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Series - Waverley Library (quarto edition)

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Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York: No. 98 William Street) -- United States of America
Category: Format : Reprint Library

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1879-1894
Approximate Number of Issues: 236
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1. The masked bride, or, Will she marry him?
2. Was it love?, or, Collegians and sweethearts
3. The girl wife, or, The true and the false
4. A brave heart, or, Startlingly strange
5. Bessie Raynor, the work girl, or, The quicksands of life
6. The secret marriage, or, A duchess in spite of herself
7. A daughter of Eve, or, Blinded by love
8. Heart to heart, or, Fair Phyllis' love
9. Alone in the World; or, The Young Man's Ward
10. A pair of gray eyes, or, The emerald necklace
11. Entangled, or, A dangerous game
12. His Lawful Wife; or, Myra, the Child of Adoption
13. Madcap, the little Quakeress, or, The naval cadet's wooing
14. Why I married him?, or, The woman in gray
15. A Fair Face; or, Out in the World
16. Trust her not, or, A true knight
17. A loyal lover, or, The last of the Grimspeths
18. His idol, or, The ill-starred marriage
19. The broken betrothal, or, Love versus hate
20. Orphan Nell, the orange girl, or, The lost heir
21. Now and forever, or, Why did she marry him?
22. The bride of an actor, or, Driven from home
23. Leap year, or, Why she proposed
24. Her face was her fortune
25. Only a schoolmistress, or, Her untold secret
26. Without a Heart; or, Walking on the Brink
27. Was she a coquette?, or, A strange courtship
28. Sybil Chase, or, The gambler's wife
29. For her dear sake, or, Saved from himself
30. The bouquet girl, or, A million of money
31. A mad marriage, or, The iron will
32. Mariana, the prima donna, or, Roses and lilies
33. The three sisters, or, The mystery of Lord Chalfont
34. A marriage of convenience, or, Was he a count?
35. Sinned against, or, The Winthrop pride
36. Sir Archer's bride, or, The queen of his heart
37. The country cousin, or, All is not gold that glitters
38. His own again, or, Trust her not
39. Flirtation, or, A young girl's good name
40. Pledged to marry, or, In love's bonds
41. Blind devotion, or, Love against the world
42. Beatrice, the beautiful, or, His second love
43. The baronet's secret, or, The rival half-sisters
44. The only daughter, or, Brother against lover
45. Her hidden foe, or, Love at all odds
46. The little heiress, or, Under a cloud
47. Because she loved him, or, How will it end?
48. In spite of herself, or, Jeannette's reparation
49. His heart's mistress, or, Love at first sight
50. The Cuban heiress, or, The prisoner of La Vintresse
51. Two young girls, or, The bride of an earl
52. The Winged Messenger; or, Risking All For A Heart
53. Agnes Hope, the actress, or, The romance of a ruby ring
54. One woman's heart, or, Saved from the street
55. She did not love him, or, Stooping to conquer
56. Love-mad, or, Betrothed, married, divorced, and -
57. A brave girl, or, Sunshine at last
58. The Ebon Mask; or, The Mysterious Guardian
59. A widow's wiles, or, A bitter vengeance
60. Cecil's Deceit; or, The Diamond Legacy
61. A wicked heart, or, The false and the true
62. The Maniac Bride; or, The Dead Secret of Hollow Ash Hall
63. The Creole sisters, or, The mystery of the Perrys
64. What jealousy did, or, The heir of Worsley Grange
65. The wife's secret, or, 'Twixt cup and lip
66. A brother's sin, or, Flora's forgiveness
67. Forbidden bans, or, Alma's disguised prince
68. Waverley library vol. III, no. 68 (Weavers and Weft and 1 more item)
69. Camille; or, The Fate of a Coquette
70. The Two Orphans
71. My young wife
72. The Two Widows
73. Rose Michel, or, The trials of a factory girl
74. Waverley library vol. III, no. 74 (Cecil Castlemaine's gage, or, The story of a broidered shield and 2 more items)
77. Christian Oakley's mistake
78. My young husband, or, A confusion in the family
79. A Queen Amongst Women
80. Her Lord and Master
81. Lucy Temple
82. A Long Time Ago
83. Playing for High Stakes
84. The Laurel Bush
85. Led Astray
86. Janet's Repentance
87. The Romance of a Poor Young Man
88. A terrible deed, or, All for gold
89. A Gilded Sin
90. The Author's Daughter
91. Waverley library vol. IV, no. 91 (The Jilt and 2 more items)
92. Eileen Alanna, or, The dawning of the day
93. Love's Victory
94. The quiet heart
95. Waverley library vol. IV, no. 95 (Lettice Arnold and 2 more items)
96. Haunted Hearts; or, The Broken Betrothal
97. Hugh Melton
98. Alice Learmont
99. Marjorie Bruce's Lovers
100. Through Fire and Water
101. Hannah
102. Peg Woffington
103. A desperate deed
104. Shadows on the Snow
106. From Dreams to Waking
107. Poor Zeph!
108. The sad fortunes of the Rev. Amos Barton
109. Bread-and-cheese and kisses
111. The brothers' bet, or, Within six weeks
113. Paul and Virginia
117. The wayside cross, or, The raid of Gomez
121. The King of No-Land
136. Was she his wife?
138. Poor Valeria! or, The broken troth
142. Fleeing from Love
143. Waverley library vol. VI, no. 143 (The Wronged Heiress; or, The Vultures of New York, A Weird Romance of the Great Metropolis and 2 more items)
145. Two girls' lives
147. The war of hearts
149. An Ambitious Girl; or, She Would Be an Actress
151. A wild girl, or, Love's glamour
153. Did she sin? or, A man's desperate game
155. Winning ways, or, Kitty Atherton's double troth
157. A girl's heart
158. A bitter mistake, or, A young girl's folly
159. Lady Helen's vow, or, The mother's secret
160. Buying a heart, or, A fair martyr
161. Pearl of Pearls; or, Clouds and Sunbeams
162. A fateful game, or, Wedded and parted
163. The Creole cousins, or, False as fair
164. A scathing ordeal, or, May Langley's mad marriage
165. A strange girl, a New England love story
166. A man's sin, or, His lawful wife
167. The hand of fate, or, The wreck of two lives
168. Two fair women, or, Under the surface
169. Tempted through love, or, One woman's error
170. Blind Barbara's secret, or, The history of a heart
171. A woman's witchery, or, Through much tribulation
172. Black eyes and blue
173. The cost of a folly, or, Mistaken love
174. The Pretty Puritan; or, The Mystery of the Torn Envelope
175. Is love a mockery?, or, Revenge is sweet
176. Adria, the adopted, or, The mystery of Elesford Grange
177. For the woman he loved, or, Fateful links
178. The locked heart, or, Sir Caryl's sacrifice
179. Parted by treachery, or, After clasp of wedded hands
180. Was she a wife?, or, The proof of love
181. Under a cloud, or, A daughter's suspicion
182. An American queen, or, The heart of gold
183. A point of honor, or, Diamond cut diamond
184. Pursued to the altar
185. Put to a test, or, A fortune hunter's fate
186. The Terrible Truth; or, The Thornhurst Mystery
187. Outwitted by herself, or, A mother's scheme
188. Florette, child of the street, or, A pearl beyond price
189. Her guardian's sacrifice, or, A name in the balance
190. Pretty and proud, or, The gold-bug of Frisco
191. A woman's maneuver, or, Purse, not heart
192. The bitter feud, or, The fateful legacy
193. Breaking the fetters, or, The gypsy's secret
194. The mysterious guardian, or, Little Claire, the opera singer
195. In the balance, or, A shadowed love
196. Jule, the Jewess, or, The miser millionaire
197. A sister's crime, or, Which loved him best?
198. Wilma Wilde, or, The inheritance of hate
199. The beautiful demon, or, More bitter than death
200. Morley Beeches, or, Girlish charms and golden dowers
201. A young girl's ordeal, or, "I love you still"
202. Her evil genius, or, Drifting on the tide
203. Passion's reprisal, or, The bargain between them
204. Elegant Egbert, or, The gloved hand
205. A ministering angel, or, Royal Thornleigh's mistake
206. Ouida's Love; or, From Generation to Generation
207. A hasty marriage, or, Was she an adventuress?
208. Bowie, the knight of chivalry, or, What a woman will do
220. Going to the bad
225. The doom of the dancing-master
235. Margoun, the Strange; or, Gilbert Grayling's Young Wife
236. Wife or Widow? or, Ethelind Erle's Enemy

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