The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - True Blue

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Publisher: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 81 Fulton St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)
Issues: 50 (No. 51 was advertised but never published)
Dates: May 14, 1898 to April 22, 1899
Schedule: Weekly
Size: Nos. 1-36: 10 x 6 7/8"; Nos. 37-50: 7 1/4 x 5"
Pages: Nos. 1-36: 32; Nos. 37-50: 64
Motto: "A Weekly Devoted to the Stirring Adventures of Our Boys in Blue"
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover
Publisher's Blurb: "Naval Stories by a Naval Officer. True Blue, the Best Patriotic Naval Library Published. 32 pages Colored Illustrated Cover. Ensign Clarke Fitch, U. S. N., the author of the Famous Clif Faraday Naval Academy Stories, has been engaged exclusively to write for this library. Graphic descriptions of our Naval Battles with the Spanish Fleet told by an eye-witness. Rousing, Dashing Stories of Peril and Adventure in Blockade and Chase. Price 5 cents. For Sale by all Newsdealers."
Major Author(s): Ensign Clark Fitch, U. S. N. (Pseudonym for Upton Sinclair, Weldon J. Cobb, and Enrique Harrison Lewis)
Notes / Commentary: True authors attributed in the listing below were recorded in the Street & Smith ledgers maintained at Syracuse University. Lydia C. Schurman supplied copies of the ledgers.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Complete Listing Available


1. Clif Faraday in New York; or, A Navel Cadet under Fire
2. "Remember the Maine!" or, Clif Faraday's Rallying Cry
3. "Well Done, Porter!" or, Clif Faraday's Torpedo-Boat Command
4. Clif Faraday under Havana's Guns; or, The Stroke for a Capture
5. A Traitor on the Flagship; or, Clif Faraday's Strange Clue
6. The Mysterious Prize; or, Clif Faraday's Strange Clue
7. Clif Faraday's Eventful Cruise; or, In the Enemy's Hands
8. Out of Morro Castle; or, Clif Faraday's Escape
9. Clif Faraday's Test; or, The Mystery of the Unexploded Shell
10. The Shot That Won; or, Clif Faraday's Steady Aim
11. In the Face of Death; or Clif Faraday's Gallantry.
12. Clif Faraday Under Arrest; or, Court-Martialed for Patriotism
13. Clif Faraday at Cardenas; or Hot Shot Where it Did Most Good
14. Caught in a Trap; or Clif Faraday's Terrible Set-Back
15. Saved by the Enemy or Clif Faraday's Desperate Peril
16. Clif Faraday's Hostage; or, To Aid of a Friend
17. Down with his Ship; or, Clif Faraday's Double Capture
18. Up to the Cannon's Mouth; or, Clif Faraday's Perilous Ruse
19. Clif Faraday in Desperate Straits; or, Running the Gauntlet at Santiago
20. The Phantom Cruiser; or, Clif Faraday's Strange Signal
21. Clif Faraday's Plucky Friend; or, The Heroine Nurse of the Navy
22. Holding the Fort; or, Clif Faraday Against a Thousand
23. Through the Enemy's Lines; or, Clif Faraday's Dangerous Mission
24. Clif Faraday's Honor; or, A Pledge to the Enemy
25. Clif's Hour of Peril; or, On Board the Admiral's Flagship
26. Wolves of the Navy; or, Clif Faraday's search for a Traitor
27. Crime of the Trenches; or, Clif Faraday's Last Cartridge
28. Clif Faraday's Telling Blow; or, To Fame and Honor Through Shot and Shell
29. Back to Annapolis; or, Live Times at Home for Clif Faraday
30. Clif Faraday's Disappearance; or, The Naval Cadet's Double Championship
31. The New Plebe Champion; or, Faraday Rights a Serious Wrong
32. Cli Faraday's Crusade; or, The Sky-Rocket Scout of the Cadet Corps
33. Clif Faraday's Night Watch; or, Within a Inch of His Life
34. Civilian Against Plebe; or, Trying to Down Clif Faraday
35. Clif Faraday's Flying Leap; or, The Wonder Boat of Chesapeake Bay
36. Chasing a Cannon-Ball; or, Clif Faraday's Midnight Race
37. Clif Faraday's Strongest Pull; or, Naval Cadets on a Hot Campaign
38. Cadet and Sweetheart; or, Clif Faraday's Danger Call
39. Clif Faraday in Command; or, The Fight of His Life
40. True to His Colors; or, The Dynamite Terror of Chesapeake Bay
41. All for the Navy; or, Faraday's Strange Orders
42. Cadets to the Rescue; or, Faraday's Cordon of Death
43. Heroes Three; or, The Naval Academy Mutineer
44. Hobson, Jr.; or, The Kissing Cadet of Annapolis Academy
45. The Blacklisted Cadet; or, Clif Faraday's Noble Sacrifice
46. The search-light eye; or, Clif Faraday's signal corps
47. The New Cadet; or, Faraday in Strange Company
48. Ten Fathoms Deep; or, Clif Faraday's Intrepid Dive
49. For a Sweetheart's Sake; or, Faraday's Dynamite Duel
50. A Blow for the Service; or, How Faraday Won Promotion
51. Helping the Government; or, Faraday's Treatment of a Traitor

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