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Series - Beadle's Boy's Library of Sport, Story, and Adventure (Quarto edition)

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Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York: No. 98 William Street) -- United States of America
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (B&W)

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1881-1884
Approximate Number of Issues: 121
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1. Adventures of Buffalo Bill from boyhood to manhood: Deeds of daring and romantic incidents in the life of W. F. Cody, the monarch of bordermen
2. The ocean hunters, or, The chase of Leviathan
4. Beadle's boy's library of sport, story, and adventure (Quarto edition) no. 4 (The Prairie Ranch; or, The Young Cattle Herders and 1 more item)
5. Texas Jack, the mustang king
6. Cruise of the flyaway, or, Yankee boys in Ceylon
7. Roving Joe
8. The Flyaway Afloat; or, Yankee Boys 'Round The World
9. Bruin Adams, Old Grizzly Adams' boy pard
10. The snow-trail, or, The boy hunters of fur-land
11. Old Grizzly Adams, the bear tamer, or, "The monarch of the mountains"
12. Woods and waters, or, The exploits of the Littleton Gun Club
13. A rolling stone: Incidents in the career on sea and land, as boy and man, of Colonel Prentiss Ingraham, soldier, sailor and wanderer
14. Beadle's boy's library of sport, story, and adventure (Quarto edition) no. 14 (Adrift on the Prairie; or, The Adventures of Four Young Nimrods and 1 more item)
15. Kit Carson, King of Guides; or, Mountain Paths and Prairie Trails
16. Red Rovers, or, Life and adventure in the Northwest
17. Plaza and plain, or, Wild adventures of 'Buckskin Sam,' (Major Sam S. Hall), the noted Texan Ranger, scout, guide, ranchero and Indian-fighter of the South-west border
18. Rifle and revolver, or, The Littleton Gun Club on the buffalo range
19. Wide-Awake George, the Boy Pioneer; or, Life in a Log Cabin
20. The dashing dragoon, or, The story of Gen. George A. Custer
21. Deadwood Dick as a Boy; or, Why Wild Ned Harris, the New England Farm Lad, Became the Western Prince of the Road
22. The boy exiles of Siberia, or, The watch-dog of Russia
23. Paul De Lacy, the French Beast Charmer; or, New York Boys in the Jungles
24. The sword prince
25. Round the camp fire, or, Snow bound at "Freeze-out Camp"
26. Snow-Shoe Tom, or, New York boys in the wilderness
27. Yellow Hair, the Boy Chief of the Pawnees
28. Beadle's boy's library of sport, story, and adventure (Quarto edition) no. 28 (Tenting in the North Woods; or, The Chase of the Great White Stag and 1 more item)
29. The fortune-hunter, or, Roving Joe as miner, cowboy, trapper and hunter
30. Walt Ferguson's cruise
31. The boy crusader, or, How a page and a fool saved a king
32. White Beaver, the Indian medicine chief, or, The romantic and adventurous life of Dr. D. Frank Powell, known on the border as "Fancy Frank," "Iron Face," etc., etc
33. Captain Ralph, the young explorer, or, The centipede among the floes
34. The young bear hunters
35. The lost boy whalers, or, In the shadow of the North Pole
36. Smart Sim, the lad with a level head, or, Two boys who were 'bounced'
37. Old Tar Knuckle and his boy chums, or, The monsters of the Esquimaux border
38. The settler's son, or, Adventures in wilderness and clearing
39. Night-Hawk George, and his Daring Deeds and Adventures in the Wilds of the South and West
40. The ice elephant, or, The castaways of the lone coast
41. The pampas hunters, or, New York boys in Buenos Ayres
42. The young land-lubber, or, Prince Porter's first cruise
43. Bronco Billy, the saddle prince
44. The Snow Hunters; or, Winter in the Woods
45. Jack, Harry and Tom, the three champion brothers, or, Adventures of three brave boys with the tatooed pirate
46. The Condor-Killers; or, Wild Adventures at the Equator
47. The boy coral-fishers, or, The sea cavern scourge
48. Dick, the stowaway, or, A Yankee boy's strange cruise
49. Tip Tressell, the floater, or, Fortunes and misfortunes on the Mississippi
50. The adventurous life of "Nebraska Charlie," (Charles E. Burgess,) the boy "medicine-man" of the Pawnees
51. The Colorado boys, or, Life on an indigo plantation
52. Honest Harry, or, The country boy adrift in the city
53. The boy detectives, or, The young Californians in Shanghai
54. California Joe, the mysterious plainsman: The strange adventures of an unknown man, whose real identity, like that of the "Man in the iron mask" is still unsolved
55. Harry Somers, the sailor-boy magician, or, The old bo'sen's strange land cruise
56. Nobody's boys, or, Life among the gipsies
57. The menagerie hunters, or, Fanny Hobart the animal queen
58. Lame Tim, the mule boy of the mines, or, Life among the black diamonds
59. Lud Lionheels, the young tiger fighter, or, The man monster of the isle
60. The young trail hunters, or, New York boys in grizzly land
61. The young mustangers, or, Dick Merry's rangers
62. The tiger hunters, or, The Colorado boys in elephant-land
63. The adventurous life of Captain Jack (John W. Crawford), the border boy
64. The young moose-hunters, or, Trail and camp-fire in the New Brunswick woods
65. Black Horse Bill, the bandit wrecker, or, Two brave boys to the rescue
66. Little Dan Rocks, or, The mountain kid's mission
67. Longshore Lije, or, How a rough boy won his way
68. Flatboat Fred, or, The voyage of the "Experiment"
69. The deer-hunters, or, Life in the Ottawa country
70. Kentucky Ben, the long rifle of the Cascades, or, The boy trappers of Oregon
71. The boy pilot, or, The island wreckers
72. Young Dick Talbot, or, A boy's rough and tumble fight from New York to California
73. Pat Mulloney's adventures, or, Silver Tongue, the Dacotah queen
74. The desert rover, or, Stowaway Dick among the Arabs
75. The border gunmaker, or, The hunted maiden
76. The Kit Carson Club, or, Young Hawkeyes in the Northwest
77. Left-Handed Pete, the double-knife, or, The princess of the Everglades
78. The boy prospector, or, The secret of the Sierra ravine
79. Minonee the wood witch, or, The squatter's secret
80. The boy cruisers, or, Joe and Jap's big find
81. The border rovers, or, Lost on the overland trail
82. Alaska, the wolf-queen, or, The Girty Brothers' double crime
83. The young nihilist, or, A Yankee boy among the Russians
84. Little Rifle, or, The young fur hunters
85. Fighting Fred, or, The castaways of Grizzly Camp
86. Doctor Carver, the "evil spirit" of the plains, or, The champion shot of the world
87. Ruff Robsart and his bear, or, The trail of Little Rifle
88. Pony, the cowboy, or, The young marshal's raid
89. Gaspar, the gaucho, or, Lost on the Pampas
90. Texas Charlie, the boy ranger
91. Moscow to Siberia, or, A Yankee boy to the rescue
92. Boone, the hunter, or, The backwoods brothers
93. Oregon Josh, the wizard rifle, or, The young trapper champion
94. Christian Jim, the white man's friend
95. Plucky Joe, the boy avenger, or, Dick Belmont's last ride
96. Roving Rifle, Custer's little scout, or, From the plains to West Point
97. Hurricane Kit, or, Old Lightning on the rampage
98. Sam Spence, the broadhorn boy, and how he floated into a fortune
99. Little Buck, the boy guide, or, The gold "eye" of Montana
100. Revolver Billy, the boy ranger of Texas
101. The river rifles, or, The fate of the flatboat
102. Captain Fly-By-Night, or, The Colorado boys on the war-path
103. Alone on the plains, or, The she eagle's vengeance
104. Silver Horn, and his rifle, Firedeath, or, The boy heroes of the war-path
105. Exploits of Hezekiah Smith, the backwoodsman, or, Mad Anthony's Kentucky Rangers
106. Jumping Jake, the Colorado circus boy, or, The wicked man of Slashaway Bar
107. Mariano, the Ottawa girl, or, The mysterious canoe
108. Old traps, or, The boy rivals
109. Pony Bob, the reckless rider of the Rockies
110. Center Shot, the white Crow, or, Roving Rifle's first campaign
111. Ethelbert, the shell-hunter, or, The ocean chase
112. A hot trail, or, Clark Cloverly among the Tartars
113. Hunter-pard Ben, or, The Wakash's blind lead
114. The White Tigers, or, Silver Rifle, the girl tracker of Lake Superior
115. The Esquimaux' queen, or, The mystery of the lone hut
116. Tim, the boy acrobat, or, Life in the circus ring
117. Queen Bessie, the border girl
118. Tom Tabor, the boy fugitive, or, The young lynch-gang "Wolves"
119. Mink Coat, the death shot, or, The spring of the tiger
120. The snow-shoe trail, or, The forest desperadoes
121. The boy vigilantes, or, King Cole and his band

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