The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Tip Top Weekly

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Alternate Title: Tip Top Library
Publisher: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.)) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)
Issues: 850
Dates: April 18, 1896 to July 27, 1912
Pages: 32
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Complete Listing Available


1. Frank Merriwell; or, First Days at Fardale
2. Frank Merriwell's Foe; or, "Plebe" Life in Barracks
3. Frank Merriwell's Medal; or, "Plebe" Life in Camp
4. Frank Merriwell's Rival; or, By Fair Play or Foul
5. Frank Merriwell's Fault; or, False Steps and Fool Snares
6. Frank Merriwell's Frolics; or, Fun and Rivalry at Fardale
7. Frank Merriwell's Mysterious Ring; or, The Man in Black
8. Frank Merriwell's Fag; or, Fighting for the Weak
9. Frank Merriwell's Furlough; or, The Mystery of the Old Mansion
10. Frank Merriwell on His Mettle; or, Field Day at Fardale
11. Frank Merriwell's Fate; or, The Old Sailor's Legacy
12. Frank Merriwell's Motto; or, The Young Life Savers
13. Frank Merriwell in New York; or, Fighting an Unknown Foe
14. Frank Merriwell in Chicago; or, Meshed by Mysteries
15. Frank Merriwell in Colorado; or, Trapping the Train Wreckers
16. Frank Merriwell in Arizona; or, The Mystery of the Mine
17. Frank Merriwell in Mexico; or, The Search for the Silver Palace
18. Frank Merriwell in New Orleans; or, The Queen of Flowers
19. Frank Merriwell's Mercy; or, The Phantom of the Everglades
20. Frank Merriwell's Friend; or, Muriel, the Moonshiner
21. Frank Merriwell's Double; or, Fighting for Life and Liberty
22. Frank Merriwell Meshed; or, The Last of the Danites
23. Frank Merriwell's Fairy; or, The Hermit of Yellowstone Park
24. Frank Merriwell's Money; or, The Queen of the "Queer" Makers
25. Frank Merriwell's Mission; or, The Mystic Valley of the Andes
26. Frank Merriwell's Mysterious Foe; or, Wild Life on the Pampas
27. Frank Merriwell a Monarch; or, The King of Phantom Island
28. Frank Merriwell in gorilla land; or, The search for the missing link
29. Frank Merriwell's magic; or, The pearl of Tangier
30. Frank Merriwell in France; or, The Mystery of the Masked Unknown
31. Frank Merriwell's Feat; or, The Queen of the Bull Fighters
32. Frank Merriwell in London; or, The Grip of Doom
33. Frank Merriwell's venture; or, Driven from Armenia
34. Frank Merriwell in India; or, Hunting the Human Leopards
35. Frank Merriwell's Vow; or, After Big Game in Ceylon
36. Frank Merriwell in Japan; or, The Sign of the Avenger
37. Frank Merriwell's death shot; or, Roughing it in Australia
38. Frank Merriwell in the South Seas; or, The Cast for Life
39. Frank Merriwell Home Again; or, The Mystery of Ethel Driscoll
40. Frank Merriwell at Yale; or, Freshman against Freshman
41. Frank Merriwell's Match; or, the King of the Sophomores
42. Frank Merriwell's Victory; or, The Winning Oar
43. Frank Merriwell's Finish; or, Blue against Crimson
44. Frank Merriwell's Game; or, Snaring the Sharper
45. Frank Merriwell's Great Run; or, Trouncing the Tigers
46. Frank Merriwell's Even Up; or, Squaring the Score
47. Frank Merriwell's "Queen"; or, Blow for Blow
48. Frank Merriwell's Find; or, The Waif of the Train
49. Frank Merriwell's Racer; or, Birds of a Feather
50. Frank Merriwell's Nerve; or, Game to the End
51. Frank Merriwell's Shadow; or, The Mysterious Stranger
52. Frank Merriwell's Dash; or, Yale Against the Field
53. Frank Merriwell's Bicycle Boys; or, The Start across the Continent
54. Frank Merriwell's ride for life, or, Foiling the train destroyers
55. Frank Merriwell's Great Capture; or, Bicycle against Horse
56. Frank Merriwell to the Rescue; or, Through Fire and Water
57. Frank Merriwell's Close Call; or, The Tramp's Token
58. Frank Merriwell's Unknown Friend; or, Old Foes in New Places
59. Frank Merriwell among the Rustlers; or, The Cattle King's Daughter
60. Frank Merriwell's Desperate Drop; or, Wild Adventures in the Rockies
61. Frank Merriwell in the Mines; or, The Blind Singer of Silver Bluff
62. Frank Merriwell among the Mormons; or, The Lost Tribe of Israel
63. Frank Merriwell on the desert; or, The mystery of the skeleton
64. Frank Merriwell's Underground Search; or, Saving a Buried Heiress
65. Frank Merriwell in California; or, The End of the Great Tour
66. Frank Merriwell as a Star; or, Trouble in Junior Theatricals
67. Frank Merriwell's Yacht; or, The Chase Down the Coast
68. Frank Merriwell's Combination; or, The All Round Athletes
69. Frank Merriwell's Red Rival; or, Fun among the Indians
70. Frank Merriwell's Texas Tournament; or, Sports among the Cowboys
71. Frank Merriwell's Nine; or, Surprising the Southern League
72. Frank Merriwell's Shot; or, Out with the Guthrie Gun Club
73. Frank Merriwell's Flyer; or, The Winning Wheel
74. Frank Merriwell's Thoroughbred; or, Honesty Against Crookedness
75. Frank Merriwell's Enemy; or, Rivals of the Blue Ridge
76. Frank Merriwell's Crew; or, The Champions of the Potomac
77. Frank Merriwell's Hunt; or, In at the Death
78. Frank Merriwell's Blow; or, Unmasking a Rascal
79. Frank Merriwell's Return to Yale; or, The Mystery of the Examination Papers
80. Frank Merriwell as "Anchor"; or, The Winning Pull in the Tug of War
81. Frank Merriwell's Initiation; or, The Secret Order of Pi Gamma
82. Frank Merriwell's Sign; or, The Secret of the Silent Student
83. Frank Merriwell as Full Back; or, True to His Colors
84. Frank Merriwell's Duel; or, A Point of Honor
85. Frank Merriwell's Mark; or, Subduing a Bully
86. Frank Merriwell's Secret; or, A Friend in Need
87. Frank Merriwell's Revenge; or, Aroused at Last
88. Frank Merriwell's Capture; or, The Black Schooner
89. Frank Merriwell's Chum; or, The Hand of a Friend
90. Frank Merriwell's Double Shoot; or, Winning in the Box
91. Frank Merriwell's Danger; or, The Shadow of Disgrace
92. Frank Merriwell's Wager; or, Bound to Win
93. Frank Merriwell in Training; or, The Mystery of the Midnight Prowler
94. Frank Merriwell's Courage; or, Loyal to the Last
95. Frank Merriwell at Fardale Again; or, Yale Lads at the Military Academy
96. Frank Merriwell in Camp; or, Frolics with the Fardale Boys
97. Frank Merriwell's Fardale Friends; or, Facing Old Foes
98. Frank Merriwell's Yale Chums; or, The Jolly Dogs of Fardale
99. Frank Merriwell's Choice; or, The Fair Rivals of Fardale
100. Frank Merriwell's Fardale Rackets; or, Yale Lads on a Frolic
101. Frank Merriwell's Courage; or, True Nerve against Bluff
102. Frank Merriwell's Faith; or, The Shadow of a Crime
103. Frank Merriwell's Celebration; or, Last Days at Fardale
104. Frank Merriwell Afloat; or, The Cruise of the White Wings
105. Frank Merriwell under Megunticook; or, With the Knox County League
106. Frank Merriwell's Mystery; or, The Monster of Devil Island
107. Frank Merriwell's Disappearance; or, The Secret of the Island
108. Frank Merriwell Aroused; or, The Bicycle Boys of Belfast
109. Frank Merriwell's Pursuit; or, The Chase of the Stolen Yacht
110. Frank Merriwell's Catch; or, The Canoe Boys Lake Sebasticook
111. Frank Merriwell's Guide; or, Sport around Moosehead Lake
112. Frank Merriwell's Peril; or, The Smugglers of the Border
113. Frank Merriwell's Drift; or, With the Penobscot River Drivers
114. Frank Merriwell's Daring; or, Elsie Bellwood's Sacrifice
115. Frank Merriwell's Fist; or, Bound to Know the Truth
116. Frank Merriwell's Masquerade; or, The Belle of Hurricane Island
117. Frank Merriwell's Misfortune; or, The Start of a New Career
118. Frank Merriwell, Engine Wiper; or, At the Foot of the Ladder
119. Frank Merriwell, Fireman; or, The First Step Upward
120. Frank Merriwell's Opportunity; or, The Ghost of Black Gorge
121. Frank Merriwell's First Run; or, The Chance of his Life
122. Frank Merriwell, Engineer; or, The Turn of Fortune
123. Frank Merriwell's Hard Luck; or, A Slip on the Ladder
124. Frank Merriwell's Advancement; or, Engineer of the Mountain Express
125. Frank Merriwell Held Up; or, The Robbery of the Mountain Express
126. Frank Merriwell's Protege; or, Lending a Helping Hand
127. Frank Merriwell on Strike; or, Saving the Enemy's Property
128. Frank Merriwell as a Ferret; or, Tracking the Train Wreckers
129. Frank Merriwell Accused; or, Reaping the Harvest
130. Frank Merriwell on the Road; or, The All-Star Combination
131. Frank Merriwell's First Part; or, The Start as an Actor
132. Frank Merriwell in Advance; or, Adventures Ahead of the Show
133. Frank Merriwell, Magician; or, For Fun, Fame and Fortune
134. Frank Merriwell's Own Company; or, Barnstorming in the Middle West
135. Frank Merriwell Stranded; or, The Fate of the First Venture
136. Frank Merriwell's New Venture; or, The Finding of Elsie
137. Frank Merriwell's Play; or, Putting on his own Piece
138. Frank Merriwell's Fame; or, The Road to Success
139. Frank Merriwell's father; or, The man with money to burn
140. Frank Merriwell's College Chums; or, Bart Hodge's Wonderful Shot
141. Frank Merriwell's Understudy; or, Helping an Old Friend
142. Frank Merriwell Puzzled; or, The Mystery of Inza
143. Frank Merriwell's Problem; or, The Vanishing of Elsie
144. Frank Merriwell Missing; or, On the Brink of Disaster
145. Frank Merriwell's Disaster; or, The Hand of the Law
146. Frank Merriwell's Fortune; or, The Legacy of the Skeleton
147. Frank Merriwell's Failure; or, High Hopes and Hard Luck
148. Frank Merriwell's Pluck; or, Never Say Die
149. Frank Merriwell's Chance; or, To Make or Break
150. Frank Merriwell Wins; or, The Success of "True Blue"
151. Frank Merriwell Betrayed; or, The Downfall of Hodge
152. Frank Merriwell's Admirers; or, Annoyed by Attentions
153. Frank Merriwell's Prosperity; or, Forging to the Front
154. Frank Merriwell's Great Hit; or, Fighting the Play of Pirates
155. Frank Merriwell's Boom; or, The New York Production
156. Frank Merriwell's Reception at Yale; or, A Hot Time in New Haven
157. Frank Merriwell's Scheme; or, Getting Ready for the Great Trip
158. Frank Merriwell's Nobility; or, The Tragedy of the Ocean Tramp
159. Frank Merriwell's Backer; or, Among London Sports
160. Frank Merriwell's Black Beauty; or, Winning the Derby
161. Frank Merriwell's Sand; or, London Slums at Night
162. Frank Merriwell at Henley; or, Life on a House Boat
163. Frank Merriwell's Caddie; or, The St. Andrews Golf Links
164. Frank Merriwell's Farewell; or, Last Days in Merrie England
165. Frank Merriwell in Paris; or, The Man Without a Name
166. Frank Merriwell Suspected; or, For the Honor of France
167. Frank Merriwell Doomed; or, The Anti-Dreyfus League
168. Frank Merriwell's Friendship; or, The Hot Blood of Youth
169. Frank Merriwell's Return; or, The Unmasking of the Mystery
170. Frank Merriwell's Ball Team; or, Winning the First Game
171. Frank Merriwell's Secret; or, Trying to Steal the Double Shoot
172. Frank Merriwell's Determination; or, Getting the Best of His Foes
173. Frank Merriwell's Injury; or, Hard Luck and Crooked Work
174. Frank Merriwell's Ruse; or, Paid in Their Own Coin
175. Frank Merriwell's Fall; or, Tom, the Tramp Twirler
176. Frank Merriwell's Turn; or, Working the Winning Streak
177. Frank Merriwell's Freak; or, The One-Armed Wonder
178. Frank Merriwell's Bat; or, Saved by an Alibi
179. Frank Merriwell's Skill; or, Fighting for the Lead
180. Frank Merriwell's Confidence; or, Pulling Against the Tide
181. Frank Merriwell's Hit; or, Won in the Ninth
182. Frank Merriwell's Triumph; or, In Front at the Finish
183. Frank Merriwell at Yale Again; or, Battling for the Blue
184. Frank Merriwell's Vim; or, Reawakening the Yale Spirit
185. Frank Merriwell's Automobile; or, Old Friends and New Foes
186. Frank Merriwell's Thrust; or, Taming a Dangerous Foe
187. Frank Merriwell's "Set"; or, Picking up an Outcast
188. Frank Merriwell's Sport; or, The Hazing of Jack Ready
189. Frank Merriwell's Heart; or, A Royal Thanksgiving
190. Frank Merriwell's Drive; or Defeating the Professionals
191. Frank Merriwell's Generosity; or, Square as a Brick
192. Frank Merriwell's Touch; or, Light as a Feather, Yet Heavy as an Iron
193. Frank Merriwell's Holidays; or, A Merry Christmas with Old Friends
194. Frank Merriwell's Stratagem; or, True Friends and False
195. Frank Merriwell's Limit; or, Calling a Halt
196. Frank Merriwell Tested; or, A Doubtful Honor
197. Frank Merriwell's "Flock"; or, The Awakening of Badger
198. Frank Merriwell's Temptation; or, Nothing but Quiet Sport
199. Frank Merriwell's Work; or, In Training for Winter Sports
200. Frank Merriwell's Skates; or, Into the Ice Trap
201. Frank Merriwell's Ice Yacht; or, Wing and Wing
202. Frank Merriwell's Sleigh; or, Warm Hearts and Brave Hands
203. Frank Merriwell's Musketeers; or, The Mountain Vendetta
204. Frank Merriwell's Opponent; or, For the Hockey Cup
205. Frank Merriwell Deceived; or, A Heart of Gold
206. Frank Merriwell's Mishap; or, A Friend in the Guise of a Foe
207. Frank Merriwell's Influence; or, The Mascot of the Crew
208. Frank Merriwell's Theory; or, A Fight for a Friend
209. Frank Merriwell's Five; or, Old Friends at Yale
210. Frank Merriwell's Honor; or, The Nobility of Badger
211. Frank Merriwell's Reward; or, Buck Badger's Humiliation
212. Frank Merriwell's Football; or, The Disappearance of Jack Ready
213. Frank Merriwell's Handicap; or, The Heroism of Elsie
214. Frank Merriwell's Stroke; or, The Test of Friendship
215. Frank Merriwell's Favor; or, True as Steel
216. Frank Merriwell's Phantom; or, The Ghost of Barney Mulloy
217. Frank Merriwell's "Pull"; or, True and Tried
218. Frank Merriwell's "Liner"; or, Elsie, Mascot of the Nine
219. Frank Merriwell's Compact; or, The Triumph of Badger
220. Frank Merriwell's Curves; or, Clipping the Tiger's Claws
221. Frank Merriwell's Discovery; or, The New London Boat Race
222. Frank Merriwell's Athletic Team; or, Sport in the Adirondacks
223. Frank Merriwell's Camp; or, Yale Athletes in the Great North Woods
224. Frank Merriwell's Wrist; or, The Nerve of Iron
225. Frank Merriwell's Throw; or, Yale Athletes at Niagara
226. Frank Merriwell's Wonders; or, Hitting the Eastern League
227. Frank Merriwell's Vault; or, The Blades of Toledo
228. Frank Merriwell's Speed; or, Breaking the Chicago Colts
229. Frank Merriwell's Rough Riders; or, The Athletic Team at Badger's Ranch
230. Frank Merriwell's Battery; or, Taming the "Broncho Busters"
231. Frank Merriwell's Archer; or, Beating the Red Bowman
232. Frank Merriwell's Double-Play; or, Winning His Own Game
233. Frank Merriwell's "Find"; or, The Hoosier Hercules
234. Frank Merriwell's Hustlers; or, Cracking the Colonels
235. Frank Merriwell's Captivity; or, The Vendetta in Kentucky
236. Frank Merriwell's New Protege; or, The Star of the Freshman Class
237. Frank Merriwell's Power; or, Hazing the Freshmen at Billie's
238. Frank Merriwell's Policy; or, Playing Columbia for Practice
239. Frank Merriwell's Freshmen; or, The Relay Team That Won
240. Frank Merriwell's Playing; or, Beating the Carlisle Indians
241. Frank Merriwell's Kick; or, Downing the Princeton Tigers
242. Frank Merriwell's High Jump; or, Winning the Championship from Harvard
243. Frank Merriwell's "Brassie" Shot; or, Inza's Difficult "Hazard"
244. Frank Merriwell's Shrewdness; or, Clearing His Protege's Honor
245. Frank Merriwell's Entertainments; or, Celebrating the Victories of Old Yale
246. Frank Merriwell's Mastery; or, The Success of the Polo King
247. Frank Merriwell's Dilemma; or, Forcing His Enemy's Hand
248. Frank Merriwell's Set-Back; or, Dick Starbright's Success
249. Frank Merriwell's Search; or, Elsie's Narrow Escape
250. Frank Merriwell's Ring; or, The Rivalry for Elsie
251. Frank Merriwell's Party; or, The Cruise of Petrel
252. Frank Merriwell's Life Struggle; or, A Bluff That Did Not Work
253. Frank Merriwell's Skill; or, Liz, the Girl Wrecker
254. Frank Merriwell's Club; or, Indoor Baseball in Baltimore
255. Frank Merriwell's Scheme; or, The Daring Deception of Dr. Cloud
256. Frank Merriwell's Mysterious Move; or, 13 Pieces of Silver
257. Frank Merriwell's Hand; or, Saved from the Snare
258. Frank Merriwell's Suspicion; or, The Girl from Maine
259. Frank Merriwell's Trust; or, The Mystery of the Black Stick
260. Frank Merriwell's Sweetheart; or, The Girl to Whom He Proposed
261. Frank Merriwell's Bosom Friend; or, Making up the Yale Nine
262. Frank Merriwell Deceived; or, Jimmy Lee of Charlottesville
263. Frank Merriwell in Form; or, The Wonderful Athlete of the Scarred Face
264. Frank Merriwell's Coach; or, How the Freshmen Won
265. Frank Merriwell's Struggle; or, The Strongest Man in the World
266. Frank Merriwell's Eyes; or, Saving an Enemy
267. Frank Merriwell's Deception; or, Celebrating Omega Lambda Chi
268. Frank Merriwell's Judgment; or, The Man Who Won
269. Frank Merriwell's Great Victory; or, The Effort of His Life
270. Frank Merriwell's Trick; or, His Battle with Himself
271. Frank Merriwell's Escape; or, The Girl Who Hated Him
272. Frank Merriwell's Steadiness; or, The Great Yale-Harvard Contests
273. Frank Merriwell's Glory; or, The Greatest Triumph of All
274. Frank Merriwell's Surprise; or, The Contents of the Oil Skin Envelope
275. Frank Merriwell's Brother; or, Training a Wild Spirit
276. Frank Merriwell's Chums; or, Out Again for Sport
277. Frank Merriwell's Marvel; or, Dick Merriwell in the Box
278. Frank Merriwell's Young Star; or, Dick Merriwell's Great Base Running
279. Frank Merriwell's Twirler; or, Dick Merriwell's Jump Ball
280. Frank Merriwell's Command; or, Dick Merriwell's Rebellion
281. Frank Merriwell's Support; or, Dick Merriwell's Great Work
282. Frank Merriwell's Hard Hit; or, Dick Merriwell's Red Friend
283. Frank Merriwell's Energy; or, Dick Merriwell's Triple Play
284. Frank Merriwell's Fellows; or, Dick Merriwell's Fast Work
285. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 1-12
286. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 13-24
287. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 25-34
288. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 37-48
289. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 49-60
290. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 61-71
291. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 72-81
292. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 83-93
293. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 94-103
294. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 104-115
295. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 115-126
296. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 127-135
297. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 136-145
298. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 146-157
299. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 159-180
300. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 181-192
301. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters 193-202
302. Dick Merriwell at Bay; or, Defending the Pirate Treasure of Hidden Cave
303. Trailing the Treasure; or, Face to Face with the Pirate Captain
304. Dick Merriwell's Peril; or, Left to Die in the Flames
305. Dick Merriwell's Snowshoe Hunt; or, The Hidden Hut of Blue Mountain
306. Dick Merriwell's Disappearance; or, The Mystery of Moaning Cave
307. Dick Merriwell's Racket; or, Who Was the Traitor
308. Dick Merriwell's Discovery; or, The Evil of the School
309. Dick Merriwell's Revenge; or, Fighting a Desperate Enemy
310. Dick Merriwell's Life Struggle; or, The Veiled Woman of the Woods
311. Dick Merriwell's Tramp Chase; or, The Awakening of Scudder
312. Dick Merriwell's Nine; or, Trouncing the Regular Team
313. Dick Merriwell's Danger; or, Solving a Strange Mystery
314. Dick Merriwell Accused; or, The Life of the Nine
315. Dick Merriwell's Trick; or, Paid in Their Own Coin
316. Dick Merriwell's Daring Leap; or, Bound to Get There
317. Dick Merriwell's Delivery; or, In the Face of Desperate Odds
318. Dick Merriwell's Nerve; or, Up Against the Real Thing
319. Dick Merriwell as Captain; or, In Spite of His Enemies
320. Dick Merriwell's Peril; or, Hugo Darkmore's Last Deed
321. Dick Merriwell Challenged; or, Getting into Fast Company
322. Dick Merriwell's Team; or, The Young Wonders of the Diamond
323. Dick Merriwell's Confidence; or, The Spirit That Wins
324. Dick Merriwell's Shot; or, For Life or Death
325. Dick Merriwell's Triumph; or, The Finish of the Season
326. Frank Merriwell on Deck; or, Getting into Mad River League
327. Dick Merriwell in Trim; or, The Boy Wonder of the League
328. Frank Merriwell's Honor; or, Defying the Boss of the League
329. Dick Merriwell's Danger; or, The Secret Order of the League
330. Frank Merriwell's Fracas; or, Hot Times in Mad River League
331. Dick Merriwell's Diamond; or, Fighting for the Lead in the League
332. Frank Merriwell's Turn; or, The Greatest Game of the Season
333. Dick Merriwell's New Ball; or, The Boy Wonder at His Best
334. Frank Merriwell's "Ginger"; or, Winning an Uphill Game
335. Dick Merriwell's Stroke; or, Unmasking the Man of Mystery
336. Frank Merriwell's Winners; or, Landing on Top in Mad River League
337. Dick Merriwell's Return; or, Back Again to the Old School
338. Dick Merriwell's Difficulties; or, Making up the Eleven
339. Dick Merriwell's Mercy; or, The First Game on the Gridiron
340. Dick Merriwell's Dash; or, Playing Fast and Fair
341. Dick Merriwell's Set; or, Friends and Foes at Fardale
342. Dick Merriwell's Ability; or, The Young Gladiators of the Gridiron
343. Dick Merriwell's Mascot; or, By Luck or Pluck
344. Dick Merriwell's Trust; or, Friendship True and Tried
345. Dick Merriwell's Success; or, Bound to be a Winner
346. Dick Merriwell's Determination; or, The Courage that Conquers
347. Dick Merriwell's Readiness; or, Who Stole the Papers
348. Dick Merriwell's Trap; or, Snaring a Spook
349. Dick Merriwell's Vim; or, The Greatest Game of All
350. Dick Merriwell's Lark; or, Beaten at Every Turn
351. Dick Merriwell's Defense; or, Up Against the Great Eaton Five
352. Dick Merriwell's Dexterity; or, Hot Work to the Finish
353. Dick Merriwell Puzzled; or, The Mystery of the Flint
354. Dick Merriwell's Help; or, Flint's Struggle with Himself
355. Dick Merriwell's Model; or, Frank Merriwell's Fight for Fortune
356. Dick Merriwell as Detective; or, For the Honor of a Friend
357. Dick Merriwell's Dirk; or, Beset by Hidden Peril
358. Dick Merriwell's Victory; or, Holding the Enemy in Check
359. Dick Merriwell Absent; or, The Spook of the School
360. Dick Merriwell's Registered Package; or, Frank Merriwell's Desperate Struggle
361. Dick Merriwell's Power; or, Settling the Score with Eaton
362. Frank Merriwell's Defense; or, The Struggle for the Queen Mystery Mine
363. Dick Merriwell's Dream; or, Foiling the Bank Bankers
364. Frank Merriwell's Backers; or, Old Friends to the Rescue
365. Dick Merriwell's Duty; or, True to Old Fardale
366. Frank Merriwell's Talking Dog; or, Faithful unto Death
367. Dick Merriwell on the Diamond; or, The Boy Wonder's Backstory
368. Frank Merriwell's Manhood; or, To the Rescue of June
369. Dick Merriwell's Triumph; or, Arlington's Last Trick
370. Frank Merriwell's Fighting Blood; or, The Battle for the San Pablo
371. Dick Merriwell's Combination; or, Playing the Game for Every Point
372. Frank Merriwell Marked; or, The Mystery of the Black Touch
373. Dick Merriwell's Firmness; or, A Steady Hand and a Sure Heart
374. Frank Merriwell's Gold Train; or, His Great Victory in Mexico
375. Dick Merriwell's Mission; or, From Fardale to the West
376. Frank Merriwell's Battle Royal; or, Up Against the Wizards
377. Dick Merriwell's Opportunity; or, Making the Most of His Chance
378. Frank Merriwell on the Slab; or, Holding Down the Western Wonders
379. Dick Merriwell's Promise; or, For the Sake of a Girl
380. Frank Merriwell's Coup; or, The Stratagem That Won
381. Dick Merriwell's Fast Work; or, The Champions of the North
382. Frank Merriwell's Force; or, Disarming an Enemy
383. Dick Merriwell Surpise; or, Cap'n Wiley's Wind Jammers
384. Frank Merriwell's Quick Move; or, Cooling Off Cap'n Wiley
385. Dick Merriwell's Red Friend; or, Old Joe Crowfoot to the Front
386. Frank Merriwell's Nomads; or, Cap'n Wiley's Clever Work
387. Dick Merriwell's Distrust; or, Meeting the Masked Champions
388. Frank Merriwell's Great Finish; or, The Independent Champions of America
389. Dick Merriwell Back at Fardale; or, Getting Onto the Eleven
390. Dick Merriwell's New Enemy; or, The Hatred of Barron Black
391. Dick Merriwell's Hard Struggle; or, Great Work on the Gridiron
392. Dick Merriwell Held in Check; or, Chester Arlington's Successful Move
393. Dick Merriwell's Firm Hand; or, Settling Old Scores
394. Dick Merriwell's Last Resort; or, Fighting Hard to the Finish
395. Dick Merriwell's Disguise; or, The Mystery of the Vanishing Clothes
396. Dick Merriwell's Flying Tackle; or, The Last Move in the Game
397. Dick Merriwell's Superiority; or, The Test That Told
398. Dick Merriwell Entombed; or, The Downfall of His Foe
399. Dick Merriwell's Helping Hand; or, Chester Arlington's Day of Triumph
400. Dick Merriwell's Trust; or, The Triumph of True Manhood
401. Frank Merriwell's New Move; or, Facing His Foes in Kansas City
402. Frank Merriwell's Thirty; or, The Triumph of Jack Birdkiller
403. Frank Merriwell's Papers; or, The Hour and the Man
404. Frank Merriwell on the Trail; or, From Phoenix to Peaceful Pocket
405. Frank Merriwell's Fixed Purpose; or, Cap'n Wiley to the Rescue
406. Frank Merriwell in Denver; or, The Clue of the Candle
407. Frank Merriwell's Mountain Hunt; or, Triss, of Camp Nowhar
408. Frank Merriwell's Fire; or, The Last Stroke of Milton Sukes
409. Frank Merriwell's Great Peril; or, The Mystery of the Mazatzals
410. Frank Merriwell in California; or, The Search for Felecia
411. Frank Merriwell's Defenders; or, The Strategy of Old How Crowfoot
412. Frank Merriwell's Besieged; or, Dick Merriwell's Daring Rescue
413. Frank Merriwell;s Quick Work; or, Dick Merriwell's Cipher Message
414. Dick Merriwell on Hand; or, Just in Time to Win
415. Dick Merriwell's Devotion; or, Playing Against Ten Men
416. Dick Merriwell's Racket; or, An Earthquake at the School
417. Dick Merriwell's Sand; or, Winning by Pure Grit
418. Dick Merriwell's Force; or, On Hand When Needed
419. Dick Merriwell Trapped; or, The Plot of a Desperate Boy
420. Dick Merriwell's Assurance; or, Trusted to the Last
421. Dick Merriwell's Base Running; or, The Man with the Icy Hand
422. Dick Merriwell's Pitching; or, Frank Merriwell's Friends and Foes
423. Dick Merriwell's Trap; or, The End of the Struggle
424. Dick Merriwell Arrested; or, The Heart of Fire
425. Frank Merriwell's New Nine; or, The Great Game with Manhattan
426. Frank Merriwell at Cambridge; or, Handing 'em up Against Harvard
427. Frank Merriwell in New Haven; or, Facing Yale on Her Own Field
428. Dick Merriwell in Maplewood; or, Not Given Half a Show
429. Dick Merriwell at Fairhaven; or, Bucking the Trolley League
430. Dick Merriwell's Great Struggle; or, Two Games in One Day
431. Dick Merriwell's Batting; or, The First Game in Fairhaven
432. Dick Merriwell's Set-Back; or, The Struggle to Stay in the League
433. Dick Merriwell's Phantom; or, The Girl with the Magnetic Eyes
434. Dick Merriwell's Management; or, The Fight for First Place
435. Dick Merriwell's Dilemma; or, The Double-Header at Maplewood. The Rockspur Rivals.
436. Dick Merriwell's Persistence; or, Hammering at the Top Notchers
437. Dick Merriwell's Self Reliance; or, Snared By His Own Scheming
438. Dick Merriwell's Aid; or, The Help of Hoboson
439. Dick Merriwell's Spirit; or, Fighting to the Front
440. Dick Merriwell's Day; or, Triumphant in the Trolley League
441. Frank Merriwell's Project; or, The Man from Mexico
442. Tip Top Weekly no. 442 (Frank Merriwell's Document; or, The Pursuit of Prophias Del Norte and 1 more item)
443. Frank Merriwell Decoyed; or, The Captive of Woodhull Hall
444. Dick Merriwell in School Again; or, The Rising of a Storm
445. Dick Merriwell Under a Cloud; or, The Gathering of the Tempest
446. Dick Merriwell's Downfall; or, The Bursting of the Storm
447. Frank Merriwell's Magic Spectacles; or Peril in the Adirondacks
448. Frank Merriwell's Woodcraft; or, To the Rescue of Old Gripper
449. Frank Merriwell's Jeopardy; or, The Wolves of the Woods
450. Dick Merriwell in London; or, Exposing the Rascals
451. Dick Merriwell in Scotland; or, The Struggle at Lochleven
452. Dick Merriwell in Sherwood Forest; or, The Encounter at Robin Hood's Tavern
453. Frank Merriwell's Standard of Honor; or, Keeping a Boy from Going Wrong
454. Frank Merriwell's Deadly Foe; or, Alvarez Lazard, the Avenger
455. Frank Merriwell's Constant Peril; or, The Eyes of the Avenger
456. Frank Merriwell in St. Louis; or, Stirring 'em Up at the World's Fair
457. Frank Merriwell in Denver; or, Real Sport in the West
458. Frank Merriwell at Arrowhead; or, In the Heart of the Rockies
459. Dick Merriwell in Venice; or, Under the Ban of the Terrible Ten
460. Dick Merriwell in Greece; or, The Maid of Athens
461. Dick Merriwell in Constantinople; or, Pranks and Perils at the Golden Horn
462. Frank Merriwell at Carson's Ranch; or, The King of the Cattle Thieves
463. Frank Merriwell Blizzard Bound; or, After Big Game in the Rockies
464. Frank Merriwell Captured; or, Trouble in the Black Timbers
465. Dick Merriwell in Damascus; or, The Sword of the Sheik
466. Dick Merriwell on the Desert; or, Captives of the Bedouins
467. Dick Merriwell in Egypt; or, The Encounter on the Nile
468. Frank Merriwell's Fingers; or, The Man Who Came Back
469. Frank Merriwell's Retaliation; or, The Clash in California
470. Frank Merriwell in Frisco; or, The "Go" at the Golden Gate
471. Frank Merriwell's "Dope Ball"; or, The Wizard Twirler of Leland Stanford
472. Frank Merriwell's Handicap; or, Hastings, the Hurdler from Humboldt
473. Frank Merriwell's Red Challengers; or, The Hot Game with the Nebraska Indians
474. Frank Merriwell's Fencing; or, For Sport or For Blood
475. Frank Merriwell's Backer; or, Playing Baseball for a Fortune
476. Frank Merriwell's Endurance; or, The Cross Country Champions of America
477. Frank Merriwell in Form; or, Wolfers, the Wonder from Wisconsin
478. Frank Merriwell's Method; or, The Secret of Becoming a Champion
479. Frank Merriwell's Level Best; or, Cutting the Corners with New Curves
480. Frank Merriwell's Lacrosse Team; or, The Great Hustle with Johns Hopkins
481. Frank Merriwell's Great Day; or, The Crowning Triumph of His Career
482. Dick Merriwell in Japan; or, Judo Art Against Jio Jitsu
483. Dick Merriwell on the Rubber; or, Playing Baseball in the Flowery Kingdom
484. Dick Merriwell's Cleverness; or, Showing the Japs the American Game
485. Dick Merriwell in Manila; or, Papinta, the Pride of the Philippines
486. Dick Merriwell Marooned; or, The Queen of Fire Island
487. Dick Merriwell's Comrade; or, The Treasure of the Island
488. Dick Merriwell, Gap Stopper; or, A Surprise for the Surprisers
489. Dick Merriwell's Sacrifice Hit; or, Winning By a Hair's Breadth
490. Dick Merriwell's Support; or, Backed Up When Getting His Bumps
491. Dick Merriwell's Stroke; or, Swimming for His Life
492. Dick Merriwell Shadowed; or, The Search for the Lost Professor
493. Dick Merriwell's Drive; or, Evening Up With His Enemy
494. Dick Merriwell's Return; or, The Reappearance at Fardale
495. Dick Merriwell's Restoration; or, Whipping the Team Into Shape
496. Dick Merriwell's Value; or, The Success of Square Sport
497. Dick Merriwell's "Dukes"; or, His Fight with Himself
498. Dick Merriwell's Drop-Kick; or, Chester Arlington's Team of Tigers
499. Dick Merriwell's Defeat; or, How Arlington Won the Second Game
500. Dick Merriwell's Chance; or, Taming the Tigers of Fairport
501. Dick Merriwell's Stride; or, The Finish of the Cross Country Run
502. Dick Merriwell's Wing Shift; or, The Great Thanksgiving Day Game
503. Dick Merriwell's Skates; or, Playing Ice Hockey for Every Point
504. Dick Merriwell's Four Fists; or, The Champion of the Chausson
505. Dick Merriwell's Dashing Game; or, The Fast Five from Fairport
506. Frank Merriwell's Tigers; or, Wiping Out the Railroad Wolves
507. Frank Merriwell's Treasure Guard; or, The Defenders of the Pay Train
508. Frank Merriwell's "Flying Fear"; or, The Gray Ghost of the Yaqui
509. Dick Merriwell in Maine; or, Sport and Peril in the Winter Woods
510. Dick Merriwell's Polo Team; or, The Rattlers of the Roller Rinx
511. Dick Merriwell in the Ring; or, The Champion of His Class
512. Frank Merriwell's New Idea; or, The American School of Athletic Development
513. Frank Merriwell's Troubles; or, Enemies of the School
514. Frank Merriwell's Pupils; or, The Wizards at Water Polo
515. Dick Merriwell's Satisfaction; or, Hot Work at Indoor Baseball
516. Dick Merriwell's Discernment; or, The Heroism of a Coward
517. Dick Merriwell's Friendly Hand; or, The Boy Who Was Saved
518. Frank Merriwell's New Boy; or, The Folly of Dale Sparkfair
519. Frank Merriwell's Mode; or, Winning the Confidence of a Wild Lad
520. Frank Merriwell's Aids; or, "The Secret Order of Scalp-Lifters"
521. Dick Merriwell's Visit; or, Hot Times at Farnham Hall
522. Dick Merriwell's Retaliation; or, Fardale Against Farnham Hall
523. Dick Merriwell's Rival; or, Dale Sparkfair at Fardale
524. Frank Merriwell's Young Crew; or, The Mystery of the Boat House
525. Frank Merriwell's Fast Nine; or, Champions of the County
526. Frank Merriwell's Athletic Field; or, The Great Meet at Bloomfield
527. Dick Merriwell's Reprisal; or, The Clash of the Champions
528. Dick Merriwell Dared; or, The Grapple with Wellsburg
529. Dick Merriwell's Dismay' or, The Departure of June
530. Frank Merriwell's Son; or, The Mark of a Star
531. Frank Merriwell's Old Flock; or, The Reunion at Merry Home
532. Frank Merriwell's House Party; or, The Rustle with the Rovers
533. Dick Merriwell's Summer Team; or, Baseball in the Blue Hills
534. Dick Merriwell's Demand; or, The Draw at Madawaska
535. Dick Merriwell's Slabmate; or, The Boy from Bloomfield
536. Frank Merriwell's Summer Camp; or, The Athletic School in the Woods
537. Frank Merriwell's Proposal; or, Starting the Sport in the League
538. Frank Merriwell's Spook Hunters; or, The Mysterious Island of Mad Lake
539. Dick Merriwell's Check; or, The Hot Bunch From Happy Camp
540. Dick Merriwell's Sacrifice; or, Team Work That Told
541. Dick Merriwell's Heart; or, Breaking the Hard Luck Streak
542. Frank Merriwell's New Auto; or, The Lure to Destruction
543. Frank Merriwell's Pride; or, The Double Header at Pineville
544. Frank Merriwell's Young Winners; or, The Stars in the Blue Hills
545. Dick Merriwell's Lead; or, Bound to Hold First Place
546. Dick Merriwell's Influence; or, On the Right Road at Last
547. Dick Merriwell's Top-Notch; or, Against Odds, Fate and Scheming
548. Frank Merriwell's Kids; or, The World-Beaters in New York
549. Frank Merriwell's Kodakers; or, Hunting Big Game Without Guns
550. Dick Merriwell, Freshman; or, First Days at Yale
551. Dick Merriwell's Progress; or, The First Chance on the Field
552. Dick Merriwell, Halfback; or, Getting into the Game at Last
553. Dick Merriwell's Resentment; or, In Defense of His Honor
554. Dick Merriwell Repaid; or, The Heart of Officer Maloney
555. Dick Merriwell's Staying Power; or, The Great Game at New Haven
556. Dick Merriwell's "Push"; or, The Victim of the "Flying Mare"
557. Dick Merriwell's Running; or, The Meet at Mechanics' Hall
558. Dick Merriwell's Joke; or, Fun With the Jumping Frenchman
559. Dick Merriwell's Seven; or, The Scrub That Made the Regulars "Go Some"
560. Dick Merriwell's Partner; or, The Boy from Texas
561. Dick Merriwell in the Tank; or, Rushing the Regulars at Water Polo
562. Frank Merriwell's Captive; or, The Folly of Chester Arlington
563. Frank Merriwell's Trailing; or, The Flight of a Fool
564. Frank Merriwell's Talisman; or, The Charm of Cochita
565. Frank Merriwell's Horse; or, The Boy Who Would Be Bad
566. Frank Merriwell's Intrusion; or, Warner the Man Who Won
567. Frank Merriwell's Bluff; or, The Lost Senorita of Sonora
568. Dick Merriwell's Regret; or, The Friend He Never Knew
569. Dick Merriwell's Silent Work; or, A Helping Hand for a Foe
570. Dick Merriwell's Arm; or, The Trick That Fooled the Tricksters
571. Dick Merriwell's Skill; or, "The Prince of the Pistol"
572. Dick Merriwell's Magnetism; or, The Curing of a Cad
573. Dick Merriwell's System; or, The Way to Win
574. Dick Merriwell's Salvation; or, The Traitor on the Team
575. Dick Merriwell's Twirling; or, Tracing the Traitor
576. Dick Merriwell's Party; or, Springtime's Youthful Fancy
577. Dick Merriwell's Backers; or, The Man Behind the Bat
578. Dick Merriwell, Coach; or, Pride and Prejudice
579. Dick Merriwell's Bingle; or, A Hit in Time
580. Dick Merriwell's Hurdling; or, The Star and Satellites
581. Dick Merriwell's Best Work; or, Up Against a Hard Proposition
582. Dick Merriwell's Respite; or, The Campers at Lake Calmface
583. Dick Merriwell's Disadvantage; or, The First Game with Harvard
584. Dick Merriwell Beset; or, The Revenge of Quinn Harvester
585. Dick Merriwell's Great Rival; or, Dale Sparkfair on the Slab
586. Dick Merriwell's Distrust; or, Betrayed By a Blotter
587. Dick Merriwell, Lion-Tamer; or, Ate, Queen of the Air
588. Dick Merriwell's Camp Site, or, The Peril at Pine Point
589. Dick Merriwell's Debt; or, Settling the Score with Smoketown
590. Dick Merriwell's Campmates; or, Old Chums on the Field
591. Dick Merriwell's Draw; or, The Struggle with Smoketown
592. Dick Merriwell's Disapproval; or, Chester Arlington's New Chum
593. Dick Merriwell's Mastery; or, The Wolves of Wolfwoods
594. Dick Merriwell's Warm Work; or, A Hot Day for Smoketown
595. Dick Merriwell's "Double Squeeze"; or, Brian Blackpool in Command
596. Dick Merriwell's Vanishing; or, Young Joe Crowfoot on the Trail
597. Dick Merriwell Adrift; or, In the Grip of the Sea
598. Dick Merriwell's Influence; or, Reaping the Harvest
599. Frank Merriwell's Worst Boy; or, Ralph Sand, the Reckless
600. Frank Merriwell's Annoyance; or, Reckless Ralph, the Runway
601. Frank Merriwell's Restraint; or, The Revenge of a Redskin
602. Dick Merriwell Held Back; or, Secret Enemies at Work
603. Dick Merriwell in the Line; or, Given a Show at Last
604. Dick Merriwell's Drop-Kick; or, Winning on a Last Resort
605. Frank Merriwell's Air Voyage; or, The Wreck of the "California Arrow"
606. Frank Merriwell's Auto Chase; or, The White Deer of Dead River
607. Frank Merriwell's Captive; or, The End of the Chase
608. Dick Merriwell's Value; or, The Game That Settled the Question
609. Dick Merriwell Doped; or, The Mystery of the Black Star
610. Dick Merriwell's Belief; or, Chester Arlington Meshed
611. Frank Merriwell in the Market; or, The Wolves of Wall Street
612. Frank Merriwell's Fight for Fortune; or, Putting the Wolves to Rout
613. Frank Merriwell on Top; or, Potting the Last of the Pack
614. Dick Merriwell's Trip West; or, Brother Backing Brother
615. Dick Merriwell's Predicament; or, Frank Merriwell Facing His Foes
616. Dick Merriwell in Mystery Valley; or, Buried Alive in Bulldog Tunnel
617. Frank Merriwell's Proposition; or, Captain Baldwin's Secret Work
618. Frank Merriwell Perplexed; or, The Mystery of Eagle Valley
619. Frank Merriwell's Suspicion; or, The Last Stroke of the Secret Powers
620. Dick Merriwell's Gallantry; or, The Girl From the South
621. Dick Merriwell's Condition; or, An Affair of the Heart
622. Dick Merriwell's Stanchness; or, Standing By a Friend
623. Dick Merriwell's Match; or, The Fellow Who Failed
624. Frank Merriwell's Hard Case; or, The Boy Who Would Not Try
625. Frank Merriwell's Helper; or, The Assistance of Ralph Sand
626. Frank Merriwell's Doubts; or, The Wizard of the Swimming Tank
627. Frank Merriwell's Phenom; or, The Untrained Wonder
628. Dick Merriwell's Stand; or, A Fight Against Prejudice
629. Dick Merriwell's Circle; or, Crossing the Charmed Life
630. Dick Merriwell's Reach; or, The Twist of the Wizard's Wrist
631. Dick Merriwell's Money; or, Playing a Losing Game
632. Dick Merriwell Watched; or, The Secret of the Shadow
633. Dick Merriwell Doubted; or, Put to the Test
634. Dick Merriwell's Distrust; or, Under Two Flags
635. Dick Merriwell's Risk; or, Taking Chances on the Bases
636. Frank Merriwell's "Favorite"; or, The Boy Who "Made Good"
637. Frank Merriwell's Young Clippers; or, Taking a Fall Out of a Fast Team
638. Frank Merriwell's Steadying Hand; or, The Test of Manhood
639. Frank Merriwell's Record Breakers; or, The Fastest Lads in Their Class
640. Dick Merriwell's Shoulder; or, Handicapped in the First Game with Harvard
641. Dick Merriwell's Desperate Work; or, Snatching Victory from Defeat
642. Dick Merriwell's Example; or, The Fellow Who Flunked
643. Dick Merriwell at Gale's Ferry; or, The Crack Man of the Crew
644. Dick Merriwell's Inspiration; or, The Boys of Loon Lodge
645. Dick Merriwell's Shooting; or, The Gun Club in the Woods
646. Dick Merriwell in the Wilds; or, The Call of the Woods
647. Dick Merriwell's Red Comrade; or, The Messenger from the West
648. Frank Merriwell's Ranch; or, Roughing It on the Range
649. Frank Merriwell in the Saddle; or, The Man from the Medicine Bow
650. Frank Merriwell's Brand; or, The Angel of the T-Bar
651. Frank Merriwell's Red Guide; or, The Last of the Tribe
652. Dick Merriwell's Rival; or, The Goal of the Gridiron Stars
653. Dick Merriwell's Strength; or, In the Thick of the Fray
654. Dick Merriwell's Secret Work; or, The Whirlwind of the Back Field
655. Dick Merriwell's Way; or, The Fellow Who Never Failed
656. Frank Merriwell's Red Visitors; or, Sport on the Ranch
657. Frank Merriwell's Rope; or, The Pest of the Trail
658. Frank Merriwell's Lesson; or, The Young Rebels of the Ranch
659. Frank Merriwell's Protection; or, The Man Who Went Wrong
660. Dick Merriwell's Reputation; or, Like a Snake in the Grass
661. Dick Merriwell's Motto; or, Fair Play and No Favors
662. Dick Merriwell's Restraint; or, "The Prince of the Foils"
663. Dick Merriwell's Ginger; or, A Check for the Crimson
664. Dick Merriwell's Driving; or, "The Terror from Toronto"
665. Dick Merriwell's Good Cheer; or, Holidays with the Exiles
666. Frank Merriwell's Theory; or, The First Day at Farnham Hall
667. Frank Merriwell's Diplomacy; or, Subduing a Bully
668. Frank Merriwell's Encouragement; or, The Awakening of Willie West
669. Frank Merriwell's Great Work; or, Getting the Right Start
670. Dick Merriwell's Mind; or, The Ideal of Manhood
671. Dick Merriwell's "Dip"; or, The Mysterious Movements of a Hat
672. Dick Merriwell's Rally; or, Making a Fighting Finish
673. Dick Merriwell's Flyer; or, Champions of the Ice
674. Frank Merriwell's Bullets; or, A Steady Nerve and a Sure Hand
675. Frank Merriwell Cut Off; or, The Result of the Spring Rise
676. Frank Merriwell's Ranch Boss; or, Big Bruce and the "Blossoms"
677. Dick Merriwell's Equal; or, The Fellow with the Flying Feet
678. Dick Merriwell's Development; or, The All-Round Wonder
679. Dick Merriwell's Eye; or, The Secret of Good Batting
680. Frank Merriwell's Zest; or, The Spirit of the School
681. Frank Merriwell's Patience; or, The Making of a Pitcher
682. Frank Merriwell's Pupil; or, The Boy with the Wizard Wing
683. Frank Merriwell's Fighters; or, The Decisive Battle with Blackstone
684. Dick Merriwell at the Meet; or, Honors Worth Winning
685. Dick Merriwell's Protest; or, The Man Who Would Not Play Clean
686. Dick Merriwell in the Marathon; or, The Sensation of the Great Run
687. Dick Merriwell's Colors' or, All for the Blue
688. Dick Merriwell, Driver; or, The Race for the Daremore Cup
689. Dick Merriwell on the Deep; or, The Cruise of the "Yale"
690. Dick Merriwell in the North Woods; or, The Timber Thieves of the Floodwood
691. Dick Merriwell's Dandies; or, A Surprise for the Cowboy Nine
692. Dick Merriwell's "Skyscooter"; or, Professor Pagan and the "Princess"
693. Dick Merriwell in the Elk Mountains; or, The Search for Dead Injun Mine
694. Dick Merriwell in Utah; or, The Road to "Promised Land"
695. Dick Merriwell's Bluff; or, The Boy Who Ran Away
696. Dick Merriwell in the Saddle; or, The Bunch from the Bar Z
697. Dick Merriwell's Ranch Friends; or, Sport on the Range
698. Frank Merriwell at Phantom Lake; or, The Mystery of the Mad Doctor
699. Frank Merriwell's Hold-Back; or, The Boys of Bristol
700. Frank Merriwell's Lively Lads; or, The Rival Camps
701. Frank Merriwell as Instructor; or, The Skill of the Wizard
702. Dick Merriwell's Cayuse; or, The Star of the Big Range
703. Dick Merriwell's Quirt; or, The Sting of the Lash
704. Dick Merriwell's Freshman Friend; or, A Question of Manhood
705. Dick Merriwell's Best Form; or, Master of Himself
706. Dick Merriwell's Prank; or, The Exposure of Arthur Ettinger
707. Dick Merriwell's Gambol; or, Sport at the County Fair
708. Dick Merriwell's Gun; or, The Mystery of the Covers
709. Dick Merriwell at His Best; or, Rounding the Team into Form
710. Dick Merriwell's Master Mind; or, The Mysterious Mr. Snare
711. Dick Merriwell's Dander; or, The Day of Reckoning
712. Dick Merriwell's Hope; or, The Reliance of the Blue
713. Dick Merriwell's Standard; or, Up to the Mark
714. Dick Merriwell's Sympathy; or, Helping a Boy in Need
715. Dick Merriwell in Lumber Land; or, The Men of the Big North Woods
716. Frank Merriwell's Fairness; or, The Crime of a Nation
717. The Slaves of Yucatan; or, Frank Merriwell's Pledge
718. Frank Merriwell, the Man of Grit; or, The Peril of Barney Mulloy
719. Frank Merriwell's Return Blow; or, The Downfall of the Dictator
720. Frank Merriwell's Quest; or, The Search for the Golden Lake
721. Frank Merriwell's Ingots; or, The Sunken Treasure of the Incas
722. Frank Merriwell's Assistance; or, "The Land of Too Much Trouble"
723. Frank Merriwell at the Throttle; or, Bringing Through the Black Express
724. Frank Merriwell, the Always Ready; or, The Mystery of Miguel Toro
725. Frank Merriwell in Diamond Land; or, The Vanishing Girl of Vista Grande
726. Frank Merriwell's Desperate Chance; or, The Rescue of June Arlington
727. Frank Merriwell's Black Terror; or, The Mad Horse of Montes Altos
728. Frank Merriwell Again on the Slab; or, Merry in His Old-Time Form
729. Frank Merriwell's Hard Proposition; or, The Tigers of Texas
730. Frank Merriwell's Six-in-Hand; or, The Trail to Pickpocket
731. Frank Merriwell's Duplicate; or, The Rascal from Ringbolt
732. Frank Merriwell on Rattlesnake Ranch; or, The Dupe Who Became a Shark
733. Frank Merriwell's Sure Hand; or, The Man Who Won the Big Race
734. Frank Merriwell's Treasure Map; or, The Search for Buried Gold
735. Frank Merriwell, Prince of the Rope; or, The King Bee from Kinknot
736. Dick Merriwell, Captain of the Varsity; or, Game to the Last
737. Dick Merriwell's Control; or, The Man on the Bench
738. Dick Merriwell's Backstop; or, The Result of Bad Habits
739. Dick Merriwell's Masked Enemy; or, The Man With the Scar
740. Dick Merriwell's Motor Car; or, The Wizard of the Road
741. Dick Merriwell's Hot Pursuit; or, Running Down the Kidnapers
742. Dick Merriwell at Forest Lake; or, The King of Flume River
743. Dick Merriwell in Court; or, Judge Grimm of Grumblestone
744. Dick Merriwell's Silence; or, The Shadow of the Past
745. Dick Merriwell's Dogs; or, Faithful to the Last
746. Dick Merriwell's Subterfuge; or, The Tussle with the Topnotchers
747. Dick Merriwell's Enigma; or, The Mystery of Mermaid Island
748. Dick Merriwell Defeated; or, The Champion of the Clover Club
749. Dick Merriwell's "Wing"; or, The Man Who Couldn't Be Stopped
750. Dick Merriwell's Sky Chase; or, The Diamond Mystery of Denver
751. Dick Merriwell's Pick-Ups; or, A Game with the Outlaws
752. Dick Merriwell on the Rocking R; or, The Finish of the Feud
753. Dick Merriwell's Penetration; or, The Man from Nowhere
754. Dick Merriwell's Intuition; or, The Worst Fellow in College
755. Dick Merriwell's Vantage; or, The Hindoo Mystery
756. Dick Merriwell's Advice; or, The Man Who Woke Up
757. Dick Merriwell's Rescue; or, The Regeneration of Rudolph Rose
758. Dick Merriwell, American; or, The Man from Japan
759. Dick Merriwell's Understanding; or, The Man Who Was Hounded
760. Dick Merriwell, Tutor; or, The Fellow Who Gave Up Football
761. Dick Merriwell's Quandary; or, The Mystery of the Deserted Farmhouse
762. Dick Merriwell on the Boards; or, Fighting the Theatrical Syndicate
763. Dick Merriwell, Peacemaker; or, The Split in the Varsity
764. Frank Merriwell's Sway; or, The Boy Who Was Pampered
765. Frank Merriwell's Comprehension; or, The Making of Vincent Schuyler
766. Frank Merriwell's Young Acrobat; or, The Boy from the Sawdust Ring
767. Frank Merriwell's Tact; or, The Taming of Garth Tennant
768. Frank Merriwell's Unknown; or, The Mysterious James Brown
769. Frank Merriwell's Acuteness; or, The Search for a Name
770. Frank Merriwell's Young Canadian; or, The Victory of Defeat
771. Frank Merriwell's Coward; or, The Awakening of Sam Shrubb
772. Frank Merriwell's Perplexity; or, The Mystery of the Blue Diamond
773. Frank Merriwell's Intervention; or, The Horse Thief of the Lazy X
774. Frank Merriwell's Daring Deed; or, The Race for a Hundred Lives
775. Frank Merriwell, Victor; or, The Redemption of "Babe" Silver
776. Frank Merriwell's Wit; or, Thwarting a Governor
777. Frank Merriwell's Loyalty; or, The Land of the Lost People
778. Frank Merriwell's Bold Play; or, The Checkmating of Felipe Lopez
779. Frank Merriwell's Insight; or, The Brand Blotter of the X Bar S
780. Frank Merriwell's Guile; or, The Queen of the Matadors
781. Frank Merriwell's Campaign; or, Fighting the System
782. Frank Merriwell in the National Forest; or, Outwitting the Timber Thieves
783. Frank Merriwell's Tenacity; or, The Mystery of the Famous Scientist
784. Dick Merriwell's Self Sacrifice; or, The Man Who Could Jump
785. Dick Merriwell's Close Shave; or, The Man With a Grouch
786. Dick Merriwell's Perception; or, The Brains of the Varsity
787. Dick Merriwell's Mysterious Disappearance; or, The Game in the Balance
788. Dick Merriwell's Detective Work; or, The Case of the Varsity Shortstop
789. Dick Merriwell's Proof; or, The Problem of the Stubborn Crew Man
790. Dick Merriwell's Brain Work; or, The Frustration of the Sneaky Tutor
791. Dick Merriwell's Queer Case; or, The Lure of the Ruby
792. Dick Merriwell, Navigator; or, The Adventure on the Sound
793. Dick Merriwell's Good Fellowship; or, The Man with the Wrong Idea
794. Dick Merriwell's Fun; or, Buckhart as a Reformer
795. Dick Merriwell's Commencement; or, The Last Week at Yale
796. Dick Merriwell at Montauk Point; or, The Terror of the Air
797. Dick Merriwell, Mediator; or, The Strike at the Plum Valley Mine
798. Dick Merriwell's Decision; or, The Sacrifice of a Principle
799. Dick Merriwell on the Great Lakes; or, The Smugglers of the Inland Seas
800. Dick Merriwell Caught Napping; or, The Rube That Could Pitch
801. Dick Merriwell in the Copper Country; or, The Search for a Lost Mine
802. Dick Merriwell Strapped or, The Adventure of the Escaped Convicts
803. Dick Merriwell's Coolness; or, At the Nevada Gold Fields
804. Dick Merriwell's Reliance; or, The Man Who Had Served Time
805. Dick Merriwell's Collegemate; or, Fighting a Crooked Deal
806. Dick Merriwell's Young Pitcher; or, The Fellow Who Disappeared
807. Dick Merriwell's Prodding; or, The Fellow Who Lacked Push
808. Frank Merriwell's Boy; or, A Chip of the Old Block
809. Frank Merriwell's Interference; or, Not Worthy of Trust
810. Frank Merriwell's Young Warriors; or, The Fellow Who Could Not Play Clean
811. Frank Merriwell's Appraisal; or, The Measure of Manhood
812. Frank Merriwell's Forgiveness; or, The Boy Who Had Another Chance
813. Frank Merriwell's Lads; or, The Fellow with the Family Tree
814. Frank Merriwell's Young Aviator; or, The Triumph of Genius
815. Frank Merriwell's Hot-Head; or, The Boy from Arizona
816. Dick Merriwell, Diplomat; or, The Stolen State Paper
817. Dick Merriwell in Panama; or, Pitted Against the Unknown
818. Dick Merriwell's Perseverance; or, The Plot Against a Nation
819. Dick Merriwell Triumphant; or, The Great Secret
820. Dick Merriwell's Betrayal; or, The Conspiracy That Failed
821. Dick Merriwell, Revolutionist; or, Backing a Rebellion
822. Dick Merriwell's Fortitude; or, The Overthrowing of a Government
823. Dick Merriwell's Undoing; or, The Intervention of a Greater Power
824. Dick Merriwell, Universal Coach; or, Fighting the Class Battles
825. Dick Merriwell's Snare; or, Trapping the Card Tricksters
826. Dick Merriwell's Star Pupil; or, Squaring the Score
827. Dick Merriwell's Astuteness; or, The Mystery of the Examination Papers
828. Dick Merriwell's Responsibility; or, The Winning Pull in the Tug of War
829. Dick Merriwell's Plan; or, Jim Phillips; Initiation
830. Dick Merriwell's Warning; or, Subduing a Bully
831. Dick Merriwell's Counsel; or, A Friend in Need
832. Dick Merriwell's Champions; or, Foul Play in the Hockey Game
833. Dick Merriwell's Marksmen; or, The Best Men at the Traps
834. Dick Merriwell's Enthusiasm; or, The Sophomore Pitcher's Last Ball
835. Dick Merriwell's Solution; or, The Yale Twirler's Winning Jump
836. Dick Merriwell's Foreign Foe; or, The Discovery of the Baseball Bomb
837. Dick Merriwell and the Carlisle Warriors; or, The Mystery of the Kidnapped Pitcher
838. Dick Merriwell's Battle for the Blue; or, The Yale Nine at West Point
839. Dick Merriwell's Evidence; or, Yale's Left-Handed Victory
840. Dick Merriwell's Device; or, The Yale Pitcher's New Curve
841. Dick Merriwell's Princeton Opponents; or, The Winning Third Strike
842. Dick Merriwell's Sixth Sense; or, The Yale Pitcher's Double Play
843. Dick Merriwell's Strange Clew; or, How Harvard Was Outguessed
844. Dick Merriwell Comes Back; or, How Harvard Lost the Title
845. Dick Merriwell's Heroic Crew; or, How a Yale Ball Player Saved a Boat Race
846. Dick Merriwell Looks Ahead; or, How Baseball Saved the Bank
847. Dick Merriwell at the Olympics; or, The Winning Jump for America
848. Dick Merriwell in Stockholm; or, How the Olympic Hurdle Race Was Won
849. Dick Merriwell in the Swedish Stadium; or, How Headwork Won an Olympic Race
850. Dick Merriwell's Marathon; or, How the Last Olympic Mile Brought Victory

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