The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Arrow Library

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Publisher: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.)) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 330 (Highest number seen)
Dates: Oct. 1, 1897 to January, 1905
Schedule: 1-243: weekly; 244-288: semi-weekly; 289-330: bi-weekly
Price: 10¢
Size: 7 1/8 x 5"
Pages: 150-250
Illustrations: Pictorial black and white cover on early issues; later issues were in color.
Publisher's Blurb:

"Straight to the Mark, THE ARROW LIBRARY. We have made bulls' eye with our 10 cent lines of copyright novels. The public is with us in this movement to make the price of all paper books 10 cents. This is the correct modern price, and our books are equal in all respects to anything published in paper covers at any price. Do not be cajoled into paying more. Read our announcement of titles and authors on the next cover page."

"There will be issued in rapid succession works by Rudyard Kipling, A. Conan Doyle, Hall Caine, Robert Louis Stevenson, Paul Bourget, Victor Hugo, Alexander Dumas, F. C. Phillips, George Moore, W. E. Norris, Ouida, Marie Corelli and many others."

"The very best paper editions of these novels, each one in a cover of special design in half-tone. 10 Cents Retail. Never before in the history of publishing have any novels equaled THE ARROW LIBRARY in quality and price."

"This is a popular line of famous fiction by the world's most famous authors. Herein is contained the very cream of American, English and French literature, including works of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Oliver W. Holmes, Thomas Hardy, William Black, George Eliot, Alexander Dumas, Alphonse Daudet, etc., etc. The stories are of such high literary merit and entrancing interest, that it is a pleasure to read them. These books are of a kind to make many a leisure hour pleasant, that ordinarily would be dull. Glance over the list given herewith and select any one title. Purchase and read it carefully and you will vote it the best story you ever read."

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. The Light that Failed
2. She's All the World to Me
3. A Study in Scarlet
4. Germinie Lacerteux
5. Master of Ballantrae
6. Beyond the City
7. King or Knave
8. A Living Lie
9. The Rogue
10. The House of the Wolf
11. A Marriage at Sea
12. The Phantom Rickshaw and other Tales (The Phantom 'Rickshaw and 3 more items)
13. As in a Looking Glass
14. Jack and Three Jills
15. Kidnapped
16. Sappho
17. The Sign of the Four
18. A Romance of two worlds
19. Han of Iceland
20. A Dangerous Catspaw
21. Around the World in Eighty Days
22. In All Shades
23. His Fatal Vow
24. Treasure Island
25. Ingomar; or, The Triumph of Love
26. Arrow Library no. 26 (Ardath: The Story of a Dead Self)
27. Arrow Library no. 27 (Ardath: The Story of a Dead Self)
28. The Stranglers of Paris. From the Celebrated Play
29. Chris
30. The Toilers of the Sea
31. The Great Hesper
32. The Tragedy in the Rue de la Paix
33. Allan Quatermain; or, A Frowning City
34. The Duchess
35. Coralie's Son
36. Vendetta
37. Ruy Blas
38. The Maddoxes
39. Hector Servadac
40. Mildred Trevanion
41. Beautiful Jim
42. Cyrano de Bergerac
43. The Prince of the House of David
44. Miss Milne and I
45. Won By Waiting
46. The Romance of a Poor Young Man
47. Wormwood
48. The Iron Pirate
49. Ballads and Other Verses
50. Donovan: A Modern Englishman
51. Eric Brighteyes
52. Worth Winning
53. Tempest and Sunshine
54. The House of Seven Gables
55. Thelma: A Society Novel
56. Lena Rivers
57. English Orphans
58. My Lady's Money
59. Jack
60. The Homestead on the Hillside
61. The King's Stratagem and Other Stories (The King's Stratagem)
62. The Honorable Mrs. Vereker
63. Plain Tales from the Hills
64. Frivolous Cupid
65. Soldiers Three
66. A Hardy Norseman
67. The Partners
68. The Bab Ballads. Much Sound and Little Sense
69. The Firm of Girdlestone
70. Under the Deodars: A Collection of Tales
71. In the Golden Days
72. Dead Man's Rock
73. The Bondman. A New Saga
74. An Egyptian Princess
75. The New Arabian Nights
76. The Cruise of the Cachalot
77. The Three Musketeers
78. The Phantom Future
79. Meadowbrook
80. Macaria
81. The White Company
82. Inez: A Tale of the Alamo
83. Jess. A Tale of the Transvaal
84. The Shadow of a Crime
85. Prisoners and Captives
86. Ishmael; or, In the Depths
87. Self-Raised
88. Suspense
89. Arrow Library no. 89 (Colomba and 1 more item)
90. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
91. The Story of an African Farm
92. Edmond Dantes (Part I of the Count of Monte Cristo)
93. A Bride from the Bush
94. Lady Audley's Secret
95. Young Mistley
96. The Count of Monte Cristo. Part II; or, The Revenge of Edmond Dantes
97. The Courting of Dinah Shadd
98. A Man of Mark
99. Twenty Years After
100. The First Violin
101. The Typewriter Girl
102. The Vicomte de Bragelonne
103. Black Beauty
104. Led Astray
105. Concerning Isabel Carnaby
106. Camille
107. A Change of Air
108. The Mayor of Casterbridge
109. The Scarlet Letter
110. Proved Unworthy
111. The Queen of Hearts
112. Living or Dead
113. Aurora Floyd
114. Colonel Quaritch, V. C.
115. For Maimie's Sake
116. The Master Passion
117. Good-bye, Sweetheart
118. The Master of the Mine
119. John Halifax, Gentleman
120. The Frozen Pirate
121. Miss Kate
122. Far from the Madding Crowd
123. Phyllis
124. Cleopatra
125. Weavers and Weft; or, "Love That Hath Us in His Net."
126. Vice Versa; or A Lesson to Fathers
127. Sam's Sweetheart
128. God and Man
129. Chiffon's Marriage
130. I Have Lived and Loved
131. A Cardinal Sin
132. The Red Spider
133. Prince Otto
134. Beauty's Daughter
135. Pretty Miss Neville
136. Red as a Rose is She
137. In Strange Company: A Tale of Chili and the Southern Seas
138. Love Letters of a Worldly Woman
139. Ships that pass in the night
140. Pretty Miss Smith
141. The New Magdalen
142. By Woman's Wit
143. That Beautiful Wretch
144. Molly Bawn
145. The Dean and His Daughter
146. My Lady Green Sleeves
147. Consequences
148. Madame Sans-Gêne
149. Love and Life
150. East Lynne
151. The Splendid Spur
152. Airy fairy Lillian
153. Uncle Tom's Cabin
154. John Holdsworth, Chief Mate
155. Dora Deane
156. Old Hagar's Secret
157. Merle's Crusade
158. Lorna Doone
159. The Danvers Jewels
160. Rossmoyne
161. The Heir of Linne
162. Cherry Ripe
163. The Evil Genius: A Domestic Story
164. Cometh Up as a Flower
165. Mademoiselle Miss
166. The Picture of Dorian Gray
167. An English Woman's Love Letters
168. Married in Haste
169. St. Cuthbert's Tower
170. My Lord and My Lady
171. A Perilous Secret
172. Averil
173. The Witch's Head
174. Rory O'More
175. Under Two Flags
176. Under-Currents
177. Jane Eyre
178. The Last Days of Pompeii
179. The Visits of Elizabeth
180. Mignon
181. A Vagrant Wife
182. Lady Grace
183. One Thing Needful
184. Marvel
185. Mrs. Fenton
186. The Dead Secret
187. Wee Wifie
188. A Prince of Darkness
189. The Last of the Mohicans
190. Beaton's Bargain
191. Bound By a Spell
192. A Pair of Blue Eyes
193. Foul Play
194. The House on the Marsh
195. Her Lord and Master
196. A Modern Circe
197. In Luck at Last
198. Pascarel
199. Mistress and Maid
200. The Two Sides of a the Shield
201. Louise de la Valliere; or, The Love of Brageloone
202. The Man in the Iron Mask
203. A Country Gentleman
204. Hidden Perils
205. A Life's Secret
206. The Merry Men
207. Deldee
208. Dick's sweetheart
209. Comin' Thro' the Rye
210. Dead Man's Shoes
211. Dark Days
212. The Heir of the Ages
213. The Moonstone
214. Beulah
215. A Lost Wife
216. A Princess of Thule
217. A Life's Atonement
218. At Bay
219. Not Wisely, But Too Well
220. Duchess Annette
221. Felix Holt, the Radical
222. Once Again
223. The Mystery
224. Moths
225. Grif, A Story of Australian Life
226. Faith and unfaith
227. All in a Garden Fair
228. Only a Woman
229. Erema
230. The Woodlanders
231. Under Slieve Ban. A Yarn in Seven Knots
232. Dita
233. A Woman Hater
234. Arrow Library no. 234 (Les Misérables)
235. Arrow Library no. 235 (Les Misérables)
236. Arrow Library no. 236 (Les Misérables)
237. For Lilias
238. Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush
239. Nell Gwynn; or, The Court of the Stuarts. A Historical Romance.
240. Victor and Vanquished
241. Driven to Bay
242. Dame Durden
243. Judith Shakespeare; her love affairs and other adventures
244. Joseph Balsamo; or, Balsamo, the Magician
245. Memoirs of a Physician; or, The Mesmerist's Victim
246. The Queen's Necklace
247. Ange Pitou; or, Taking the Bastile; or, Pitou, the Peasant
248. The Countess de Charny; or, The Hero of the People. A Historical Romance
249. Royal Lifeguard; or, The Flight of the Royal Family
250. Andrée de Taverney; or, The Downfall of French Monarchy
251. The Chevalier de Maison Rouge; or, The Night of Redcastle
252. Cousin Maude
253. Rossmond Leyton
254. The Way of the World
255. Pure Gold
256. Annan Water
257. What's Bred in the Bone
258. Dolores
259. Doctor Cupid
260. I Say No
261. The Canon's Ward
262. The Wood O't
263. Roy and Viola
264. Borderland
265. Love's Harvest
266. Robin
267. Monte Cristo and Wife
268. Friendship
269. Viva
270. Hearrts
271. The Heritage of Langdale
272. Christowell
273. A Ballroom Repentance
274. Marguerite de Valois
275. Chicot, the Jester
276. The Forty-Five Guardsmen
277. Miss Bretherton
278. The Marble Faun
279. Rhona; or, A Lovely Girl's Romance
280. Dick's Wanderings
281. Susan Fielding
282. Mosses from an Old Manse
283. A Fallen Idol. A Romance of Yesterday
284. Maid, Wife, or Widow?
285. Maid of Sker
286. Two Marriages
287. The Blithedale Romance
288. Elsie Venner. A Romance of Destiny
289. The Resurrection (The Awakening)
290. June
291. Golden Girls
292. Two Wedding Rings
293. Three Feathers
294. The Lasses of Leverhouse
295. Leah: A Woman of Fashion
296. Beau Tancrede
297. Mary Anerley
298. Captain Fracasse
299. Love's Final Triumph
300. The Executor
301. Contarini Fleming
302. A Family Affair
303. Little Tu'penny
304. A Girton Girl's Love
305. Rollo of Normandy
306. The Young Duke
307. Clara Vaughn
308. Micah Clarke: His Statement
309. Yolande
310. Katharine Regina
311. First Person, Singular
312. A Point of Honor
313. Wanda
314. Miss Wentworth's Idea
315. Of the World, Wordly
316. A Stern Chase
317. The Secret of Her Life
318. One of Three
319. Henrietta Temple
320. Maid of Athens
321. In Silk Attire
322. Rainbow Gold
323. The Tower of Taddeo
324. Those Girls
325. Griffith Gaunt
326. The Mystery of the Inn by the Shore
327. Love's Golden Chain
328. The Way of a Siren; or, the O'Connors of Ballinahinch
329. The Nobler Sex
330. A Lucky Young Woman

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