The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Waverley Library (Octavo edition)

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Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York (N.Y.): No. 98 William Street) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 117
Dates: May 27, 1884 - August 17, 1886
Schedule: Weekly
Columns: 2
Price: 5¢ each ($2.50 per year)
Size: 8 1/2" x 6"
Pages: 32
Illustrations: Black and white pictorial cover
Physical Description: When the octavo edition reproduced a work from the quarto edition, the illustrations were typically recreated with zinc engravings, or updated to be "more satisfactory," per Johannsen.
Notes / Commentary: As of May 27, 1884, these octavo editions replaced the quarto edition of the Waverly Library
Primary Data Source: Johannsen
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. A Bride of a Day; or, The Mystery of Winifred Leigh. A Poor Girl's History
2. The Girl Wife; or, The True and the False
3. Was it Love? or, Collegians and Sweethearts
4. Married in Haste; or, A Young Girl's Temptation
5. Will She Marry Him? or, The Masked Bride
6. His Lawful Wife; or, Myra, the Child of Adoption
7. A Fair Face; or, Out in the World
8. A Mad Marriage; or, The Iron Will
9. A Daughter of Eve; or, Blinded by Love
10. The Broken Betrothal; or, Love Versus Hate
11. The Bride of an Actor; or, Driven from Home
12. A Pair of Gray Eyes; or, The Emerald Necklace
13. Without a Heart; or, Walking on the Brink
14. Alone in the World; or, The Young Man's Ward
15. Motherless; or, The Farmer's Sweetheart
16. The Secret Marriage; or, A Duchess in Spite of Herself
17. Sister Against Sister; or, The Rivalry of Hearts
18. Heart to Heart; or, Fair Phyllis's Love
19. Sold for Gold; or, Almost Lost
20. Entangled; or, A Dangerous Game
21. Sybil Chase; or, The Gambler's Wife
22. Trust Her Not; or, A True Knight
23. Sinned Against; or, The Winthrop Pride
24. A Loyal Lover; or, The Last of the Grimspeths
25. The Country Cousin; or, All is Not Gold that Glitters
26. His Idol; or, The Ill-Starred Marriage
27. Flirtation; or, A Young Girl's Good Name
28. Now and Forever; or, Why Did She Marry Him?
29. Orphan Nell, the Orange Girl; or, The Lost Heir
30. Charlotte Temple
31. The Little Heiress; or, Under a Cloud
32. Leap Year; or, Why She Proposed
33. In Spite of Herself; or, Jeanette's Reparition
34. Her Face was Her Fortune
35. The Cuban Heiress; or, The Prisoner of La Vintresse
36. Only a Schoolmistress; or, Her Untold Secret
37. The Winged Messenger; or, Risking All For A Heart
38. Was She a Coquette? or, A Strange Courtship
39. One Woman's Heart; or, Saved from the Street
40. Love-Mad; or, Betrothed, Married, Divorced and ——
41. For Her Dear Sake; or, Saved from Himself
42. The Bouquet Girl; or, A Million of Money
43. Mariana, the Prima Donna; or, Roses and Lilies
44. The Ebon Mask; or, The Mysterious Guardian
45. Lucy Temple
46. The Three Sisters; or, The Mystery of Lord Chalfont
47. The Creole Sisters; or, The Mystery of the Perrys
48. A Marriage of Convenience; or, Was He a Count?
49. The Wife's Secret; or, 'Twixt Cup and Lip
50. Sir Archer's Bride; or, The Queen of His Heart
51. Led Astray
52. Homeless; or, Two Orphan Girls in New York
53. The Maniac Bride; or, The Dead Secret of Hollow Ash Hall
54. Pledged to Marry; or, In Love's Bonds
55. Cecil's Deceit; or, The Diamond Legacy
56. Beatrice, the Beautiful; or, His Second Love
57. Without Mercy
58. The Baronet's Secret; or, The Rival Half-Sisters
59. Agnes Hope, the Actress; or, The Romance of a Ruby Ring
60. A Widow's Wiles; or, A Bitter Vengeance
61. Did He Love Her?
62. Almost in His Power; or, More Sinned Against than Sinning
63. She Did Not Love Him; or, Stooping to Conquer
64. Bessie Raynor, The Work Girl; or, The Quicksands of Life
65. A Brave Girl; or, Sunshine at Last
66. Lord Roth's Sin; or, Betrothed at the Cradle
67. A Wicked Heart; or, The False and the True
68. His Heart's Mistress; or, Love at First Sight
69. The Only Daughter; or, Brother Against Lover
70. Why I Married Him? or, The Woman in Gray
71. Honor Bound; or, Sealed to Secrecy
72. A Man's Sin; or, His Lawful Wife
73. His Own Again; or, Trust Her Not
74. Adria, the Adopted; or, The Mystery of Ellesford Grange, An American Romance
75. A Brother's Sin; or, Flora's Forgiveness
76. Because She Loved Him; or, How Will it End?
77. A Strange Marriage; or John Foster's Heiress
78. For the Woman He Loved; or, Fateful Links
79. Forbidden Bans; or, Alma's Disguised Prince
80. Two Young Girls; or, The Bride of an Earl
81. A Point of Honor; or, Diamond Cut Diamond
82. A Woman's Witchery; or, Through much Tribulation
83. A Scathing Ordeal; or, May Langley's Mad Marriage
84. Outwitted by Herself; or, A Mother's Scheme
85. What Jealousy Did; or, The Heir of Worsley Grange
86. A Woman's Maneuver; or, Purse, Not Heart
87. A Fateful Game; or, Wedded and Parted
88. A Ministering Angel; or, Royal Thornleigh's Mistake
89. Haunted Hearts; or, The Broken Betrothal
90. Buying a Heart; or, A Fair Martyr
91. A Desperate Venture; or, For Love's Own Sake
92. Under a Cloud; or, A Daughter's Suspicions
93. The Cost of a Folly; or, Mistaken Love
94. He Loves Me Not; or, A Cruel Falsehood
95. What She Cost Him; or, Crooked Paths
96. A Bitter Mistake; or, A Young Girl's Folly
97. Parted by Treachery; or, After Clasp of Wedded Hands
98. Tempted Through Love; or, One Woman's Error
99. The Hand of Fate; or, The Wreck of Two Lives
100. Her Guardian's Sacrifice; or, A Name in the Balance
101. Put to a Test; or, A Fortune Hunter's Fate
102. A Sister's Crime; or, Which Loved Him Best?
103. Is Love a Mockery? or, Revenge is Sweet
104. A Willful Wife; or, Which was to Blame?
105. The Beautiful Demon; or, More Bitter Than Death
106. A Young Girl's Ordeal; or, "I Love You Still"
107. Her Evil Genius; or, Drifting on the Tide
108. A Perilous Pledge; or, Mad for Love
109. Passion's Reprisal; or, The Bargain Between Them
110. A Hasty Marriage; or, Was She an Adventuress?
111. Cherry; or, A Daughter of the South
112. An Idol of Clay; or, The Love that Never was Told
113. A Thorny Path; or, Playing to Win
114. In the Balance; or, A Shadowed Love
115. In His Power; or, The Shadow of a Crime
116. Almost Won; or, For Her Father's Safe
117. A Life's Secret; or, Who Was She?

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