The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Ten Cent Novelettes

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Publishers: Elliot, Thomes & Talbot (Boston (Mass.): 118 Washington St.) -- United States
Thomes & Talbot (Boston (Mass.): 63 Congress St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Small Booklet
Issues: 86
Dates: Nov. 10, 1863 to Oct. 1870
Schedule: Monthly
Price: 10ยข
Size: 6 1/2 x 4 1/4"
Pages: 130
Physical Description: Designed cover in pink with blue lettering and design. Later number blue and light blue covers. Undated.
Notes / Commentary:

Early issues were published by Elliot, Thomes & Talbot; later issues by Thomes & Talbot.

A handwritten note added to LeBlanc's listing indicates that #59 contains Louisa May Alcott's "The Mysterious Key," but the original listing has this title as #50. It is unclear whether something is in error, or if the story was reprinted as filler in a later issue.

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. The Golden Eagle; or, The Privateer of 1776
2. The White Rover; or, The Maid of Louisiana. A Romance of the Forest
3. Bravo's Secret; or, The Spy of the Ten : a Venetian Tale
4. The Yankee Champion; or, The Tory and His League: A Revolutionary Story of Land and Sea
5. The Silver Hand ; or, The Mahratta Prophecy
6. The Mameluke; or, The Sign of the Mystic Tie
7. The Border League; or, The Camp, the Cabin and the Wilderness
8. The Duke's Prize
9. The Wood-Witch; or, The Double Plot
10. Ben Hamed; or, The Children of Fate.
11. The Young Pioneer; or The Red and White Men of Virginia
12. The Ducal Coronet; The Heir and the Usurper. A Romance of Italy in the Sixteenth Century
13. The West Point Cadet; or The Turn of Fortune's Wheel
14. The Mysterious Miner; or, The Gold Diggers of California
15. Fitz-Hern; or, The Rover of the Irish Seas. A Story of Galway Bay
16. Volunteer; or, The Maid of Monterey. A Story of the Mexican War
17. The King's Talisman; or, The Lion of Mount Hor. An Eastern Romance.
18. The Changeling; or, The False Heir. A Story of the French and Indian War
19. The Gold-Robbers. A Story of Australia.
20. The Wife's Secret; or, Struggles of the Heart. A Romance of Real Life
21. The Turkish Slave; or, The Dumb Dwarf of Constantinople. A Story of the Eastern World. A Story of the Atlantic and Pacific Shores
22. The Novice; or, Mother Church Thwarted. A Tale of the Great Earthquake in 1755
23. The Young Conqueror; or, Don John of Austria. A Chronicle of Love, Intrigue and War
24. Retribution; or, The mystery of the mill. A tale of crime and its rewards
25. Tip; or, The Bridal of Death. A Story of the Great Rebellion
26. The Fenians, or, Neil O'Connor's triumph : a Story of old Ireland and young America
27. The Ocean Spectres; or. The Brides of the Bahamas. A Story of the Wreckers
28. Though the Toils. A Thrilling Story of Prairie Life
29. Jessie Heath; or, The Mother's Talisman. A Story of the Southern Rebellion
30. Scytros, The Corsair; or, The Daughter of the Sea. A Romance of the Venetian Republic
31. Zelda. A Tale of the Massachusetts Colony
32. Bright Cloud. A Story of the Black Hawk War
33. The Fatal Casket; or, The Poisoners of Paris. A Romance of the Times of Louis 14th
34. The Child of the Sea; or The Smuggler of Colonial Times
35. The Baron's Well
36. Red Gold; or, The Hermit of White Rock
37. Viroqua; or, The Flower of the Ottawas
38. The Heiress of Toulon; or, A Sailor's Fortune
39. Black Adder; or, The War Chief of the Ojibwas
40. Mr. Warburton's Ghost; or, The Tenant of the Brick Cottage
41. The Bauer Murder; or, The Last of His Race
42. An Ocean Waif; or, Saved from Pirates
43. The Peral of Panama; or, The Spaniard's Vengeance
44. Camille; or, The Lady of the Manor
45. Zuleika
46. The Circassian Slave
47. Red Rupert: The American Buccaneer. A Tale of the Spanish Indies
48. A Dark Secret
49. Ten Cent Novelettes No. 49 (The Foundling and 1 more item)
50. The Mysterious Key
51. Corrinne
52. The Patriot Cruiser
53. Mabel Ward
54. Chevalier
55. The Beautiful Scout
56. The Crystal
57. The Mysteries of Venice
58. Alla Lee
59. The Wolf at the Door
60. White Wolf
61. Red Hand; or, The Cruiser of the English Channel. A Tale of the Olden Time
62. Young Fisherman, Sequel to "Red Hand"
63. Lost Life; or, Poisoned for Love. A Physician's Story
64. The Island of Fate; or, The Loss of the Golden Dragoon. A Story of the Southern Seas
65. The Bride of Paris. A Romance of the French Revolution and the Days of Napoleon the Great
66. The Hero of Toulon. Sequel to "The Bride of Paris"
67. The Dwarf Fiend
68. Hack, The Trailer. A Story of the Shoshonee Indians
69. In Peril; or, Adventures in Texas
70. The Roman Bandit; or, The Captain of the Swiss Guard
71. Haunted
72. Joaquin; or, The Brothers of the Coast
73. The Buccaneers, A Sequel to "Joaquin"
74. Nell Noell. The Light-Keeper's Daughter. A Romance of England, France, and Italy
75. Wilford, the Artist; or, Love Triumphant. Sequel to "Nell Noell"
76. The White Swallow. A Story of Fort Gibson and the Pawnees
77. River Phantom; or, The Scouts of the Licking. A Story of Border Life
78. Long Bill, the Trapper; or, The Wolf of the Hills. A Story of Wild Adventure
79. Queen of the Miamis; or, Scenes in the Life of Frances Slocum
80. V. V.; or, Plots and Counterplots
81. The Ticket of Leave Man
82. The Italian's Vengeance
83. Gabriella
84. The Florida Pirate
85. An Engaged Man
86. Mrs. Partington's Ridicule. A Collection of Wit and Humor. Which Old Lady Offers to Her Friends

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