The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Richmond's Novels

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Alternate Title: Richmond's Sensational Novels
Publisher: Richmond & Co. -- United States
Category: Format : Small Booklet
Issues: 156 (Highest number seen; note that at least one replacement title appears to have been issued)
Dates: 1871-1885
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Circe, The Enchantress. A Tale of Love and Passion
2. Juanita, The Elfin Sprite. A Tale of Love and Crime
2 (replacement title). The Game of Life; or, The Palace of Beauty
3. Etna; or, The Angel Face and Demon Heart
4. Darrel, The Outlaw; or, The Physician, The Murderer and Man in the Mask
5. Sylvia, The Courtesan's Daughter. A Romance of Wrong and Retribution
6. Aldace; or, Betrayed to Shame. A Young Girl's Romance
7. Adrift. A Story of Crime and Avarice
8. Fighting With Fire; or The Perils of an Unprotected Girl. A Tale of the Circus of Horror and Intrigue
9. The Female Poisoner; or, The Modern Lucretia Borga
10. Night Hawks; or The Peri; of a Lovely Girl
11. The Moral Brand; or, Living it Down. A Story of Treachery and Wrong
12. Out of the Snow. A Story of Passion and Crime
13. The Mysterious Bride; or Plotting for Love
14. The Captive Maiden; or The Desperadoes of Colorado
15. The Evil Compact; or, A Battle for a Wife
16. Elise; or, The Beauty's Temptation
17. Vinetta Villiers; or The Gambler's Fate
18. Queen of the Night; or, A Story of Love, Crime, Intrigue in Wicked New York
19. Eileen Oge; or, Dark's the Hour before the Dawn. A Romance of Irish Life and Character
20. Rosalie, The Village Pear; Story of a Maiden's Trials
21. Lillie Ainsworth; or, The False Heir. A Story of Love and Mistaken Identity
22. Woman's Wiles; or Sybil Dare's Two Hubands
23. All for Love. A Pretty Woman'd Story
24. Alice de Noailles, the Beautiful Fiend
25. Captain Jack; or Heroes of the Madoc War
26. Cora; or, The Calcium Light. A Story of the Theater, the Fireside and the Region
27. Belle Hayden; or, Her Weight in Gold
28. Linnie Beam
29. Was She Guilty. A Story of Love and Intrigue
30. Laura North. A Stories of Proceedings
31. Children of the Isle. An O'er True Take
32. Julie Le Roy; or, Stain of Blood
33. Sophie, the Female Pickpocket: A Story of Gilded Sin
34. Spray Arlington; or, Born to the Tempest
35. Estelle; or, The Monster of Languedec
36. Lucia Verne; or Love's Catastrophe
37. Wild Oats
38. Hester Deane; or, One Woman's Folly
39. Helen Floyd; or, The Power of Beauty
40. Callie Carleton; or, The Power of Beauty
41. Eva Graham; or, Out in the World. A Story of Hearts
42. Ellsa Crenshaw; or All for a Wife. A Story of Kentucky Village Life
43. Amelia Beauchamp; or, The Maiden's Curse
44. Mariana; or, In the Blood
45. Myrtis Bischoff; or, The Fatal Charm
46. Charlie Ross; or, Stolen from Home. A Story of Child Stealers.
47. Aille Conroy. A Terrible Revelation of Mormon Life
48. Josie Osgood; or, The Masked Marriage
49. Rose Wayne, The Jailor's Daughter; or, The Shadow of the Gibbet
50. Annie Worthington; or The Triumph of Love
51. Beautiful Elsie, The Female Gambler
52. Adele; or, The Love Test. A Story of the Maiden Worshippers
53. Little Mite, The Robber's Daughter
54. Lucille Preston; or, The Young Hero
55. Annie Lester; or, The Hunchback. A Wild Weird Story of Real Life
56. Mabel, the Flower Girl. A Story of Double Dyed Villainy
57. Pinkie Roland; or, The Curse of True Love
58. Ida Grafton; or, The Fatal Resemblance
59. Undine Ray; or, The Double Marriage
60. Fatal Kiss. A Story of Love and Hate
61. True as Steel
62. Edith Hawthorne; or, The Temptations of a Factory Girl
63. Lillian Horton; or, The Lost Heiress
64. Two Lives In One
65. The Alchemist's Daughter
66. The Miser's Heir
67. The Haunted Life. A romance of Unrequited Love.
68. Starry Eyes, The Pet of the Sioux; or, The Perils of Love. A Story of the Present Indian War
69. The Gypsy's Dream. A Story of Love, Temptation & Triumph of Virtue
70. The Maiden's Sacrifice
71. Won at Last
72. Love and the Gallows
73. The Younge Detective
74. The Female Bandit
75. Passion's Battles
76. Love and War
77. The Queen of Love
78. A Woman's Faith
79. Even Unto Death; or, A Battle for a Wife
80. The Doctor's Bride
81. The Stolen Heiress
82. Plotting for Love
83. The Beautiful Spy
84. Queen of the Sierras
85. The Miner's Protege
86. The Avenging Sister
87. Guilty
88. The French Beauty
89. The Adopted Daughter. A Romance of Real Life
90. Floating and Drifting - Floating on the Current of Prosperity we Drift to Our Destiny
91. The Temptress and Her Victims
92. The Banker's Secret
93. Righted at Last; or Florie Dinsmore's Crime
94. A Terrible Chase
95. A Life's History
96. The Vagabond Beauty
97. The Female Outlaw
98. A Wrecked Life
99. The Detective's Daughter
100. The Hidden Crimes
101. In the Toil's; or, Perils in the Haunts Crime
102. The Gienham Mystery
103. The Beautiful Sisters
104. A Woman's Revenge; or, Too Trusting and Too Frail
105. Harvest of Sin
106. The Fugitive Bride
107. The Outlaw's Wife
108. Captain Ben's Secret
109. Kathleen O'Dowd
110. A Dark Night's Work
111. The Widowed Bride
112. The Female Coiner. A Story of the Sunny South
113. A Maiden's Peril
114. The Mistake of a Life
115. Kitty, the Rebel Heroine
116. The Secret Cave
117. Laughing Eye: The Heroine of the Forest
118. Bessie Darrell's Sin
119. Shasta Jim
120. Jessie, The Child of Mystery
121. The Wrecker's Daughter
122. The Felon's Bride
123. White Elk, The Chief; or, The Gambler's Daughter
124. The Island King; or, The Perils of the Sea
125. The Convict's Child. A Tale of Sea and Shore
126. Lost and Won
127. The Brother's Plot
128. Love Conquers All
129. Fearless Rose
130. A Detective's Devotion
131. Beautiful Pearl, The Plaything of Fate
132. Leslie's Love
133. Estelle, The Enslaver
134. A Wife's Sin
135. Hermance
136. A Bitter Foe
137. Adolpha, The Astrologer
138. Willa, The Rebel Maiden
139. Inez, The Spanish Adventuress
140. The Race for Life; or, In the Shadow of the Gallows
141. Sadie; or, Lost and Redeemed
142. The Avenger's Fate
143. Faithful unto Death
144. The Convict's Fate
145. Cave of Terror. A Stirring Tale of the Revolution
146. Beautiful Demon. A Story of Man's Weakness and Woman's Power
147. A Life's Revenge
148. The Betrayer's Doom
149. Driven to the Wall
150. The Curse of Drink
151. The Sister's Victim
152. Gambler's Gulch
153. The Dread Secret
154. Saved From Shame
155. The Gambler's Crime
156. The Detective's Bride

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