The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Railroad Series

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Publisher: J. S. Ogilvie Publishing Company (New York (N.Y.): 57 Rose Street) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Partial Listing Available

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1900-1920
Approximate Number of Issues: 129.


The Confessions of a Princess
Hiram Birdseed of Jamestown
The House by the River
Modern Palmistry; or, Guide to the Hand
The Mystery of Ravenspur
Only a Girl's Love
The Peer and the Woman
The Wizards of Joy
1. A Kentucky Editor
2. Face to Face With Death
3. With Force and Arms
4. The Bubble Family
6. Alone on a Wide Wide Sea. An Ocean Mystery
7. 200 Old Time Songs. Words and Music
8. Chorus Girls I Have Known
9. Way Back in '61
10. A Double Life
11. A Blonde Creole
13. Buffalo Bill and His Adventures in the West
14. The Man From the West
18. The Racing Parson
19. Way Down East.
21. More To Be Pitied Than Scorned
22. Deserted at the Altar
23. Dangers of Working Girls
24. A Royal Slave
25. The Confessions of a Wife; or, How Her Sin Found Her Out. Founded on a Play
26. Why Women Sin
27. A Clever Escape
28. A Bid for Freedom
29. Chased By Fire
30. A Great Struggle
32. People I Smiled With
33. His Cuban Sweetheart
34. A Fascinating Traitor
35. A Captive Princess
36. An Exile From London
37. My Official Wife
38. Tragedy of Adrea
39. Richard Baxter
40. Macon Moore, the Southern Detective
42. The Dream of Love
45. A Faithful Lover
46. A Gentleman From Mississippi
48. Shadow of a Cross
49. Wedded to One, But Loving Another
51. The Confessions of Irene
52. A Transferred Identity; or, The Unsolvable Mystery in the Life of John McFarland
53. Ten Secret Service Stories
54. The Letters of Mildred's Mother to Mildred
55. The Pride of the Rancho
56. The Ashes of Love
57. St. Elmo
58. Arsene Lupin, Gentleman Burglar
59. Arsene Lupin Versus Herlock Sholmes
60. Tangles Untangled
61. Darky Stories and Funny Jokes, Title Page Shows Title "100 Stories in Black". No Illus.
62. A Woman's Soul
63. The Chinatown Trunk Mystery. Founded on the Play
64. Sherlock Holmes Detective Stories
65. East Lynne
66. A Wounded Heart
67. A Bad Boy's Diary
68. The Humourous Mr. Bowser
69. Sappho
70. Only a Girl's Love
71. Ishmael; or, In the Depths
72. Self-Raised
74. The Testing of Olive Vaughan
75. Lady Verner's Flight
76. Spriggs, the Cracksman
78. Under Two Flags
79. Fate
81. Fast Life in New York
82. The Car and the Lady
85. A Matrimonial Experiment
86. A Woman's Temptation
87. Beyond Pardon
88. Sophia Lyons, Queen of the Burglars; or, Why Crime Does Not Pay. No Illus.
89. Repented at Leisure
90. A Golden Heart. No Illus.
91. A Mad Love
92. Dora Thorne
93. Beautiful Victorine's Folly
94. The Beauty of the Passaic Mills
95. Custer's Last Fight. From the Play. No Illus.
96. Gipsy Blair, the Western Detective
97. A Texas Cowboy. No Illus.
98. Another Man's Wife
99. Germany and the Next War
100. The Duke's Secret. No Illus.
101. Thorns and Orange Blossoms
102. A Broken Wedding Ring
103. A Maiden's Sacrifice
104. Hiram Birdseed at the Panama Exposition
105. Tempest and Sunshine
106. Thrown on the World. No Illus.
107. Lena Rivers
108. The Clemenceau Case
109. The Bondsman. A New Saga. Photoplay Edition. Illus. From the Movie
110. Wife in Name Only
111. Cattle Rustlers of Wyoming; or, Thorpe, of the Hole-in-the-Wall Country
112. She
113. The Scarlet Letter
114. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Photoplay Edition. Illustrated with 4 photos from the Movie. 1917
115. On a Mexican Mustang Through Texas; From the Gulf to the Rio Grand. Illustrated With Many Line Drawings
116. Camille. Photoplay Edition. Illustrated with 4 Photos from the Movie, 1917
117. Fred Bennett, the Mormon Detective
118. The Woman Stealer. A Startling Romance of the Early Days of California
119. Torpedoed in the Mediterranean. No Illus. 1918
120. Which Loved Him Best
121. Between Two Loves
122. The Robber King
123. The Bunco Steerers; or, Hungry Joe and His Pals
124. The Unmarried Mother
125. Beyond the Law. Numerous Line Drawings
126. Twenty Years a Lumberjack
127. A Cowboy Detective
128. Further Adventures of a Cowboy Detective
129. The Unloved Wife

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