The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - The Up-to-Date Boys' Library

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Alternate Title: The Up to Date Boys' Library
Publisher: Munro's Publishing House (New York (N.Y.): 24 & 26 Vandewater St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)
Dates: September 23, 1899 to June 23, 1900
Schedule: Weekly
Price: 5ยข
Size: 10 1/2 x 7"
Pages: 32
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover
Notes / Commentary: Series began the week after Old Cap. Collier ended. Many issues are Golden Hours serials split in half.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. At Manila With Dewy
2. The Boy Surveyor; or, Geoffrey Leonard's Disinheritance
3. Homeward Bound with Dewey; or, A New England Boy's Plucky Fight
4. Geoffrey Leonard's Triumph; or A New England Boy's Plucky Flight
5. At Devil's Island; or Trying to Rescue Dreyfus
6. Out of Sight; or, The Boy with a Heart of Gold
7. The Anti-Dreyfus League
8. Duke Dalton's Strange Quest
9. The Terry Millions; or, The Burglar's Bride
10. Dick Derby's Double; or, The Boy Kings of Nirwana Island
11. Like the Molineux Case; or, New York's Greatest Poison Mystery
12. Harry Hurlburt's Destiny
13. Slain and Mutilated
14. Poor Paddy
15. Ben Braveheart in Transvaal
16. Paddy's Triumph
17. Ben Braveheart Fighting for the Boers
18. Hank, the Hustler; or, A Brave Boy's Battle for Bread
19. On Secret Service; or, Tracking the Greatest U. S. Bond Forgery
20. The Young Hustler's Reward; or, How Hank Won the Battle
21. The Great Blind Pool Bubble
22. One Boy in a Thousand; or, Yankee to the Backbone
23. Jack Dalton, the Young Engineer
24. A Plucky Yankee Boy
25. The New "Molly Maguires"
26. Barred Out; or, A Race Across the Continent
27. Jack Dalton's Daring Deed
28. Across the Continent; or, The Result of a Queer Race
29. The Dream Slayer Mystery: or, The Professor's Startling Case
30. Chris, the Comedian; or, What Was He Good For?
31. Ben Braveheart Homeward Bound; or, Back from the Transvaal
32. On and Off the Stage; or, The Adventures of a Boy Actor
33. Jack Dalton in the Wilds of Mexico
34. A Son of the Soil; or, The Young Diamond King of Shadow Island
35. Jack Dalton's Wonderful Discovery; or, The Triumph of the Young Engineer
36. The Cave of Diamonds; or, Jack Gilman's Revenge
37. Goebel's Assassin; or, Tracking Kentucky's Greatest Criminal
38. Fighting for a Name; or, The Mystery of a Photograph
39. Ben Braveheart Wrecked; or, Marooned on the Mysterious Saragossa Sea
40. Walter Goodhall's Triumph; or, The Mystery of the Photograph Solved

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