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Beadle's Boy's Library of Sport, Story and Adventure (Ivers edition)

1. Deerhunter, the Boy Scout of the Great North Woods; or, Old Rattler, the Red River Epidemic
3. Kit Carson, King of Guides; or, Mountain Paths and Prairie Trails
4. Gordon Lillie, the Boy Interpreter of the Pawnees. A Story of Thrilling Adventures East and West
5. Bruin Adams, Old Grizzly's Boy Pard. Scenes of Wild Adventure in the Life of the Boy Ranger of the Rocky Mountains
6. Deadwood Dick as a Boy; or, Why Wild Ned Harris, the New England Farm Lad, Became the Western Prince of the Road
7. Adventures of Wild Bill, the Pistol Prince, from Early Boyhood to his Tragic Death: Deeds of Daring, Adventures, and Thrilling Incidents in the Life of J.B. Hikok, known to the World as Wild Bill
8. The Prairie Ranch; or, The Young Cattle Herders
9. Roving Joe: The History of a "Border Boy." Brief Scenes from the Life of Joseph E. Badger, Jr.
12. Mariposa Marsh; or, The Golden Treasure of Spring Steel
13. Roving Ben. A Story of a Young American who Wanted to See the World
14. Spring Steel, King of the Bush
15. Wide-Awake George, the Boy Pioneer; or, Life in a Log Cabin
16. The Boy Wizard; or, The Silver-Land Seekers
20. Trapper Tom, the Wood Imp; or, Old Tomahawk's Scalp-Hunt
21. Yellow Hair, the Boy Chief of the Pawnees. The Adventurous Career of Eddie Burgess of Nebraska
30. Paul DeLacy, the French Beast Charmer; or, New York Boys in the Jungles. A Story of Adventure, Peril and Sport in Africa
36. The Dashing Dragoon; or, The Story of Gen. George A. Custer from West Point to the Big Horn
37. Night-Hawk George, and his Daring Deeds and Adventures in the Wilds of the South and West