The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series People - Union Library

Atkinson, Lieut. W. H.

At Bay; or, Besieged in a Cavern
Captain Ned; or, The Struggle Between Blue and Gray
Walt Collier's Pluck; or, The Cruise of the "Uncle Joe"

Bernard, Louis

For the Union; or, Hale Hobart's Mission
Gun Boat Sam; or, The Boy Diver's Treasure

De Castro, Cal

Farragut's Scout; or, The Brand of the Mississippi

Downing, Major Walter

Billy, the Boy Spy; or, The Young Ventriloquist's Stratagem

Downs, Lieut. Henry

Slippery Milt the Scout; or, Running the Gauntlet of Island No. 10

Fitts, James Franklin, 1840-1890

Plucky Burt; or Bound to Be a Soldier

Frobisher, Mark, Captain

Mura, the Slave; or, The Blockade Runner's Captive

Grant, Albion F., Major

Harvey Dayre; or, Tracked for Life
Loyal Dick; or, The Hunted Major
Mark Morel, the U.S. Detective; or, The Great Draft Riot in New York

Gray, Harold T.

Captain Jack; or, The Spy of Vicksburg

Harbaugh, T. C. (Thomas Chalmers), 1849-1924

Loyal Dick; or, The Hunted Major

Hinckson, W. A.

Dick, the Boy Engineer; or, General Bixby's Trusty Messanger

James, T. P.

Crafty Jack; or, the Perils of Scouting
True Yankee Grit; or, The Young Engineer's Trials
The Yankee Middy; or, On Board a Blockade Runner

Johnson, Captain

Mars' Ra'fe; or, "K" Company's Silken Flag

Merrill, J. M. (James Milford), 1847-1936

Bruce Hardy; or, A Hero for Uncle Sam

Rankin, Arthur L.

Harry and Artie; or, Among the Guerrillas

Redwing, Morris, 1847-1936

Bruce Hardy; or, A Hero for Uncle Sam

Wilson, George B.

Lieutenant George; or, Tracked to His Lair

Zuri, Colonel

Crazy Pete the Avenger; or, Under a Cloud