The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Union Square Library

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Publisher: Norman L. Munro (New York (N.Y.): 14 & 16 Vandewater St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 77 (Highest number seen advertised)
Dates: 1870's and 1880's
Schedule: Not known
Price: 10¢ (most issues) or 20¢ (at least one issue, No. 43)
Size: Not known
Pages: 80
Motto: "The Cheapest Library in the World"
Illustrations: None
Publisher's Blurb: "The Union Square Library is enclosed in a beautifully tinted cover, unlike other cheap libraries, and can be obtained from any Newsdealer or Bookseller or will be sent on receipt of the marked price."
Notes / Commentary: LeBlanc never saw one, and his listing ended at No. 46. No. 49 was added from a copy digitized by Oberlin College. A handwritten amendment to his listing suggests that at least 77 titles existed, though the details are not provided.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Complete Listing Available


1. The Three Guardsmen
2. Twenty Years After
3. John Halifax, Gentleman
4. The Woman in White
5. East Lynne
6. Oswald Cray
7. Jane Eyre
8. The Old Curiosity Shop
9. The Three Spaniards
10. Mrs. Arthur
11. Lady Audley's Secret
12. For A Woman's Sake
13. The Two Orphans
14. After Dark
15. The Wandering Heir
16. A Beggar on Horseback
17. A Terrible Temptation
18. Camille
19. Her Face was Her Fortune
20. The Best of Husbands
21. A Hero
22. Her Lord and Master
23. The Three Strong Men
24. No Name
25. Paul Clifford
26. Alice Learmont
27. An Island Pearl
28. Three Times Dead
29. He Cometh Not", She Said. "
30. Margaret Graham
31. Through Fire and Water
32. Lettice Arnold
33. Hetty
34. The Maid of Killeena
35. Janet's Repentance
36. The Two Widows
37. Twas in Trafalgar's Boy
38. Going to the Bad
39. Playing for High Stakes
40. The King of No-Land
41. Found Dead
42. Valerie
43. A Sinless Crime
44. Mixt with Magic
45. Bread and Cheese and Kisses
46. Merry England
49. Black Sheep

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