting Privateer Yarn
1130. The actor's son
1131. The Ocean Wolf
1138. Green Mountain Joe, the Old Trapper of Malbro Pond
1140. Adrift in the Treetops
1142. The Mysterious Man of the Mountains. A Story of the Hudson River
1143. In the Sea of Ice
1146. Adrift in a haunted lake, or, The mystery of a lost war-ship
1147. The Arkansas scout
1148. The Wolf Boys of Michigan. A Story of the Great North-West
1149. The Boy Nihilist; or, Young America in Russia. A True Tale of To-day
1150. Daniel Boone's best shot; or, The perils of the Kentucky pioneers
1151. The Parson's Boy; or, The Innocent One of the Family. A Story of the Adventures of a Natural Born Ventriloquist
1152. The game cock of Deadwood
1154. Little Buffalo Bill; or, the Boy Scout of the Rio Del Norte
1157. Kit Carson's Little Scout; or, The Renegade's Doom
1159. The Men in Green
1163. Wide awake library vol. 2, no. 1163 (Boarding School Scrapes; or, The Rackets of a Young Ventriloquist)
1164. Wide awake library vol. 2, no. 1164 (Boarding School Scrapes; or, The Rackets of a Young Ventriloquist)
1166. Rob Rudder, the Boy Pilot of the Mississippi
1168. Muldoon's flats
1170. Nick and Jed, the King Trappers of the Border
1172. The Demon of the Deep; or, Above and Beneath the Sea
1182. Sea-Dog Charlie; or, The Adventures of a Boy Hero
1183. The Shortys on the Road; or, In the Old Business Just for Fun
1190. The gallant middy, or, Captured by pirates
1192. Under the gallows
1193. The gold hunters of Mexico, or, The prairie phantom
1200. The blasted pine, or, Three boy scouts
1204. Denver Dan, and his Mystic Band. A Tale of the Far West
1205. Denver Dan and the road agents
1206. Denver Dan and the counterfeiters
1208. Denver Dan the sheriff
1209. Denver Dan to the rescue, or, The mountaineer's stratagem
1210. Denver Dan and his chums
1212. The Twin Boy Scouts. A Story of the Wyoming Massacre
1213. Prairie Phil, or, The panther of the platte
1214. Trapper Duke, or, The female avenger
1215. Black and blue, or, Nick Wharton on the war-path
1221. North Woods Tom, the athlete hunter
1222. Lighthouse Lem, or, The mystery of Deadman's Reef
1224. Lasso Luke, or, The three prairie pards
1225. Jack Harkaway's Schooldays
1226. Jack Harkaway afloat
1227. Jack Harkaway among the savages
1228. Jack Harkaway's escape
1229. Jack Harkaway at Oxford
1230. Jack Harkaway and the Black Band
1232. Jack Harkaway and the spy
1233. Jack Harkaway trapped
1234. Jack Harkaway and the Italians; or, The Brigand's Doom
1235. Jack Harkaway and his son's adventures round the world
1236. Jack Harkaway and his son homeward bound
1238. Jack Harkaway's triumph
1239. Jack Harkaway on Magic Island
1240. Jack Harkaway's peril
1241. Jack Harkaway to the rescue
1242. Jack Harkaway, the magician
1243. Jack Harkaway, the avenger
1244. Jack Harkaway in Australia
1245. Jack Harkaway and the convicts
1246. Jack Harkaway and the bushrangers
1247. Young Jack Harkaway and his boy tinker
1248. Tinker's man, Bogey
1249. Young Jack Harkaway in Spain
1250. Young Jack Harkaway in Turkey
1252. Young Jack Harkaway and the Arabs
1253. Young Jack Harkaway and the counterfeiters
1254. Dick Lightheart
1256. Dick Lightheart's Triumphs
1257. Dick Lightheart at sea
1261. Joe Dodger, the Boy Ventriloquist
1262. Little Mac, the Boy Engineer; or, Bound to Do His Best
1263. The marked moccasin, or, Pandy Ellis' pard
1264. Tom Brown's Schooldays
1266. Ferret, the little detective, or, The man of many faces
1267. Chased around the world, or, The detective's mistake
1268. Master of himself, or, A boy's fight in the world
1269. Young Jack Harkaway and the idols of gold
1271. On Deck; or, The Boy Pilot of Lake Erie
1275. Long-Paw, the Mysterious Hunter. A Backwoods Yarn
1276. The young engineer, or, Fighting against odds
1278. The Sea Fiends; or, Under the Ocean
1280. Fred Hazle, or, Adrift on a floating island
1281. Young Jack Harkaway and the pearl divers of Ceylon
1282. Stuttering Mose, or, The old scout of the Revolution
1285. Young Jack Harkaway in the land of tigers
1286. Denver Dan, Jr., and his band of deadshots
1290. Smokestack Bob, the Hero of the Rail. A Story of our Daring Railway Men
1292. Denver Dan, Jr., and the renegade
1293. The Mad Hunter; or, The Mystery of the Beaver Dam. A Thrilling Tale of the Northwest
1295. Sumter's Aide. A Story of the American Revolution
1299. Bluejacket, the Boy Scout of the Wilderness. A Romance of Thrilling Interest
1307. Young Lynx, the Amateur Detective
1310. Young Jack Harkaway and the dervishes of the Nile
1311. Red River Bill, the prince of scouts
1313. Sam Sharpe at school
1316. Hugo, the Texan; or, The Demons of the Alamo. A Tale of the Lone Star State in Davy Crockett's Days
1317. Matt Merry, or, The life of the school
1321. His last cent, or, How Joe Dutton made his fortune
1322. Young Jack Harkaway in the wilds of Siberia
1323. The Ocean Wolf
1324. Buffalo Bill, Jr., and his band of dead shots
1325. Billy Button, the young clown and bareback rider
1327. From errand boy to lawyer, or, Bound to be at the top
1330. Young Jack Harkaway in Arabia
1331. A Southern boy in New York, or, Bound to make his money
1332. The actor's son
1333. Tick Tack, the Messenger Boy; or, Sharp Work for a Million. A Story of New York
1334. Young Jack Harkaway fighting the pirates of the Red Sea
1353. The boy in red, or, The czar's masked messenger

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