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Series - Beadle's Boy's Library of Sport, Story, and Adventure (Octavo edition)

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Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York: No. 98 William Street) -- United States of America
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (B&W)

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1884-1890
Approximate Number of Issues: 320
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14. The Ticket of Leave's Trick; or, Spring Steel, King of the Bush
15. Wide-Awake George, the Boy Pioneer; or, Life in a Log Cabin
16. The boy wizard, or, The silver-land seekers
17. Peter Peppergrass, the greenhorn from Gotham, and his comical adventures in the country
18. Beadle's boy's library of sport, story, and adventure (Octavo edition) no. 18 (Adrift on the Prairie; or, The Adventures of Four Young Nimrods and 1 more item)
19. The fortune-hunter, or, Roving Joe as miner, cowboy, trapper and hunter
20. Trapper Tom, the wood imp, or, Old Tomahawk's scalp-hunt
21. Yellow Hair, the Boy Chief of the Pawnees
22. The snow-trail, or, The boy hunters of fur-land
23. Old Grizzly Adams, the bear tamer, or, "The monarch of the mountains"
24. Woods and waters, or, The exploits of the Littleton Gun Club
25. A rolling stone
26. Red River Rovers; or, Life and adventure in the Northwest
35. Old Tar Knuckle and his boy chums, or, The monsters of the Esquimaux border
36. The dashing dragoon, or, The story of Gen. George A. Custer
38. The boy exiles of Siberia, or, The watch-dog of Russia
40. Smart Sim, the lad with a level head, or, Two boys who were 'bounced'
41. The settler's son, or, Adventures in wilderness and clearing
42. Walt Ferguson's cruise
43. Rifle and revolver, or, The Littleton Gun Club on the buffalo range
44. The lost boy whalers, or, In the shadow of the North Pole
45. Bronco Billy, the saddle prince
46. Dick, the stowaway, or, A Yankee boy's strange cruise
47. The Colorado boys, or, Life on an indigo plantation
48. The pampas hunters, or, New York boys in Buenos Ayres
49. The adventurous life of "Nebraska Charlie," (Charles E. Burgess,) the boy "medicine-man" of the Pawnees
50. Jack, Harry and Tom, the three champion brothers, or, Adventures of three brave boys with the tatooed pirate
51. The young land-lubber, or, Prince Porter's first cruise
52. The boy detectives, or, The young Californians in Shanghai
53. Honest Harry, or, The country boy adrift in the city
54. California Joe, the mysterious plainsman
55. Tip Tressell, the floater, or, Fortunes and misfortunes on the Mississippi
56. The Snow Hunters; or, Winter in the Woods
57. Harry Somers, the sailor-boy magician, or, The old bo'sen's strange land cruise
58. The adventurous life of Captain Jack (John W. Crawford), the border boy
59. Lame Tim, the mule boy of the mines, or, Life among the black diamonds
60. The young trail hunters, or, New York boys in grizzly land
61. The tiger hunters, or, The Colorado boys in elephant-land
62. Doctor Carver, the "evil spirit" of the plains, or, The champion shot of the world
63. Black Horse Bill, the bandit wrecker, or, Two brave boys to the rescue
64. Young Dick Talbot, or, A boy's rough and tumble fight from New York to California
65. The boy pilot, or, The island wreckers
72. The Ice Elephant; or, The Castaways of the Lone Coast, A Story of Three Boys in the Frozen North
74. The boy coral-fishers, or, The sea cavern scourge
79. Boone, the hunter, or, The backwoods brothers
80. Kentucky Ben, the long rifle of the Cascades, or, The boy trappers of Oregon
81. The Kit Carson Club, or, Young Hawkeyes in the Northwest
83. Pony Bob, the reckless rider of the Rockies
84. Captain Fly-By-Night, or, The Colorado boys on the war-path
85. Captain Ralph, the young explorer, or, The centipedes among the floes
86. Little Dan Rocks, or, The mountain kid's mission
87. The menagerie hunters, or, Fanny Hobart the animal queen
88. The boy tramps, or, Life among the gipsies
89. Longshore Lije, or, How a rough boy won his way
90. Roving Rifle, Custer's little scout, or, From the plains to West Point
91. Oregon Josh, the wizard rifle, or, The young trapper champion
92. Hurricane Kit, or, Old Lightning on the rampage
93. Jumping Jake, the Colorado circus boy, or, The wicked man of Slashaway Bar
94. Sam Spence, the broadhorn boy, and how he floated into a fortune
95. Moscow to Siberia, or, A Yankee boy to the rescue
96. Fighting Fred, or, The castaways of Grizzly Camp
97. Cruise of the flyaway, or, Yankee boys in Ceylon
98. The boy vigilantes, or, King Cole and his band
99. The White Tigers, or, Silver Rifle, the girl tracker of Lake Superior
100. The snow-shoe trail, or, The forest desperadoes
101. Mariano, the Ottawa girl, or, The mysterious canoe
102. The Flyaway Afloat; or, Yankee Boys 'Round The World
103. Pat Mulloney's adventures, or, Silver Tongue, the Dacotah queen
104. The boy prospector, or, The secret of the Sierra ravine
105. Minonee the wood witch, or, The squatter's secret
106. The boy cruisers, or, Joe and Jap's big find
107. The border rovers, or, Lost on the overland trail
108. Alaska, the wolf-queen, or, The Girty Brothers' double crime
109. Christian Jim, the white man's friend
110. Plucky Joe, the boy avenger, or, Dick Belmont's last ride
111. The border gunmaker, or, The hunted maiden
112. Left-Handed Pete, the double-knife, or, The princess of the Everglades
113. The river rifles, or, The fate of the flatboat
114. Alone on the plains, or, The she eagle's vengeance
115. Silver Horn, and his rifle, Firedeath, or, The boy heroes of the war-path
116. Exploits of Hezekiah Smith, the backwoodsman, or, Mad Anthony's Kentucky Rangers
117. The young mustangers, or, Dick Merry's rangers
118. Old traps, or, The boy rivals
119. Center Shot, the white Crow, or, Roving Rifle's first campaign
120. A hot trail, or, Clark Cloverly among the Tartars
121. Hunter-pard Ben, or, The Wakash's blind lead
122. The Esquimaux' queen, or, The mystery of the lone hut
123. Tim, the boy acrobat, or, Life in the circus ring
124. Queen Bessie, the border girl
125. Tom Tabor, the boy fugitive, or, The young lynch-gang "Wolves"
126. Mink Coat, the death shot, or, The spring of the tiger
127. The deer-hunters, or, Life in the Ottawa country
128. Wolf-Cap, or, The night-hawks of the fire-lands
129. Silverspur, or, The mountain heroine
130. Keetsea, queen of the Plains, or, The Enchanted Rock
131. Wistah, the Child Spy; or, The Old Scout of the Wabash
132. The island trapper, or, The young white-buffalo hunters
133. The Forest Specter; or, The Young Hunter's Foe
134. Wild Nat, the Trooper; or, The Cedar Swamp Brigade
135. The silver bugle, or, The Indian maiden of St. Croix
136. The prairie trapper, or, The child of the brigade
137. The antelope boy, or, Smoholler, the medicine-man
138. Long shot, or, The dwarf guide
139. Colonel Crockett, the bear king
140. Old Pegs, the mountaineer, or, The rival trappers
141. The giant hunter, or, The mad scourge of the Kickapoos
142. Black Panther, the half-blood, or, The slaves of the silver mines
143. Carson, the guide, or, The perils of the frontier
144. Kent, the ranger, or, The fugitives of the border
145. Bill Robbins, hunter, or, The man in green
146. The half-breed rival, or, The tangled trail
147. The Masked Avenger, or, Death on the trail
148. Nat, the Trapper and Indian Fighter
149. The elk demon, or, The giant brothers
150. The boy mustang hunter, or, Eulalie, the beautiful Amazon
151. Frank Yates, the young trapper, or, Mountain Kate's warning
152. Wild Raven, the scout, or, Blanche, the overland maiden
153. Lynx-Cap, or, Four trappers among the Sioux
154. The champion Texan rider, or, Red Buffalo, and the hunter Hercules
155. Dusky Dick's doom, or, Tobe Castor, the old scout
156. Frank Bell, the boy spy, or, The mystery of Crystal Lake
157. Nick Doyle, the gold hunter
158. Kidnapped Dick, or, The fate of the firefly
159. Sam's long trail, or, The twin scouts
160. Hank Triplet's vow, or, The old guide's wrong trail
161. The mad skipper, or, The cruise of the Monongahela
162. The trapper king, or, Old Bear-Paw, the yankee scout
163. Simon Kenton, hunter, or, The renegade's doom
164. The boy chief, or, Frank Bell's compact
165. The trader traitor, or, Old Bark, the marksman
166. Old Jupe's clew, or, The darky detective
167. The young trailer, or, The Black League's plot
168. The Specter Spy; or, The Wizard Canoe
169. Lank Lute, the old Colorado hunter
170. The white wolf, or, Following a trail
171. The swamp guide, or, Canebrake Mose and his dog
172. The yankee peddler, or, Jabez Hawk, the spy
173. The scout, and his young chum
174. Blacksmith Tom's mask, or, The renegade rival
175. The buckskin rider, or, The white scourge
176. The squatter's surprise, or, Frontier life at Squire Bokers
177. Four fellow scouts, or, The unseen hand
178. Old Kit and his comrades, or, The long trail
179. Uncle Grill's disguise, or, Tom Drain, the young ranger
180. The marked miner, or, Jolly Jan, the Dutch trader
181. The wild huntress, or, Old Grizzly, the bear-tamer
182. The dwarf decoy, or, The white steed rider
183. Job Dean's tactics, or, The captain's fair rescuer
184. Yankee Eph's dilemma, or, The scheming suitor foiled
185. The wily witch's ward
186. Frank, the furrier, or, The yankee's magical medicine arrow
187. Diana, the fair mountaineer
188. Jack's snare, or, The Kent boys' plot
189. Sam, the swamp scout
190. The dashing trooper, or, The half-breed's revenge
191. The boy brave, or, Stone Castle's shrewd schemer
192. Sandy Bill, of Texas, or, The White Apache's doom
193. Harry Winkle's long chase, or, The haunted hunter
194. Creeper Cato, the shadow swamp trailer, or, The hunchback of Dead-Man's Forest
195. The ranger detective, or, The scalpless hunter
196. Gypsy Mag, the mountain witch, or, The mysterious mute
197. The branded captain, or, The silent slayer
198. Old Crossfire's crisis, or, Frank Nesbit, the young trailer
199. Zebra Zack, the Texan
200. The nameless hunter, or, The Dacotah scourge
201. The yankee captives
202. Teddy's long trail
203. Old hank, the hermit, or, The captive of the cave
204. Goosehead's best shot, or, The old ranger's long trail
205. The Dutchman's dread, or, Gottlieb and his hunter pard
206. Kit Burt's mask, or, Nick, the scout
207. Eagle-Eyed Tim, or, The crafty captain's plot
208. The village sport, or, The young mechanic's muster
209. Buck Burt's pluck, or, The scouts of the Scioto
210. The tell-tale bullet, or, The outlaw's fate
211. The boy surveyor, or, Rugy, the daring rider
212. Yankee drover swipes, or, The young mustang rider
213. Silver City Tom, or, Blue Belt's barter
214. Nick, the detective, or, The border vagabond's doom
215. Mustang Rider Roy, or, The brigands of Texas
216. The Dakota Dutchman, or, Sharp-Eye's brave band
217. Yankee Josh, the rover, or, Two adventures in the tropics
218. New York Ned in California, or, The brothers of the league
219. Kentucky Kate's shot, or, Border foe's frays
220. 'Frisco Frank's rival, or, The gold cave of Death Valley
221. Doctor Bag, detective, or, Trailer Tom's tact
222. Sly Sam's snare, or, The boy hunter's vow
223. Old Nancy's ward, or, The rustic rifle rangers
224. Rattlepate, the nabob
225. Night-Hawk Bill, or, The New York sportsman's clew
226. The masked maniac, or, The old man's mission
227. Barney's bold brush, or, Three youths in Idaho
228. The Deadwood sports, or, Diamond Dick's deliverance
229. Hans Schmidt, Junior, or, The disguised yankee
230. Lone Star's sure shot, or, the one-armed rival
231. Mark Morgan's mask, or, The girl avenger
232. Billy Broom's first cruise, or, Tom Pintle, the pilot
233. The girl rifle-shot
234. Old Kyle's long tramp, or, Zeke, the renegade
241. Uncle Ephe's boys, or, Archy Gordon's grit
248. Black Jim's doom, or, Billy Bowleg's revenge
249. Morgan, the sea rover, or, The shrewd Scotchman's scheme
250. Zach's ghost trap, or, The haunted house havoc
251. Kyd's bold game, or, The death trail mystery
252. Sancho Sam's shot, or, Fort Binkley's specter riders
253. Crafty Crazy Slack, or, The French fugitive
254. The fighting Quaker, or, The droll darky's dismay
255. The ranger's first cruise, or, The Yankee tar abroad
256. Bob Gage's crew, or, The boys of logger-camp
257. Tommy's fast pacer, or, Searching for "Uncle Josiah"
258. Doc Bell's pluck, or, The Frenchman's fate
259. Rocky Mountain Burt, or, Harry, the furrier's son
260. Reckless Ralph's risk, or, The tell-tale clew
261. Gold Nugget Dick, or, Two boys' good luck
262. Ira's big bonanza, or, Mysterious crazy Tom
263. John Marston, detective, or, The crafty agent's crime
264. Uncle Jerry, the Quaker, or, The schoolmaster's trial
265. The skipper's mate, or, The cruise of the Fire-Fly
266. The girl cowboy captain, or, The skinners of the Carolina swamps
267. Eph, the mimic spy, or, The Frenchman's doom
268. Ralph's last tramp, or, The woodman's recreant rival
269. Sol Steele's grudge, or, The madman of the Miami
270. Jack, the coast detective, or, The disguised captain's clerk
271. Old Gotlieb, the jolly landlord, or, The daring Dutch damsel
272. The boy boomer, or, Pawnee Bill's protege
273. Red Mike's ruse, or, Reginald's reckless rangers
274. Bonny, the Dutch dame, or, The alderman's little protegee
275. Conrad, the ocean king, or, Leon Lorraine's disguise
276. Pat, the plucky sergeant, or, Ralph on the war-path
277. Jack Jordan's pard, or, The Santa Fe hunters
278. Tom, the old tar, or, Jack Northrop's long cruise
279. Dolly's death-shot, or, Dusky Mark, the young wildcat
280. Detective German Joe, or, The Flying Dutchman out west
281. Joe Curd's double, or, The idiot's cunning
282. Nat Dodge, the peddler, or, Black Cato's trick
283. Ned, the stowaway, or, Adrift in Brazil
284. Dan, the darky dwarf, or, Brock and his trained dog
285. The Mexican's double, or, The gypsy's revenge
286. Job Sharp, the detective, or, The counterfeiters entrapped
287. The two middies, or, The buccaneer's ward
288. Rover Dick Dingle, or, The lost boy's disguise
289. Molly, the girl captain, or, The Dutch peddler
290. Detective Dick's pard, or, The New York reporters in Colorado
291. The miser's lost ward, or, Dick Dowles's deal
292. Bullet-proof Nat, or, The wild gulch goblin
293. Harry's good fortune, or, The tricky Texan's claim
294. Tom Swift's cruise, or, The wreck of the Albion
295. The witch of Black Hollow, or, The dragoon's bride
296. Tom Tatters, Detective; or, The Sharpest Boy in Chicago
297. Squatter Dick's oath, or, The bandit's black band
298. Iron-Nerve Despard, or, The man of many disguises
299. Cast Away Jack, or, The boy sailor of the reindeer
313. Dutch Hans' pranks, or, Sylvester Stanton's scare
314. Bald Head, the double dodger, or, The spirit of Storm Lake
315. Nevada Bob's scoop, or, The San Francisco clerk's chase
316. The humbug detective, or, Steele Sharp's doubles
317. Jolly Skipper Jack, or, The young lieutenant's cruise
318. Sharp-Shooter Sam, or, Arran O'Rourke's blunder
319. Beadle's boy's library of sport, story, and adventure (Octavo edition) no. 319 (The white-faced pacer, or, Before and after the battle and 1 more item)

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