The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Victor Series of Paper Books

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Publisher: George Munro's Sons (New York (N.Y.): 17 to 27 Vandewater St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 250
Dates: 1896?
Price: 25ยข
Size: 4 7/8 x 7 1/4"
Pages: 150 to 200
Publisher's Blurb: "These books are all regular 12mo size, printed on heavy paper, all sewed and uniformly bound in attractive paper covers." -- blurb from No. 211.
Physical Description: Plain tan cover containing title and author plus series title and imprint.
Notes / Commentary: Evidently not issued periodically, but issued all at one time.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. The Corsican Brothers
2. As in a Looking Glass
3. Under the Deodars, and Other Tales
4. American Notes
5. The Bottle Imp
6. Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush
7. The Surgeon of Gaster Fell
8. Mr. Meeson's Will
9. Maiwa's Revenge
10. Courting of Dinah Shadd, and Other Stories
11. Mine Own People, and Other Stories
12. The Silver Hatchet, and other stories (The Silver Hatchet)
13. The Mystery of Sasassa Valley and Other Stories (The Mystery of Sasassa Valley)
14. Madame Sans Gene
15. Diary of a Pilgrimage
16. My Friend, the Murderer
17. The Secret of Goresthorpe Grange, and A Case of Identity (The Secret of Goresthorpe Grange and 1 more item)
18. A Man of Mark
19. The Tinted Venus
20. Sappho
21. Matt: A Tale of a Caravan
22. Jet: Her Face or Her Fortune
23. King Solomon's Mines
24. The Master of the Mine
25. Lord Lisle's Daughter
26. The Rabbi's Spell
27. The Dark House
28. Tales of Mean Streets
29. Dream Life
30. Poems by Oscar Wilde
31. Sport Royal
32. L'Abbe Constantin
33. The Picture of Dorian Gray
34. The Captain of the "Polestar"
35. Addie's Husband
36. The Pavilion on the Links
37. Love Letters of a Worldly Woman
38. The Mystery of Cloomber
39. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
40. Kidnapped
41. Dreams
42. The Story of an African Farm
43. Better Dead
44. My Lady Nicotine
45. The Peril of Oliver Sergeant
46. When a Man's Single
47. A Window in Thrums
48. Auld Licht Idylls
49. The Rock or the Rye
50. The Dolly Dialogues
51. Pole on Whist
52. The Dynamiter
53. A Change of Air
54. My Wonderful Wife
55. She's All the World to Me
56. The Master of Ballantrae
57. The Silverado Squatters
58. An Inland Voyage
59. The Misadventures of John Nicholson
60. Prince Otto
61. The Merry Men
62. The Suicide Club
63. The Stickit Minister
64. Treasure Island
65. The Heir of Linne
66. The Sign of the Four
67. A Scandal in Bohemia
68. Beyond the City
69. Vashti and Esther
70. Miss Milne and I
71. Eyre's Acquittal
72. The Southern Star
73. The Water Babies. A Fairy Tale for a Land Baby
74. Piedouche, a French detective
75. Beyond Recall
76. The Amazon
77. A Sinless Secret
78. The Daughter of the Stars, and Other Tales (The Daughter of the Stars)
79. The House on the Marsh
80. Miss Tommy
81. Love and Money; or, A Perilous Secret
82. Lady Clare; or, The Master of the Forges
83. Readiana, Comments on Current Events
84. Ghost of Charlette Gray, and Other Stories
85. The Picture, and Jack of All Trades
86. John Bull and His Island
87. An Old Man's Love
88. The Fisher Village
89. A Husband's Story
90. So Near and Yet So Far
91. The Rosery Folks
92. At the World's Mercy
93. Valerie's Fate
94. The Midnight Sun
95. Dita
96. Old Contrary and Other Stories
97. The New Abelard
98. Around the Galley Fire
99. Little Make Believe
100. An April Day
101. Love's Random Shot
102. Fortune's Wheel
103. The Haunted Man
104. No Thoroughfare
105. Moonshine and Marguerites
106. Her Gentle Deeds
107. Captain Norton's Diary, and A Moment of Madness
108. The Starling
109. The Ducie Diamonds
110. For Himself Alone
111. The Captain's Daughter
112. Love Finds the Way, and Other Stories
113. Promises of Marriage
114. One False, Both Fair
115. She Loved Him
116. A Glorious Fortune
117. Romantic Adventures of a Milkmaid
118. Uncle Jack
119. The Last Rehearsal and Other Stories
120. A Great Heiress; or. A Fortune in Seven Checks
121. The Witching Hour and other stories
122. Master Humphrey's Clock
123. Afternoon and Other Sketches (Afternoon)
124. Monica, and A Rose Distill'd
125. Diamond Cut Diamond
126. Mrs. Carr's Companion
127. The Little School-master Mark
128. Under the Red Flag
129. Reveries of a Bachelor
130. Rose Fleming
131. Erling the Bold
132. The Fire Brigade
133. The Red Eric
134. The Romance of a Poor Young Man
135. A Maiden Fair
136. By the Gate of the Sea
137. A Little Pilgrim
138. The Tour of the World in 80 Days
139. The Hired Baby
140. Singularly Deluded
141. At the Green Dragon
142. Two Generations
143. A Troublesome Girl
144. The Two Orphans
145. Sweet is True Love
146. A Star and a Heart
147. Struck Down
148. Stage-land
149. On Her Wedding Morn
150. The Other Man's Wife
151. A Mad Love
152. A Marriage at Sea
153. The Moment After
154. Loys, Lord Beresford
155. A Little Irish Girl
156. A Little Rebel
157. In Durance Vile
158. The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow
159. Her Only Sin
160. A Golden Heart
161. The Earl's Error
162. Dinna Forget
163. Doris' Fortune
164. Cleverly Won
165. The Haunted Chamber
166. He Went for a Soldier
167. The Mystery of No. 13
168. Derrick Vaughan--Novelist
169. The Shattered Idol
170. Charlotte Temple
171. The House of the Wolf
172. The Honorable Mrs. Vereker
173. Three Men in a Boat
174. Her Last Throw
175. Camille
176. Ideala
177. Black Beauty
178. Maid, Wife, or Widow?
179. Lady Grace
180. Single Heart and Double Face
181. The Squire's Darling
182. The Cricket on the Hearth
183. The Shadow of a Sin
184. My Lady's Money
185. Forging the Fetters
186. A Study in Scarlet
187. The Octoroon
188. The Bag of Diamonds
189. Wedded and Parted
190. Back to the Old Home
191. A Wicked Girl
192. Called Back
193. The Duchess
194. A Rogue's Life
195. Ships that pass in the night
196. Dodo. A Detail of the Day
197. The Man in Black
198. Esther Waters
199. A Yellow Aster
200. The Bachelor of the Albany
201. Klytia: A Story of Heidelberg
202. Boulderstone
203. The Merchant's Clerk
204. Zero. A Story of Monte Carlo
205. Ichabod
206. Led Astray; or, "La Petite Comtesse"
207. Three Sisters
208. A Ride to Khiva
209. The Dead Man's Secret
210. Castle Dangerous
211. The Talk of the Town
212. For Life and Love
213. The Archipelago of Fire
214. Mildred Trevanion
215. The Red Cardinal
216. Miss Bretherton
217. The Surgeon's Daughter
218. Love and Mirage
219. The Armorer's Prentices
220. The House that Jack Built
221. That Terrible Man
222. At Any Cost
223. Diana of the Crossways
224. The Baby
225. Mrs. Vereker's Courier Maid
226. The Family Difficulty
227. A Marriage of Convenience
228. Our Radicals
229. The Polish Jew
230. Phantastes: A Fairie Romnce for Men and Women
231. The Portent
232. In Luck at Last
233. The Prodigals and Their Inheritance
234. A Bit of Human Nature
235. Face to Face, A Fact in Seven Fables
236. A Week in Killarney
237. The Blatchford Bequest
238. Mitchelhurst Place
239. John Bull's Neighbor in Her True Light
240. Omnia Vanitas. A Tale of Society.
241. The Little Savage
242. The Wife's Secret
243. John Hildsworth, Chief Mate
244. More Leaves from the Journal of Life in the Highlands
245. Lella; or, The Siege of Grenada
246. The Lady of Lyons
247. A Tale of the Shore and Ocean
248. What Gold Cannot Buy
249. Merle's Crusade
250. Triumph in Diplomacy, and Other Tales

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