The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Red Raven Library

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Publisher: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 2 Duane St.) (Winner Library Co. imprint) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)
Issues: 37 (a 38th was announced but never issued)
Dates: Jan. 17, 1905 to Sept. 23, 1905
Schedule: Weekly
Price: 5ยข
Size: 11 x 8"
Pages: 32
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover
Publisher's Blurb:

From back cover of first issue: "Thrilling Sea Story in THE RED RAVEN LIBRARY. This library represents an entirely new idea. It is totally different from any other now published. The stories detail the adventures of three plucky lads who set out to capture the notorious Captain Kidd. Every real boy has longed to read more about the doings of this bold marauder of the seas and the opportunity is now given them. The stories are generous in length and without equals in thrilling adventure and interest. The best sea stories ever written. Handsome colored covers. Price 5c. Sold by all newsdealers."

Later issues featured the following blurb on the back cover: "A true American boy likes tales of brave deeds accomplished by lads of the free, rolling ocean, especially if there is a dash of spice added in the shape of vigorous combat between right and wrong. Therefore, every boy who reads five cent libraries cannot fail to be interested in the splendid tales of the sea now being published by THE RED RAVEN LIBRARY. These stories deal with the intensely interesting adventures of a trio of brave lads who, allured by the promise of what was then considered an enormous reward, set out to capture the notorious Captain Kidd. The famous freebooter has been made the hero of a hundred different ventures and his dark deeds have been sung to rollicking music, but it has been left to THE RED RAVEN LIBRARY to show his true character. Remember boys, these stories do not glorify piracy and are not harmful in any way, but detail in a most fascinating manner, the adventures of our heroes among the buccaneers of the Spanish Main. Your newsdealer has the latest number on hand. For interesting reading we advise you to get it."

Major Author(s): "An Old Salt" used as a pseudonym for T. C. Harbaugh and John DeMorgan. (The true authors were taken from S&S ledgers maintained at Syracuse University. Copies of these ledgers furnished by Lydia C. Schurman).
Notes / Commentary:

The logo is borrowed directly from the English publication, The Red Rover Library. However the stories appear to be different; at least no connection has been able to be made by a comparison of the text of the first issue of The Red Rover Library with issues of this series.

The following announcement was made in the last issue, No. 37: "Important Notice. Beginning with next week's issue (No. 38) this library will be known as PAUL JONES WEEKLY. It will contain exclusively stories of the adventures of the gallant American hero while destroying British men-o-war and while preying upon the commerce of our adversaries during the struggle for independence. Don't fail to buy the next number, boys. It will be titled "Paul Jones' Cruise for Glory; or, The Sign of the Coiled Rattlesnake." (Instead of being numbered 38 as advertised, it was numbered 1.)

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
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1. Captain Kidd's Sea Swoop; or, Carried off by Pirates
2. Captain Kidd's Buried Treasure; or, Adventure of Three Boys among the Buccaneers
3. The Silver Cutlass; or, Thad and His Chums Lost in the Swamp
4. Defying the Sea Wolf; or, Thad at Bay in the Powder Magazine
5. The Jolly Red Raven; or, Captain Kidd's Daring Raid on New Orleans
6. The Corsair Captain; or, Thad and His Chums Afloat
7. The Death's Head Rovers; or, How Thad Outwitted the Coast Freebooters
8. Walking the Plank; or, The Last Cruise of the "Flying Scud"
9. Captain Kidd's Revenge; or, Thad among the Tigers of the Sea
10. The Chest of Doubloons; or, How Three Boys Defied the Buccaneers
11. The Rival Pirates; or, Thad and His Chums in Irons
12. Captain Kidd's Stratagem; or, Simple Simon Takes Soundings
13. The Red Raven's Prize; or, How Young Thad Sailed a Pirate Barque
14. Nailed to the Mast; or, The Last of Captain Kidd's "Hole in the Wall".
15. Captain Kidd's Long Chase; or, Thad and His Chums in the Tropics
16. Set Adrift by Pirates; or, Thad's Adventures in the Sargasso Sea
17. To Sink or Swim; or, Thad and His Friends on Blue Water
18. Captain Kidd's Drag-Net; or, How Young Thad Hoodwinked the Buccaneers
19. The Phantom Pirate; or, Thad and His Chums on the Haunted Ship
20. The Winged Witch; or, How Three Boys Saved the Treasure Galleon
21. Captain Kidd In New Orleans; or, The Pirate Scourge Of The Rigolets
22. Tiger of the Sea; or, The Three Castaways of the Gulf
23. The Pirates of the Keys; or, Our Boys Afloat on the Spanish Main
24. Captain Kidd at Bay; or, Marooned on a Sand-Spit
25. The Silver Barque; or, Captain Kidd's Last Prize
26. Among the Buccaneers; or, Thad and His Chums in Desperate Straits
27. The Red Scourge; or, How Morgan, the Buccaneer Stormed the Citadel
28. The Chase of the Slaver; or, Thad among the Indigo Planters
29. Morgan's Coast Raiders; or, Thad at the Sacking of Maracaibo
30. The Buccaneer's Ghost; or, Thad's Adventures with the Pearl Divers
31. The Sea Cat; or, How Our Boys Held the Fort
32. The Phantom Galleon; or, Thad's Adventures along the Isthmus
33. A Blue Water Free-Lance; or, Thad Adrift in a Leaking Pinnace
34. A Corsair of the Caribees; or, The Unlucky Silver "Pieces of Eight".
35. On Pirate Island; or, The Battle of the Rival Sea-Wolves
36. In Tropic Seas; or, Thad's Strange Adventures at Hispaniola
37. The Spectre Brig; or, Our Boys Afloat on a Raft
38. The Young Marooners; or, What Thad Found on Treasure Island

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