The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Tip Top Weekly

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Alternate Title: Tip Top Library
Publishers: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 238 William St.) -- United States
Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 81 Fulton St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)
Issues: 850
Dates: April 18, 1896 to July 27, 1912
Price: 5ยข
Size: 10 1/4 x 6 7/8" (nos. 1-264); 10 3/4 x 8 1/2" (nos. 265-413); 11 x 8" (nos. 414-850)
Pages: 32
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover. (Some of the quarterlies were issued with pink or blue tinted covers).
Publisher's Blurb:

"Tip Top Library will have the best stories that money can secure. Every issue of the Library will contain THIRTY-TWO PAGES and bear a handsome cover, which will be illustrated in colors by a first-class artist, thus making TIP TOP LIBRARY brighter and better than any similar publication in the world. The printing of library covers in colors has never been attempted in this country, but we have secured new presses, at a large expense, for this color printing with the result that every issue will be a work of art. The stories catalogued for the first five numbers are from the pen of the best writer of his class."

From Nos. 262-274:


and the Frank Merriwell Stories

No modern series of tales for boys and youth has met with anything like the cordial reception and popularity accorded to the Frank Merriwell Stories, published exclusively in STREET & SMITH'S TIP TOP WEEKLY, a publication which has to-day a circulation larger than that of all similar weeklies combined. There must be a reason for this, and there is. Frank Merriwell, as portrayed by the author, is a jolly, wholesouled, honest, courageous American lad, who appeals to the hearts of the boys.

He has no bad habits, and his manliness indicates the idea that it is not necessary for a boy to indulge in petty vices to be a hero. Frank Merriwell's example is a shining light for every ambitious lad to follow. See list of late issues on another page.


Notice in No. 264:


Our readers will be pleased to learn that the Tip Top Weekly will be increased in size, beginning with No. 265, issued next week. Special attention is directed to the new Department of Physical Culture, which is sure to prove intensely attractive. It is a crime to be weak, and all who wish to become strong will now learn the secret of doing so. Prizes will be offered to all who wish to enter the Physical Development contest. Read all about it in the next issue.

From Nos. 275-283:


The reason why Tip Top has met with such unprecedented success are innumerable. One thing is certain, however, Tip Top always has something new and surprising to give its readers. TIP TOP now brings forward the latest and greatest surprise of all, FRANK MERRIWELL'S YOUNG BROTHER, DICK! Don't fail to read about him. Frank never knew of his brother's existence until his father sent him this message from his death-bed: "I leave my son, your younger brother, Dick, in your charge. I want you to be a father and a brother to him. I want you to model him after your own life and make him as successful, as honorable and noble as you, my dear son, are, and always have been." Now, let us see how well Frank succeeds. He has found young Dick pretty much as a rough diamond, but Merry has also found other qualities in the young brother which he intends to develop. Dick and Frank are to have many blood-stirring adventures together, and we can safely say that if Frank Merriwell ever has a rival, that rival will be his young brother, DICK MERRIWELL, the history of whose successes, victories and fame, is just beginning in Tip Top. Every one wants to read it.

From Nos. 502-517:

Frank and Dick Merriwell are two brothers whose adventures in college and on the athletic field are of intense interest to the American boy of to-day. They prove that a boy does not have to be a rowdy to have exciting sport.

From Nos. 514-515:

The tales of adventure and school life published in Tip Top are generally admitted to be without a rival. Beware of imitations. There is only one Frank Merriwell and only one Burt L. Standish to write about him. Tip Top contains a department devoted to all kinds of sports in which questions regarding physical development, the best exercises, and all questions of athletic subjects are cheerfully answered by Mr. Standish.

From Nos. 518-521:

Boys, Frank Merriwell has opened a school of physical development. He has gathered all of the old-time comrades about him and their adventures are wonderfully interesting. These are certainly the best tales of athletic adventure.

From Nos. 518-532:


The old popular favorite, Frank Merriwell, has signaled his triumphant return to the pages of TIP TOP, beginning with No. 512, by opening a novel SCHOOL OF ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT where he designs to put into practice some clever schemes he has long entertained, with the idea of building up the constitutions of backward lads. Here, there naturally opens up a glorious opportunity for meeting new characters; while the strange adventures and thrilling situations connected with up-to-date American sports are handled as only Frank Merriwell knows how.

The famous TIP TOP promises great things from this time on to its world-wide circle of admirers, and with this novel field open to such a talented pen, you may rest assured, boys, Burt L. Standish will spread such a feast before you as has never been dreamed of.

Tell all your young friends that Frank has come back to his own, better equipped then ever to arouse the interest and enthusiasm of his vast army of boy readers. Consult the catalogue below for titles.

From Nos. 536-623:

Never has Burt L. Standish written such interesting tales of the adventures of the Merriwell brothers, Frank and Dick, as are now appearing in this weekly. Mr. Standish has a world-wide circle of friends and he is putting forth his best efforts to amuse and entertain them. Boys, you have no idea of what a grand feast he is preparing for you. Tip Top's stories are going to astonish you. Do not fail to get it.

From Nos. 550-565:

Frank Merriwell and his brother Dick are known and loved by over one hundred and fifty thousand of the best boys in the United States. They are both clean-cut, vigorous fellows who dare to do right no matter what the consequences. Get the current number. We are sure you will like it.

Notes / Commentary:

The title changed from Tip Top Library to Tip Top Weekly with No. 46. Early issues were later reissued with the new title and less colorful covers.

With No. 285, the publishers adopted a one title series (Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School) which lasted through No. 301 with 202 chapters. With No. 302, individual titling resumed. Publisher's listings gave these issues titles: first a half title, and then in later listings a full title. These titles appeared in listings only and not on the issues themselves.

An article concisely summarizing the Merriwell Saga can be found in Dime Novel Round-Up, v. 55, no. 1, February, 1986.

From LeBlanc's bibliographic listing: "My heartfelt thanks to all who aided and encouraged me in this endeavor. Especially to Lydia C. Schurman who provided copies of the Street & Smith ledgers; to Capt. Frank C. Acker USN (Ret) who provided information on the Tip Top Quarterly issues; to Carolyn Davis of the George Arents Research Library at Syracuse University for her unstinting cooperation; J. Randolph Cox for his interest and support; and to others who during midnight bull sessions at Popular Culture Association conventions this project was discussed and provided ideas that have been incorporated in its contents."

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Frank Merriwell; or, First Days at Fardale
2. Frank Merriwell's Foe; or, "Plebe" Life in Barracks
3. Frank Merriwell's Medal; or, "Plebe" Life in Camp
4. Frank Merriwell's Rival; or, By Fair Play or Foul
5. Frank Merriwell's Fault; or, False Steps and Fool Snares
6. Frank Merriwell's Frolics; or, Fun and Rivalry at Fardale
7. Frank Merriwell's Mysterious Ring; or, The Man in Black
8. Frank Merriwell's Fag; or, Fighting for the Weak
9. Frank Merriwell's Furlough; or, The Mystery of the Old Mansion
10. Frank Merriwell on His Mettle; or, Field Day at Fardale
11. Frank Merriwell's Fate; or, The Old Sailor's Legacy
12. Frank Merriwell's Motto; or, The Young Life Savers
13. Frank Merriwell in New York; or, Fighting an Unknown Foe
14. Frank Merriwell in Chicago; or, Meshed by Mysteries
15. Frank Merriwell in Colorado; or, Trapping the Train Wreckers
16. Frank Merriwell in Arizona; or, The Mystery of the Mine
17. Frank Merriwell in Mexico; or, The Search for the Silver Palace
18. Frank Merriwell in New Orleans; or, The Queen of Flowers
19. Frank Merriwell's Mercy; or, The Phantom of the Everglades
20. Frank Merriwell's Friend; or, Muriel, the Moonshiner
21. Frank Merriwell's Double; or, Fighting for Life and Liberty
22. Frank Merriwell Meshed; or, The Last of the Danites
23. Frank Merriwell's Fairy; or, The Hermit of Yellowstone Park
24. Frank Merriwell's Money; or, The Queen of the "Queer" Makers
25. Frank Merriwell's Mission; or, The Mystic Valley of the Andes
26. Frank Merriwell's Mysterious Foe; or, Wild Life on the Pampas
27. Frank Merriwell a Monarch; or, The King of Phantom Island
28. Frank Merriwell in gorilla land; or, The search for the missing link
29. Frank Merriwell's magic; or, The pearl of Tangier
30. Frank Merriwell in France; or, The Mystery of the Masked Unknown
31. Frank Merriwell's Feat; or, The Queen of the Bull Fighters
32. Frank Merriwell in London; or, The Grip of Doom
33. Frank Merriwell's venture; or, Driven from Armenia
34. Frank Merriwell in India; or, Hunting the Human Leopards
35. Frank Merriwell's Vow; or, After Big Game in Ceylon
36. Frank Merriwell in Japan; or, The Sign of the Avenger
37. Frank Merriwell's death shot; or, Roughing it in Australia
38. Frank Merriwell in the South Seas; or, The Cast for Life
39. Frank Merriwell Home Again; or, The Mystery of Ethel Driscoll
40. Frank Merriwell at Yale; or, Freshman against Freshman
41. Frank Merriwell's Match; or, the King of the Sophomores
42. Frank Merriwell's Victory; or, The Winning Oar
43. Frank Merriwell's Finish; or, Blue against Crimson
44. Frank Merriwell's Game; or, Snaring the Sharper
45. Frank Merriwell's Great Run; or, Trouncing the Tigers
46. Frank Merriwell's Even Up; or, Squaring the Score
47. Frank Merriwell's "Queen"; or, Blow for Blow
48. Frank Merriwell's Find; or, The Waif of the Train
49. Frank Merriwell's Racer; or, Birds of a Feather
50. Frank Merriwell's Nerve; or, Game to the End
51. Frank Merriwell's Shadow; or, The Mysterious Stranger
52. Frank Merriwell's Dash; or, Yale Against the Field
53. Frank Merriwell's Bicycle Boys; or, The Start across the Continent
54. Frank Merriwell's ride for life, or, Foiling the train destroyers
55. Frank Merriwell's Great Capture; or, Bicycle against Horse
56. Frank Merriwell to the Rescue; or, Through Fire and Water
57. Frank Merriwell's Close Call; or, The Tramp's Token
58. Frank Merriwell's Unknown Friend; or, Old Foes in New Places
59. Frank Merriwell among the Rustlers; or, The Cattle King's Daughter
60. Frank Merriwell's Desperate Drop; or, Wild Adventures in the Rockies
61. Frank Merriwell in the Mines; or, The Blind Singer of Silver Bluff
62. Frank Merriwell among the Mormons; or, The Lost Tribe of Israel
63. Frank Merriwell on the desert; or, The mystery of the skeleton
64. Frank Merriwell's Underground Search; or, Saving a Buried Heiress
65. Frank Merriwell in California; or, The End of the Great Tour
66. Frank Merriwell as a Star; or, Trouble in Junior Theatricals
67. Frank Merriwell's Yacht; or, The Chase Down the Coast
68. Frank Merriwell's Combination; or, The All Round Athletes
69. Frank Merriwell's Red Rival; or, Fun among the Indians
70. Frank Merriwell's Texas Tournament; or, Sports among the Cowboys
71. Frank Merriwell's Nine; or, Surprising the Southern League
72. Frank Merriwell's Shot; or, Out with the Guthrie Gun Club
73. Frank Merriwell's Flyer; or, The Winning Wheel
74. Frank Merriwell's Thoroughbred; or, Honesty Against Crookedness
75. Frank Merriwell's Enemy; or, Rivals of the Blue Ridge
76. Frank Merriwell's Crew; or, The Champions of the Potomac
77. Frank Merriwell's Hunt; or, In at the Death
78. Frank Merriwell's Blow; or, Unmasking a Rascal
79. Frank Merriwell's Return to Yale; or, The Mystery of the Examination Papers
80. Frank Merriwell as "Anchor"; or, The Winning Pull in the Tug of War
81. Frank Merriwell's Initiation; or, The Secret Order of Pi Gamma
82. Frank Merriwell's Sign; or, The Secret of the Silent Student
83. Frank Merriwell as Full Back; or, True to His Colors
84. Frank Merriwell's Duel; or, A Point of Honor
85. Frank Merriwell's Mark; or, Subduing a Bully
86. Frank Merriwell's Secret; or, A Friend in Need
87. Frank Merriwell's Revenge; or, Aroused at Last
88. Frank Merriwell's Capture; or, The Black Schooner
89. Frank Merriwell's Chum; or, The Hand of a Friend
90. Frank Merriwell's Double Shoot; or, Winning in the Box
91. Frank Merriwell's Danger; or, The Shadow of Disgrace
92. Frank Merriwell's Wager; or, Bound to Win
93. Frank Merriwell in Training; or, The Mystery of the Midnight Prowler
94. Frank Merriwell's Courage; or, Loyal to the Last
95. Frank Merriwell at Fardale Again; or, Yale Lads at the Military Academy
96. Frank Merriwell in Camp; or, Frolics with the Fardale Boys
97. Frank Merriwell's Fardale Friends; or, Facing Old Foes
98. Frank Merriwell's Yale Chums; or, The Jolly Dogs of Fardale
99. Frank Merriwell's Choice; or, The Fair Rivals of Fardale
100. Frank Merriwell's Fardale Rackets; or, Yale Lads on a Frolic
101. Frank Merriwell's Courage; or, True Nerve against Bluff
102. Frank Merriwell's Faith; or, The Shadow of a Crime
103. Frank Merriwell's Celebration; or, Last Days at Fardale
104. Frank Merriwell Afloat; or, The Cruise of the White Wings
105. Frank Merriwell under Megunticook; or, With the Knox County League
106. Frank Merriwell's Mystery; or, The Monster of Devil Island
107. Frank Merriwell's Disappearance; or, The Secret of the Island
108. Frank Merriwell Aroused; or, The Bicycle Boys of Belfast
109. Frank Merriwell's Pursuit; or, The Chase of the Stolen Yacht
110. Frank Merriwell's Catch; or, The Canoe Boys Lake Sebasticook
111. Frank Merriwell's Guide; or, Sport around Moosehead Lake
112. Frank Merriwell's Peril; or, The Smugglers of the Border
113. Frank Merriwell's Drift; or, With the Penobscot River Drivers
114. Frank Merriwell's Daring; or, Elsie Bellwood's Sacrifice
115. Frank Merriwell's Fist; or, Bound to Know the Truth
116. Frank Merriwell's Masquerade; or, The Belle of Hurricane Island
117. Frank Merriwell's Misfortune; or, The Start of a New Career
118. Frank Merriwell, Engine Wiper; or, At the Foot of the Ladder
119. Frank Merriwell, Fireman; or, The First Step Upward
120. Frank Merriwell's Opportunity; or, The Ghost of Black Gorge
121. Frank Merriwell's First Run; or, The Chance of his Life
122. Frank Merriwell, Engineer; or, The Turn of Fortune
123. Frank Merriwell's Hard Luck; or, A Slip on the Ladder
124. Frank Merriwell's Advancement; or, Engineer of the Mountain Express
125. Frank Merriwell Held Up; or, The Robbery of the Mountain Express
126. Frank Merriwell's Protege; or, Lending a Helping Hand
127. Frank Merriwell on Strike; or, Saving the Enemy's Property
128. Frank Merriwell as a Ferret; or, Tracking the Train Wreckers
129. Frank Merriwell Accused; or, Reaping the Harvest
130. Frank Merriwell on the Road; or, The All-Star Combination
131. Frank Merriwell's First Part; or, The Start as an Actor
132. Frank Merriwell in Advance; or, Adventures Ahead of the Show
133. Frank Merriwell, Magician; or, For Fun, Fame and Fortune
134. Frank Merriwell's Own Company; or, Barnstorming in the Middle West
135. Frank Merriwell Stranded; or, The Fate of the First Venture
136. Frank Merriwell's New Venture; or, The Finding of Elsie
137. Frank Merriwell's Play; or, Putting on his own Piece
138. Frank Merriwell's Fame; or, The Road to Success
139. Frank Merriwell's father; or, The man with money to burn
140. Frank Merriwell's College Chums; or, Bart Hodge's Wonderful Shot
141. Frank Merriwell's Understudy; or, Helping an Old Friend
142. Frank Merriwell Puzzled; or, The Mystery of Inza
143. Frank Merriwell's Problem; or, The Vanishing of Elsie
144. Frank Merriwell Missing; or, On the Brink of Disaster
145. Frank Merriwell's Disaster; or, The Hand of the Law
146. Frank Merriwell's Fortune; or, The Legacy of the Skeleton
147. Frank Merriwell's Failure; or, High Hopes and Hard Luck
148. Frank Merriwell's Pluck; or, Never Say Die
149. Frank Merriwell's Chance; or, To Make or Break
150. Frank Merriwell Wins; or, The Success of "True Blue"
151. Frank Merriwell Betrayed; or, The Downfall of Hodge
152. Frank Merriwell's Admirers; or, Annoyed by Attentions
153. Frank Merriwell's Prosperity; or, Forging to the Front
154. Frank Merriwell's Great Hit; or, Fighting the Play of Pirates
155. Frank Merriwell's Boom; or, The New York Production
156. Frank Merriwell's Reception at Yale; or, A Hot Time in New Haven
157. Frank Merriwell's Scheme; or, Getting Ready for the Great Trip
158. Frank Merriwell's Nobility; or, The Tragedy of the Ocean Tramp
159. Frank Merriwell's Backer; or, Among London Sports
160. Frank Merriwell's Black Beauty; or, Winning the Derby
161. Frank Merriwell's Sand; or, London Slums at Night
162. Frank Merriwell at Henley; or, Life on a House Boat
163. Frank Merriwell's Caddie; or, The St. Andrews Golf Links
164. Frank Merriwell's Farewell; or, Last Days in Merrie England
165. Frank Merriwell in Paris; or, The Man Without a Name
166. Frank Merriwell Suspected; or, For the Honor of France
167. Frank Merriwell Doomed; or, The Anti-Dreyfus League
168. Frank Merriwell's Friendship; or, The Hot Blood of Youth
169. Frank Merriwell's Return; or, The Unmasking of the Mystery
170. Frank Merriwell's Ball Team; or, Winning the First Game
171. Frank Merriwell's Secret; or, Trying to Steal the Double Shoot
172. Frank Merriwell's Determination; or, Getting the Best of His Foes
173. Frank Merriwell's Injury; or, Hard Luck and Crooked Work
174. Frank Merriwell's Ruse; or, Paid in Their Own Coin
175. Frank Merriwell's Fall; or, Tom, the Tramp Twirler
176. Frank Merriwell's Turn; or, Working the Winning Streak
177. Frank Merriwell's Freak; or, The One-Armed Wonder
178. Frank Merriwell's Bat; or, Saved by an Alibi
179. Frank Merriwell's Skill; or, Fighting for the Lead
180. Frank Merriwell's Confidence; or, Pulling Against the Tide
181. Frank Merriwell's Hit; or, Won in the Ninth
182. Frank Merriwell's Triumph; or, In Front at the Finish
183. Frank Merriwell at Yale Again; or, Battling for the Blue
184. Frank Merriwell's Vim; or, Reawakening the Yale Spirit
185. Frank Merriwell's Automobile; or, Old Friends and New Foes
186. Frank Merriwell's Thrust; or, Taming a Dangerous Foe
187. Frank Merriwell's "Set"; or, Picking up an Outcast
188. Frank Merriwell's Sport; or, The Hazing of Jack Ready
189. Frank Merriwell's Heart; or, A Royal Thanksgiving
190. Frank Merriwell's Drive; or Defeating the Professionals
191. Frank Merriwell's Generosity; or, Square as a Brick
192. Frank Merriwell's Touch; or, Light as a Feather, Yet Heavy as an Iron
193. Frank Merriwell's Holidays; or, A Merry Christmas with Old Friends
194. Frank Merriwell's Stratagem; or, True Friends and False
195. Frank Merriwell's Limit; or, Calling a Halt
196. Frank Merriwell Tested; or, A Doubtful Honor
197. Frank Merriwell's "Flock"; or, The Awakening of Badger
198. Frank Merriwell's Temptation; or, Nothing but Quiet Sport
199. Frank Merriwell's Work; or, In Training for Winter Sports
200. Frank Merriwell's Skates; or, Into the Ice Trap
201. Frank Merriwell's Ice Yacht; or, Wing and Wing
202. Frank Merriwell's Sleigh; or, Warm Hearts and Brave Hands
203. Frank Merriwell's Musketeers; or, The Mountain Vendetta
204. Frank Merriwell's Opponent; or, For the Hockey Cup
205. Frank Merriwell Deceived; or, A Heart of Gold
206. Frank Merriwell's Mishap; or, A Friend in the Guise of a Foe
207. Frank Merriwell's Influence; or, The Mascot of the Crew
208. Frank Merriwell's Theory; or, A Fight for a Friend
209. Frank Merriwell's Five; or, Old Friends at Yale
210. Frank Merriwell's Honor; or, The Nobility of Badger
211. Frank Merriwell's Reward; or, Buck Badger's Humiliation
212. Frank Merriwell's Football; or, The Disappearance of Jack Ready
213. Frank Merriwell's Handicap; or, The Heroism of Elsie
214. Frank Merriwell's Stroke; or, The Test of Friendship
215. Frank Merriwell's Favor; or, True as Steel
216. Frank Merriwell's Phantom; or, The Ghost of Barney Mulloy
217. Frank Merriwell's "Pull"; or, True and Tried
218. Frank Merriwell's "Liner"; or, Elsie, Mascot of the Nine
219. Frank Merriwell's Compact; or, The Triumph of Badger
220. Frank Merriwell's Curves; or, Clipping the Tiger's Claws
221. Frank Merriwell's Discovery; or, The New London Boat Race
222. Frank Merriwell's Athletic Team; or, Sport in the Adirondacks
223. Frank Merriwell's Camp; or, Yale Athletes in the Great North Woods
224. Frank Merriwell's Wrist; or, The Nerve of Iron
225. Frank Merriwell's Throw; or, Yale Athletes at Niagara
226. Frank Merriwell's Wonders; or, Hitting the Eastern League
227. Frank Merriwell's Vault; or, The Blades of Toledo
228. Frank Merriwell's Speed; or, Breaking the Chicago Colts
229. Frank Merriwell's Rough Riders; or, The Athletic Team at Badger's Ranch
230. Frank Merriwell's Battery; or, Taming the "Broncho Busters"
231. Frank Merriwell's Archer; or, Beating the Red Bowman
232. Frank Merriwell's Double-Play; or, Winning His Own Game
233. Frank Merriwell's "Find"; or, The Hoosier Hercules
234. Frank Merriwell's Hustlers; or, Cracking the Colonels
235. Frank Merriwell's Captivity; or, The Vendetta in Kentucky
236. Frank Merriwell's New Protege; or, The Star of the Freshman Class
237. Frank Merriwell's Power; or, Hazing the Freshmen at Billie's
238. Frank Merriwell's Policy; or, Playing Columbia for Practice
239. Frank Merriwell's Freshmen; or, The Relay Team That Won
240. Frank Merriwell's Playing; or, Beating the Carlisle Indians
241. Frank Merriwell's Kick; or, Downing the Princeton Tigers
242. Frank Merriwell's High Jump; or, Winning the Championship from Harvard
243. Frank Merriwell's "Brassie" Shot; or, Inza's Difficult "Hazard"
244. Frank Merriwell's Shrewdness; or, Clearing His Protege's Honor
245. Frank Merriwell's Entertainments; or, Celebrating the Victories of Old Yale
246. Frank Merriwell's Mastery; or, The Success of the Polo King
247. Frank Merriwell's Dilemma; or, Forcing His Enemy's Hand
248. Frank Merriwell's Set-Back; or, Dick Starbright's Success
249. Frank Merriwell's Search; or, Elsie's Narrow Escape
250. Frank Merriwell's Ring; or, The Rivalry for Elsie
251. Frank Merriwell's Party; or, The Cruise of Petrel
252. Frank Merriwell's Life Struggle; or, A Bluff That Did Not Work
253. Frank Merriwell's Skill; or, Liz, the Girl Wrecker
254. Frank Merriwell's Club; or, Indoor Baseball in Baltimore
255. Frank Merriwell's Scheme; or, The Daring Deception of Dr. Cloud
256. Frank Merriwell's Mysterious Move; or, 13 Pieces of Silver
257. Frank Merriwell's Hand; or, Saved from the Snare
258. Frank Merriwell's Suspicion; or, The Girl from Maine
259. Frank Merriwell's Trust; or, The Mystery of the Black Stick
260. Frank Merriwell's Sweetheart; or, The Girl to Whom He Proposed
261. Frank Merriwell's Bosom Friend; or, Making up the Yale Nine
262. Frank Merriwell Deceived; or, Jimmy Lee of Charlottesville
263. Frank Merriwell in Form; or, The Wonderful Athlete of the Scarred Face
264. Frank Merriwell's Coach; or, How the Freshmen Won
265. Frank Merriwell's Struggle; or, The Strongest Man in the World
266. Frank Merriwell's Eyes; or, Saving an Enemy
267. Frank Merriwell's Deception; or, Celebrating Omega Lambda Chi
268. Frank Merriwell's Judgment; or, The Man Who Won
269. Frank Merriwell's Great Victory; or, The Effort of His Life
270. Frank Merriwell's Trick; or, His Battle with Himself
271. Frank Merriwell's Escape; or, The Girl Who Hated Him
272. Frank Merriwell's Steadiness; or, The Great Yale-Harvard Contests
273. Frank Merriwell's Glory; or, The Greatest Triumph of All
274. Frank Merriwell's Surprise; or, The Secret of the Oil-Skin Envelope
275. Frank Merriwell's Brother; or, Training a Wild Spirit
276. Frank Merriwell's Chums; or, Out Again for Sport
277. Frank Merriwell's Marvel; or, Dick Merriwell in the Box
278. Frank Merriwell's Young Star; or, Dick Merriwell's Great Base Running
279. Frank Merriwell's Twirler; or, Dick Merriwell's Jump Ball
280. Frank Merriwell's Command; or, Dick Merriwell's Rebellion
281. Frank Merriwell's Support; or, Dick Merriwell's Great Work
282. Frank Merriwell's Hard Hit; or, Dick Merriwell's Red Friend
283. Frank Merriwell's Energy; or, Dick Merriwell's Triple Play
284. Frank Merriwell's Fellows; or, Dick Merriwell's Fast Work
285. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 1-12
286. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 13-24
287. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 25-34
288. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 37-48
289. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 49-60
290. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 61-71
291. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 72-81
292. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 83-93
293. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 94-103
294. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 104-115
295. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 115-126
296. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 127-135
297. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 136-145
298. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 146-157
299. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 159-180
300. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 181-192
301. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 193-202
302. Dick Merriwell at Bay; or, Defending the Pirate Treasure of Hidden Cave
303. Trailing the Treasure; or, Face to Face with the Pirate Captain
304. Dick Merriwell's Peril; or, Left to Die in the Flames
305. Dick Merriwell's Snowshoe Hunt; or, The Hidden Hut of Blue Mountain
306. Dick Merriwell's Disappearance; or, The Mystery of Moaning Cave
307. Dick Merriwell's Racket; or, Who Was the Traitor
308. Dick Merriwell's Discovery; or, The Evil Genius of the School
309. Dick Merriwell's Revenge; or, Fighting a Desperate Enemy
310. Dick Merriwell's Life Struggle; or, The Veiled Woman of the Woods
311. Dick Merriwell's Tramp Chase; or, The Awakening of Scudder
312. Dick Merriwell's Nine; or, Trouncing the Regular Team
313. Dick Merriwell's Danger; or, Solving a Strange Mystery
314. Dick Merriwell Accused; or, The Life of the Nine
315. Dick Merriwell's Trick; or, Paid in Their Own Coin
316. Dick Merriwell's Daring Leap; or, Bound to Get There
317. Dick Merriwell's Delivery; or, In the Face of Desperate Odds
318. Dick Merriwell's Nerve; or, Up Against the Real Thing
319. Dick Merriwell as Captain; or, In Spite of His Enemies
320. Dick Merriwell's Peril; or, Hugo Darkmore's Last Deed
321. Dick Merriwell Challenged; or, Getting into Fast Company
322. Dick Merriwell's Team; or, The Young Wonders of the Diamond
323. Dick Merriwell's Confidence; or, The Spirit That Wins
324. Dick Merriwell's Shot; or, For Life or Death
325. Dick Merriwell's Triumph; or, The Finish of the Season
326. Frank Merriwell on Deck; or, Getting into Mad River League
327. Dick Merriwell in Trim; or, The Boy Wonder of the League
328. Frank Merriwell's Honor; or, Defying the Boss of the League
329. Dick Merriwell's Danger; or, The Secret Order of the League
330. Frank Merriwell's Fracas; or, Hot Times in Mad River League
331. Dick Merriwell's Diamond; or, Fighting for the Lead in the League
332. Frank Merriwell's Turn; or, The Greatest Game of the Season
333. Dick Merriwell's New Ball; or, The Boy Wonder at His Best
334. Frank Merriwell's "Ginger"; or, Winning an Uphill Game
335. Dick Merriwell's Stroke; or, Unmasking the Man of Mystery
336. Frank Merriwell's Winners; or, Landing on Top in Mad River League
337. Dick Merriwell's Return; or, Back Again to the Old School
338. Dick Merriwell's Difficulties; or, Making up the Eleven
339. Dick Merriwell's Mercy; or, The First Game on the Gridiron
340. Dick Merriwell's Dash; or, Playing Fast and Fair
341. Dick Merriwell's Set; or, Friends and Foes at Fardale
342. Dick Merriwell's Ability; or, The Young Gladiators of the Gridiron
343. Dick Merriwell's Mascot; or, By Luck or Pluck
344. Dick Merriwell's Trust; or, Friendship True and Tried
345. Dick Merriwell's Success; or, Bound to be a Winner
346. Dick Merriwell's Determination; or, The Courage that Conquers
347. Dick Merriwell's Readiness; or, Who Stole the Papers
348. Dick Merriwell's Trap; or, Snaring a Spook
349. Dick Merriwell's Vim; or, The Greatest Game of All
350. Dick Merriwell's Lark; or, Beaten at Every Turn
351. Dick Merriwell's Defense; or, Up Against the Great Eaton Five
352. Dick Merriwell's Dexterity; or, Hot Work to the Finish
353. Dick Merriwell Puzzled; or, The Mystery of the Flint
354. Dick Merriwell's Help; or, Flint's Struggle with Himself
355. Dick Merriwell's Model; or, Frank Merriwell's Fight for Fortune
356. Dick Merriwell as Detective; or, For the Honor of a Friend
357. Dick Merriwell's Dirk; or, Beset by Hidden Peril
358. Dick Merriwell's Victory; or, Holding the Enemy in Check
359. Dick Merriwell Absent; or, The Spook of the School
360. Dick Merriwell's Registered Package; or, Frank Merriwell's Desperate Struggle
361. Dick Merriwell's Power; or, Settling the Score with Eaton
362. Frank Merriwell's Defense; or, The Struggle for the Queen Mystery Mine
363. Dick Merriwell's Dream; or, Foiling the Bank Bankers
364. Frank Merriwell's Backers; or, Old Friends to the Rescue
365. Dick Merriwell's Duty; or, True to Old Fardale
366. Frank Merriwell's Talking Dog; or, Faithful unto Death
367. Dick Merriwell on the Diamond; or, The Boy Wonder's Backstory
368. Frank Merriwell's Manhood; or, To the Rescue of June
369. Dick Merriwell's Triumph; or, Arlington's Last Trick
370. Frank Merriwell's Fighting Blood; or, The Battle for the San Pablo
371. Dick Merriwell's Combination; or, Playing the Game for Every Point
372. Frank Merriwell Marked; or, The Mystery of the Black Touch
373. Dick Merriwell's Firmness; or, A Steady Hand and a Sure Heart
374. Frank Merriwell's Gold Train; or, His Great Victory in Mexico
375. Dick Merriwell's Mission; or, From Fardale to the West
376. Frank Merriwell's Battle Royal; or, Up Against the Wizards
377. Dick Merriwell's Opportunity; or, Making the Most of His Chance
378. Frank Merriwell on the Slab; or, Holding Down the Western Wonders
379. Dick Merriwell's Promise; or, For the Sake of a Girl
380. Frank Merriwell's Coup; or, The Stratagem That Won
381. Dick Merriwell's Fast Work; or, The Champions of the North
382. Frank Merriwell's Force; or, Disarming an Enemy
383. Dick Merriwell Surpise; or, Cap'n Wiley's Wind Jammers
384. Frank Merriwell's Quick Move; or, Cooling Off Cap'n Wiley
385. Dick Merriwell's Red Friend; or, Old Joe Crowfoot to the Front
386. Frank Merriwell's Nomads; or, Cap'n Wiley's Clever Work
387. Dick Merriwell's Distrust; or, Meeting the Masked Champions
388. Frank Merriwell's Great Finish; or, The Independent Champions of America
389. Dick Merriwell Back at Fardale; or, Getting Onto the Eleven
390. Dick Merriwell's New Enemy; or, The Hatred of Barron Black
391. Dick Merriwell's Hard Struggle; or, Great Work on the Gridiron
392. Dick Merriwell Held in Check; or, Chester Arlington's Successful Move
393. Dick Merriwell's Firm Hand; or, Settling Old Scores
394. Dick Merriwell's Last Resort; or, Fighting Hard to the Finish
395. Dick Merriwell's Disguise; or, The Mystery of the Vanishing Clothes
396. Dick Merriwell's Flying Tackle; or, The Last Move in the Game
397. Dick Merriwell's Superiority; or, The Test That Told
398. Dick Merriwell Entombed; or, The Downfall of His Foe
399. Dick Merriwell's Helping Hand; or, Chester Arlington's Day of Triumph
400. Dick Merriwell's Trust; or, The Triumph of True Manhood
401. Frank Merriwell's New Move; or, Facing His Foes in Kansas City
402. Frank Merriwell's Thirty; or, The Triumph of Jack Birdkiller
403. Frank Merriwell's Papers; or, The Hour and the Man
404. Frank Merriwell on the Trail; or, From Phoenix to Peaceful Pocket
405. Frank Merriwell's Fixed Purpose; or, Cap'n Wiley to the Rescue
406. Frank Merriwell in Denver; or, The Clue of the Candle
407. Frank Merriwell's Mountain Hunt; or, Triss, of Camp Nowhar
408. Frank Merriwell's Fire; or, The Last Stroke of Milton Sukes
409. Frank Merriwell's Great Peril; or, The Mystery of the Mazatzals
410. Frank Merriwell in California; or, The Search for Felecia
411. Frank Merriwell's Defenders; or, The Strategy of Old How Crowfoot
412. Frank Merriwell's Besieged; or, Dick Merriwell's Daring Rescue
413. Frank Merriwell;s Quick Work; or, Dick Merriwell's Cipher Message
414. Dick Merriwell on Hand; or, Just in Time to Win
415. Dick Merriwell's Devotion; or, Playing Against Ten Men
416. Dick Merriwell's Racket; or, An Earthquake at the School
417. Dick Merriwell's Sand; or, Winning by Pure Grit
418. Dick Merriwell's Force; or, On Hand When Needed
419. Dick Merriwell Trapped; or, The Plot of a Desperate Boy
420. Dick Merriwell's Assurance; or, Trusted to the Last
421. Dick Merriwell's Base Running; or, The Man with the Icy Hand
422. Dick Merriwell's Pitching; or, Frank Merriwell's Friends and Foes
423. Dick Merriwell's Trap; or, The End of the Struggle
424. Dick Merriwell Arrested; or, The Heart of Fire
425. Frank Merriwell's New Nine; or, The Great Game with Manhattan
426. Frank Merriwell at Cambridge; or, Handing 'em up Against Harvard
427. Frank Merriwell in New Haven; or, Facing Yale on Her Own Field
428. Dick Merriwell in Maplewood; or, Not Given Half a Show
429. Dick Merriwell at Fairhaven; or, Bucking the Trolley League
430. Dick Merriwell's Great Struggle; or, Two Games in One Day
431. Dick Merriwell's Batting; or, The First Game in Fairhaven
432. Dick Merriwell's Set-Back; or, The Struggle to Stay in the League
433. Dick Merriwell's Phantom; or, The Girl with the Magnetic Eyes
434. Dick Merriwell's Management; or, The Fight for First Place
435. Dick Merriwell's Dilemma; or, The Double-Header at Maplewood. The Rockspur Rivals.
436. Dick Merriwell's Persistence; or, Hammering at the Top Notchers
437. Dick Merriwell's Self Reliance; or, Snared By His Own Scheming
438. Dick Merriwell's Aid; or, The Help of Hoboson
439. Dick Merriwell's Spirit; or, Fighting to the Front
440. Dick Merriwell's Day; or, Triumphant in the Trolley League
441. Frank Merriwell's Project; or, The Man from Mexico
442. Tip Top Weekly no. 442 (Frank Merriwell's Document; or, The Pursuit of Prophias Del Norte and 1 more item)
443. Frank Merriwell Decoyed; or, The Captive of Woodhull Hall
444. Dick Merriwell in School Again; or, The Rising of a Storm
445. Dick Merriwell Under a Cloud; or, The Gathering of the Tempest
446. Dick Merriwell's Downfall; or, The Bursting of the Storm
447. Frank Merriwell's Magic Spectacles; or Peril in the Adirondacks
448. Frank Merriwell's Woodcraft; or, To the Rescue of Old Gripper
449. Frank Merriwell's Jeopardy; or, The Wolves of the Woods
450. Dick Merriwell in London; or, Exposing the Rascals
451. Dick Merriwell in Scotland; or, The Struggle at Lochleven
452. Dick Merriwell in Sherwood Forest; or, The Encounter at Robin Hood's Tavern
453. Frank Merriwell's Standard of Honor; or, Keeping a Boy from Going Wrong
454. Frank Merriwell's Deadly Foe; or, Alvarez Lazard, the Avenger
455. Frank Merriwell's Constant Peril; or, The Eyes of the Avenger
456. Frank Merriwell in St. Louis; or, Stirring 'em Up at the World's Fair
457. Frank Merriwell in Denver; or, Real Sport in the West
458. Frank Merriwell at Arrowhead; or, In the Heart of the Rockies
459. Dick Merriwell in Venice; or, Under the Ban of the Terrible Ten
460. Dick Merriwell in Greece; or, The Maid of Athens
461. Dick Merriwell in Constantinople; or, Pranks and Perils at the Golden Horn
462. Frank Merriwell at Carson's Ranch; or, The King of the Cattle Thieves
463. Frank Merriwell Blizzard Bound; or, After Big Game in the Rockies
464. Frank Merriwell Captured; or, Trouble in the Black Timbers
465. Dick Merriwell in Damascus; or, The Sword of the Sheik
466. Dick Merriwell on the Desert; or, Captives of the Bedouins
467. Dick Merriwell in Egypt; or, The Encounter on the Nile
468. Frank Merriwell's Fingers; or, The Man Who Came Back
469. Frank Merriwell's Retaliation; or, The Clash in California
470. Frank Merriwell in Frisco; or, The "Go" at the Golden Gate
471. Frank Merriwell's "Dope Ball"; or, The Wizard Twirler of Leland Stanford
472. Frank Merriwell's Handicap; or, Hastings, the Hurdler from Humboldt
473. Frank Merriwell's Red Challengers; or, The Hot Game with the Nebraska Indians
474. Frank Merriwell's Fencing; or, For Sport or For Blood
475. Frank Merriwell's Backer; or, Playing Baseball for a Fortune
476. Frank Merriwell's Endurance; or, The Cross Country Champions of America
477. Frank Merriwell in Form; or, Wolfers, the Wonder from Wisconsin
478. Frank Merriwell's Method; or, The Secret of Becoming a Champion
479. Frank Merriwell's Level Best; or, Cutting the Corners with New Curves
480. Frank Merriwell's Lacrosse Team; or, The Great Hustle with Johns Hopkins
481. Frank Merriwell's Great Day; or, The Crowning Triumph of His Career
482. Dick Merriwell in Japan; or, Judo Art Against Jio Jitsu
483. Dick Merriwell on the Rubber; or, Playing Baseball in the Flowery Kingdom
484. Dick Merriwell's Cleverness; or, Showing the Japs the American Game
485. Dick Merriwell in Manila; or, Papinta, the Pride of the Philippines
486. Dick Merriwell Marooned; or, The Queen of Fire Island
487. Dick Merriwell's Comrade; or, The Treasure of the Island
488. Dick Merriwell, Gap Stopper; or, A Surprise for the Surprisers
489. Dick Merriwell's Sacrifice Hit; or, Winning By a Hair's Breadth
490. Dick Merriwell's Support; or, Backed Up When Getting His Bumps
491. Dick Merriwell's Stroke; or, Swimming for His Life
492. Dick Merriwell Shadowed; or, The Search for the Lost Professor
493. Dick Merriwell's Drive; or, Evening Up With His Enemy
494. Dick Merriwell's Return; or, The Reappearance at Fardale
495. Dick Merriwell's Restoration; or, Whipping the Team Into Shape
496. Dick Merriwell's Value; or, The Success of Square Sport
497. Dick Merriwell's "Dukes"; or, His Fight with Himself
498. Dick Merriwell's Drop-Kick; or, Chester Arlington's Team of Tigers
499. Dick Merriwell's Defeat; or, How Arlington Won the Second Game
500. Dick Merriwell's Chance; or, Taming the Tigers of Fairport
501. Dick Merriwell's Stride; or, The Finish of the Cross Country Run
502. Dick Merriwell's Wing Shift; or, The Great Thanksgiving Day Game
503. Dick Merriwell's Skates; or, Playing Ice Hockey for Every Point
504. Dick Merriwell's Four Fists; or, The Champion of the Chausson
505. Dick Merriwell's Dashing Game; or, The Fast Five from Fairport
506. Frank Merriwell's Tigers; or, Wiping Out the Railroad Wolves
507. Frank Merriwell's Treasure Guard; or, The Defenders of the Pay Train
508. Frank Merriwell's "Flying Fear"; or, The Gray Ghost of the Yaqui
509. Dick Merriwell in Maine; or, Sport and Peril in the Winter Woods
510. Dick Merriwell's Polo Team; or, The Rattlers of the Roller Rinx
511. Dick Merriwell in the Ring; or, The Champion of His Class
512. Frank Merriwell's New Idea; or, The American School of Athletic Development
513. Frank Merriwell's Troubles; or, Enemies of the School
514. Frank Merriwell's Pupils; or, The Wizards at Water Polo
515. Dick Merriwell's Satisfaction; or, Hot Work at Indoor Baseball
516. Dick Merriwell's Discernment; or, The Heroism of a Coward
517. Dick Merriwell's Friendly Hand; or, The Boy Who Was Saved
518. Frank Merriwell's New Boy; or, The Folly of Dale Sparkfair
519. Frank Merriwell's Mode; or, Winning the Confidence of a Wild Lad
520. Frank Merriwell's Aids; or, "The Secret Order of Scalp-Lifters"
521. Dick Merriwell's Visit; or, Hot Times at Farnham Hall
522. Dick Merriwell's Retaliation; or, Fardale Against Farnham Hall
523. Dick Merriwell's Rival; or, Dale Sparkfair at Fardale
524. Frank Merriwell's Young Crew; or, The Mystery of the Boat House
525. Frank Merriwell's Fast Nine; or, Champions of the County
526. Frank Merriwell's Athletic Field; or, The Great Meet at Bloomfield
527. Dick Merriwell's Reprisal; or, The Clash of the Champions
528. Dick Merriwell Dared; or, The Grapple with Wellsburg
529. Dick Merriwell's Dismay' or, The Departure of June
530. Frank Merriwell's Son; or, The Mark of a Star
531. Frank Merriwell's Old Flock; or, The Reunion at Merry Home
532. Frank Merriwell's House Party; or, The Rustle with the Rovers
533. Dick Merriwell's Summer Team; or, Baseball in the Blue Hills
534. Dick Merriwell's Demand; or, The Draw at Madawaska
535. Dick Merriwell's Slabmate; or, The Boy from Bloomfield
536. Frank Merriwell's Summer Camp; or, The Athletic School in the Woods
537. Frank Merriwell's Proposal; or, Starting the Sport in the League
538. Frank Merriwell's Spook Hunters; or, The Mysterious Island of Mad Lake
539. Dick Merriwell's Check; or, The Hot Bunch From Happy Camp
540. Dick Merriwell's Sacrifice; or, Team Work That Told
541. Dick Merriwell's Heart; or, Breaking the Hard Luck Streak
542. Frank Merriwell's New Auto; or, The Lure to Destruction
543. Frank Merriwell's Pride; or, The Double Header at Pineville
544. Frank Merriwell's Young Winners; or, The Stars in the Blue Hills
545. Dick Merriwell's Lead; or, Bound to Hold First Place
546. Dick Merriwell's Influence; or, On the Right Road at Last
547. Dick Merriwell's Top-Notch; or, Against Odds, Fate and Scheming
548. Frank Merriwell's Kids; or, The World-Beaters in New York
549. Frank Merriwell's Kodakers; or, Hunting Big Game Without Guns
550. Dick Merriwell, Freshman; or, First Days at Yale
551. Dick Merriwell's Progress; or, The First Chance on the Field
552. Dick Merriwell, Halfback; or, Getting into the Game at Last
553. Dick Merriwell's Resentment; or, In Defense of His Honor
554. Dick Merriwell Repaid; or, The Heart of Officer Maloney
555. Dick Merriwell's Staying Power; or, The Great Game at New Haven
556. Dick Merriwell's "Push"; or, The Victim of the "Flying Mare"
557. Dick Merriwell's Running; or, The Meet at Mechanics' Hall
558. Dick Merriwell's Joke; or, Fun With the Jumping Frenchman
559. Dick Merriwell's Seven; or, The Scrub That Made the Regulars "Go Some"
560. Dick Merriwell's Partner; or, The Boy from Texas
561. Dick Merriwell in the Tank; or, Rushing the Regulars at Water Polo
562. Frank Merriwell's Captive; or, The Folly of Chester Arlington
563. Frank Merriwell's Trailing; or, The Flight of a Fool
564. Frank Merriwell's Talisman; or, The Charm of Cochita
565. Frank Merriwell's Horse; or, The Boy Who Would Be Bad
566. Frank Merriwell's Intrusion; or, Warner the Man Who Won
567. Frank Merriwell's Bluff; or, The Lost Senorita of Sonora
568. Dick Merriwell's Regret; or, The Friend He Never Knew
569. Dick Merriwell's Silent Work; or, A Helping Hand for a Foe
570. Dick Merriwell's Arm; or, The Trick That Fooled the Tricksters
571. Dick Merriwell's Skill; or, "The Prince of the Pistol"
572. Dick Merriwell's Magnetism; or, The Curing of a Cad
573. Dick Merriwell's System; or, The Way to Win
574. Dick Merriwell's Salvation; or, The Traitor on the Team
575. Dick Merriwell's Twirling; or, Tracing the Traitor
576. Dick Merriwell's Party; or, Springtime's Youthful Fancy
577. Dick Merriwell's Backers; or, The Man Behind the Bat
578. Dick Merriwell, Coach; or, Pride and Prejudice
579. Dick Merriwell's Bingle; or, A Hit in Time
580. Dick Merriwell's Hurdling; or, The Star and Satellites
581. Dick Merriwell's Best Work; or, Up Against a Hard Proposition
582. Dick Merriwell's Respite; or, The Campers at Lake Calmface
583. Dick Merriwell's Disadvantage; or, The First Game with Harvard
584. Dick Merriwell Beset; or, The Revenge of Quinn Harvester
585. Dick Merriwell's Great Rival; or, Dale Sparkfair on the Slab
586. Dick Merriwell's Distrust; or, Betrayed By a Blotter
587. Dick Merriwell, Lion-Tamer; or, Ate, Queen of the Air
588. Dick Merriwell's Camp Site, or, The Peril at Pine Point
589. Dick Merriwell's Debt; or, Settling the Score with Smoketown
590. Dick Merriwell's Campmates; or, Old Chums on the Field
591. Dick Merriwell's Draw; or, The Struggle with Smoketown
592. Dick Merriwell's Disapproval; or, Chester Arlington's New Chum
593. Dick Merriwell's Mastery; or, The Wolves of Wolfwoods
594. Dick Merriwell's Warm Work; or, A Hot Day for Smoketown
595. Dick Merriwell's "Double Squeeze"; or, Brian Blackpool in Command
596. Dick Merriwell's Vanishing; or, Young Joe Crowfoot on the Trail
597. Dick Merriwell Adrift; or, In the Grip of the Sea
598. Dick Merriwell's Influence; or, Reaping the Harvest
599. Frank Merriwell's Worst Boy; or, Ralph Sand, the Reckless
600. Frank Merriwell's Annoyance; or, Reckless Ralph, the Runway
601. Frank Merriwell's Restraint; or, The Revenge of a Redskin
602. Dick Merriwell Held Back; or, Secret Enemies at Work
603. Dick Merriwell in the Line; or, Given a Show at Last
604. Dick Merriwell's Drop-Kick; or, Winning on a Last Resort
605. Frank Merriwell's Air Voyage; or, The Wreck of the "California Arrow"
606. Frank Merriwell's Auto Chase; or, The White Deer of Dead River
607. Frank Merriwell's Captive; or, The End of the Chase
608. Dick Merriwell's Value; or, The Game That Settled the Question
609. Dick Merriwell Doped; or, The Mystery of the Black Star
610. Dick Merriwell's Belief; or, Chester Arlington Meshed
611. Frank Merriwell in the Market; or, The Wolves of Wall Street
612. Frank Merriwell's Fight for Fortune; or, Putting the Wolves to Rout
613. Frank Merriwell on Top; or, Potting the Last of the Pack
614. Dick Merriwell's Trip West; or, Brother Backing Brother
615. Dick Merriwell's Predicament; or, Frank Merriwell Facing His Foes
616. Dick Merriwell in Mystery Valley; or, Buried Alive in Bulldog Tunnel
617. Frank Merriwell's Proposition; or, Captain Baldwin's Secret Work
618. Frank Merriwell Perplexed; or, The Mystery of Eagle Valley
619. Frank Merriwell's Suspicion; or, The Last Stroke of the Secret Powers
620. Dick Merriwell's Gallantry; or, The Girl From the South
621. Dick Merriwell's Condition; or, An Affair of the Heart
622. Dick Merriwell's Stanchness; or, Standing By a Friend
623. Dick Merriwell's Match; or, The Fellow Who Failed
624. Frank Merriwell's Hard Case; or, The Boy Who Would Not Try
625. Frank Merriwell's Helper; or, The Assistance of Ralph Sand
626. Frank Merriwell's Doubts; or, The Wizard of the Swimming Tank
627. Frank Merriwell's Phenom; or, The Untrained Wonder
628. Dick Merriwell's Stand; or, A Fight Against Prejudice
629. Dick Merriwell's Circle; or, Crossing the Charmed Life
630. Dick Merriwell's Reach; or, The Twist of the Wizard's Wrist
631. Dick Merriwell's Money; or, Playing a Losing Game
632. Dick Merriwell Watched; or, The Secret of the Shadow
633. Dick Merriwell Doubted; or, Put to the Test
634. Dick Merriwell's Distrust; or, Under Two Flags
635. Dick Merriwell's Risk; or, Taking Chances on the Bases
636. Frank Merriwell's "Favorite"; or, The Boy Who "Made Good"
637. Frank Merriwell's Young Clippers; or, Taking a Fall Out of a Fast Team
638. Frank Merriwell's Steadying Hand; or, The Test of Manhood
639. Frank Merriwell's Record Breakers; or, The Fastest Lads in Their Class
640. Dick Merriwell's Shoulder; or, Handicapped in the First Game with Harvard
641. Dick Merriwell's Desperate Work; or, Snatching Victory from Defeat
642. Dick Merriwell's Example; or, The Fellow Who Flunked
643. Dick Merriwell at Gale's Ferry; or, The Crack Man of the Crew
644. Dick Merriwell's Inspiration; or, The Boys of Loon Lodge
645. Dick Merriwell's Shooting; or, The Gun Club in the Woods
646. Dick Merriwell in the Wilds; or, The Call of the Woods
647. Dick Merriwell's Red Comrade; or, The Messenger from the West
648. Frank Merriwell's Ranch; or, Roughing It on the Range
649. Frank Merriwell in the Saddle; or, The Man from the Medicine Bow
650. Frank Merriwell's Brand; or, The Angel of the T-Bar
651. Frank Merriwell's Red Guide; or, The Last of the Tribe
652. Dick Merriwell's Rival; or, The Goal of the Gridiron Stars
653. Dick Merriwell's Strength; or, In the Thick of the Fray
654. Dick Merriwell's Secret Work; or, The Whirlwind of the Back Field
655. Dick Merriwell's Way; or, The Fellow Who Never Failed
656. Frank Merriwell's Red Visitors; or, Sport on the Ranch
657. Frank Merriwell's Rope; or, The Pest of the Trail
658. Frank Merriwell's Lesson; or, The Young Rebels of the Ranch
659. Frank Merriwell's Protection; or, The Man Who Went Wrong
660. Dick Merriwell's Reputation; or, Like a Snake in the Grass
661. Dick Merriwell's Motto; or, Fair Play and No Favors
662. Dick Merriwell's Restraint; or, "The Prince of the Foils"
663. Dick Merriwell's Ginger; or, A Check for the Crimson
664. Dick Merriwell's Driving; or, "The Terror from Toronto"
665. Dick Merriwell's Good Cheer; or, Holidays with the Exiles
666. Frank Merriwell's Theory; or, The First Day at Farnham Hall
667. Frank Merriwell's Diplomacy; or, Subduing a Bully
668. Frank Merriwell's Encouragement; or, The Awakening of Willie West
669. Frank Merriwell's Great Work; or, Getting the Right Start
670. Dick Merriwell's Mind; or, The Ideal of Manhood
671. Dick Merriwell's "Dip"; or, The Mysterious Movements of a Hat
672. Dick Merriwell's Rally; or, Making a Fighting Finish
673. Dick Merriwell's Flyer; or, Champions of the Ice
674. Frank Merriwell's Bullets; or, A Steady Nerve and a Sure Hand
675. Frank Merriwell Cut Off; or, The Result of the Spring Rise
676. Frank Merriwell's Ranch Boss; or, Big Bruce and the "Blossoms"
677. Dick Merriwell's Equal; or, The Fellow with the Flying Feet
678. Dick Merriwell's Development; or, The All-Round Wonder
679. Dick Merriwell's Eye; or, The Secret of Good Batting
680. Frank Merriwell's Zest; or, The Spirit of the School
681. Frank Merriwell's Patience; or, The Making of a Pitcher
682. Frank Merriwell's Pupil; or, The Boy with the Wizard Wing
683. Frank Merriwell's Fighters; or, The Decisive Battle with Blackstone
684. Dick Merriwell at the Meet; or, Honors Worth Winning
685. Dick Merriwell's Protest; or, The Man Who Would Not Play Clean
686. Dick Merriwell in the Marathon; or, The Sensation of the Great Run
687. Dick Merriwell's Colors' or, All for the Blue
688. Dick Merriwell, Driver; or, The Race for the Daremore Cup
689. Dick Merriwell on the Deep; or, The Cruise of the "Yale"
690. Dick Merriwell in the North Woods; or, The Timber Thieves of the Floodwood
691. Dick Merriwell's Dandies; or, A Surprise for the Cowboy Nine
692. Dick Merriwell's "Skyscooter"; or, Professor Pagan and the "Princess"
693. Dick Merriwell in the Elk Mountains; or, The Search for Dead Injun Mine
694. Dick Merriwell in Utah; or, The Road to "Promised Land"
695. Dick Merriwell's Bluff; or, The Boy Who Ran Away
696. Dick Merriwell in the Saddle; or, The Bunch from the Bar Z
697. Dick Merriwell's Ranch Friends; or, Sport on the Range
698. Frank Merriwell at Phantom Lake; or, The Mystery of the Mad Doctor
699. Frank Merriwell's Hold-Back; or, The Boys of Bristol
700. Frank Merriwell's Lively Lads; or, The Rival Camps
701. Frank Merriwell as Instructor; or, The Skill of the Wizard
702. Dick Merriwell's Cayuse; or, The Star of the Big Range
703. Dick Merriwell's Quirt; or, The Sting of the Lash
704. Dick Merriwell's Freshman Friend; or, A Question of Manhood
705. Dick Merriwell's Best Form; or, Master of Himself
706. Dick Merriwell's Prank; or, The Exposure of Arthur Ettinger
707. Dick Merriwell's Gambol; or, Sport at the County Fair
708. Dick Merriwell's Gun; or, The Mystery of the Covers
709. Dick Merriwell at His Best; or, Rounding the Team into Form
710. Dick Merriwell's Master Mind; or, The Mysterious Mr. Snare
711. Dick Merriwell's Dander; or, The Day of Reckoning
712. Dick Merriwell's Hope; or, The Reliance of the Blue
713. Dick Merriwell's Standard; or, Up to the Mark
714. Dick Merriwell's Sympathy; or, Helping a Boy in Need
715. Dick Merriwell in Lumber Land; or, The Men of the Big North Woods
716. Frank Merriwell's Fairness; or, The Crime of a Nation
717. The Slaves of Yucatan; or, Frank Merriwell's Pledge
718. Frank Merriwell, the Man of Grit; or, The Peril of Barney Mulloy
719. Frank Merriwell's Return Blow; or, The Downfall of the Dictator
720. Frank Merriwell's Quest; or, The Search for the Golden Lake
721. Frank Merriwell's Ingots; or, The Sunken Treasure of the Incas
722. Frank Merriwell's Assistance; or, "The Land of Too Much Trouble"
723. Frank Merriwell at the Throttle; or, Bringing Through the Black Express
724. Frank Merriwell, the Always Ready; or, The Mystery of Miguel Toro
725. Frank Merriwell in Diamond Land; or, The Vanishing Girl of Vista Grande
726. Frank Merriwell's Desperate Chance; or, The Rescue of June Arlington
727. Frank Merriwell's Black Terror; or, The Mad Horse of Montes Altos
728. Frank Merriwell Again on the Slab; or, Merry in His Old-Time Form
729. Frank Merriwell's Hard Proposition; or, The Tigers of Texas
730. Frank Merriwell's Six-in-Hand; or, The Trail to Pickpocket
731. Frank Merriwell's Duplicate; or, The Rascal from Ringbolt
732. Frank Merriwell on Rattlesnake Ranch; or, The Dupe Who Became a Shark
733. Frank Merriwell's Sure Hand; or, The Man Who Won the Big Race
734. Frank Merriwell's Treasure Map; or, The Search for Buried Gold
735. Frank Merriwell, Prince of the Rope; or, The King Bee from Kinknot
736. Dick Merriwell, Captain of the Varsity; or, Game to the Last
737. Dick Merriwell's Control; or, The Man on the Bench
738. Dick Merriwell's Backstop; or, The Result of Bad Habits
739. Dick Merriwell's Masked Enemy; or, The Man With the Scar
740. Dick Merriwell's Motor Car; or, The Wizard of the Road
741. Dick Merriwell's Hot Pursuit; or, Running Down the Kidnapers
742. Dick Merriwell at Forest Lake; or, The King of Flume River
743. Dick Merriwell in Court; or, Judge Grimm of Grumblestone
744. Dick Merriwell's Silence; or, The Shadow of the Past
745. Dick Merriwell's Dogs; or, Faithful to the Last
746. Dick Merriwell's Subterfuge; or, The Tussle with the Topnotchers
747. Dick Merriwell's Enigma; or, The Mystery of Mermaid Island
748. Dick Merriwell Defeated; or, The Champion of the Clover Club
749. Dick Merriwell's "Wing"; or, The Man Who Couldn't Be Stopped
750. Dick Merriwell's Sky Chase; or, The Diamond Mystery of Denver
751. Dick Merriwell's Pick-Ups; or, A Game with the Outlaws
752. Dick Merriwell on the Rocking R; or, The Finish of the Feud
753. Dick Merriwell's Penetration; or, The Man from Nowhere
754. Dick Merriwell's Intuition; or, The Worst Fellow in College
755. Dick Merriwell's Vantage; or, The Hindoo Mystery
756. Dick Merriwell's Advice; or, The Man Who Woke Up
757. Dick Merriwell's Rescue; or, The Regeneration of Rudolph Rose
758. Dick Merriwell, American; or, The Man from Japan
759. Dick Merriwell's Understanding; or, The Man Who Was Hounded
760. Dick Merriwell, Tutor; or, The Fellow Who Gave Up Football
761. Dick Merriwell's Quandary; or, The Mystery of the Deserted Farmhouse
762. Dick Merriwell on the Boards; or, Fighting the Theatrical Syndicate
763. Dick Merriwell, Peacemaker; or, The Split in the Varsity
764. Frank Merriwell's Sway; or, The Boy Who Was Pampered
765. Frank Merriwell's Comprehension; or, The Making of Vincent Schuyler
766. Frank Merriwell's Young Acrobat; or, The Boy from the Sawdust Ring
767. Frank Merriwell's Tact; or, The Taming of Garth Tennant
768. Frank Merriwell's Unknown; or, The Mysterious James Brown
769. Frank Merriwell's Acuteness; or, The Search for a Name
770. Frank Merriwell's Young Canadian; or, The Victory of Defeat
771. Frank Merriwell's Coward; or, The Awakening of Sam Shrubb
772. Frank Merriwell's Perplexity; or, The Mystery of the Blue Diamond
773. Frank Merriwell's Intervention; or, The Horse Thief of the Lazy X
774. Frank Merriwell's Daring Deed; or, The Race for a Hundred Lives
775. Frank Merriwell, Victor; or, The Redemption of "Babe" Silver
776. Frank Merriwell's Wit; or, Thwarting a Governor
777. Frank Merriwell's Loyalty; or, The Land of the Lost People
778. Frank Merriwell's Bold Play; or, The Checkmating of Felipe Lopez
779. Frank Merriwell's Insight; or, The Brand Blotter of the X Bar S
780. Frank Merriwell's Guile; or, The Queen of the Matadors
781. Frank Merriwell's Campaign; or, Fighting the System
782. Frank Merriwell in the National Forest; or, Outwitting the Timber Thieves
783. Frank Merriwell's Tenacity; or, The Mystery of the Famous Scientist
784. Dick Merriwell's Self Sacrifice; or, The Man Who Could Jump
785. Dick Merriwell's Close Shave; or, The Man With a Grouch
786. Dick Merriwell's Perception; or, The Brains of the Varsity
787. Dick Merriwell's Mysterious Disappearance; or, The Game in the Balance
788. Dick Merriwell's Detective Work; or, The Case of the Varsity Shortstop
789. Dick Merriwell's Proof; or, The Problem of the Stubborn Crew Man
790. Dick Merriwell's Brain Work; or, The Frustration of the Sneaky Tutor
791. Dick Merriwell's Queer Case; or, The Lure of the Ruby
792. Dick Merriwell, Navigator; or, The Adventure on the Sound
793. Dick Merriwell's Good Fellowship; or, The Man with the Wrong Idea
794. Dick Merriwell's Fun; or, Buckhart as a Reformer
795. Dick Merriwell's Commencement; or, The Last Week at Yale
796. Dick Merriwell at Montauk Point; or, The Terror of the Air
797. Dick Merriwell, Mediator; or, The Strike at the Plum Valley Mine
798. Dick Merriwell's Decision; or, The Sacrifice of a Principle
799. Dick Merriwell on the Great Lakes; or, The Smugglers of the Inland Seas
800. Dick Merriwell Caught Napping; or, The Rube That Could Pitch
801. Dick Merriwell in the Copper Country; or, The Search for a Lost Mine
802. Dick Merriwell Strapped or, The Adventure of the Escaped Convicts
803. Dick Merriwell's Coolness; or, At the Nevada Gold Fields
804. Dick Merriwell's Reliance; or, The Man Who Had Served Time
805. Dick Merriwell's Collegemate; or, Fighting a Crooked Deal
806. Dick Merriwell's Young Pitcher; or, The Fellow Who Disappeared
807. Dick Merriwell's Prodding; or, The Fellow Who Lacked Push
808. Frank Merriwell's Boy; or, A Chip of the Old Block
809. Frank Merriwell's Interference; or, Not Worthy of Trust
810. Frank Merriwell's Young Warriors; or, The Fellow Who Could Not Play Clean
811. Frank Merriwell's Appraisal; or, The Measure of Manhood
812. Frank Merriwell's Forgiveness; or, The Boy Who Had Another Chance
813. Frank Merriwell's Lads; or, The Fellow with the Family Tree
814. Frank Merriwell's Young Aviator; or, The Triumph of Genius
815. Frank Merriwell's Hot-Head; or, The Boy from Arizona
816. Dick Merriwell, Diplomat; or, The Stolen State Paper
817. Dick Merriwell in Panama; or, Pitted Against the Unknown
818. Dick Merriwell's Perseverance; or, The Plot Against a Nation
819. Dick Merriwell Triumphant; or, The Great Secret
820. Dick Merriwell's Betrayal; or, The Conspiracy That Failed
821. Dick Merriwell, Revolutionist; or, Backing a Rebellion
822. Dick Merriwell's Fortitude; or, The Overthrowing of a Government
823. Dick Merriwell's Undoing; or, The Intervention of a Greater Power
824. Dick Merriwell, Universal Coach; or, Fighting the Class Battles
825. Dick Merriwell's Snare; or, Trapping the Card Tricksters
826. Dick Merriwell's Star Pupil; or, Squaring the Score
827. Dick Merriwell's Astuteness; or, The Mystery of the Examination Papers
828. Dick Merriwell's Responsibility; or, The Winning Pull in the Tug of War
829. Dick Merriwell's Plan; or, Jim Phillips; Initiation
830. Dick Merriwell's Warning; or, Subduing a Bully
831. Dick Merriwell's Counsel; or, A Friend in Need
832. Dick Merriwell's Champions; or, Foul Play in the Hockey Game
833. Dick Merriwell's Marksmen; or, The Best Men at the Traps
834. Dick Merriwell's Enthusiasm; or, The Sophomore Pitcher's Last Ball
835. Dick Merriwell's Solution; or, The Yale Twirler's Winning Jump
836. Dick Merriwell's Foreign Foe; or, The Discovery of the Baseball Bomb
837. Dick Merriwell and the Carlisle Warriors; or, The Mystery of the Kidnapped Pitcher
838. Dick Merriwell's Battle for the Blue; or, The Yale Nine at West Point
839. Dick Merriwell's Evidence; or, Yale's Left-Handed Victory
840. Dick Merriwell's Device; or, The Yale Pitcher's New Curve
841. Dick Merriwell's Princeton Opponents; or, The Winning Third Strike
842. Dick Merriwell's Sixth Sense; or, The Yale Pitcher's Double Play
843. Dick Merriwell's Strange Clew; or, How Harvard Was Outguessed
844. Dick Merriwell Comes Back; or, How Harvard Lost the Title
845. Dick Merriwell's Heroic Crew; or, How a Yale Ball Player Saved a Boat Race
846. Dick Merriwell Looks Ahead; or, How Baseball Saved the Bank
847. Dick Merriwell at the Olympics; or, The Winning Jump for America
848. Dick Merriwell in Stockholm; or, How the Olympic Hurdle Race Was Won
849. Dick Merriwell in the Swedish Stadium; or, How Headwork Won an Olympic Race
850. Dick Merriwell's Marathon; or, How the Last Olympic Mile Brought Victory

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