The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Ten Cent Popular Novels

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Publisher: Ornum & Co. (New York (N.Y.): Beekman St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Small Booklet
Issues: 84 (Highest number seen advertised)
Dates: 1870-1875
Schedule: Not known
Price: 10ยข
Size: 6 3/8 x 4 1/4"
Pages: 100
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover (Hand stenciled)
Notes / Commentary: The first five issues were originally issued under the series title Ten Cent Irish Novels.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. The Landlord's Crime
2. The Hearts of Steel
3. Molly Maguire's Revenge
4. The Rebels of Wexford
5. The Mysterious Murder; or, Crohoore of the Billhook : A Story of Old Ireland
6. War Path
7. Buffalo Bill's Ride for Life
8. Adventures of Jack Sheppard, the Most Noted Burglar, Robber, and Jail-Breaker that Ever Lived
9. Blueskin; or, The Cracksman's Doom
10. Dick Turpin
11. Tom King
12. Bonnie Black Bess; or, The Ride to York
13. Jonathan Wild; or, The Life and Adventures of the Thieftaker
14. Captain Heron
15. Claude Duval, The Dashing Highwayman
16. Claude's Doom; or, Catching a Highwayman
17. Paul Jones, The Bold Privateer
18. Paul, the Pirate; or, The Child of the Sea
19. War Eagle
20. Sixteen-String Jack
21. Jack Rann; or, Zeke, The Gipsey
22. Lucy Temple
23. King of the Beggars
24. The Young Hunters
25. Nick of the Woods
26. The Jibbonainosay
27. Texas Joe; or, Strong Hand, The Great Living Scout.
28. Death Knife
29. Captain Jack, The Chief of the Modocs. A Thrilling Work, Complete in Itself, Giving a Full Description of the Blood Thirsty Murderess of General Canby
30. The Bush Boys
31. The Trapper Chief
32. Rambunctious Rube, The Ring-Tailed Snorter of the Prairies
33. The Young Rangers
34. Davy Crockett
35. The Black Demon
36. Fire Wolf
37. Tumbling Dick
38. Diving Dick
39. Ralph, The Slasher
40. Black Wolf
41. Iron Jacket; or, Melena, The Maid of the Inn
42. The Grizzly Scalper
43. The Cuban Spy
44. Long Armed Jack
45. Quick Hand
46. Red Jacket
47. Mad Mustang
48. Red Moccasin
49. Dick Lightheart
50. Lightheart in Love
51. Lightheart to the Rescue; or, The Hero of the Wreck
52. Lightheart in Camp
53. Lightheart on the Turf
54. Harkaway's Schooldays
55. Harkaway and the Robbers
56. Harkaway among Wild Beasts
57. Harkaway afloat
58. Harkaway among the Savages
59. Harkaway in a Fix
60. Harkaway's Escape
61. Harkaway and the Pirate
62. Harkaway at Oxford
63. Harkaway and the Jew
64. Harkaway in a Duel
65. Harkaway and the Black Band
66. Harkaway a Captive
67. Harkaway and the brigands
68. Harkaway and the Spy
69. Harkaway and the Prince
70. Harkaway Trapped
71. Harkaway and Toro
72. Harkaway and the Italians; or, The Brigand's Doom
73. Dare Devil Bill
74. Wild Madge; of the Boy Rider of the West
75. Blue Bill, The Trapper
76. The Boy Scout
77. Powder Face. the Trapper; or, The Feud of Death. A Tale of the Far Northwest
78. Mexican Mose
79. Prairie Ranche
80. The Boy Sailor
81. Scalpless Rube; or, The Silent Slayer of the Plains
82. The Bold Spy. A Story of Thrilling Adventure
83. Paddy O'Callaghan
84. Ralph, The Ranger

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