The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Waverley Library (octavo edition)

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Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York: No. 98 William Street) -- United States of America
Category: Format : Reprint Library

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1884-1886
Approximate Number of Issues: 117
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1. A bride of a day, or, The mystery of Winifred Leigh
2. The Girl Wife; or, The True and the False
3. Was it Love? or, Collegians and Sweethearts
4. Married in haste, or, A young girl's temptation
5. Will She Marry Him? or, The Masked Bride
6. His Lawful Wife; or, Myra, the Child of Adoption
7. A Fair Face; or, Out in the World
8. A Mad Marriage; or, The Iron Will
9. A Daughter of Eve; or, Blinded by Love
10. The Broken Betrothal; or, Love Versus Hate
11. The Bride of an Actor; or, Driven from Home
12. A Pair of Gray Eyes; or, The Emerald Necklace
13. Without a Heart; or, Walking on the Brink
14. Alone in the World; or, The Young Man's Ward
15. Motherless, or, The farmer's sweetheart
16. The secret marriage, or, A duchess in spite of herself
17. Sister against sister, or, The rivalry of hearts
18. Heart to heart, or, Fair Phyllis's love
19. Sold for gold, or, Almost lost
20. Entangled, or, A dangerous game
21. Sybil Chase; or, The Gambler's Wife
22. Trust Her Not; or, A True Knight
23. Sinned against, or, The Winthrop pride
24. A loyal lover, or, The last of the Grimspeths
25. The Country Cousin; or, All is Not Gold that Glitters
26. His Idol; or, The Ill-Starred Marriage
27. Flirtation, or, A young girl's good name
30. Charlotte Temple
31. The Little Heiress; or, Under a Cloud
33. In Spite of Herself; or, Jeanette's Reparition
34. Her Face was Her Fortune
35. The Cuban Heiress; or, The Prisoner of La Vintresse
37. The Winged Messenger; or, Risking All For A Heart
39. One Woman's Heart; or, Saved from the Street
40. Love-Mad; or, Betrothed, Married, Divorced and ——
42. The Bouquet Girl; or, A Million of Money
44. The Ebon Mask; or, The Mysterious Guardian
47. The Creole Sisters; or, The Mystery of the Perrys
49. The wife's secret, or, 'Twixt cup and lip
51. Led Astray
52. Homeless, or, Two orphan girls in New York
53. The Maniac Bride; or, The Dead Secret of Hollow Ash Hall
54. Pledged to marry, or, In love's bonds
55. Cecil's Deceit; or, The Diamond Legacy
56. Beatrice, the beautiful, or, His second love
57. Without Mercy
58. The baronet's secret, or, The rival half-sisters
59. Agnes Hope, the Actress; or, The Romance of a Ruby Ring
60. A widow's wiles, or, A bitter vengeance
61. Did He Love Her?
62. Almost in his power, or, More sinned against than sinning
63. She did not love him, or, Stooping to conquer
64. Bessie Raynor, The Work Girl; or, The Quicksands of Life
65. A brave girl, or, Sunshine at last
66. Lord Roth's Sin, or, Betrothed at the Cradle
67. A wicked heart, or, The false and the true
68. His heart's mistress, or, Love at first sight
69. The only daughter, or, Brother against lover
70. Why I married him?, or, The woman in gray
71. Honor bound, or, Sealed to secrecy
72. A Man's Sin; or, His Lawful Wife
73. His own again, or, Trust her not
75. A brother's sin, or, Flora's forgiveness
76. Because she loved him, or, How will it end?
77. A strange marriage, or, John Foster's heiress
78. For the woman he loved, or, Fateful links
79. Forbidden bans, or, Alma's disguised prince
80. Two young girls, or, The bride of an earl
81. A point of honor, or, Diamond cut diamond
82. A woman's witchery, or, Through much tribulation
83. A scathing ordeal, or, May Langley's mad marriage
84. Outwitted by herself, or, A mother's scheme
85. What jealousy did, or, The heir of Worsley Grange
86. A woman's maneuver, or, Purse, not heart
87. A fateful game, or, Wedded and parted
88. A ministering angel, or, Royal Thornleigh's mistake
89. Haunted Hearts; or, The Broken Betrothal
90. Buying a heart, or, A fair martyr
91. A desperate venture, or, For love's own sake
92. Under a cloud, or, A daughter's suspicion
93. The cost of a folly, or, Mistaken love
94. He loves me not, or, A cruel falsehood
95. What she cost him, or, Crooked paths
96. A bitter mistake, or, A young girl's folly
97. Parted by treachery, or, After clasp of wedded hands
98. Tempted through love, or, One woman's error
99. The hand of fate, or, The wreck of two lives
100. Her guardian's sacrifice, or, A name in the balance
101. Put to a test, or, A fortune hunter's fate
102. A sister's crime, or, Which loved him best?
103. Is love a mockery?, or, Revenge is sweet
104. A willful wife, or, Which was to blame?
105. The beautiful demon, or, More bitter than death
106. A young girl's ordeal, or, "I love you still"
107. Her evil genius, or, Drifting on the tide
108. A perilous pledge, or, Mad for love
109. Passion's reprisal, or, The bargain between them
110. A hasty marriage, or, Was she an adventuress?
111. Cherry, or, A daughter of the South
112. An idol of clay, or, The love that never was told
113. A thorny path, or, Playing to win
114. In the balance, or, A shadowed love
115. In his power, or, The shadow of a crime
116. Almost won, or, For her father's sake

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