The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - True Blue

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Publisher: Street & Smith (New York: 81 Fulton St.) -- United States of America
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1898-1899
Approximate Number of Issues: 50
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1. Clif Faraday in New York; or, A Navel Cadet under Fire
2. "Remember the Maine!" or, Clif Faraday's Rallying Cry
3. "Well Done, Porter!" or, Clif Faraday's Torpedo-Boat Command
4. Clif Faraday under Havana's Guns; or, The Stroke for a Capture
5. A Traitor on the Flagship; or, Clif Faraday's Strange Clue
6. The Mysterious Prize; or, Clif Faraday's Strange Clue
7. Clif Faraday's Eventful Cruise; or, In the Enemy's Hands
8. Out of Morro Castle; or, Clif Faraday's Escape
9. Clif Faraday's Test; or, The Mystery of the Unexploded Shell
10. The Shot That Won; or, Clif Faraday's Steady Aim
34. Civilian Against Plebe; or, Trying to Down Clif Faraday
46. The search-light eye; or, Clif Faraday's signal corps

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