The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Sunset Series

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Publisher: J. S. Ogilvie Publishing Company (New York (N.Y.): 57 Rose Street) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 355 (Highest number seen advertised)
Dates: Aug. 15, 1891 to 1910's
Schedule: Various: Semi-monthly, bi-monthly, monthly.
Price: 25ยข
Size: 7 x 4 3/4"
Pages: 200 to 400
Illustrations: Early editions: none; Later editions: colored pictorial cover.
Publisher's Blurb: "We desire to call your attention to the following list of novels by the most popular authors in the world, many of which are copyrighted and cannot be obtained in any other cheap edition. These books are printed from new plates and from large type and contains from 200 to 400 pages. Price, 25c each."
Physical Description: Early editions: Price, number, series title, schedule, subscription price, postage information, and date. All at the top in four lines. A two line rule. Just beneath is copyright notice. Title and author centered. Publisher's imprint at bottom. Later editions: Same information at top. Colored illustration takes up most of cover. Editions of the 1910's contained no date or other information other than series and number. Some had a red border with black and white center illustration.
Notes / Commentary: The LeBlanc listing was completely missing information on nos. 121, 132, 137, 141, 162-163, 253, 260, 270, 282, 284-286, 288-289, 291, 294, 323-326, 328-331, 334-335, 342, 344-348 and 352+; it also contained several unnumbered titles. Missing numbering for nos. 122, 143, 150 and 283 was added based on WorldCat listings. No. 354 was added based on a WorldCat listing. The additional unnumbered title, The Great Taboo, was also added from WorldCat. Nos. 352-353 and 355 were added from an advertisement in the September 15, 1914 Bookseller, Newsdealer and Stationer on page 247.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, With Gaps


Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush
Cyrano de Bergerac
A Dead Man's Diary: Written After His Decease
A Detective's Daughter: An Extraordinary Narrative
East Lynne
A Female Detective
The Great Taboo
Howard Thurston's Card Tricks
Micah Clarke
Miss Jones' Quilting
Nancy Hartshorn at Chautauqua
Nell Gwyn
Parisfal: The Story and Libretto
Quo Vadis
The Romance of L'Aiglon
The Sunnyside Cook Book and Home Receipt Guide
Was She His Wife?
Young Chauncey, the Detective
1. Her Last Throw
2. Mr. Clifton at Barrington
3. The everyday cook and recipe book
4. The Captive Bride. A Popular Novel.
5. A Mad Love
6. Patience Pettigrew's Perplexities
7. The Earl's Wife
8. The Honorable Mrs. Vereker
9. Her Mad Love
10. Mystery No. 13
11. Dora Thorne
12. Wedding Ring, The. A Series of Sermons
13. A Woman's Revenge; or, The Mystery of the Black Pines
14. A Loveless Marriage
15. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
16. The Dream of Love
17. The Double Duel
18. Inspector Henderson, the Central Office Detective
19. Her Only Sin
20. Married for Money, and Other Stories
21. Reveries of a Bachelor
22. Gaspar Desmond's Passion
23. The Two Orphans
24. A Modern Hebe
25. Izma; or, Sunshine and Shadow
26. On Her Wedding Morn
27. A False Couple
28. Woman Against Woman
29. Defending a Home
30. A Golden Heart
31. Adventures of a Bashful Bachelor
32. Twenty Good Stories
33. Robinson Crusoe
34. Red Hot Trip in the Sunny South; or, The Experiences of a Commercial Traveler
35. A Double Life
36. Auld Licht Idylls
37. His Evil Eye
38. Fifteen Hundred Conundrums
39. The Widder Doodle's Courtship, and Other Stories
40. A Missing Husband
41. My Official Husband; or, The Mystery of Hilliard Hall
42. The Man from the West. A Novel Descriptive of Adventure from the Chapparal to Wall street
43. A Pretty Governess
44. How to get married, although a woman; or, The art of pleasing men
45. The Fatal Marriage
46. Detective Johnson of New Orleans. A Tale of Love and Crime.
47. Why I Am What I Am
48. A Cloverdale Skeleton
49. The Midnight Elopement
50. Funny Stories. Funny Enough to Make a Horse Laugh
51. Master and Man
52. The Lost Heiress
53. Major Jones' Courtship
54. Major Jones' Travels
55. Major Jones' Georgia Scenes
56. Witty Sayings Selected from All Sources
57. A Dark Plot
58. Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)
59. How to Entertain a Social Party
60. A Forced Marriage
61. Harry Blount, the Detective
62. The Rector's Secret
63. Two Thousand Prize Jokes
64. Anne
65. Sunset Recitations and Readings No. 1
66. Sunset Recitations and Readings No.2
67. Sunset Recitations and Readings No.67
68. Black Beauty
69. Harry Sharpe, the New York Detective
70. He Went for a Soldier
71. The Victim of His Clothes
72. Camille; or, The Fate of Coquette
73. The Old Witch's Dream Book and Fortune Teller
74. Danesbury House
75. Forging the Fetters
76. Balsamo the Magician
77. Memoirs of a Physician
78. The Queen's Necklace; or, Royalty's Dangers and Defenders. A Historical Romance
79. Taking the Bastille, or Piton, the Peasant
80. The Hero of the People
81. The Royal Life Guard
82. The Countess of Charny
83. The Knight of Redcastle; or, The Captivity of Marie Antoinette
84. The Captain and The Rajah
85. Down in the World
86. The Bad Boy in the Country
87. Private Detective No, 29; or, The Mysterious Client
88. The Yellow Mask
89. Not Guilty
90. The Fireside Dictionary and Cyclopedia
91. Lady Grace
92. The Squire's Darling
93. A Confederate Spy. A Story of the Civil War.
94. Ogilvie's Handy Monitor of Useful Facts
95. The Shadow of a Sin
96. The Duchess
97. How to Manage a Husband
98. A Wicked Girl
99. A Study in Scarlet
100. Life in a County Manse
101. A Fatal Wooing
102. When a Man's Single
103. A Bird of Passage
104. Whiter than Snow
105. The Unwilling Bride
106. A Grass Widow
107. How to Get On in the World
108. The House of the Wolf
109. The Man in Black
110. Ideala
111. Ships That Pass in the Night
112. Twelve Hundred Riddles
113. Amateur's Guide to Magic and Mystery and the Black Art. Fully Exposed
114. The Kreutzer Sonata
115. A Love Match
116. The Art of Ventriloquism
117. The Devil's Chain
118. The Model Letter Writer
119. How to Woo and How to Win
120. The Popular Etiquette Book
122. Let us follow Him wheresoever He calls
123. The Cricket on the Hearth
124. Dodo. A Detail of the Day
125. Esther Waters
126. The Haunted Chamber
127. Her First Adventure: A Metaphysical Narrative
128. The Man Who Vanished
129. Miss or Mrs.?
130. Maid, Wife, or Widow?
131. The Shattered Idol
133. Tempest and Sunshine
134. The English Orphans; or, A Home in the New World
135. The Homestead on the Hillside
136. Lena Rivers
138. An Island Mystery
139. A Beautiful Fugitive; or, Saved by a Detective: A Tale of Extraordinary Detective Incidents
140. Norval, the Detective; or, Dodging and Hiding: A Detective Romance
142. In His Steps. "What Would Jesus Do?"
143. Jack Robinson's Yarns
144. Wedded and Parted
145. Meadowbrook
146. Inez: A Tale of the Alamo
147. Sappho
148. The Lone Inn
149. The Story of Courtship
150. Miss Pullman
151. Twentieth Century Book of Songs
152. A Yellow Aster
153. Derrick Vaughan, Novelist
154. A Prince of Darkness
155. The Tragedy of Drinkwater
156. Black Rock. A Tale of the Selkirks.
157. Elizabeth and Her German Garden
158. Dora Deane
159. Maggie Miller
160. Old Gipsy's Dream Book
161. Adventures of an Old Maid
164. Sunset Series, no. 164 (John Ploughman's Talk; or, The Plain Advice for Plain People and 1 more item)
165. Spurgeon's Sermons
166. Five Hundred Merry Laughs
167. Some Funny Things said by Clever People
168. The Umbrella Mender
169. A Tour of the World in Eighty Days
170. Life is Worth Living
171. As in a Looking Glass
172. Lady Valworth's Diamonds
173. Tom Brown's Schooldays
174. A House Party
175. Dark Days
176. The Merry Men
177. Mona's Choice
178. A Mental Struggle
179. Mrs. Rasher's Curtain Lectures
180. Tin-Types Taken in the Streets of New York
181. Silias Snobden's Office Boy
182. One Thousand Popular Quotations
183. Reveries of an Old Maid. Including Her Hints to Young Men Intending to Marry. A Perfect Cyclone of Fun.
184. Mahetible Hopkins on Her Travels
185. Ivan, the Fool, and Other Stories
186. Inside the White House During War Times
187. The Frozen Pirate
188. The Mystery of a Hansom Cab
189. Called Back
190. At Bay
191. A Woman's Temptation
192. Thrown on the World
193. Thorns and Orange Blossoms
194. Repented at Leisure
195. Lord Lynne's Choice
196. The False Vow
197. Her Second Love
198. Her Martyrdom
199. From Out the Gloom
200. The Duke's Secret
201. A Broken Wedding Ring
202. Beyond Pardon
203. At War With Herself
204. The Light that Failed
205. Eureka Recitations No. 1
206. Eureka Recitations No. 2
207. Eureka Recitations No. 3
208. Eureka Recitations No. 4
209. Eureka Recitations No. 5
210. The New Arabian Nights
211. Grimm's Fairy Tales
212. A Change of Air
213. Billy Brays, the King's Son
214. Ten Nights in a Bar-Room
215. Maiwa's Revenge. A Tale of Revenge
216. King Solomon's Mines
217. She: A History of Adventure
218. Beaton's Bargain
219. Ralph Wilton's weird; a novel
220. By Woman's Wit
221. Cousin Maude; or, The milkman's heiress
222. Rosamond; or, The Youthful Error
223. Kreutzer Sonata Bearing Fruit
224. Sunset Recitations and Readings No. 4
225. Sunset Recitations and Readings No. 5
226. Sunset Recitations and Readings No. 6
227. Sunset Recitations and Readings No. 7
228. Ping Pong
229. Ogilvie's Hand Book No. 1
230. Ogilvie's Hand Book No. 2
231. Ogilvie's Hand Book No. 3
232. Two Hundred After Dinner Stories
233. Don't Marry; or, Advice as to how, when and who to marry
234. Mr. and Mrs. Hannibal Hawkins
235. An English Woman's Love Letters
236. His Fleeting Ideal. A Romance of Baffled Hypnotism
237. A Crimson Stain
238. A Close Call
239. Shenandoah. A War Story
240. The Bad Boy at Home and Abroad
241. An Unpardonable Crime
242. Soldiers Three
243. No. 39. A Detective Story
244. Forty Tales from the Hills
245. The Secret of Her Life
246. The Battle for Bread : a series of sermons relating to labor and capital
247. The Bad Boy at Home and Abroad
248. Resurrection
249. Wee Macgreegor
250. Won By Waiting
251. Adventures of a Skeleton
252. Beyond the City
254. An Edinburg Eleven
255. My Lady Nicotine
256. A Tillyloss scandal
257. Two of Them
258. Charlotte Temple; A Tale of Truth
259. A Powerful Drug
261. The Sign of the Four
262. The City of Dreadful Night and other stories (The City of Dreadful Night)
263. The Phantom Future
264. A Woman in the Case
265. Edmond Dantes (Part I of the Count of Monte Cristo)
266. Sinbad, the Sailor
267. The Trysting Place
268. The Trial
269. Uncle Tom's Cabin
271. Nathan Hale, the Martyr Spy
272. Hoyle's Games
273. Another Man's Bride
274. How to Live Well on 25 Cents a Day
275. The Everyday Educator
276. White Dandy; or, Master and I. A Horse's Story
277. Diary of a Village Gossip
278. The Simple Life
279. Sherlock Holmes (A Study in Scarlet)
280. The Voice of Nature
281. The Busy Life; or, The Conquest of Energy
283. Frabcesca Da Rimini. A Dramatic Love Story
287. The Queen of the Highway
290. Five Sherlock Holmes Stories (The Red-Headed League and 4 more items)
292. The Village Parson
293. Diary of a Pilgrimage
295. Weaker Than a Woman
296. A Woman's War
297. Lady Hutton's Ward
298. The Scarlet Letter
299. All Aboard; or, Life on the Lake
300. Poor and Proud
301. The Boat Club; or, The Bunkers of Rippleton
302. Little By Little; or, The Cruise of the "Flyaway"
303. Now or Never
304. A Crooked Path
305. The Shadow of a Crime
306. She's All the World to Me
307. The Bondman
308. The Deemster: a romance of the Isle of Man
309. A Hardy Norseman
310. The Sunnyside Cook Book and Home Receipt Guide
311. The Phantom Wedding
312. Dearer Than All
313. The Spectre Lover
314. A Perfect Love
315. A Rogue's Life. From His Birth to His Marriage.
316. Molly Bawn
317. Sunset Series, no. 317 (Ishmael)
318. Sunset Series, no. 318 (Ishmael)
319. Self-Raised; or, From the Depths
320. Cruel as the Grave
321. Tried for Her Life
322. Anna Karenina
327. The Bride's Fate
332. His Mother's Sin; or, A Nameless Son
333. Her Fatal Career; or, Bought by Shining Gold
336. In the Toils of a Siren
337. Storm Nest Light; or, Love's Shattered Idol
338. Two Women Who Posed
339. A Fool and His Money; or, The Snares of New York City, A Thrilling Story of City Life
340. Ruled by Fate; or, The Way a Woman Loved
341. Kathie, the Overseer's Daughter; or, Love and Life at the Loom
343. In Folly's Fetters; or, The Perils of a Secret Marriage
349. A Romance of Two Worlds
350. Well Won
351. Grave Lady Jane
352. Samantha at Saratoga
353. The Romance of Marriage
354. The Heart of Hetta
355. A Life's Remorse. A novel

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